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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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AutoSuccess Feb08

  1. 1. AutoSuccess Presents the 2008 Synergy Sessions, Details Inside Volume 6 • Issue 83411 Pinnacle Gardens Dr.Louisville, KY 40245
  2. 2. Josh Dougherty Misty Rowland Advertising Consultant Christine Hester Service Sales Rep Portland, OR Dealer Concierge Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA SERVICE THAT WORKSWe are all about teamwork. That is why our service team issues, from billing to technical. You’ll also get an “800” numberworks with your dealership team to get the most out of your so you’ll always talk to your concierge, not a machine. Plus, ourinvestment. Our Advertising Consultant is your local go-to Service and Sales Rep makes sure everything runs smoothly. Nowperson for innovative ideas and personal service. A dedicated that’s teamwork. To learn more about how What We Do Works,Dealer Concierge is available over the phone to help with any call 1-800-353-9350 or visit us online at
  3. 3. on the cover The Value of Customer Service 8 TomHopkins Does Your Digital Marketing Strategy Cover Your Entire Dealership? 12 SusanGivens Promoting All Profit Centers With Results. Period. 2008 Synergy Sessions 18 KarenUriarte Mental Fitness Program 19 BrianTracy The Day Traditional Advertising Died 20 MichaelNealy I Think I’ll Have an Idea... 22 MichaelYork How to Manage Any Prospect’s Resistance 26 DebbieAllen How to Get Your E-Mails Delivered, Part 2 30 KeithLatman Five Lessons I Learned at Starbucks 32 MarkTewart Internet Sales 20 Group III 34 SeanV.Bradley Lead in Love 36 JesseBiter Take Steps to Secure Your Computer From Thieves and Your Data From Uninvited Visitors Going Wireless: 40 DeniseRichardson It’s Still a Numbers Game, But Shouldn’t It Be Trackable? 42 JimmyTigue How to Create a Positive Response to Your E-Mails, IMs, and TMs and Reduce Your Chance of Flaming or Being Perceived as Rude Text and E-Mail Secrets: 44 PattiWood helping to support... God is the source of all supplyJames 2:26 - As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deed is dead.Susan Givens, Publisher Dave Davis, Creative Strategist & Editor Brian Balash, Sales-improvement bb11@sellingsuccessonline.comThomas Williams, Vice President & Creative Director Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist Scott Schaeffer, Sales-improvement Strategist God is the source of all 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive | Louisville Kentucky 40245 | phone: 877.818.6620 | fax: 502.588.3170 | www.AutoSuccessOnline.comAutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $69 per year. AutoSuccess welcomesunsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those ofAutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which this magazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counselbefore implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ namesavailable to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  4. 4. STS The Value of TomHopkinssales&trainingsolution Too many people, Customer Service quickly. Nothing adds more fuel to a fire is where you will learn just how reasonable when faced with than having his or her anger ignored or this client is. By the time you get to this clients who range from dissatisfied to belittled. The faster you verbally recognize step, their anger should have cooled enough downright angry, choose the loser’s path by their anger, the better. Sometimes all to discuss the challenge rationally. If it postponing handling the situation. Worse yet, you have to say is, “I can see that you’re hasn’t, tell them you want to schedule a later they handle it inappropriately. Postponement upset, Mr. Smith.” You’re not admitting to meeting, even if it’s in an hour, to come up doesn’t make the problem go away. It results doing anything wrong before the situation with some reasonable solutions. Let them in one of two things happening. Either the is analyzed, just acknowledging their do the rest of their fuming on their time. angry client decides the problem isn’t worth displeasure. the aggravation and cools down. Or, the 7. Agree on a solution. After you know client gets so angry that the next time you 2. Make it plain that you’re concerned. exactly what the challenge is, you’re in hear from him or her is through some sort of Tell them you realize just how angry they a position to look for some kind of action official (and possibly legal) manner. Worse are. Let them know that you are taking the that will relieve the challenge. Propose yet, you’ll see your company named on the situation seriously. Make notes of every something specific. Start with whatever local news channel in one of those consumer possible detail they give you. Tell them will bring them the best and quickest relief. protection segments. you’re making notes. Get them talking. The Don’t get into a controversy over pennies at more they speak, the more time you have this time. If you’re the business owner, you may think to consider how to resolve the issue. The it’s OK to lose one client who is unhappy — better your notes, the better documentation 8. Agree on a schedule. Once you’ve but it’s not. You see, when we have a good you have if you must take the concern to agreed on a solution, set up a schedule for experience with a company, we tend to tell someone else to resolve. Be sure to put its accomplishment. Agree to a realistic time three other people about it. Positive word- the date and time of conversation on your frame that you know you can handle. The of-mouth is great for business. However, notes. biggest mistake you can make is to agree to someone who is displeased with a situation something that cannot be done. If you do, tells, on average, 11 people about it. Can 3. Don’t hurry them. Be patient. Let them you’d better be ready to face another bout you see how your business could be hurt by get it all out. Never try to interrupt or shut of this person’s anger when you don’t come that? them up. In many cases, the best move is to through. simply listen. They’ll wind themselves down Naturally, no one wants to walk into a lion’s eventually. In some cases, they’ll realize 9. Meet your schedule. Give this schedule den and face an angry client. However, you they blew the situation out of proportion top priority. You’ve talked yourself into a must consider the value of this client to you, and feel foolish for it. They are then likely second chance with this client, so make sure your reputation and the company. In most to accept nearly any solution you offer. you don’t blow it. cases, I would guess that it will be worth your while to face that angry customer 4. Keep calm. Most angry people say things Once you’ve satisfied the client with regard and get the situation resolved as quickly as they don’t really mean. Learn to let those to this situation, you will have earned possible. As the sales professional, it’s your things pass and take them up after you’ve another opportunity to serve their needs in reputation at stake as well as that of your solved the present challenge — only if you the future — and the needs of those they’ll company. feel it’s necessary to do so. tell about how well you handled it. I’d like to give you nine steps I’ve developed 5. Ask questions. Your aim is to discover for facing and dispelling another person’s the specific things that you can do to correct anger. They work well in most situations, the situation. Try to get specific information mainly because you’re giving the client the about the difficulties the issue has caused, World-renowned master sales trainer Tom Hopkins is the chairman of Tom attention their dissatisfaction deserves. rather than a general venting of hot air. Hopkins International. He can be contacted at 866.347.6148, or by e-mail 1. Acknowledge the other person’s anger 6. Get them talking about solutions. This at
  5. 5. FSfeaturesolution SusanGivens PROMOTING ALL PROFIT CENTERS WITH RESULTS. PERIOD. If your dealership has a Web site, but it is not industry, I have discovered that it takes more Comprehensive and Complete and compare cars, view new or pre-owned generating results—not building value and than just technology to drive business to your Solution vehicles, buy parts, schedule service increasing revenue in all the profit centers dealership—It takes automotive marketing So what makes BZ Results unique? I appointments and more.” within your dealership—it’s probably time savvy. One such marketing firm that is have found that BZ offers one of the to look for a professional online marketing currently helping dealerships across the most comprehensive and complete digital As a result, Tasca currently sells 100 online firm to customize a digital marketing strategy United States and Canada find, sell and keep marketing systems available on the market. units per month, and customer surveys that’s right for you. If you’re like most more customers profitably is BZ Results, an Capitalizing on the power of the Internet conducted by the dealership show that up dealers who are searching for a marketing ADP Company. to market dealerships, their staffs and their to 80 percent of their customers say that the partner, the choices can be overwhelming. products, BZ offers the following arsenal of Virtual Dealership influenced At the 2008 NADA Convention, held in San A recent acquisition by ADP has placed BZ digital marketing solutions: their buying decision. Francisco last month, I was astonished at the Results in a new class with the ability to reach 700 exhibiting companies showcasing the dealers worldwide. I visited with Daymond BZ Custom Web Sites BZ Virtual Salesperson latest industry products and services. In Decker, product marketing and development The BZ Virtual Dealership promotes all of Delight your online shoppers with the BZ “With BZ Buy Online, consumers have the option to complete our ongoing commitment at AutoSuccess to manager at BZ Results, to gain some insight your dealership’s profit centers on the Web Virtual Salesperson, a video tour guide that the transaction online, or visit the dealership for closing and assist dealerships by providing innovative, into the BZ processes and offerings that 24 hours a day, seven days a week—New, leads your customers through the Web site delivery.” – Daymond Decker, BZ Results solution-based resolutions to help them top-performing dealers are using to increase Used, F&I, Service and Parts. BZ’s Virtual (available in English, Spanish and French). increase sales, profits and customer traffic and generate more revenue into all Dealership builds value in your dealership, Many dealers have opted for tour guides BZ Inventory Leak Stopper module, you can BZ Online, consumers have the option to satisfaction, I have many opportunities to departments of their dealership. “The goal people and products. Skilled programmers presented by celebrity hosts like Ali Landry. capture customer’s e-mails when they leave complete the transaction online, or visit the engage with not only hundreds of dealers of BZ Results Digital Marketing System can take your site beyond the templates your pre-owned inventory search without dealership for closing and delivery,” said from across the country, but with many is three-fold: to aid dealerships by creating offered with custom designs, splash pages, BZ Online Inventory submitting a lead. Decker. Throughout the entire process, the digital marketing vendors as well, all who are more quality traffic while reducing costs; animation, audio/video extras and more. I am sure your dealership takes great care in dealer maintains control while providing the striving to successfully leverage the power to increase sales by increasing closing BZ’s award-winning sites feature high-end assuring that the inventory on your lot is the BZ Credit Online customer with convenience. of the Internet and capitalize on effective percentages, average gross profits and CSI; graphics, animation and 2D and 3D graphics, best it can be. Your online inventory is just as Today’s customers are demanding and digital marketing initiatives to drive results and to drive loyalty and frequency to sales and many other interactive features like important. BZ has an entire suite that includes enjoy conveniences like being able to apply BZ Virtual Test Drives for car dealers. and service departments,” Decker said. He online credit apps that create an incredibly solutions to help you manage your online for credit online from the privacy of their I found BZ’s Virtual Test Drives to be shared the following key elements of the BZ positive experience for the automotive inventory efficiently and professionally. own homes. Dealerships can increase their extremely impressive. BZ’s Virtual Test Top-performing dealers have successfully strategy. customer and a positive result for the dealer. The BZ Virtual Inventory module promotes finance lead conversion with Credit Online, Drives feature high-end animation, voice- partnered with digital marketing firms, Each site comes with a Content Management every model available and never tells your a step-based finance application plug-in overs and value building “walk-around” harnessing their knowledge, experience The Solution at a Glance system which facilitates edits to your Web customers you do not have a vehicle in stock. with dealer-controlled pre-approval rules presentations on the unique features and and resources to achieve continued success. BZ Results realizes that buying a vehicle site with an easy-to-use tool than anyone can This module moves each customer through based on real-time receipt of the Consumer benefits of every new make and model you Dealers who have implemented advanced is an emotional experience, and they have use to create and edit specials, dealership the steps of the sale including scheduling Credit Report. A Virtual Presenter sell. These BZ Virtual Test Drive BuzzMails digital marketing platforms are generating designed their digital marketing strategy information, inventory information and more. a test drive, applying for credit, getting guides customers through the process of can be delivered to your customers via e-mail substantial returns on their investments around this truth. The BZ system WOWs A handy BZ Lost Customer Coupon System a trade evaluation and more. BZ Buzzlot completing an online application from or through your Virtual Dealership. These and are promoting all profit centers—New, the customer by giving them more than captures customers’ contact information by Inventory Manager module enables the the convenience of their home, utilizing a high-impact digital brochures come loaded Used, F&I, Parts and Service—for less cost just information and static text. Instead, offering them a printable discount coupon. posting and display of your actual inventory secure environment for sensitive customer with multi-media enhancements, interactive than traditional advertising media. they engage their customers by giving in your Virtual Dealership. This module data. A customer account saves the finance links and revolving door technology that them a unique purchase experience through Bonjour! Hola! To accommodate their automatically extracts inventory data from application for review, edit, or withdrawal. ensures multiple leads will be submitted to It may not be important to be the best high-impact digital marketing tools like rapidly growing number of clients spanning your DMS and allows customers to submit This module allows your prospects to get your dealership. marketer; but it is important to hire one of animation, 3D, Flash, video, eNewsletter North America, BZ Web sites are now multiple inquiries for specific vehicles. BZ instant online approvals. the best. When selecting a marketing firm, and Live Chat to capture prospects. In short, offered in English, Spanish and French. Buzzlot module features a VIN decoder, BZ Build a Car Module keep in mind that you are establishing what the BZ solution builds value in the people, 15,000+ stock image library, and a Web- BZ Buy Online BZ’s Car Builder option enables consumers should be a long-term business relationship, the product and the process, driving revenue Bobby Tasca III of Tasca Auto Group shares based management tool to edit information BZ Buy Online enables dealerships to offer on your Web site to interactively configure and these are always built on trust. When to all profit centers within the dealership. in the excitement of the BZ Web site design. from any location. BZ Automated Specials an online vehicle purchase process to their their vehicle to spec with detailed product and looking for a partner to aid your dealership in “Our Virtual Dealership is designed around Updater module automatically updates your Internet customers. The solution provides pricing information, including MSRP, options, increasing leads, sales, profits and customer I found that one of BZ Results’ core secrets is our mission to serve our customers, and specials and aging inventory to be displayed customers with the same experience they invoices, and destination fees. Customers loyalty, you probably will look for a firm with a comprehensive five-phase process to help in so doing, it generates massive amounts within your Virtual Dealership. The BZ would receive if they were at your dealership. can also view side by side comparisons that advanced technology capabilities in order to dealers achieve their goals and complete their of Internet leads and phone traffic,” said Automated Notification System will notify Customers can get automatic vehicle-specific emphasize the advantages of the products you 13 mission: 1. Define, 2. Design, 3. Develop, 4. Tasca III, “Our customers rave about our12 use the Internet to grow your business. In customers of any new vehicles that are a quotes, trade-in, down payment and finance sell. After a customer builds a vehicle, they the highly competitive online automotive Deliver, and 5. Measure and Improve. Web site because they can research, build close match for what they want, and with the options, and upgrade warranty. “With continued on page 14
  6. 6. FSfeaturesolution can view the live inventory that matches with BuzzMails. Use these traffic generating more intimate, more profitable relationships. initiatives. Benefits include keyword phrase analytics solution on the market. Standard The ultimate goal of the BZ Virtual Phone the vehicle they built. promotions campaigns for monthly, seasonal The solution includes over 70 million e-mail research — using sophisticated analysis reports include metrics on unique visitors, Manager is to automatically execute and sales events. A custom suite of animated addresses, all of which are 100 percent opt- tools — BZ will develop the ideal set of leads generated, and conversion rate. BZ thousands of daily calls to keep in contact BZ Auction Manager BuzzMails include “Why Buy,” “Why in. Since BZ WebCrawler only compiles code editing to promote your site, first page can also respond to your dealership’s with your customers, build relationships, set eBay is the world’s most popular online Service,” “Certified Pre-Owned,” and many those sources with opt-in permission, you placements among the major search engines, specific needs with highly customized appointments, create quality appointments auction site, and BZ Auction Manager more BuzzMails that automatically respond can immediately start an online dialog with optimal keyword selection for your market, reports. Omniture Site Catalyst is used to and to sell and service more vehicles provides your dealership with all the tools to all lead types. The BuzzMail library has a your customers. Decker reports that you and detailed ranking reports displaying your track search marketing stats, impressions, profitably for less cost. needed to sell your new and used slow- full suite of promotional BuzzMails for every can expect match rates between 10 to 20 results among engines like Google, Yahoo clicks and CTR, leads and conversion rate, moving inventory on eBay. BZ Auction holiday and virtually any sales event you can percent on average. BZ WebCrawler has and MSN. ROI, visitor profiles, referring domains, Virtual Marketing Representative Manager not only puts your new and pre- imagine, such as an SUV Sales Event or Key emerged as an industry leader in managing, popular pages and click paths, and annual (VMR) owned products up for sale, it does so with for Key Sales Event, etc. understanding and setting standards for BZ Digital Advertising Creative trend reporting. How would you like a personal consultant advanced technologies that strengthen your privacy within the e-mail channel. The BZ Digital Advertising solution is a to manage all of your digital marketing presence while simplifying the process. Drive business into your Service Department soup-to-nuts implementation of everything BuzzTrak CRM and Virtual initiatives? BZ Results’ VMRs are not only Add sales appeal with audio, video and with animated Sold Follow-up, Service BZ Search Optimization dealers need to perform like a pro on the BDC Manager trained marketing professionals; they also slide shows. Save time with automated Marketing and Aftermarket BuzzMails. SEO is a fundamental element of every Web Internet to attract and engage more leads BuzzTrak is a complete customer know your business. They will work with inventory and photo integration with your Paragon Honda in New York has had site designed by BZ Results with the goal than ever thought possible. The solution relationship management and prospecting you to review your customer demographics data provider. Take control by scheduling great success with BuzzMails, and e-mail of advancing the Web site by improving includes: the creation of high-end, media- tool that helps dealerships manage and and buying patterns, identify and evaluate or saving auctions for later listing. Keep marketing has been a critical component to the position of its organic search results for enriched graphic or video banner ads and measure all of their Internet, phone and tactics you have executed in the past and pull track of bids and bidder activity. Create and their success. Their BDC has had incredible a wide variety of relevant keywords. BZ micro sites that highlight key “in market” showroom customers. The Virtual Business together a plan that makes sense for your manage a professional Web presence and results from targeted bulk e-mail marketing, Search Engine Optimization submits your consumer buying behaviors to capture very Development Center Manager creates daily market. From campaign identification all the maximize your auctioning ability with this generating up to 40 extra units sold from a optimized site to a large number of search targeted consumers; search engine marketing business plans, generates letters, schedules way through execution and measurement, robust technology. single campaign without spending any extra engines to make your site more attractive to deliver high-quality leads directly to your activities, and provides practical reports whether the campaign is sent through direct to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Web site; Pay-Per-Click advertising to reach a to help measure your productivity. The mail, e-mail, mobile marketing or Internet- MSN. Your search engine listings will broader audience searching for vehicles using Virtual BDC Manager creates more quality focused, the VRM team has the tools, training increase traffic to your Virtual Dealership, specific key words, providing the best results traffic and sales by automating your e-mail and marketing savvy to deliver high-quality showroom, phone and fixed operations by at the lowest cost; and your own personal contacts, follow-up, correspondence and marketing and advertising solutions that will jumpstarting your campaign with immediate digital advertising consultant — someone reporting. The best part about BuzzTrak is the deliver results back to you. VMR activities placement for key phrases on top-tier search who has years of experience in this discipline automation that does the work of five to 10 include: market segmentation and prospect engines. BZ boasts that your dealership will — who will plan, execute and measure the full-time employees, thus freeing your staff targeting, differentiation and positioning, receive the absolute latest SEO strategy in results on a monthly basis for you. to make better use of their time interacting marketing plan development and execution, the automotive industry, extensive reporting with customers and selling more cars. and measurement and metrics reporting. and constant improvement in both your BZ Online Advertising Network Web site performance and search engine The power behind the BZ Digital Advertising BZ AdTracker Outsourced Sales and Marketing ranking. BZ Results’ success comes from solution is its premier Advertising Network, With unique nationwide toll-free 800 Solutions using cutting-edge optimization techniques which includes hundreds of popular Web numbers, BZ AdTracker will track marketing Capitalize on key sales and marketing and sophisticated performance monitoring sites, provides maximum exposure for your mediums to enable you to monitor which are opportunities with high-impact direct mail with frequent adjustments for maximum dealership, generates high lead conversion giving you the greatest results. The system letters, voice and cost-effective e-mail optimization. The results aid your dealership rates, and guarantees premium placement on will automatically e-mail you a report that campaigns with CustomerTouch services. in striving for leadership within your the sites your shoppers visit most frequently. lets you know where your marketing money BZ’s new outsourced sales and marketing geographic region. These sites are geographically and should be spent to maximize your return. solutions can plan, execute and report demographically targeted to your dealership BZ AdTracker will not only track your ads, on your customer communications with Search Engine Certified and include online local newspapers and but it will also track your people and the fully managed and executed customer You can trust that all BZ Search Engine other popular sites where the customers in process they use to handle your valuable communications services that generate a professionals are Google AdWords certified your area are visiting like ESPN, Martha customer calls to ensure they are being steady stream of revenue, delighting your and highly trained to utilize the most Stewart, and Car & Driver. handled properly. The best part is that you existing customers and creating extraordinary “We sent out 80,000 BuzzMails and it took no time, no powerful techniques and technologies can listen in on any call at any time to make customer value. additional money and it generated outstanding results.” - for driving targeted traffic to a Web site. BZ Micro Sites and Landing Pages sure your customers receive the experience Brian Benstock, Paragon Honda These experts have passed a demanding BZ design teams capitalize on the selling you want them to. BZ AdTracker maximizes CustomerTouch services utilize four exam, as well as proven their proficiency opportunities the Web affords by developing the effectiveness of your marketing spend powerful communication methods — direct BZ Virtual Sales Manager money on advertising. “We recently sent out by managing Google AdWords campaigns vehicle-specific, keyword-rich micro sites by capturing more phone opportunities mail, e-mail, voice and mobile marketing The BZ Virtual Sales Manager is a module an e-mail promotion to 80,000 addresses in for clients for a minimum of three months. and landing pages to successfully drive than ever before. If there is a missed call, to reach your targeted customers. See that helps salespeople and managers solve the our database. It took our Internet Manager Qualified Google AdWords professionals more targeted traffic through to the main BZ AdTracker will automatically forward maximum results from integrated and most common challenges on the showroom 25 minutes to create and the cost was zero can effectively design and manage the most dealer Web site. As a companion to digital the phone number so you will not miss any effective customer communications. floor that hurt sales, profits and customer dollars,” said Vice President Brian Benstock. efficient solution for their clients. marketing initiatives, BZ’s top quality opportunities. satisfaction. The BZ Virtual Sales Manager “Other dealerships probably spend up to micro sites and landing pages are optimized Outsourced Direct Mail Marketing has multimedia presentations that build $10,000 to send out 15,000 pieces. We BZ Search Marketing for search engines and take on a presence BZ Virtual Phone Manager Direct mail is one of many channels BZ value in all areas of your dealership. These sent out 80,000 BuzzMails and it took no BZ pioneered the technology of Search beyond your initial marketing campaign. The BZ Virtual Phone Manager automates has available to deliver revenue-generating presentations are made available for your time, no additional money and it generated Marketing in the automotive industry, and Professionally designed creative builds thousands of calls for every aspect of your campaigns to your target audience. Whether showroom customers via kiosks or plasma outstanding results.” BZ professionals possess a vast working brand, respect and trust, resulting in higher- business, doing the work of 10 to 20 full- you want to drive business into the sales, screens strategically displayed in your sales, knowledge of the automotive industry and quality conversions. time telemarketers without the overhead. service or F&I office, BZ can produce finance, service or parts departments. BZ WebCrawler E-mail Append have a strong level of experience in contending These automated phone campaigns are used professional campaigns in a multitude of BZ WebCrawler enables you to seamlessly online for competitive automotive search Omniture Analytics for sold follow-up, service reminders and print formats including small and jumbo BZ Multimedia BuzzMails migrate your valuable offline customers terms within different markets. Their basic Dealerships are unique and, in many cases, more. Messages are automatically left on postcards, bi-fold or tri-fold brochures, or and E-mail Marketing online. By matching an e-mail address to knowledge of trends, along with cutting- require customized reporting. BZ offers your customers’ voicemails on your behalf, self-mailers. The campaigns are produced, BZ offers the most comprehensive collection your customer within your DMS or CRM edge technological advances, drive the most Omniture Site Catalyst—an enterprise-class and you can use “ventriloquist” technology printed and mailed for you, and monthly 1514 of media-enriched mini-commercials called database, you ignite new possibilities for successful online automotive marketing reporting system that is the most robust Web to have all of the calls made in your voice. continued on page 16
  7. 7. FSfeaturesolution ROI reports are provided so you know what is working and what’s not. Outsourced Direct E-mail Marketing If you prefer to reduce the cost of your marketing campaigns – or just want to reach your target audience directly through e-mail, BZ can do that for you. Again, as with the direct mail campaigns, BZ produces the piece and sends it out for you, and reports back to you with the results at the end of the month. Outsourced Direct Voicemail Marketing The CustomerTouch program also has automated and live voice capabilities for service reminders and service/sales surveys. BZ will plan and execute the campaigns for you, and report on the results at the end of the month. With the call “loopback” feature, your customers will be directly connected to your dealership if they have “We have tons of contacts from our Live Chat button — any follow-up questions or actions based on service, parts and sales leads — probably about 500 to 600 an automated call they have received from your dealership. clicks a month.” – Roy Reutter, Sheehy Automotive Outsourced Mobile Marketing a remarkable 27.2 percent total opening and sales leads — probably about 500 to 600 It is projected that by the end of this year, rate within the first 24 hours. Roy Reutter, clicks a month.” 43 percent of US marketers will be using the with Sheehy Auto Store, reports that their mobile channel as a direct line of marketing customers receive a digital newsletter that BZ Training and Consulting communication with their target audience. can be measured, tracking every single The BZ Digital Marketing Training Workshop That’s amazing, and it’s no surprise that BZ person who reads it, what they read, and how includes the BZ Strategy Boot Camp and the is announcing the addition of a brand new much time they spend on the articles. “New BZ Internet Sales Training Workshop. BZ customer communication channel – Mobile or used vehicle sales are our main objective, Strategy Boot Camp is a two-day off-site Marketing. This technology: but our biggest benefit has been in the parts event that will prepare you with a custom • produces higher response rates than and service revenue that is generated as a business plan and strategic blueprint for even e-mail campaigns result,” said Reutter. implementing a successful digital marketing • encourages the audience to take action strategy within your dealership. The BZ • facilitates an immediate granular Outsourced Live Chat Internet Sales Training Workshop gives your response information Every day, you make sure visitors to your people the knowledge and skills needed to • reaches customers, anywhere they are dealership have a great customer experience. get the results you want to receive. • complements other media - TV, radio Why not take the same care with your online and print visitors? With BZ Live Chat solution, your Ongoing evaluation and consultation by • provides high speed to market customers get the same experience as when experienced automotive professionals is they visit your dealership. BZ takes time to available with a performance-enhancing Outsourced eNewsletter learn your dealership’s brands, personality, workshop that begins with a detailed My personal favorite in the BZ arsenal is the inventory and methods before their trained assessment and ends with the creation of eNewsletter. The BZ eNewsletter solution agents engage your customers. The new an action plan for improvement, including is a fully managed monthly interactive Live Chat service is available for any type Mystery Shop and Site Analysis. eNewsletter product that is polished and of dealer Web site to professionally handle professional, complete with banner and Conclusion inquiries about inventory, vehicle price and graphics customized to reflect your brand In addition to the many offerings outlined service requests, turning them into “ups” identity, increasing customer awareness and above, Decker is excited to report that BZ and service appointments within minutes of loyalty by enhancing the brand and image Results continues to develop fresh and opening a dialog. of your dealership. There is absolutely no exhilarating products to help dealers sell work on your part. BZ will write the articles, Many dealers are starting to warm up to and service customers more profitably. BZ produce the newsletter and send it to your list the idea of using chat or instant messaging Results’ award-winning and result-oriented of clients and prospects, and even provide you on their Web sites to communicate with products and solutions provide dealers across with monthly reports on what articles your their prospects, gathering vital information North America with practical marketing customers liked best, open rates, and click- without requiring them to submit completed tools and strategies to help them promote through activity. The information is used to forms. “Chat is a product that gets us extra all areas of their dealership while achieving continually improve newsletter effectiveness. contact with customers. We look at it as measurable results. Period. a lead-generation tool — another way to Vice President Bobby Tasca III reports capture leads off our Web site. It’s sort of like Susan Givens is the publisher of that Tasca Automotive Group, located in an add-on feature — like air conditioning on AutoSuccess Magazine. She can be Rhode Island, recently launched their first a car,” Reutter said. “We have tons of contacts contacted at 866.782.2817, or by e-mail at16 eNewsletter to over 12,000 customers with from our Live Chat button — service, parts
  8. 8. STS 2008 KarenUriartesales&trainingsolution Synergy Sessions AutoSuccess is proud • Kelley Blue Book are going to attend because you are looking to be working with • for information, education, inspiration, Dealer Synergy and The Dubis Group to • CarsDirect motivation and a solid game plan, then this present the 2008 Synergy Sessions. We asked • AutoTrader is the event for you. However, if you are also Karen Uriarte of Dealer Synergy to give us • TK Carsites interested in attending to see what the most a brief explanation of the event. • BZ Results advanced technology and resources are, or • Royal Administration to see the best of the best in the industry, this Well it’s official: We have booked the 2008 • Kaizen Multimedia is also the event for you. Synergy Sessions at The W Hotel in beautiful • vAuto New Orleans. This year’s conference will • DJ Harrington We want to show you our appreciation, be a two day event, held on Tuesday and because we know you can choose any event. Wednesday, May 13 and 14. This is the And…Franklin Covey! Yes, the Franklin On top of the all-star lineup of speakers, we third annual Synergy Session. The first two Covey organization will be there presenting are throwing a VIP Party, so you can mingle, were huge successes, bringing in hundreds at this year’s Synergy Session. As a matter network and enjoy New Orleans! Meet of dealers from all over the United States. of fact, Sean V. Bradley, CEO and founder of some of the top dealerships in the country Some of the top dealerships and dealer Dealer Synergy, is working with the Covey or the CEOs of some of the top automotive groups in the country attended, such as: team to create a special breakout session for vendors in the world. • Norm Reeves Honda the event! But this is only the beginning; we • Longo Toyota are still working hard to create the “ultimate” Bottom line: This event is like NO OTHER. • Towbin Dodge line-up of speakers for you all. We have watched all of the other events • Fred Beans take place. We’ve seen what works and • Motor City GMC what doesn’t. We have asked our industry, • Nelson Mazda polled the audience to see what they wanted On top of the amazing dealers that attended, Bottom line: and we have assembled the best of the best in our industry for the 2008 Synergy we had the Who’s Who of the automotive industry attend — CEOs, VPs, Founders, This event Sessions. There will education, information, multimedia, networking, breakout sessions, is like NO Technology Gurus and other trainers came fun and excitement. This is not going to be to get some training. We even had Mazda a boring event. North American in attendance, not to mention JD Power. OTHER. It gets even better. The price for this amazing event is $590.00, which is pretty In the past we have had some of the biggest inexpensive for all that we are providing, but names in the industry as sponsors and as a special thank you to AutoSuccess and speakers, including: There will be three rooms: the general its readers, the price (with the AutoSuccess • Carsdirect assembly room, the exhibitor room and code AS0508) will be ONLY $295. • Kelley Blue Book the video production room. AutoSuccess • Dealerskins will be there with the Kaizen Multi Media We’re not done yet: For the first five • @utoRevenue Video Production team and they will be registrations. AutoSuccess will cover their • Interactive Financial interviewing dealers, executives, gurus and registration. Meaning it will be 100 percent • Kaizen Multimedia others, archiving this amazing event. FREE! No strings attached, no gimmicks. • Visible Customer We are expecting over 200 dealers to attend • Dealer Principal Magazine This event is NOT a time share. Each of the this year, and we are sure to sell out again. • Automotive Digest speakers, first of all, are senior executives, So, if I were you, I would register as soon as meaning a CEO, founder, owner, vice possible to ensure your spot. This year is going to be even better! president etc. — NO bench warmers at this Dealer Synergy and The Dubis Group have event. There will be ONLY the best of the For more information on speakers and partnered up with AutoSuccess Magazine very best! There will be an exhibitor hall filled sponsors for the 2008 Synergy Sessions, and have merged our Synergy Sessions with with some amazing vendors, technology, or to register online, please go to www. their AutoSuccess Best Practice Summits, ideas and strategies that will help make you and now we have truly created the best and your dealership extremely successful. conference for the audience. So don’t worry about attending an event Karen Uriarte is the vice president that is a time share pitch — we have all been of business development for Dealer This year’s event is going to be two days, to a so-called “training event” and all the Synergy. She can be contacted at and we are going to have some amazing speaker did was try to sell you something. 866.698.8719, or by e-mail at18 speakers and sponsors such as: That will NOT happen at this event. If you
  9. 9. STS Mental BrianTracysales&trainingsolution There are mental Fitness Program was vision. Leaders have vision. Non- would it look like?” You can ask yourself exercises, or ways of leaders do not. Leaders have a vision of a this question as well. thinking, that you can learn and practice better future for themselves, their families every day to become a more positive, and their organizations. They can see an Take a Test Everyday confident and optimistic person. The more ideal future in advance. They then work All of life is a test in some way. You are you think in these ways, the better you to make it a reality in the present. Future- constantly being tested by the ups and will feel, the more you will accomplish oriented people think about the future most downs and unexpected events of daily life. and the faster and more easily you will of the time. They think about where they The way you respond to the world around accomplish it. are going rather than where they have been. you is the way in which you take and pass They think about what is possible in the this test. Think About the Future months and years ahead rather than about The first and most important attitude you the past (which cannot be changed). Perhaps the greatest test of all is your ability can practice to get the most out of yourself to think and talk about the future, about what is future orientation. Future orientation is Unfortunately, probably fewer than 10 you want and where you are going, most one of the most common characteristics percent of people in our society are of the time. This must become the focal of successful people, especially men and genuinely future-oriented. The vast majority point in your thinking. This is the “X” that women who rise to positions of leadership is primarily concerned either about the determines the direction of your life. This is and great responsibility in work, society and present and the immediate gratification of the test you pass or fail depending on what personal life. the day and evening or about the past and you choose to think about most of the time. what has happened to them. In 3,300 studies of leadership seeking the Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEO common qualities possessed by great leaders How can you tell whether a person is future- of Brian Tracy International. He can be through the ages, researchers found that the oriented? Simply ask him/her, “If your life contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mail one quality all the studies had in common was perfect five years from now, what at 19 the #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional
  10. 10. MS MichaelNealymarketingsolution The Day Traditional Advertising Died The silence on my thing my client could say was “I don’t know But, other than an occasional success story, side of the telephone what we should do. Nothing is working. the days when we can spend money in radio, line was deafening. The conversation was Nothing.” And I knew he was right. television, newspaper or even direct mail and with one of the best clients I have ever had expect a reasonable return are over. in the car business. The month of November It is over. Not the relationship with the was just another repeat of what was becoming client. Changing marketing companies is The dealership that not only survives, but a pattern of disappointing months. The only not going to bring another magical solution. prospers, in this decade will begin making some very drastic changes. You will get out of the box by reinvesting and reallocating your marketing dollars. If you buy radio, television, newspaper or traditional direct Get more leads from your mail, you will use it very differently than you have in the past. However, more of your website and online classifieds! investment will be allocated to technology, consulting AND the people who “get it.” You will integrate traditional media with creative Internet strategies to increase your ROI and decrease your expenditures. Very few of those new hires will be from the car business. You will no longer have just a Web site. You will create a virtual community like or MySpace. com. The founder of has accurately declared, “you can no longer force your message to the consumer. You have to become a part of their conversations.” You will focus on, work and develop the huge viral community you already have — your customer database. You will develop them Over 2 Million Vehicles into the strongest marketing arm you ever had. You will no longer rely on Internet leads generated by third-party lead sources. You Processed Daily will be developing your own leads and receiving leads from the people who have already done business with you. You will no longer linger in the shadow of Attorney General scrutiny because you no longer have to find creative ways to bring people into your world. They will be coming because they want to. You will intimately know your customer and their preferences. You will dictate the timing of your customer coming into the market and not have to wait for them to dictate when they will be coming to you. Some dealerships will die, just like traditional marketing. Some of you will change and See our article on page 36 become brilliant retailers because you will rise to meet the demands of a challenging 866.653.1155 marketplace. You won’t just survive. You will prosper and the day traditional marketing died for you will be celebrated. 