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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and …

AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

AutoSuccess, magazine, sales, new, used, selling, salespeople, vehicle, dealer, dealership, leadership, marketing

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Published in: Business, Automotive

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  • 1. Read this month’s and previous issues online at .biz How Are You Being Found Why Dealers Are Moving Their Ad Dollars Into Search Engine Marketing Mark BonÞgli Photographing VehiclesMay 2005 for Online Listing How to Pick A Document Destruction Vendor Tips for Hiring the Right Internet Sales Manager Lead Generation = Dollar Creation
  • 2. BEFORE YOU SPEND ANOTHER DOLLAR ON THE NEWSPAPER CLASSIFIEDS, READ THIS. Only 7% of newspaper readers surpassed the newspaper as the number-one source are looking for a used car. people use to find a car. At, virtually all A lot of people advertise in the newspaper simply of the nine million monthly visitors are looking to buy a because they have for years. But when you really look at the car within the next 60 days. Also, the majority of number of newspaper readers who users are looking to are actually looking for a car, it’s buy within 25 miles of their home. When not very impressive. In fact, you consider all of this, you’ll realize that newspaper circulation continues you can list your car in the newspaper, to decline, and the Internet has or you can sell it on Still using the newspaper as your main vehicle to reach car buyers? It’s time to partner with For more information, call 1-888-249-6860.©2005 is a trademark of TPI Holdings, Inc. and is used under license.
  • 3. Secrets of Dealerships Who Overachieve – No One Else Will Tell You: • What the best “response generating” ads all have in common. • The three most important goals you will ever set for your dealership. • How to condition your current customers to buy from you more often. • How to create advertising that attracts quality customers who negotiate less. • How to out-market your competition and dominate your market. • What the ultimate goal of marketing should be today. • How to create advertising that actually increases your closing percentage.Special Free Offer: Call 866.856.6782 now and ask for Sarah to receive your free copy of the J&L MarketingUltimate Growth Strategy, featuring an actual case study of Johnson City Honda.You’ll discover the exact growth strategy and marketing plan created by J&L Marketing and used by Johnson CityHonda and read how, in just their first four months, they increased sales by 65 units per month and their gross averagesby over $1,300 per vehicle!866.856.6782www.jandlmarketing.commove the crowd. crush the competition. count the money.
  • 4. Quality Leads | Superior Service | Dealer Control Features SM Which New Car Lead Provider Is Used by More of the Ward’s e-Dealer 100 than Any Other? Rank Lead Provider #1 Dealix 2* CarsDirect 2* Autobytel 4 AutoUSA * Tie Source: Ward’s Dealer Business, April 2005 "Dealix has been fundamental in Auto Sales Growth helping Penske achieve this level of Wards e-Dealer 100 success. We use Internet leads because we North America Auto Sales are very aggressive with our sales goals, and our Internet department is helping drive the growth for the entire dealership." 140% Scott Haynes, Internet director for Penske Honda of Indianapolis, IN, one of 120% the Ward’s Top 100 e-Dealers. 100% 2001-2002 80% Learn how Dealix can help you become part of this prestigious 60% 2001-2003 group of high performance dealers next year. 40% 2001-2004 20% Call us at (800) 717 -8079. 2001-2005 0% -20% Source: Wards Dealer Business Or visit to get an immediate estimate of the number and Automotive News of leads in your ideal sales territory. The Best Dealers Rate Dealix Their Lead Provider of Choice. 2002 2003 2004 2005A Division of The Cobalt Group, Inc. Quality and Service Business Generation Dealer Satisfaction Platinum Winner
  • 5. THURSDAY, APRIL 21ST 2-4 pm Eastern “Legal and Regulatory Issues Facing Dealers Today” • Broadcast before a live studio audience in Columbus, Ohio. Our host Keith Whann will answer some of the biggest questions facing the automobile industry today. • Email us your questions at • Rebroadcast on April 23rd and 26th beginning at 9:00am for 24 hours.WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8TH 1-4 pm Eastern “2005 NIADA Convention General Session” • This is your chance to see the opening session of NIADA’s 59th Annual Convention and Expo, broadcast live from the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.FRIDAY, JUNE 10TH 8-10 pm Eastern “NIADA 2005 National Quality Dealer of the Year Awards” • Tune in and get a front-row seat to the National Quality Dealer awards ceremony, live from the Peachtree Ballroom in the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. This is one night you won’t want to miss!SATURDAY, JUNE 11TH 12:30-2 pm Eastern “Ask the Car Counselor” • Broadcast live from our booth at the 2005 NIADA convention in Atlanta, The Car Counselor Keith Whann will answer questions from the expo floor, as well as email questions from around the country. • You can email your questions to The Car Counselor at, AUGUST 29TH 3-7 pm Eastern “F&I: The Key to Increased Profitability” • NIADA.TV will be live in Albuquerque, New Mexico to bring you this three-part series in which Keith Whann takes a look at the major F&I issues that could make or break your business. Live events are free and open to everyone who logs onto during the scheduled broadcast times.
  • 6. 8 How to Get Your Ideas Across BrianTracy 9INSID Photographing Vehicles for Online Listing Increase ProÞts and Reduce Turnover 10 Tasca Uses Training to Manage Growth, How to Pick A Document Destruction Vendor Take Your Time and Be A Professional 12 13 RobChesney BobTasca StaceyDiPiazza JimAdams Happy Customers: To Be or Not to Be 14 MichaelYork Reßection of One’s Self is One of the Best Training Tools 16 AnthonyHall Why Dealers Are Moving Their Ad Dollars Into Search Engine Marketing 18 How Are You Being Found MarkBonfigli Tips for Hiring the Right Internet Sales Manager 20 DavidKain Sometimes the Most Obvious Person for the Job is Not the Right One 22 Should You Promote Your Top Sales Person to Management CarolMartin Five Steps to Maximize A Jingle Campaign 23 JeffFishel Can’t Touch This 24 PattiWood Five Easy Ways to Show Employees How Much You Care 26 DaleCollie What Dealers Should Know About A Service Contract Company 28 TonyDupaquier Four Keys to Integrity Selling, Part 4 30 SeanWolfington Lead Generation = Dollar Creation 31 MarkTewart About the Valuable BeneÞts You Offer 32 Get More SpeciÞc in Your Ads ScottJoseph Corinthians 5:7 We live by faith, not by sight. We are so often sidetracked by 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive Louisville, Kentucky 40245 difficulties because we expect to see ! Toll Free: 877.818.6620 " Facsimile: 502.588.3170 barriers removed before we even try Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher to pass through them. If we would only • move straight ahead in faith, the path Susan Givens, Vice President • would be opened for us. Courtney Hill-Paris, Sales-improvement Strategist • Psalms 18:32 Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist • It is God that girdeth me with strength, God Bless America Thomas Williams, Creative Director • and maketh my way perfect. AutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $75 per year. AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content, and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures. © All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  • 7. sts ms ls fis sf BrianTracy sales and training solution How to Get Your Ideas Across Fully 85 percent of You can be limited in other respects - by communication. But first, there are two major what you accomplish education, contacts and intelligence - but myths about communication that must be in your career and if you can interact effectively with others, dispelled. in your personal life minute by minute and hour by hour, your will be determined by future can be unlimited. The first myth, which many people believe, how well you get your is that because they can talk, they canmessage across and by how capable you are I am going to share with you some ideas, communicate with others. Men especially,of inspiring people to take action on your techniques and skills that you can use to according to the research, think that byideas and recommendations. accelerate your progress toward power speaking louder and faster, they’re more effective in dealing with people. Many people think that because they have the gift of gab, because they have no problem talking to NEED others on any subject that comes to mind, they’re good communicators. SALESPEOPLE? Often, exactly the opposite is true. Many people who talk a lot are often poor communicators - even terrible communicators. Many people in sales and business think that being able to We will help you increase your string a lot of words together in a breathless driving force. There are qualified fashion makes them excellent at getting a candidates in your area. message understood by others. However, in most cases, those people are seen as boring or obnoxious, or both. The ability to talk is not the same as the ability to communicate. The ability to communicate is the ability both to send and to receive a Dealers today need a partner with the focus, knowledge and experience to obtain a message. The ability to communicate is the sales force with the potential to produce. Outsourcing your recruiting and ability to make an impact on the thoughts, fundamental sales training to Williams & Associates, an accredited training firm, is feelings and actions of someone. Many people who consider themselves excellent talkers are today what establishing the F & I department was 40 years ago — a money maker! not very effective at all in this regard. If you are not on a plan with a proactive recruiting program then you probably So let’s dispel the first myth, the myth that experience high turnover of sales people without the strategies and motivation talking is equal to communicating. The ability needed to create sales and maintain profit over a long lasting career. to talk to one or more persons is only the basic requirement for communication. It’s the Williams & Associates recruiting and training programs provide: starting point. It’s the jumping-off place. • a proven, professional approach to interviewing, recruiting and training in basic automotive skills to inexperienced automotive sales personnel The second myth about effective • salespeople with the strategies they need to help you reach your objectives communication is that it’s a skill that people • salespeople with a higher level of commitment, loyalty and customer satisfaction are born with. Either you have it or you don’t • salespeople who have paid for their own training and are motivated to succeed have it. If you’re not extroverted, gregarious and outgoing, you don’t have what it takes to With the right sales people, and enough of them, you’ll see profits rise! be a good communicator. Don’t lose another day. Call today for information. Again, nothing could be further from the Various cost effective plans available, including but not limited to, no up front truth. Communication is a skill that you can training fees to the dealer. learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. It takes time and practice, over and over. But if you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life, as you will soon see. A PROFESSIONAL SALES TRAINING Communication requires both a sender and a receiver. The process of communication AND RECRUITING FIRM happens rapidly, and this same process takes place whenever two or more people exchange 1.866.842.1492 Ext 412 ideas. First, the sender thinks of an idea or continued on page 34 8
  • 8. sts ms ls fis sf RobChesney marketing solution Photographing Vehicles for Online Listing When selling vehicles well as the type of sound system with which online, it is important it is equipped. The odometer close-up to provide prospective will verify your statement of the vehicle’s customers with as mileage. Shots of the seats can give the much information buyer an idea of the trim and comfort levelas necessary in the listing to make an of the vehicle as well as the condition of theinformed decision since they are not able upholstery. An image of the seating controlsto physically kick the tires. A best practice also can point out power risers, heatingfor having strong online listings is including buttons and other special seat features.quality photographs to accompany thewritten description. Although the written Vehicle damagedescription of the vehicle is important, good In providing vehicle photos, it is essential we’re this close to a curephotographs of a vehicle are critical as they to offer close-up pictures of any visiblelend credibility and verify product attributes damage. For your own protection andhighlighted in the listing. Vehicles with high- for enhancement of your reputation as anquality photos usually sell for higher prices honest seller, the potential buyer must bethen those without images. cognizant of any known problems with the vehicle prior to the sale. Include a clearIt is recommended online sellers start with at photo of the damage and accompany it withleast 12 photos to show the following areas: an accurate and straightforward description of the problem. Typical problems that youExterior: Interior: should point out in your photos includeleft side front seat dents, rust, faded paint, scratches andright side back seat damage to the interior, including rips orfront carpet tears in the upholstery or headliner. Honestyrear trunk about vehicle damage to a potential customertop dashboard gives them confidence in knowing the trueclose-up of wheel odometer close-up condition of the vehicle and comfort to purchase the vehicle online. Juvenile DiabetesExterior affects millionsWhen photographing the exterior of the Engine Mary Tyler Moore International Chairman and causes long-vehicle, think of the buyer first approaching Potential buyers like to know that the enginethe vehicle and taking in its overall has been maintained. Moreover, a photo term complications like blindnessappearance and style. It is important to will confirm that the engine’s type, style and kidney failure. Not to mentionprovide a full exterior view so the buyer can and condition are as you describe them in pain and worry no kid should havehave a full perspective of the vehicle. It is the listing. The best shot is one showing to live with. But we’re closer thanbest to provide four separate images showing the entire engine bay. Be sure to throw extra ever to a cure. Your help makeseach side, the front and the back. The front lighting into the area under the hood to bring life-saving research possible. Calland back of the vehicle should be clearly out the details and overcome shadows.visible because these are the areas that most 1.800.533.CURE or visitoften distinguish makes and models. A close- Photos are the closest thing to a test drive wheel shot will allow the customer to see that your buyer is likely to experience.the type and customization of the wheel and Give the customer a feeling of assurancewheel covers. You may even include the and satisfaction through an array of picturestread to show the amount of wear. that fully describe the vehicle and its special features. Your photos will drive sales, andInterior customers will bid with confidence in theIn your interior photography, document vehicle.all the important details that the customerwill find inside the vehicle. A shot of the Rob Chesney is the director of autos atdashboard will inform the buyer of the eBay Motors. He can be contacted atavailable analog or digital instruments as 866.210.2211.may 2005 9
  • 9. sts ms ls fis sf BobTasca leadership solution Tasca Uses Training to Manage Growth, Increase ProÞts and Reduce Turnover Whether you’re Part 2 - Welcome to the Dealership: mixed messages from the leadership team. adding franchises to Overview each department and the new By taking our leadership team off-site, we your dealer group hire’s role within the entire ownership were able to define our goals and our plan or tightening your experience. of action for achieving those goals. Our belt in an effort to consultant led the team in talking aboutremain competitive, nothing will make or Part 3 - Dealership Tour: Tour every how we can develop a world class team ofbreak success quite like people. At Tasca department within the dealership. employees who are passionately committedAutomotive, we’ve grown from a small, to serving our customers. Involving everyfamily-owned, single-point store to a Part 4 - Department Internship: Spend member of the leadership team in our visionmulti-franchise auto group operating out time in each department to better and the creation of our playbooks to carryof three locations and, shortly, four. We’ve understand the customer experience. out that vision has helped us bring to lifegrown substantially while maintaining the idea that people support what they helpCSI scores that are among the highest in Part 5 - Job Training: Highly interactive create. Because they were involved from thethe nation and customer loyalty above 63 training designed to give the new hire start, they do a better job motivating the restpercent. Throughout the growth process, the knowledge, skill and confidence to of the team and holding them accountable.we’ve naturally needed to add people. execute their job responsibilities and toWhen adding to the team, you run the risk be successful. We followed this same method when weof watering down your culture and dropping were ready to set up a customer relationshippeople into positions before they’re fully Part 6 - Mentorship: Every new hire is center. We used insight and best practicescompetent. For anyone who’s cringed at assigned a mentor who is responsible from successful dealers around the countryobserving an unprepared, unskilled and for helping him or her on the job for the while making sure that everyone’s voiceuntrained employee deal with a valued first 120 days. was heard. We were looking for a better waycustomer, you know what I’m talking about. to handle inbound Internet leads, and afterSending a new hire into a training room with Part 7 - Certification: To ensure each fast success, we expanded the departmenta stack of video tapes before pulling a trial new hire is ready to go face to face with to handle inbound phone, outbound sold,by fire is a training strategy that will put you our customers, we have them complete service, renewal and unsold follow-up. Weat a competitive disadvantage in no time. An a certification process to demonstrate crafted a playbook to detail each of ourill-conceived training strategy is not fair to they are capable of delivering the Tasca processes, and we were doubling, triplingthe dealer, it’s not fair to the customer, it’s Experience. If you’d like to know more and quadrupling the results from our CRC.not fair to the employee and possibly lies at about our certification process or any ofthe root cause of excessive turnover. these components, e-mail me. Whether we’re preparing a new hire for a career with Tasca, keeping our staffAt Tasca Automotive, we’ve always believed motivated or launching a new profit center,that our most important asset is our peopleand that we owe it to our customers and ... we’ve been on-going training and education is the key to continuous improvement. Will strongourselves to invest in the development of our able to manage leadership and a comprehensive training growth,team. We’ve hired an outside training and system shape the evolution of your team,consulting company to improve our strategy or will your people evolve on their own? Iffor recruiting, hiring and training our people.With this help, we’ve been able to manage increase proÞts you’re interested in learning more about any of the modules included in training system,growth, increase profits and reduce turnover.We created a recruiting, hiring and training and reduce e-mail me. The modules include: Sales Process, Management and Coaching, Phones,system to ensure we hire the right people forthe job, baptize them in the Tasca Way of turnover. Internet, Unsold Follow-Up, Sold Follow- Up, Service, Lease and Retail Renewal anddoing business and give them the tools and more. With training and vision we can helpskills they need to get off to a strong start. The goal is to see that all of our graduates ordinary people get extraordinary results,We build on that foundation with weekly leave our orientation excited about their and if we treat our people well, they willin-house sessions and monthly training career and confident with the skills and treat our customers well.meetings with our consultant. Here’s a quick process needed to get results. In building thisoverview of our new hire orientation: training system, we’ve discovered the need to get our leadership team on the same page Bob Tasca III is the dealer principal of Part 1 - Welcome to the Tasca Family: so that the training message we delivered the Tasca Automotive Group. He can be Overview the dealership’s history, was consistent and easy to implement. contacted at 866.210.1254, or by e-mail at vision, mission and principles. Nothing unwinds new skills faster than 10
  • 10. Are you tired of struggling to recruit, hire and train salespeople? Burned out from chasing sales candidates everyday? FREE REPORT reveals how revolutionary training system: “Puts Recruiting and Training on Auto-Pilot So You Can Go Play Golf!” Would you like to have a predictable Whether it’s your Þrst year in“I went from a broke ßow of interested high caliber candidates management or you are a thirty yearsalesperson to owning calling YOU and working hard to veteran, you will love to never again talk convince you to accept them? Dream to anyone unless you want to. Recruitingmultiple successful candidates who you would never get to should only be done when you want to,dealerships. Mark see in a million years. not because you have to! Don’t let yourTewart gave me the competitors steal all the good salespeople. If you’d like to have complete control So why is it so hard to recruit and traininformation and road over your recruiting and training process, good salespeople. Marketing and trainingmap to get there. Regardless of the economy or any other incest! Everyone runs the same ads on– Chad Hawkes, Dealer, marketing condition and put an end to Sunday saying the same things as twenty the endless grunt work you’ve become other frustrated dealers. Next, you takeHawkes Motor Co., resigned to, please keep reading. a loser candidate and train him withPryor,OK. Þfty year old sales training drivel from Getting candidates calling YOU is easy… material created from a sales trainer If You Know the Best Kept Marketing who hasn’t sold a car in twenty yearsAs a salesperson, and Training Secrets! AND…didn’t sell much when he was aMark’s ideas have been sales person. STOP THE INSANITY!huge in increasing Maybe you to have found that recruiting With constant inbreeding of recruiting and training is getting tougher. You run and training methods it doesn’t take longmy sales with unique ads that bring derelicts and then struggle before everyone gets ideas. to Þnd the time to train them properly.– Chris Hanson, Maybe you are in the minority who have Breakthroughs come from going hired the right candidates but don’t have outside the box and bringing new,Salesperson, Hibbing the time to train them or the materials proven, process back in. Imagine havingChrysler, Hibbing, MN. and information to train them with that qualiÞed candidates and having them works for the price conscience, educated trained properly. How would your life buyer. Maybe you are sick and tired of be different? You can be the greatest“By following Mark’s taking crap from loser, unproductive, manager in the world, but that won’t doideas, we have bad attitude salespeople you currently you a bit of good if you can’t attract theincreased our sales by have because you are having a hard time right people and train them properly. replacing them. You would love to get rid Getting rid of these problems is not a pipe20 units a month and of their bad attitude but you keep them dream.have increased gross because they are warm bodies.proÞt by over $200 per FREE REPORT TELLS ALL! You see, success at recruiting and trainingcar. has a lot more to do with learning the So, if you are ready to discover the– Seth Silgar, General secrets of direct response marketing and astonishing secrets of getting qualiÞedManager, Ward Chrysler, having the right information than it does candidates and training them properly, with running more ads that already don’tCarbondale, IL. Call Now! work. So often, even when you get a good candidate, they fail because they don’t get trained properly. 24/7 Hotline 866.432.2468 or go to 888 2 TEWART (283.9278)
  • 11. sts ms ls fis sf StaceyDiPiazza leadership solution How to Pick A Document Destruction Vendor On June 1 2005, vendor performs extensive employment to make sure security is maintained. dealers will need history verification on all employees, Also, make sure your vendor allows to have in place a from drivers to plant personnel. Also, you to witness the destruction of your method of destroying make sure their employees are required materials if you wish. When you visit consumer credit to sign a confidentiality agreement not the plant, check to make sure no one is information that is to disclose any information they see. able to enter that facility without havingin compliance with the Fair and Accurate his or her identity verified and withoutCredit Tranaction Act (FACTA). They’ll • Make sure your documents will be signing a confidentiality agreement.have six months before they are subject to part of a closed system. Such a system No non-employee should be allowedserious fines and penalties under FACTA. safeguards the documents from the time to move around the facility without they are discarded to the time they are being accompanied by an authorizedThe rule requires that dealers destroy all destroyed and disposed of. Before employee. The facility should also haveconsumer information before it is discarded. a document is destroyed, it should an advanced alarm system and shouldThe information must be disposed of in be locked in containers that prevent be continuously monitored. The vendora confidential waste program, where it is unauthorized access. When it’s being should also guarantee when yoursecurely destroyed. transferred out of your dealership it information will be destroyed. should be in containers to preventMany dealers have already set up loss from wind or other atmospheric Here are a few questions that will help yourelationships with document destruction conditions. In addition, these documents qualify a vendor:companies to make sure their confidential should only be handled by employees ofconsumer information is being handled the vendor who are easy to identify with • How many years have you been inproperly. uniforms and picture ID badges. business? • How many employees do you have?If your dealership hasn’t done this already • Check vehicle security. Most • Can you give me references, aand you’re not sure how to pick such a shredding vendors offer both mobile certificate of insurance and proofvendor, here are a few tips to help you make and plant-based destruction services. that your employees are bonded?the right choice: Trucks should be equipped with state- • Are you certified by the National of-the-art alarm systems and tracking Association of Information • Ask about employee hiring and devices. Destruction? screening. If you are entrusting • Do you supply a Certificate of confidential records to the drivers and • Expect the document destruction Destruction once the material is other employees of your vendor, they vendor to value security whether destroyed? have to be trustworthy. The vendor utilizing an off-site or mobile service. • Can you provide a list of your should use a third party to check their Your vendor should be anxious to share security features? employees’ driving records, perform information about safety measures. If • What is your employee turnover? drug screening, carry out credit checks your documents will be shredded off-site • How do you train new hires? and do criminal background checks. at a facility, find out about the security • How many trucks do you have? Employees should be bonded for a at the plant. Visit the facility before you • Can we tour your facility? substantial amount. Make sure your choose a vendor and make periodic visits • Do you mind unannounced visits? • How quickly can you respond to an Go FISH! unscheduled need? The right vendor for you should be anxious to supply you with answers to these questions. a la carte Ask about advertising solutions for Dealers and Ad-Agents. Use them to compare vendors before you make your choice. June 1, 2005, is the day everyone who deals with consumer information needs to change their tunes. Make sure you are prepared for it. Call Jeff at: 1-866-521-FISH (3474) Creative. Media. Fulfillment. ® Stacey DiPiazza is the owner of Infoshred LLC. She can be contacted at 866.826.8434, or by e-mail at, or visit 12
  • 12. sts ms ls fis sf JimAdams sales and training solution Take Your Time and Be A Professional How long it should wants and needs. Select a product and demonstration drive. Remember, if take for a customer isolate it from the rest of the inventory. you do not go on the demonstration to make a $20,000 They will not buy a row of vehicles, drive all you can say is, “So how did to $30,000 buying they will only buy one so get it away you like it?” A controlled product decision? How many from the rest of the inventory so they demonstration is the key to the sale.times are we shortcutting the sales process to can start developing pictures of mental Ninety-nine percent of all customersthe point that from the meet and greet to the ownership. (10 to 15 minutes) tell us that they have to drive it beforeinitial presentation of numbers, we have spent • Product presentation: This includes they will buy it. (15-25 minutes.)less than 30 minutes with the customer? Time a great customer participative walk-spent with the buyer obligates the customer around presentation that includes So let’s look at the numbers. If we just taketo the sales person, yet we rush the process the features and advantages that are the minimum steps necessary to close theto the point that we have very little chance important to your customer. (At least sale today it should take 45 minutes to anof closing the sale. Take the time necessary 10-15 minutes.) hour before we even have an opportunity toto build rapport, investigate wants and needs • Product demonstration: This is a present initial numbers.and give a professional selling presentation well-planned demonstration drive thatand demonstration. includes city and highway driving Take your time, and be a professional. and allows the sales person to askDo you have a professional sales process? Jim Adams is the general manager at controlled closing questions to move Roper Kia in Joplin, MO. He can beTex Prichard, the author of Control Selling the customer closer to the sale. The contacted at 800.905.0627, or by e-mailSystems, described a professional sales sales person always goes on the at as, “A bendable, not breakable, wayof handling clients and buyers to insure thetotal effort with every single opportunity.”Take a look at your sales process. Do youhave a great system in place to insure yourtotal effort with every buyer or do you do it JEFF RAMSEY & CO’Sa different way with every opportunity? How Internet/Marketing/Travel Incentivesmuch time do you spend with every customeron each step of the sales process? Let’s take If you are spending $20,000 or more on currenta look at the minimum time that we should media products, I will show you how to spendspend. 1/3 of that, put more automobiles on the street and put the difference back in your pocket! • Initial Greeting: This should not take long. When you’re up, be up. Mentally I know these programs work and ready to greet the customer promptly. I am willing to put my $money$ A warm smile, a welcome word. (One where my mouth is! minute.) • Rapport-building and fact-finding: This • 50,000 Piece Solo Mailer step starts and never ends. Start with an exchange of names and find out where • Internet Credit Web Site they are from. Find out who the vehicle • Call Tracking System is for, how it will be used and what • 25 to 50 3 day/ 2 night mini vacations equipment is important to them. (Five (you can purchase together or separately) to 10 minutes) • Guaranteed Results Only $7995.00 • Product selection: Once you have some basic information you can begin to move the customer through the inventory helping them select the least call me for details 866.842.1712 expensive vehicle that best suits their wants and needs. Test their buying motivations by asking investigative e-mail: questions that help you crystallize theirmay 2005 13
  • 13. sts ms ls fis sf MichaelYork sales and training solution Happy Customers: To Be or Not to Be This is a tale of two wanna-be. So I had water (lots of water). question. “How is it that with a genuine cities … and your I leave puzzled and disappointed. Over Cajun menu and here in the middle of customers. Actually, something as simple as sugar in tea. Florida, you serve sweet tea?” “Because our only one city and how customers ask for it.” it affects customers Last week, I’m off to dinner again in Portin several places, even where you live. It’s Orleans: The resort Orleans of Walt Disney What’s the best reason for you or youra matter of policy, principle and being true World. My wife and I take the riverboat business to do something you’re not doingto your school - or just giving the customers cruise to Downtown Disney and back to now? Because your customers ask forwhat they’re asking for today. Which group Port Orleans just for the ride, then decide it! Good answer, Katie. How sweet it is!are you in? to have a real sit-down meal at Boatwrights Because if you’re really listening, you know (yep, I’m using their real name cause they’re they want it.The city is New Orleans. Cajun, bayou, about to do something uncommon).gumbo, hot, spicy, N’awlins. I do enjoy a How do you win in this marketplace? Intrip there from time to time. It’s Cajun cuisine and southern country the NOW economy? Pay attention! If the cooking all rolled into one. Shrimp creole, customer’s asking for it, why not give it toA few weeks ago my wife and I went to red beans & rice and skillet cornbread and them if you possibly can? Instead of showingdinner at a restaurant in my city, Charlotte. more. Real N’awlins flavor, real Disney them a map, or quoting your policy, orIt was a place we’ll call King Creole (not service. protecting the sanctity of a far-away city; allthe restaurant’s real name). King Creole is the while disappointing the customer. Whencommitted to serving genuine Cajun dishes. in Rome … give the Romans what they askAnd apparently to the extreme, even if it What kind of for, if you can.means disappointing the paying guests. questions are That’s the Disney difference. Listening andAfter ordering something hot enough to suck your prospective serving and delivering what makes the guestthe breath right out of my lungs and give methat acupuncture feeling around my mouth buyers asking? feel good or feel better, while spending Are you money at your restaurant, store, city orand lower face, I asked for iced tea with my resort.meal. Not just any iced tea, but sweet tea, a listening? Whatgenuine southern specialty. do prospective I may not expect to get sweet tea in New Orleans. But I also don’t expect to be denied“We don’t serve sweet tea,” I was told by buyers want it in other places because they don’t do itBrandon (not his real name), “just unsweet.”As my eyebrows began to simmer from the that might make like I want it somewhere else. Especially when I’m here. What kind of questions areshrimp and secret spices, I thought for just them your next your prospective buyers asking? Are youa second and then asked Brandon how longhe’d worked here. “Almost five years,” was customer? listening? What do prospective buyers want that might make them your next customer?his answer. Where are you when it comes to sweetening Tired of a day of soft drinks and water, I pose the deal for your customers? Pay attention“Is there a day that goes by when you’re not the sweet tea question, reminding myself of and they will tell you how to win them over.asked for sweet tea?” “Well, we get asked the fact that I’m no longer in Charlotte or How sweet it is. Happy customers talk aboutabout it a lot,” Brandon replied. I’ll just bet. even the south … at least the part that’s how you did it! And tell everyone they know.“If so many customers ask for it, why don’t known for sugaring their tea. Now go find your serve it?” I continue the quiz. “Bestanswer I can give is they don’t serve sweet “Absolutely!” was Katie’s reply to the Want Michael’s short list on how you cantea in New Orleans.” question I had mentally already answered sweeten the deal for your customers? Go to in the negative. “What … you have sweet and click on “MichaelTrue, but I’m not in New Orleans, I’m tea here?” I asked almost shocked by my York’s Sweet List!”in Charlotte, where people drink sweet server’s response. “Sure do,” she said.tea every day of the year. Brandon just “Would you like some? It’s ice cold.” Michael York is an author and professional speaker. He can be contacted atshrugged. By now, I’m somewhere between 800.668.5015, or by e-mail atdisappointed and cajun-hot at this “letter, or visitof the law” delivered by my New Orleans But I didn’t answer. I still had another 14
  • 14. sts ms ls fis sf AnthonyHall sales and training solution Reßection of One’s Self is One of the Best Training Tools Being your own coach Client needs • Did I ask for feedback throughout the can be one of the best • Did I question to understand who, sale? training tools you what, why, when and where about have. Self-coaching my client’s needs? Follow-Up takes time, discipline • Did I maintain 40/60 talk/listen • What is my follow-up strategy? and desire. dialogue? Really? Time schedule?There are many things you can do to improve Solution Otheryour sales results such as reading sales • Did I tailor my product presentation • Asking for referrals?books, listening to tapes or cds, watching to relate and satisfy the client’sproduct videos and practicing with fellow needs? How to assess:sales people. But since we are often on our • Ask yourself the following as you goown, one of the most important things you Resolving Objections through the check list:can do is to reflect back and self-coach. • Did I uncover objections? • Did I check if I satisfied the First, assess your strengths. FindSelf-coaching takes time but it is worth objections? something that you can feel good about.the effort. It takes discipline. Just as you • Did I show empathy toward my • What did I do well? Be as specific aswouldn’t dream of leaving the house without client’s needs? possible. You can learn a lot fromlooking in the mirror, you need to develop • Did I question to learn more before assessing your strengths.the habit of looking into your skills mirror responding?after each sales opportunity. Next, identify your areas for improvement. Action Steps • What could I improve?What to assess: • Did I get a commitment to buy? • Be honest with yourself.Try using a variety of these areas of criteria • Did I accomplish my objective? • Look for what you can do differentlyto stream line the self-coaching process. next time.Focus on the full sales process or one part of Sales Skillsthe sale, based on your level of focus. • Presence Then get an outside view (we all have blind • Did I project confidence? spots) ask yourself:Self-coaching check list (it is Þne to work • Was my demeanor impressive? • Where can I go to learn more? We allon one thing at a time) need an outside view. Go to a manager • Was I prepared with common ground Questioning or fellow sales person who you feel skills? • How effective were my questions? can add value. Say, “This is what • How was my product knowledge • Did I funnel down to get deeper happened … This is how I handled level? clarification? it ... What do you think?” Keep your • How was my competitor’s product • Did I acknowledge and preface my comments and assessment brief. You knowledge level? questions with client’s benefits? are to listen. Be open to the feedback • How much did I know about my • Did I ask need, decision-making or so that you can learn and apply. customer? competitive product questions? • Did I use work track knowledge Create action steps: successfully? Listening • Set a game plan of what you will • Were presentation skills • Did I listen for more product needs? improve. Work on that one thing in professional? • What was the quality of my attention? the next sales opportunity, continue • How effective were my questioning Eye contact? Note taking? to self-coach, and when you master skills? that, go on to conquer your next • Were all decision makers present? Positioning area for improvement. The power of • Did I discuss my product, service incremental growth is extraordinary.Relating (common ground) and ideas from my client’s point of So take it one step at a time. • Did I build rapport? view? • Did I connect? • Did I mirror my customer’s body The better you get, the better you get paid. language?Interactive client dialogue Anthony Hall is a training consultant • Did I have 40/60 dialogue? Checking at Ziegler Supersystems. He can be contacted at 800.610.9047, or by e-mail at • Did I talk less and listen more? • Did I keep the contact interactive? 16
  • 15. fs feature solution MarkBonfigli How Are You Being Found Why Dealers Are Moving Their Ad Dollars Into Search Engine MarketingOne of the most commonly asked questions and dramatically lower than conventional MSN or Verizon Super Pages when they areis the hardest to answer. How many leads advertising. Our store generated an extra searching for a vehicle, a dealer, financing,and sales did I generate from my radio, TV 190 leads last month with $1,500 of SEM etc. Because these ads capture customers’or classified ads? advertising. Because we can track every attention at the moment they are most dollar spent and every call and e-mail lead interested (while they are searching) theIt is challenging to measure the success of from the search engine ads, we know exactly quality of visitors to a dealer’s Web site istraditional advertising since customers can what we are getting, something we can’t improved since the keywords are based onslip through a variety of cracks by calling get from radio or print. We have found a local terms and IP addresses. These keywordsor e-mailing the dealership. For example, a formula that really works,” said Miele. “By are purchased in an auction format where thesmall percentage of radio listeners will end integrating the search engine advertising highest bidder gets the best position on theup on the dealers’s Web site and call the into our Web sites we know everything search engine page. Since positioning isphone number on the Web site or submit we possibly could and this has caused us critical to the success of the campaign it cana form from it and the dealer would have to move more dollars into search engine be very challenging not to get “bid up” byno way of tracking it back to the radio ad advertising. The other main reason we have the competition or national car buying Webunless every employee at the store asked been so successful is the lead-generating sites that are bidding on your local marketevery customer and every customer actually power of our Web sites, our submission keywords.remembered how it was they heard about the rates have been over 20 percent with our addealership. So the dealer would never know campaigns!” The keys of SEM marketing…if his radio ad was effective or not. Then the Some dealers using search engine advertisingquestion comes up, “Is this customer a lead What is search engine marketing? Why is (pay per click) have completely figured outfrom traditional advertising?” It should be it effective? Dealers and manufacturers are the solution to this problem and it is trulybut the dealer would never know that. The all moving more dollars into SEM every scientific down to the last phone call or e-Web site ends up being the key to attracting month, but why? Some important statistics mail. The key is that they focus on four majorthe customer further, providing key to consider. areas when using pay-per-click advertisinginformation on inventory, pricing and more, on search engines such as Google, MSN,and is ultimately - and maybe wrongfully - and Yahoo. These four areas are critical to Dealers spend more than $500 per newgiven credit for generating the lead. achieving real success and will help you vehicle sale with radio, TV, print and mail lower your overall ad spend by getting better ( while Internet advertisingLead management systems and phone ROI on your ads. has averaged about half of that. What istracking systems have made advertising ROI more compelling is that many dealers areanalysis more concrete, and it is still far from 1. Don’t do it yourself. generating sales from SEM at less than $100scientific. Some dealers have aggressive Managing pay per click properly means per sale.polling procedures in place that all employees monitoring the bids on every keyword allfollow. So the question lingers, “How can day long, and doing it yourself will be aI brand my dealership locally, generate real More than 85 percent of all new visitors full-time job. Find a well-known companyleads for all my profit centers and still track to a Web site used a search engine to find that specializes on automotive search enginethe success of my ads? One definite answer is it! (GVU Users Survey) And more than 33 marketing. They should be very comfortableSearch Engine Marketing or “SEM”. percent of all search engine users believe and well versed in dealer Web sites and lead the number one position in the search is the management to help you design a campaignCurry Acura ( number one brand. ( that truly works with your dealership.General Manager Michael Miele has been Remember this company will have to not onlyfocusing attention to SEM over the past year. Search engine marketing is placement of ad create the ads but work with your Web site“We have found that several of our stores can sponsorships (links) that dealers can acquire company to create effective tracking. They alsogenerate high quality leads well below the for specific keywords that car buyers enter need to know the car business well to creategoing rate of the third-party lead providers into search engines such as Google, Yahoo, powerful keyword lists on which to bid. 18
  • 16. 2. Strategy is key. Additionally your Web site should have a Curry Auto Group, NYYour online marketing firm should have four wealth of photography for each and every car www.curryautogroup.comto six thousand keywords covering your including virtual tours and extended data suchcompetition’s names, makes and models as reviews, tech specs, warranty informationyou’re selling, finance and service terms, as and manufacturer rebates. Your Web site Cam Motors Chevroletwell as local zip code and city names as part should allow you to create custom coupons Naugatuck CTof the keywords creation. You will need to and specials weeks in advance so they www.cammotors.comtest your market before committing to any automatically appear and remove themselveslong-term contracts or big ad spends. The on specific dates. Every department page oncompany that creates your SEM campaigns your site should be easily editable so you Cush Auto Groupshould be able to offer you a trial period can keep the information fresh and valuable San Diego, CAwhereby the dealer only pays for the clicks to every visitor. Some advanced sites now www.cush.comand visitors they generate to their Web site. monitor the consumers’ actions and makeThis trial period should be at least two to specific offers based on the vehicles they Colonial Hondafour weeks in length to get a good idea of are shopping and even track their shopping Los Angeles, CAwhat your market opportunity is and how actions so the dealer can view at a later time.much you should be spending each month. This behavioral monitoring allows a sales www.colonialhonda.comWhatever the case, you should only be paying person to really understand what was offor the clicks on your ads that generate Web interest to the customer even before they call Lindsay Auto Group, VAsite visitors and maybe a small fee to the or e-mail the dealership. www.elindsay.comcompany that handles your ads. What your search engine ads should3. Tracking is everything. tell you: Lia Auto GroupYour online ad firm needs to know how to • How many customers are exposed to CT, NY, MAintegrate your search engine ads into your your ad in all the search engines. www.liacars.comdealer Web site so that every phone call is • How many visitors to your Web sitetracking back to the search engine ad and were generated.every form and e-mail submitted is, as well. • How many phone calls did theThis is the key to tracking your success. In campaign generate including the timeaddition to tracking the actual leads that are and date and callers’ phone numbersgenerated from the ads you will need a sound from all calls generated.sales process in place and an easy-to-use lead • What and how many form submissionsmanagement solution, because you must and e-mails were generated. Example:effectively handle the new influx of phone 14 Trade-in forms, 63 test drive formscalls and e-mail submissions. and 13 service request forms, etc. • You should know what every dollar4. Deploy automated Web site lead- spent each day resulted in.generating tools. • The cost per lead calculation.This traffic to your Web site will only matter Example: 150 leads for $1,500= $10/if your Web site is providing solid product lead.information that also taps into the emotionof the buyer. Your site should be able toautomatically notify customers when new Mark BonÞgli is president and CEO of Inc. He can be contacted atarrivals enter the lot and send photos and 866.876.6403, or by e-mail atdetails for any vehicles that interest them. mbonÞ 2005 19
  • 17. sts ms ls fis sf DavidKain leadership solution Tips for Hiring the Right Internet Sales Manager Your customers will providers, vehicle photos, etc. 3. Candidates must be willing to put in the use the Internet while • What kind of return on investment time necessary to make the department shopping for their is necessary to make the effort successful. next vehicle at record worthwhile? • The Internet is 24/7. Most customers levels in 2005. Your shop online after traditional sales hours dealership needs to 3. What are your performance expectations so responding to leads in the eveningbe prepared to greet your Internet customers for the Internet department? and on weekends should be part ofwith the same level of consideration you give • What kind of operational standards do your expectations. If a candidate isa person who walks into your dealership. As you require? not willing to communicate witha result, it is time to get serious in hiring the • How many vehicles do you expect customers after normal business hoursright person to manage your fastest growing them to sell? it is best to find this out beforehand.department. The person you select as your • What kind of gross profit do youInternet sales manager (ISM) will either expect? Compensationbring customers to your dealership or drive • Be specific and communicate your How you choose to pay the Internet salescustomers away depending on how well they expectations to your ISM. manager depends on what you ultimatelyunderstand their role. create as their job description. As with all pay 5. What kind of Department Structure would plans, where you focus the pay is where yourA few minutes spent determining what you work best at your dealership? results will come from. Consider the followingexpect from your Internet Department and • Internet department reporting to GM? when determining your compensation plan:what you expect from your ISM can make • Internet sales person reporting to theall the difference and provide clear directions GM or sales managers? 1. What is the structure of theon how to get the best return on your Internet • Internet sales team embedded in a department? Internet sales person,investment. Business Development Center? Internet Department, BDC, etc.? • Other? 2. If your structure is an Internet salesWhat Results Do You Expect from Your person, will the position be full-timeInternet Department? Selecting the Right Candidate or will the ISM take floor ups?Answering the following questions upfront Creating a job description for the Internet 3. How much time will be spent workingwill allow you to select the right candidate manager is the best way to communicate your with administrative activities (Webwith confidence: expectations for the department as well as site updates, photos, lead provider the qualifications necessary to do a good job. interaction, etc)?1. What are your current results? Consider the following while writing the job 4. Do you want to focus on volume or • If you don’t already know it is description and in selecting your candidate. gross? important for you to find out before you start recruiting. A good candidate 1. Candidates must be able to sell vehicles A variety of plans are in use by dealerships will likely want to know this right off if your process requires them to work the today and selecting the one that works for you the bat to see if they are being offered customer from e-mail to delivery. should be well thought out. a growth opportunity. If you are a • Too often dealerships delegate the franchised dealer your manufacturer Internet management role to mediocre Summary should be able to provide this sales people that are just good guys Selling online is a difficult task considering information and if you have a who have not had much sales success your customer must be motivated to talk to relationship with a lead provider they on the floor. If they can’t sell cars on you on the phone and then motivated to visit also provide monthly reports. Gather the floor they likely won’t fare any the dealership. The time spent creating your the information, determine your better online. The best results I’ve dealership Internet Department structure, current status and be up front with seen come from dealerships putting expectations and goals will be a valuable your candidates about the challenge or quality sales persons into this role and foundation to your Internet sales success. opportunity ahead of them. training them on the computer and From this foundation, a well thought out the administrative functions. Keep job description and compensation plan for2. What is your dealership’s Internet in mind this role is to sell cars and the Internet sales manager will give youmarketing plan and expected return on trucks. the confidence you need to choose the bestinvestment? possible candidate for the job. With the right • Identify your Internet target market (all 2. Candidates must be organized and able to candidate in place you can expect to increase buyers, used vehicle buyers, import handle multiple tasks. your sales and profits. Aim high and the buyers, specific zip codes, etc.) • The Internet role includes managing results will follow. • Identify your lead sources: Web site, leads, updating the inventory on the lead providers, aggregators, database Web site, managing lead providers/ marketing. aggregators, measuring results and David Kain is the automotive Internet • Determine your budget for this by many other activities. Most dealerships training specialist at Kain Automotive Inc. effectively tapping this market. Keep require the ISM do all these activities He can be contacted at 800.385.0095, or in mind you are paying for a Web so it is important that the candidate by e-mail at, or site, a lead management tool, any lead realize this going in. visit 20
  • 18. sts ms ls fis sf CarolMartin leadership solution Should You Promote Your Top Sales Person to Management Sometimes the Most Obvious Person for the Job is Not the Right One Dan, a manager, has focused into a management position, because toward individual goals and trying to move made a decision to he or she is worried about losing the favor ahead of peers is an accepted practice on leave the dealership. of the team, so rules get bent and mistakes the sales floor, but playing cutthroat and not There’s no talking him overlooked. working in the best interest of the team can out of it. He’s vague lead to a manager’s demise. Make sure the about where he’s person you hire as a manager understandsgoing, but logic tells you it’s a competitoracross town. Now you have a major Make sure the this and can make the shift from rival to motivational leader.dilemma: Who can replace Dan? He’s so person you hiregood at what he does. is not only right Tips for finding the right person:One choice would be to promote your topsales person. He or she has proven to be for the job, but 1. Decide on your needs Put your ideas on paper or conductsuccessful and already knows you, your also right for you brainstorming sessions about futurepolicies and your staff, but the same traitsthat might make a sales person great may and the whole operations and strategies with colleagues. Have a very clear picturenot be the ones you need in management. team. of the person you want.In the auto industry, sales people who 2. Know the personalities of yourare competitive, friendly, multi-tasking, There are times when promoting a top existing teamindependent and cooperative, are usually sales person is the right move, and the Hold meetings and speak to eachsought. These traits enable a person to individual will lead effectively. One instance employee privately to determinewithstand the rigors of commission-based is when he or she clearly exhibits a highly individual work approaches andpay, approach prospects, work quickly, think assertive mindset along with strong people needs. This will help ensurefor themselves and comply with procedures skills. Another instance is when managers cohesiveness when you finally selectestablished by the dealership. They are assets are teamed; a warm, jovial superior may the team’s new manager.when it comes to selling cars. communicate better than a dictatorial partner might. The two can work in excellent 3. Learn all you can about each jobDepending on the specific measure of each harmony with one another. applicantof these qualities, your sales superstar may Look for evidence of leadershipor may not be suited to management. Avoid A sales-oriented personality will also need to qualities. Ask for concrete examplesmoving a top sales person that is too socially temper his or her competitive spirit. Working of a determined, proactive mentality. Be sure you know how able your candidate is to tackle administration, use constructive criticism and get excited by challenges. 4. Give your applicant speciÞc information about the job Your potential new employee needs to know precisely what you expect from him or her. Being up front and forthright about your prerequisites for a manager will yield fewer surprises for both you and your applicant. Personnel changes are inevitable in the workplace. However, the challenges that come when replacing an employee can be opportunities - opportunities to learn more about yourself and your staff. Make sure the person you hire is not only right for the job, but also right for you and the whole team. Carol Martin is a senior consultant with The Omnia Group. She can be contacted at 800.601.3216, or by e-mail at 22
  • 19. sts ms ls fis sf JeffFishel marketing solution Five Steps to Maximize A Jingle Campaign Is your dealership 4. Attach the summarized statements of daily advertising. They also distinguish promoting events or tagline into a quality musical you from your competitors while providing designed to drive traffic production. you with limitless elasticity in achieving your to your dealership, 5. Produce jingle beds designed for advertising objectives. or are you branding maximum flexibility in electronic yourself in order to advertising. Jeff Fishel is the national sales directorimprove your image in the marketplace? for He can be Jingles are an excellent way to lift your contacted at 866.827.6246, or by e-mail atThere are effective ways to do both. One dealership’s messages above the dissonance jÞ is to structure your entire advertisingparadigm to allow for both event promotingand brand advertising on a monthly basis, Increase Sales byand you’ll read that method in next month’sarticle. 20% in 10 MinutesAnother way to combine event promotingwith branding is through using jingles.According to the Dictionary of Businessand Management, a brand is defined as: A ✓ FREE Follow-up every phone call, ßoor up,, sign or symbol used to identify items Stay in contact with ALL ups!or services of the seller(s) and to differentiatethem from goods of competitors. ✓ FREE Drive website trafÞc to your store and track Internet prospects with Total E-mail Follow-up!Walter Landor, one of the greats of theadvertising industry, defined branding this ✓ FREE Total Database Management, Data Mining, Targetedway: “A brand is a promise. By identifying Direct Marketing.and authenticating a product or service itdelivers a pledge of satisfaction and quality.” ✓ FREE DAILY Management Reports with REAL data you can use to manage your people, not your systems.For brand advertising to be effective it must ✓ FREE FTC “Do Not Call” daily Synchronization and Alerts toaccomplish two things: help you avoid receiving an $11,000 Fine!1. Separate you from your competitors.2. Deliver a promise into your marketplace. ✓ Follow-up every sold/leased customer for 5 years. Increase repeat sales, CSI, gain referrals and increase service trafÞc.An effective way to accomplish these twogoals is through the use of music. Nothing Easy to own - On-Site Training - No huge up-front charges!enters the minds of the buyers better than Limited Exclusivity. Call us before your competition does!attaching specific advertising messagesonto a musical melody. The musical melody After seven years with ProResponse I can still say it is the best investment we’ve ever made.becomes like glue in people’s heads and the -Larry Jones, Jones Junctionwords are stuck to the melody. What do these The Koons Automotive Group sold over 44,000 vehicles last year with the help of ProResponse.words consist of exactly? Lyrics describing -Alex Hafer General Manageryour specific positioning statements and yourspecific promotions for that day, week or ProResponse is the only system I have ever used where the sales people are actually motivated tomonth. use it. Our new car sales are up 21% in one year. -Jeffrey Abel President, Miller ToyotaFive steps to maximize your jinglecampaigns: Our closing ratio has improved 38% and our “be-backs” have nearly doubled. When we first implemented ProResponse we averaged 160 cars a month, an average month is now 350! 1. Develop comprehensive branding -Kevin Cohan General Manager, Jim Coleman Cadillac Infiniti Toyota concepts that translate into real RORESPONSE benefits to the customers in your marketplace. 2. Select the single, strongest branding 866.596.6889 concept that offers the clearest benefit(s) to your customers at any given time. 3. Summarize the branding concept • Available in Spanish into simple statements or a concise tagline.may 2005 23
  • 20. sts ms ls fis sf PattiWood leadership solution Can’t Touch This Why touch? It’s of human resources, I see less personnel on our perception of pain, from arthritis to something we now complaints, absenteeism and illness in the chemotherapy treatment and the treatment avoid at work. Our fear Paris office then in any American office I of disease, including, autism, ADD, breast of miscommunication have worked in. I think there is a positive cancer and Alzheimer’s. and even of being touch link.” charged with sexual To encourage touch in the workplace, we needharassment keeps us from making that What are the benefits of touch? Touch is to know what is safe, non-threatening touch.simple and powerful human contact. As a necessity. The need for touch is great in Research on touch for sexual harassmenta result many of us at work, starved for our lives. The overwhelming need starts has shown that the type and location ofordinary casual touch are losing out on all when we are newborns with “gentling.” touch you give effects the meaning. Menits secret benefits. Other cultures touch more Gentling behavior involves the stroking and differentiate what your intention is by thethan we do. The great benefits to touch in touching of a newborn baby and is essential way in which you touch, more than whereand out of the work place, and knowing safe to the growth and development of both and you touch them. Women differentiate whatways to touch for men and women could humans and animals. It is not just needed for your intention is more by where you touchgive us the opportunity to enjoy the gift of growth; nurturing touch is required to give them than by the type of touch. Patting istouch. us the desire to live. In the 19th century, associated with play, but you have to be more than half the infants in their first year careful where and whom you pat. Guys canYou may ask, “Is the lack of touch really of life regularly died from a disease called pat other guys on the back and shoulders anda big deal or are Americans really not marasmus, or wasting away, also known women can pat other women in those sametouching”? When asked who got the most as infantile atrophy or debility. It was later locations. But because women notice wherestrokes that is physical touch or signals to discovered that this was caused by a lack you touch them, guys cannot pat a woman atshow I know you’re there, 44 percent of of touch. Babies who were not touched the office on the woman’s shoulder, becauseAmericans surveyed said their pets got the on a regular basis would literally starve of the risk of it being misinterpreted.most strokes, 18 percent said their children themselves to the most strokes, and 18 percent said Stroking, as in moving the hand across anfamily members got equal strokes. We are arm, though associated with warmth andtouching our dogs more than each other. Research shows love is also associated with sexual desire.How do American rates of touch to eachother per hour compare to other cultures? that a touch Though it would seem natural for a nurturing woman to comfort someone with this kind ofCouples in a coffee shop in Gainesville, Fla., on the forearm touch it is not appropriate for her to touch atouched on average of two times an hour,while in London, couples had no contact in that lasts a mere man that way in the office as he notices type of touch and may think, “She wants me.”an hour, in Paris couples touched 110 times fortieth of aan hour and in San Juan Puerto Rico, 180times an hour. second, can make What is safe touch? Men and women can touch someone briefly on the lower arm, in the receiver not the area from finger tips to elbow withoutBut that is touch between couples. You maythink touch at work threatens a sexual come only feel better that person feeling threatened. In face it has a positive impact. Research shows that a touchon. Touch communicates, but it is rarely but make them on the forearm that lasts a mere fortieth of aseen as sexual and threatening. In researchwhere subjects were only to communicate see the giver as second, can make the receiver not only feel better but make them see the giver as beingwith their hands, while a screen hid the rest being kinder and kinder and warmer. Another benefit, theof their body, the sender was able to conveyfive different emotions with their hands: warmer. person touched perceives the environment as being friendlier.detachment, mothering, fear, anger andplayfulness. Isn’t it interesting that the feared Dr. Mehl Madrona says, “In almost So now that you know the positive benefitssexual and powerful meaning required more every study done on touch, there’s been a of touch and the safe way to touch at work,than merely touch? A former college student beneficial effect.” Touch not only has been maybe it is OK to reach out your hand to aof mine was transferred to Paris. He had to shown to benefit our emotional and physical co-worker.kiss everyone at work hello and goodbye development but reduces our stress level, aseveryday, even his boss. At first he hated it, well. Positive touch increases endorphins Patti Wood is the president ofthen he saw its benefits. He said, “It’s hard to and decreases stress, lowers blood pressure Communication Dynamics. She can behate your coworkers when you have to kiss and hormones such as cortisal and boosts contacted at 800.849.3651, or by e-mail atthem at the end of the day. I am in charge the immune system. It has a beneficial effect 24
  • 21. sts ms ls fis sf DaleCollie leadership solution Five Easy Ways to Show Employees How Much You Care Workplace stress health care costs and accidents. Controlling well. They have all of those fringe benefits costs American workplace stress will improve productivity -- health insurance, retirement plans, holiday businesses as much as and boost the bottom line. pay and paid vacation. You might even 45 percent of after-tax provide free coffee and soft drinks in the profits, according to One of the causes of workplace stress most break room. So why do so many employees Foster Higgins Inc., often mentioned by employees is the lack of feel unappreciated? Poor communication,a New Jersey insurance company. We see appreciation. It seems strange that so many that’s why.these expenses in things like absenteeism, people feel unappreciated. You pay them Even though we spend thousands of dollars a year on employees, many don’t see it as a form of appreciation. Even if you list all of their benefits and show how these perks actually double their compensation, some employees will ask that you cut the fringes and put it in their paychecks. Compensation doesn’t make people feel appreciated, but they know you care when you listen to them, ask about their families, understand what they are going through at home, at school or at work. They feel valued when leaders compliment them on a job well done, even if their accomplishment is simply always being on time. The comments you hear at a retirement party are a good indication of what employees value. If the departing person is a dud, the remarks are going to reflect their incompetence in a joking but revealing way. However, if people admire the honored guest, you’ll find out that it doesn’t take much to make people feel appreciated. Remarks like these tell you what is important: “I remember when she visited my daughter in the hospital. That’s when I knew how important I was to the company.” “I don’t know how he did it, but I saw him on the showroom floor everyday. He always came by and greeted me and asked about my family.” “You know, the thing I appreciate most are the company picnics she started. She always served the potato salad herself, and she cleaned up when it was over. She’s just one of us.” There might be some mention of a leader’s commendable management ability at the going away celebration, but the business achievements are typically left in the boardroom. What motivates and inspires people is the personal communication. 26
  • 22. continuedHere are 5 easy ways to let people know how as important as formal recognition. Make These easy tips take only a few moments tomuch they are appreciated: employees feel special and get a lot of make employees feel recognized for their information by asking things like: “How’s efforts and show that you care.A personal touch on the high-tech it going with the X project?” or “Is therecommunications anything I can do to help you get this doneLeaders can use a personal touch in the high- on schedule?”tech tools needed to communicate with largenumbers of people or with remote locations. Put your “walk-around” time on the calendarMerging first names into documents with so you don’t feel pressured by othershort, personal notes can personalize sterile responsibilities. If you don’t have enough Dale Collie is the president of Courageannouncements. Everyone appreciates your hours in the day to exchange remarks with Builders International. He can beattention to their welfare and your interest in employees, maybe you need to look at the contacted at 866.210.2346, or by e-their families. stressors in your own life and delegate certain mail at, or visit tasks to permit personal involvement. follow-upPersonal follow-up by telephone means alot to those involved in conference calls,bridge lines, or e-mails. You can make notes DEALERS MUST BEabout individual input during the electronicmeeting and follow up by phone to showemployees that you were listening, thatyou care about their ideas or comments. ON TELEVISION!Your calls to explore subjects in detail canmotivate people for future input and developsome profitable ideas.Handwritten notesSimple, personalized remarks written onthe face of routine memos can make allthe difference to employees who otherwise See why over 100 dealers nationwide havedo their jobs and clock out at quitting time.Your “atta boy” remarks might be the only INCREASED SALES MORE THAN 30% INcompliments some people ever receive.Many of these meaningful remarks will LESS THAN 90 DAYS WITH TELEVISION!become souvenirs and kept forever. We produce nearly 4,000 commercialsInclude first names with your compliment,and you’ll be surprised how this short a year from our studios. We give youcommunication boosts morale and unlimited, high quality television campaignsproductivity. Write comments on items going and promotions FREE. With computerizedhome with people and impact the morale ofthe entire family. If staff size permits, write a media buying technology, we buy television aspersonal note right on their paychecks, such much as 30%-40% more effectively than anyas “Thanks, Bob. We couldn’t have hit ourgoal without your hard work this month.” media buyer in the nation and give youSincere notes to your people pay big UNLIMITED TV CAMPAIGNSdividends. Some employees will even write AND PROMOTIONS!you a thank you note for your comments. Call for a FREE demo tape and information.Public recognitionRecognize superior achievement withawards ceremonies. Highlight dailyinvolvement with framed certificates ofappreciation, letters of commendation, Larry John Wright, Inc.public announcement of achievements, extravacation days and documents recognizing the Automotive Advertisingfamilies’ volunteer efforts. Use these formaland informal ceremonies for emphasis and “America’s Premier Automotive Advertising Agency”whenever possible, include family membersso they can see how much their specialperson is appreciated.Frequent contactShowing concern for ongoing work is just 1-800-821-5068may 2005 27
  • 23. sts ms ls fis sf TonyDupaquier f&i solution What Dealers Should Know About A Service Contract Company A third-party generally results in lower premiums for the true A-rated insurance company, preferably provider may offer customer; however, this can result in a much with one whose assets are in excess of $100 the dealership a higher risk for the non-payment of claims, million. supreme advantage as a result of extremely limited assets. Many over a factory service service contracts written with an RRG are contract, not only in written as a dealer obligor. In the event the It is importantterms of profitability but also in its ability to RRG becomes insolvent, the dealer is 100 to know where ahelp sell more products. Before working withone of these companies, it is important to ask percent responsible for paying claims. dealer’s money isa few questions. Most RRGs in the service contract business and when moneyThe number one concern dealers must have less than $20 million in total assets. Compare this to any of the large insurance will be received.consider is how sound the company backing companies, and an RRG has very limited The best outcomethe contract is and to make sure the company resources. These limited resources eliminate is to work with ais not a risk retention group (RRG). any chance an RRG has to be rated by a company like A.M. Best or Standard & Poor. service contractAn RRG is a company that operates under provider that paysa federal charter and is exempt from stateinsurance laws. Under the Federal Liability It is also important to ask how the contract is insured. As is the case with most RRGs, you immediately.Risk Retention Act, the role of state the contract is re-insured through anotherinsurance regulators is very limited, and source, some as low as 10 cents on the dollar. The best option is to have the dealermost state insurance laws are preempted. A dealer should want to have him or herself agreement written with three parties: theNot having state regulation requirements and customers insured dollar for dollar via a administrator, the dealer and the insurance company. This is to ensure that all claims will be paid. In the event the administrator goes out of business, claims will be paid. If the dealership goes out of business, claims will be paid. When an A-rated insurance company with decades of history backs service contracts, financial strength becomes CONSIDER THE IMPACT an invaluable asset. WLS Lighting Systems The second question to ask is how claims are Manufacturing poles and fixtures since 1969. paid. It is all about cash flow. If a dealership WLS is the only COMPLETE SERVICE MANUFACTURER serving auto dealers nationwide with the finest technology and services available in is not paid for 45 to 60 days on a claim, this the lighting industry. can create not only a cash flow problem but The WLS Installation Program provides the auto dealer with all the also a greater risk of claims not being paid. construction services required for a complete site lighting system. Our comprehensive program from design to completion is the most cost- It is the same problem a business office can effective approach to your site lighting. run into when contracts are in transit. It is Services Include: Construction Services: important to know where a dealer’s money is • Site & Interior Lighting Design, • Project Management Photometrics & Engineering and when money will be received. The best • City Approvals and Permits • Direct Sales to Dealerships • Concrete Bases, Wire Conduit, outcome is to work with a service contract • Free Site Surveys For Upgrading Controls and Asphalt Patching provider that pays you immediately. When Your Existing Site Lighting • 3 Year Lamp Replacement Warranty on All WLS Installed Systems repairs or service work are performed in a • Turn Key Installation Program dealership, it is expected that customers pay • Service, Maintenance, and Extended Lamp Warranties the invoice at the time of pick-up; expect the same from a service contract provider. WLS can make a difference in your overall construction budget and we guarantee complete satisfaction. Service contracts offer a great service to customers. Dealers should receive the same benefits, as well. Tony Dupaquier is the director of F&I training for American Financial & 4150 International Plaza Fort Worth, TX 76109 Automotive Services Inc. He can be 1.800.897.9517 contacted at 866.856.6754, or by e-mail at 28
  • 24. Aren’t Children Worth Investing In?Orrin Hudson has developed several mentoring programsthrough his crime prevention program, Be Someone, Inc. Heteaches children life mastery skills, using chess as a metaphor.Using his personal resources, dedication and passion for hisdream, he has touched the lives of more than 15,000 childrenand their families. His programs have been taught in morethan 30 schools in Þve states. Your Dealership can sponsor a community wide Be Someone Experience.“I salute you on your quest to develop “I am extremely impressed withyourself in order to make a difference your organization, especiallyin other’s lives. We are kindred souls since our youth are desperately inin that I, too, have always had an need of leadership and guidance.insatiable hunger for knowledge and I admire your zeal, and yourexcellence. Live with Passion!” enthusiasm is contagious.”Anthony Robbins, best selling Brian Tracy, best selling author,author, motivational speaker motivational speaker Call today and makea difference tomorrow. 7148 Stonebrook Lane Lithonia Georgia 30058 toll free: 800.901.3057 web:
  • 25. sts ms ls fis sf SeanWolfington leadership solution Four Keys to Integrity Selling, Part 4 Welcome to the final They recognize the need to modify their Here’s a quick assessment: installment of the own behavior from what’s most natural and successful behaviors most comfortable to what’s most effective. 1. I adjust to different types of that fuel peak For example, a sales person with excellent people and situations. performance. This social skills can recognize a customer who’s month we’ll wrap up highly organized, logical, and rational, withour discussion of the four simple keys to great attention to detail. The sales person 2. I listen and respond sensitivelyintegrity selling that enable the superstars may notice the customer is more reserved, to other people’s distance themselves from the rest of the slower in thought, speech and motion, drivenpack. by facts and logic and in order to create 3. I’m effective at calming people an environment where the customer wants in stressful situationsA Recap of Key Traits That Drive to communicate, the normally energetic,Successful Beliefs and Behaviors: animated, fast-paced sales person may tone 4. I’m intuitive and able to pick 1. Achievement Drive it down a notch and embrace the customer’s up on unspoken meanings. 2. Goal Clarity need for facts and information. They do this 3. Healthy Emotional Intelligence because they can see the world through other 4. Excellent Social Skills people’s eyes and adjust their own behavior 5. I work well with diverse types accordingly. When we develop this kind of of people.Achievement Drive is the power to beat rapport with people, they trust and respect usthe odds, to triumph over challenge and more and will be more inclined to tap into deep reserves of persistence, If you rate yourself on a scale of one to 10determination and a never-give-up attitude. and your score is less than 50, you might A person withIf a sales person has low achievement drive, benefit from learning more about differenthe may become complacent quickly, back behavior styles and brushing up on yourdown when faced with a challenge and as aresult, rarely see his name at the top of the great social communication skills.sales board. Goal Clarity brings focus to asales person’s need to achieve and enables skills is able Here’s a Quick Start Action Guide to building social skills:him or her to channel that energy with clear,specific, written goals that they truly believe to interact 1. Tune the world out and tune the customer in.are attainable and that they feel they deserveto achieve. Healthy Emotional Intelligence with others 2. Put others at ease by making them feel important.grants us the ability to understand emotions in a way 3. Put the focus on them; get them that makesand how they impact behavior and Excellent talking about themselves and theirSocial Skills enable us to identify different driving needs. them want tobehavior styles and adjust to them. These last 4. Hold eye contact and watch andtwo traits are important for CSI, customer listen for indicators of how theyloyalty and employee retention becausethey balance the driven and goal-oriented communicate. feel. 5. Ask open-ended questions to drawperson’s “killer instinct” with the ability to out wants and needs.connect with all different types of people. 6. Listen to and paraphrase all pointsThe extent to which our sales people possess Ironically, ask any sales person what their – write them down.these four traits determines their ability to strengths are and they’ll usually tell you, 7. Lead in with a benefit to theexcel in sales. “I’m a people person, a great communicator customer if you have a request of and I can build rapport with anyone!” But the your own.Contrary to what many people think, truth is that they’re not all peak performers.excellent social skills have little to do with How do we differentiate a super-charged Incorporate these best practices into yourtalking or with the so-called gift of gab. ego from truly excellent social skills? Real greeting and interview process and you’llSocial skills are more about asking questions, social skills are demonstrated when we ask notice an immediate increase in your closinglistening, understanding, having empathy questions and listen, when we understand ratio, because people are silently beggingand a genuine desire to serve. In other words, and adapt to different behavior styles, “Listen to me, value me, understand me anda person with great social skills is able to when we understand the unspoken. It’s the let me know you want to help me.”interact with others in a way that makes them ability to read body language, voice tones,want to communicate. To accomplish this, inflections and facial expression. It’s the Sean WolÞngton is the owner ofgreat communicators must have the ability ability to suspend our view of the world He can be contacted atto identify people’s different behavior styles and understand another person’s beliefs and 866.802.5753, or by e-mail atand adjust their own behavior accordingly. opinions. swolÞ 30
  • 26. sts ms ls fis sf MarkTewart sales and training solution Lead Generation = Dollar Creation All businesses are of buy-in. If you haven’t begun to create built on two areas of a business of your own, it’s because your competency – people belief system doesn’t buy into the idea of skills and marketing a self-created destiny in sales. Either you skills. Many sales have “Manageritis”, don’t believe you will people who are more be selling vehicles for a career, don’t believethan adequate in their sales and people skills you will be at your current dealership in theare struggling today. The reason is most future, don’t believe it can be done or you’resales people lack enough opportunities with lazy. The truth sucks sometimes.customers. Lead generation = dollar creation Success and failure are all about beliefAs a sales person you are in business for systems and habits. You have to believe andyourself. Having a mentality of being the CEO live it everyday for it to work. Speaker andof your company is crucial to developing your business philosopher Jim Rohn once wasbusiness. The dealership signs your check, asked if you had to take successful actionsand you fill in the numbers. everyday to be successful and he replied, “Only on the days you want to be successful.”You have a better opportunity than ever to be Actually, if you only take successful actionssuccessful. The key to your long-term success every once in a while, you can’t even beas a sales person is the creation of a dynamite successful on those once-in-a-while days. Itmarketing strategy that dealers overlook and takes sustained effort.most sales people are too lazy to do. If you begin to execute a strategy of marketingYour first step is to create a marketing web. and don’t have immediate success, you can’tTake a sheet of paper and list every way that quit. It’s easier to say something doesn’t workyou receive customers. The first two ways than it is to use the lack of success as a pathyou probably listed were from walk-ins and to figuring out successful actions. Marketingphone prospects. These are produced by the in itself is a series of miscalculations to figuredealership and are therefore the ones over out what works. The greatest marketers of allwhich you have no control. Begin to control time have failed more than they have beenyour destiny and think of ways to produce right. To great marketers, all failures arecustomers from other resources. just tests on the road to figuring out the right formula.What other sources of leads did you list? Hereare some suggestions: referrals, service drive, As a small marketer in the Internet age, youservice tickets, be-backs, affiliations, repeats, can appear to be bigger and more successfultargeted phone calling, database marketing, than you really are. You can create a successfultargeted list mailings, orphan owners, lost brand. You can be more agile and target morecustomer marketing, coupon swaps, joint- than larger businesses such as dealershipsventure advertising, community board flyer, can do with traditional advertising. Thedoor-to-door flyers, Web site and many more. over-hyped, over-competitive marketplace is perfect for the dedicated and creative salesFor each source at least one strategy of person of today.creating leads should be chosen. If you executeone strategy a day on 10 ways to create leads, In next month’s article, I will discuss severalyour leads will grow exponentially over time. low- to no-cost marketing strategies to begin aYour business will hit a period of critical mass laser-like approach to creating new leads andand explode. converting them to customers. Remember, lead generation = dollar creation.At that point, a sales person has the best job inthe dealership. Your pay, hours, stress and jobsecurity will be better than the managers’. Yourrisk will be zero, your investment minimal andmost everything is supplied for you. Mark Tewart is the president of Tewart Enterprises. He can be contactedWhy don’t more sales people take this road at 866.429.6844, or by e-mail atof action to success? Usually, it’s a lack 2005 31
  • 27. sts ms ls fis sf ScottJoseph marketing solution Get More SpeciÞc in Your Ads About the Valuable BeneÞts You Offer Are You Your greatest marketing advantage of all comes from this Cheapness, by itself, is not a good proposition. People want solid bargains with a full explanation of how you can offer them Going? simple truth – and yet such genuine savings on quality products or few companies ever services. recognize it.Offer honestly superior value and service to Limiting availability is a powerful marketing device to employ in both sales calls and BEST PRACTICES SUMMIT IIthe customers your sales people wait on. promotional advertising.Remember, prospects care nothing about Specificity is crucial in all your advertisingyour interests or your decision to earn and sales efforts. The more detailed factsprofits. They only want to know what you can offer, the more specific case you Las Vegas, NV May 19 & 20superior service you can render them. can build over your competitors, the more successful you will be. The Venetian Hotel & ResortFailure to recognize this most basic of factscan be dangerous to your wealth. For example: Superlatives are meaningless. Like “the lowest prices” – a hollow, no- FEATURED SPEAKERS:Most advertising and sales efforts never go impact phrase. The company that makes Scott Joseph, J&L Marketingbeyond the weak appeal of “buy our brand” specific, supportable and defendable claims Dean Evans, Dealixor “buy from us instead of someone else.” gains people’s respect. A definite statement, Sean Wolfington, BZResults.comThose messages have little or no impact with specific/actual figures, is generally Chip Perry, AutoTrader.comon the prospect. Show the prospect what believed. David Kain, Kain Automotivesuperior service, benefits, quality, bonus,discount support, follow up, you and you Specific facts, stated by sales people or in Brian Benstock, Paragon Honda & Acuraalone offer. The reality is – even if your ads, carry great weight and impact, in either Rad Weaver, Red McCombscompetitors offer similar services or they written or personal salesmanship, or on radio Angelo Chavez, Burt Automotiveprobably do not advertise it. This means to or TV. Darren Haygood, Lokey Automotiveyou that prospects will view your dealership Robert Revere, Courtesy the only store in town who offer such Salesmanship, whether personal one-on-one, Roy Reutter, Sheehy Auto Storesvaluable benefits. ads, commercials, telephone calls or letters, Jeff Cowan, Jeff Cowan’s ProTalk is a very expensive investment. Randy Barone, AAXchange Ed Parkinson, Who’s Calling Inc. Every word and Every word and phrase costs a small fortune. Sean Gardner, The Joe Verde Group phrase costs a In a $10,000 ad, 1,000 words cost $10 a piece. In a $200 sales call, the 5,000 words Sean St. Clair, eBay Motors small fortune. In your sales man uses cost you 40 cents a a $10,000 ad, word. REGISTER NOW! 1,000 words cost To maximize a result, never dissipate the Limited Seating $10 a piece. In a opportunity with generalities. Dealers & Managers Only $200 sales call, the Specific, quantifiable claims, when made as Two days of intense learning. 5,000 words your a statement of fact, have tremendous impact, Improve your results no matter and are believable. how well you are already doing. salesman uses cost you 40 cents a Always, always, tell a complete story. ONLY $595 word. Whatever way you use to get a prospect’s fully transferable, no refunds attention, you and your sales person should CHECK VISA MC AMEX always tell a complete story.Human nature is predictable. It does not Call Nowchange.Curiosity, for instance, is one of the strongest Scott Joseph is the president of J&L 800.849.4113 or visit Marketing Inc. He can be contactedhuman incentives you can use in your at 866.429.6846, or by e-mail at for more informationmarketing. 32
  • 28. continued For example, you can dramatically increase Remember that in communicating, people docontinued from page 8 the effect of your communications by things for their own reasons, not for yours.image that he or she wishes to convey to the leaning toward the person with whom you’re Everyone’s favorite radio station is WIIFM,receiver. The sender then translates the idea speaking. If you’re sitting down, this is easy. which means “What’s in it for me?”or image into a form, or words, either written If you’re standing up, you can accomplish theor spoken. Those words constitute the basic same effect by shifting your weight forward The more important the communication, themessage that is transmitted to the receiver. onto the balls of your feet and leaning slightly more important it is to prepare for it. ThinkThe receiver catches the words, like a baseball toward the person to whom you’re talking. through where the other person is comingplayer catches a baseball, and then translates When you make direct eye and face contact from. What is his or her point of view? Whatthe words into the ideas and pictures that they with the person, combined with focused are his or her problems or concerns? What isrepresent in order to understand the message attention, you double the impact of what he or she trying to accomplish? What is his orthat was sent. you’re saying. her level of knowledge or information about the subject being discussed?The receiver then acknowledges receipt and In fact, one of the easiest ways for youreplies by translating his or her ideas and to break off a conversation, almost like The best communicators do not use a lot ofpictures into words and transmitting them to knocking a needle off a phonograph record, words, but they choose their words carefullythe sender. When the message has been sent is by just turning away from a person and in advance. People appreciate straight talking.and the receiver has acknowledged receiving looking into the distance when he is speaking. Avoid the tendency to dress up your messageit by transmitting a response that the sender That will usually abruptly cause the person to and sugarcoat it. When you have a question orreceives, accepts and understands, the stop speaking. He will feel that he’s just been a concern, or you want something, come rightcommunication is complete. abandoned in the middle of the conversation. out and say it without confusion or distortion. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feelIf this sounds complicated, it is. Probably 99 So your choice of words is important, but and how much more positively someone willpercent of all the difficulties between human even more important is your tone of voice respond to your message.beings and within organizations are caused by and your body language. The better you canbreakdowns in the communication process. coordinate all three of those ingredients, the In getting your point across, perhaps the mostEither the senders do not say what they more impact your message will have, and the important word of all is the word ask. Themean clearly enough or the receivers do not greater will be the likelihood that a person most effective people are those who are thereceive the message in the form in which it will both understand it and react the way you best at asking for what they want. They askwas intended. want. questions to uncover real needs and concerns. They ask questions to illuminate objectionsAn enormous number of factors can interfere You’ve heard the saying that God gave people and problems that people might have within any communication, and every one of two ears and one mouth, and in conversation, what they’re suggesting. They ask questionsthem can lead to a distortion of the message you should use them in those proportions. The to expand the conversation and to increasein some way. Probably every problem you’ll best communicators are excellent listeners. their understanding of from where people areever have will be somehow associated with The worst communicators are continuous really coming.a failure or breakdown in the communication talkers. In fact, often the most important partprocess. of the message is the part that is conveyed You get your message understood by getting by the pauses you make between thoughts out of yourself, by putting your ego asideLet me explain. According to Albert and ideas. The message is conveyed in the and by focusing all of your attention onMehrabian, a communications specialist, silence that takes place during the lulls in the other person. You get people to do thethere are three elements in any direct, face- conversation. All master communicators things you want them to do by presentingto-face communication: words, tone of voice have learned to be comfortable with silence. your arguments in terms of their interests, inand body language. Words account for only Remember that a person can absorb only a terms of what they want to be and have and7 percent of the message, tone of voice certain amount of information, as ground do. You prepare thoroughly in advance ofaccounts for 38 percent and body language can absorb only a certain amount of water. If any important conversation. You think beforeaccounts for 55 percent. For an effective you pour too much water onto the ground, it you speak, and you think on paper. You cancommunication to take place, all three parts of will form into puddles instead of soak in. A say almost anything if you say it, or ask it,the message must be congruent. If there is any person’s mind is very much the same. If you pleasantly, positively and with courtesy andincongruency, the receiver will be confused don’t give someone an opportunity to absorb friendliness.and will tend to accept the predominant form what you’re saying, by pausing and waitingof communication rather than simply the quietly and patiently, he will be overwhelmed The ability to communicate is a skill that youliteral meaning of the words. by the continuous stream of thoughts and can learn by becoming genuinely interested ideas, and often will distort the message and in people and by putting their needs aheadVery often, you will say something that you miss the point. of your own when sending a message orfeel is innocuous to a person and he will be asking them to do something for you. Whenoffended. When you try to explain that you One of the most vital requirements for effective you concentrate your attention on buildingfelt the words you used were inoffensive, the communication, especially with important trust and on seeking to understand, you’llperson will tell you that your tone of voice messages, is preparation. Preparation is the become known and respected as an effectivewas the issue. mark of the true professional. The late Coach communicator everywhere you go. Paul “Bear” Bryant of the University ofThe third ingredient of communication, body Alabama football team was famous for saying,language, is also very important. The way you “It’s not the will to win but the will to preparesit or stand or incline your head or move your to win that counts.” In all communications, Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEOeyes, relative to the person with whom you’re the will to prepare in advance of talking and of Brian Tracy International. He can becommunicating, will have an enormous effect interacting with people is the key to achieving contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mail aton the message received. maximum effectiveness. 34
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