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Auto Success May2007


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Published in: Automotive
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Auto Success May2007

  1. 1. SUMMIT VI BEST PRACTICES LEADERSHIP • INTERNET • CRM • MARKETING • BDC • SALES Michael York - Author and Professional Speaker Red McCombs Automotive Group - Tony Rimas Welcome to the most sophisticated marketplace the world has ever known! You will learn how to expand your Internet Department through creative inventory presentation, strategic pricing, and How will you win? In this “show” you’ll find out why MOTIVATION is one of the biggest wastes of time and aggregation techniques. Then convert this added demand to sales through tactical lead allocation, superior staffing energy for selling organizations, and what you should be focused on to win. and recruiting. Last, you will be advised on vendor selection to satisfy your dealership and market needs. Plus…Why sales training doesn’t work! The “BIG LIE” of selling! The 3 WAYS to grow YOUR selling revenues! Why so many talented people are BROKE and what to do about it! Why “time management” is a waste of time! Why 98 percent of sales people don’t really know how to set goals (until NOW)! Why “informal education” is available to EVERYONE who wants to win! And what does BECOMING UNCOMMON really mean? Find out why COMMON is well, common. And how you and your organization can stand out in this economy as UNCOMMON simply by doing a few things better than you are now! Don’t miss this session packed with UNCOMMON wisdom as only the entertaining MICHAEL YORK can deliver it! Ralph Paglia - CRM/eBusiness Director, Courtesy Chevrolet Director of Industry Relations, - Howard Polirer Most dealers will choose to use a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) service provider to get their Web site in Director of industry relations,, Howard Polirer will teach you how to market and sell more cars online in this front of potential customers. But, would you like to see how easy it is to do it yourself? In this session, I will Best Practices Summit VI workshop. It’s time to get back into the car business. Don’t let technology dictate how you do your show you how to set up your SEM account using Google’s AdWords online tools and software. I’ll show you business, rather let technology help you to sell more cars and make more money. Today’s consumers are all considered how to create your own AdWords account, how to create a keyword-targeted campaign, and you’ll learn Internet consumers and are armed with more information. However, if they can’t see your cars online, they won’t click on what a site-targeted campaign is and how to set it up. In addition, I’ll show you how to manage daily budgets them. And if they don’t click on them, they won’t buy them. It’s time to get online. Advertising online is less expensive, but that doesn’t mean you need to abandon all other mediums. and bid on CPC by word and CPM by Web site, as well as how to set up Ad Groups within a campaign and Take a holistic approach – when advertising in newspapers, TV or radio, be sure to direct consumers to your online, virtual generating the best keyword lists using Google’s free software. We’ll also go inside one of several Courtesy showroom. It’s time to move shoppers from your virtual showroom to your real showroom. After all, people still buy cars from Chevrolet SEM accounts we internally manage at the dealership to see how these elements come together. people. Entice shoppers through your ads – use multiple photos, tell the car’s story through ad copy, and include an action If you outsource your SEM budget, it is extremely useful to understand what you are paying vendors to do. item. Use measurement tools like a Webtrends report to evaluate the clicks on your inventory or the activity on your site. This If you want to save your dealership thousands of dollars in fees and commissions paid to vendors, consider Best Practices Summit VI will teach you about today’s consumer, incorporating the Internet in your advertising mix, your in- doing it yourself – I’ll show you how. store processes, and how to sell more cars and make more money. David Thomas - Owner, Subaru of Dallas Vice President of Sales, BZ Results - Erik Stuttz Power Prospecting covers 4 key areas. The 4 W’s...When, What, Who and Where, to effectively prospect Sell more cars, keep more customers PROFITABLY! You will learn how to use technology and training that in today’s super competitive market. When is the best, most effective time to contact a prospect, a be back, works together to attract, sell and keep customers loyal to the dealership. I will talk about systems that include and/or a referral for maximum results. There is a right and a wrong time to call a prospect! What is the most automated marketing tools for direct mail, bulk e-mail, multi-media e-mails, automated phone campaigns, Web effective style and way to communicate as well as tips to get past the “gatekeepers” Who are our best site development, virtual test drives, and marketing campaigns that include high-end custom presentations that prospects, and how to identify them and their sphere of influence, who has the best chance of buying from highlight the reasons why your customers should be doing business with you instead of the competition. These you! Where do we get our best prospects and referral opportunity’s? Where are they working, dining, living systems will help dealers customize their business plan, strategy, people and processes to ensure that the system and relaxing. Where will your time be best spent? Now that the Internet has changed our entire business gets the results they want. model, we must get back to some “grass root marketing” to stay competitive. I preach the basics. This coupled with an effective Internet strategy will keep your sales growing. Todd Bennett - General Manager, Bruce Bennett Nissan Co-founder and Chairman, vAuto - Dale Pollak Connecticut’s #1 volume Nissan Dealer will share best practices for BDC process, Internet process, sales Every dealer knows a car bought right is a car half sold. Dale will discuss the methods many of the most process, the best trained sales and service team, customer relationships and a passion for making money. successful dealerships across America have used to improve pre-owned vehicle department profitability. This Nissan Owner First Award dealer since 2000 and three times in that time period won the most prestigious session will illustrate the underlying principle that profit is dependent on turn, and turn is sensitive to “equity” or how Circle of Excellence award both based on customer satisfaction. We have out sold every Nissan dealer in you own your vehicles. By managing equity, pre-owned inventory turn will increase. Connecticut, and the surrounding New York counties for the last 4 years doing business out of Georgetown, Dale will discuss the importance of financial awareness during the acquisition, wholesale disposition, Connecticut. I will show you how we do it and answer your questions. reconditioning, pricing and desking processes along with three killer strategies for improving pre-owned sales in the Internet era. In this session you will learn how to: Apply financial discipline; Price for today’s consumer; Adopt cutting edge merchandising techniques Attend this session and you’ll never manage age again. Venetian room blocks expire April 19th. Limited seats, register today. Call Today 866.432.8718 Call today to register. Seating is limited. Speakers and times subject to change. toll free: 866.432.8718 web:
  2. 2. SUMMIT VI BEST PRACTICES LEADERSHIP • INTERNET • CRM • MARKETING • BDC • SALES Tuesday and Wednesday, The AutoSuccess Best Practices Summit VI tickets are now available. To register, please fill out completely the following information and fax toll free, May 15th and 16th 2007, 866.665.7936. If you would wish to pay by check, please mail this form and at the Venetian Resort and check to: AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245. Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. Please Print. Dealers & Managers Only! Name: _______________________________________________________ Two days of intense Title: _______________________________________________________ learning. Dramatically Dealership: ___________________________________________________ improve your results. Address: _____________________________________________________ Limited Seats, City/State: ____________________________________________________ Register Today! Phone: _______________________________________________________ Fax: _________________________________________________________ Case studies from successful dealerships across the E-mail: ______________________________________________________ country. Number of Attendees: ___________________________________________ Classroom styles seating Names of Attendees: ____________________________________________ only $569. Special Venetian _____________________________________________________________ room rates for $249 per _____________________________________________________________ night. How did you hear about the Summit? _______________________________ Speakers and times subject to change Are you a paid subscriber to AutoSuccess Magazine? Yes No Have you attended a Best Practices Summit before? Yes No If yes, which one(s) have you attended: _____________________________ Method of payment: MC Visa Amex Check Card Number: _________________________________________________ EXP Date: ____________________________________________________ Call today to register. Seating is limited. toll free: 866.432.8718 web: