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08haless uk film distribution


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08haless uk film distribution

  1. 1. FILM DISTRIBUTION By Sophie Hales
  2. 2. WHAT IS A FILM DISTRIBUTION? A Film Distributor is either a company or individual that advertises a film. The term “distribution” is the marketing and circulation aspect of movies in theatres. Home viewing the best examples of this would be through (DVD, VideoOn-Demand, Download, Television etc). Attempt to sell it to theatres and television which include terrestrial, cable and satellite, airlines. The distribution may be done independently or through other theatrical exhibitors. Release date will be set along with where it will be available for viewings.
  3. 3. WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVE OF A DISTRIBUTOR? • The main objective to persuade exhibitor to buy the film, to rent or book the film for a short time at their cinema. • The distributor will set up industry screenings so that the exhibitors have an idea of the film. • other advertisement methods such as posters and videos which can be done online or on television also. • After the film is released the distributor’s take is how to distribute the released film, this is usually done through DVDs, Blu-rays, online streaming/downloading or via TV.
  4. 4. Also film distributor will: OTHER OBJECTIVES • Secure a written contract, which will specify the amount of money that needs to be paid to the distributor from gross ticket sales. • Collect more from DVD retailers such as HMV and from cinemas ect. • They will review the ticket sales to know if the information was correct.. • There will be a secure share of the profits made by the distribution. remaining money is then split between the production company. • Remaining money is a set amount but it can change depending on the scale and type of film.
  5. 5. MORE OBJECTIVES CONTINUED Distributors will ensure that: • Enough prints and digital copies of the film are sent to exhibitors • The exhibitors have received their copies of the film on the realise date. • Observe exhibitors to make sure the film is achieving the minimum amount of seat sales and set show times. • When the film is closing all copies of the film are retrieved from the exhibitors. • Get enough profits from the exhibitors, film companies and themselves.
  6. 6. UK DISTRIBUTION • Many distributors that exist in the UK for UK independent films, foreign films and the traditional blockbloster Hollywood films. • Compete with other forms of media in the UK as well as with larger American distribution. • UK film distributors alone spend around £300 million a year on bringing new releases to market, and building awareness and interest among audiences. • It's a fast-moving, highly competitive, high-stakes business.
  9. 9. WHAT MAY THE DISTRIBUTOR CONSIDER? Some considerations: • The first three days are important, 30% of films make their biggest profit during these days. • Enough advertisement as been done. • Target audience what age and what gender will want to watch the film. • The ideology, genre, characters and settings so they can base this around attracting the audience to the film? • Will the film deliver and justifies the cost and risk of a theatrical release? • What type of audience have been attracted by similar films?
  10. 10. CONSIDERATIONS CONTINUED • What competition Is there competition Will this effect the profit? • Which films are being released at the same time? • Are the other films of a similar target audience? • Will there be any need to change the dates of release because of competition? • Star Power• Is there any star power among the cast? • What were the leads stars last roles and how successful were they? • Will cast members be availed to attend a premiere or for UK/ international publicity of the film. • Is the film made by a well known director? So that they can use this as promotion.
  11. 11. DIFFERENT • Different films have different releases in varied the profit FILMS AND ways,kind size andis. of the film depends on what of film it SCREENINGS? • Hollywood films receive the largest screens and profit. • Foreign films normally have smaller screenings and sometimes even go straight to DVD. • 2/3 of the films in France are French films, it gives the French film industry more of a chance to make larger profit.
  12. 12. VERTIGO • Vertigo was found in 2002, It’s a British film production and film distribution company. • Previous responsibility for the production and distribution of well known films such as StreetDance. • Vertigo set up PFXE which 3D facilities, can now produce their films in 3D. • distribute British films but they also do foreign films an example of this would be Spring Breakers which is an American made film. • This company is an example of vertical distribution.
  13. 13. MARKETING IN DISTRIBUTION • A re-released or foreign film may consist of 25 or less prints. • Fair for a film to only be out on one area before expanding appear in selected screen in London and then other university towns to audiences which it will appeal. • As London is so massive it accounts for about a quarter of UK cinemas admissions. • Types of advertisement as older people are quite likely to things films advertise on TV or in newspapers, where as younger audiences may prefer the film advertise on the radio or internet. • The internet is an important way to raise awareness of the films, its quick and easy method of advertisement