220 Willowbrook Lane | West Chester, PA 19382 Michael Nealy is the president of Big | Ideas Direct. He can be contacted at20 866.492.9373, or by e-mail at
  11. 11. What’s the No.1 Action You Can Take In a Down Market That Will Bring Big Positive Returns?Invest in your people we actually do what we teach. We conduct educational sessions on a continual scheduleYour people need better sales, people, life in a way that does not take away from floorand marketing skills. It’s a fact of life that the coverage and interrupt your business. Wepeople who succeed the most are the ones take our curriculum based upon sales skills,who continually self-educate. people skills, life skills and marketing skills and customize it for your personnel, location,So, do you hold a meeting with your staff customers and dealership marketplace. Wetoday and tell them to start learning on don’t do the “one size fits all” type training.their own? Unfortunately, that won’t work.Very few people in life have been awakened Will you do this for any dealership?to self-education. The ones that have been Absolutely not! We are selective about whoawakened and begin the process never stop we do business with. We are not trying to beand leap frog everyone else. MARK TEWART everything to everyone. We leave that up to Industry Consultant the ABC Soup of so-called training compa-To begin and make this process work, you nies. We want results.have to make this happen. Your job is to effect… it’s short-lived and it fades andcreate effective change through others leaves you burned. We guarantee our results. I am so confident in our people and the re-that creates sustainable growth and profits. sults they can bring to you, that I am willingChange and growth occurs from movement How does it work? to make this Guarantee:- Movement of mind then body. We come to your dealership and provide ed- ucation both in classroom format and then After our strict selection process, you areThere is only one way to increase the skills of on the floor and with your managers. Unlike chosen as a candidate dealership, one of ouryour people – Spaced repetition of learning. most so-called Guru’s in our industry today, certified educator-coaches will come to yourSpaced repetition creates education vs. training. dealership for two days of pre-determined education sessions and implementationSo what do you do? coaching. YOU PAY NOTHING UP FRONT!You don’t go to failed dealers to get advice.You don’t go to guys who have three years We put our money where our mouth is.of lousy retail experience to find out how We will come to you and after two days ofto sell. You go to someone who knows the pouring our heart and soul out to you andgame. You go to Tewart Enterprises Inc. We providing solutions that are worth millionshave 15 years of success in the dealership of dollars potentially, then and only then ifeducation field and hundreds of years of you see the value, do you pay us.experience between our team members. Here’s the bottom line…“Our dealership has used Tewart Enterprises for Call us at 888 2Tewart (888 283-9278) /more than four years. We have had more than a 513 932-9526 and mention this ad or email20% increase in sales, and increased our average us at mentioning this adgross profits by more than $400 a vehicle and our and with your contact information or faxnet profits have soared.” your business card to 513 934-4588 with Lonnie Robertson, Dealer , Johnson’s of the word “Results” written on it. We will be Chickasha, Chickasha, OK happy to give you all the details and informa- tion you desire as well as set up a consulta-OUR COMPANY IS NOT A TRAINING tion time to decide if you are a good candi-COMPANY – Training provides a sunburn date and if we are a good match for you.P.S. Try this on for size. If your dealership is selected for the results program and after two days of our in-house session, you do not see the value, not only do you not pay us, I will pay you the fee that you would have paid us! See my article on page 32
  12. 12. STS I Think I’ll MichaelYorksales&trainingsolution Have an Idea... Today was a big idea The new year is in full-swing; why not meet you? (Or don’t you read for inspiration?) day for me. Had one it with some new ideas? Even if they seem of those lately? small at first, they get you excited about Once a great idea appears, it’s time to take asking the “what if” question. action. All great ideas that we now know It started out disguised as another ordinary about have one thing in common: Someone day, going over some numbers, accounting, These aren’t just “resolutions” (that are acted on them. balancing, you know. Around lunch it shifted soon forgotten and seldom acted upon), to some reading, but suddenly — BANG! but a solid goal or direction or idea that In the beginning of new information and you’ll commit to and begin to pursue. Get new ideas, capture now — decide later. The A Big Idea shows up! going and watch the law of inertia get on beginning is too soon to decide whether or your side and propel you in the direction not your new idea is just a daydream or a I mean an “out-of-the-box-so-big-it’s-scary” of completing or competing or winning in whopper of a great idea. kind of an idea. We got excited. Ideas can whatever you’ve chosen. have that kind of affect on you. Especially Capture it on paper. Give it some thought. big ones. Commitment is stronger than motivation, Nurture it. Water it. Give it a chance to and new ideas require more than just an grow. Take some action in the direction of When was your last “Big Idea?” occasional nod of “Yeah, that’s a good idea.” your idea and see where it can lead. Did you act on it? Did you even recognize History confirms that all great ideas were it as a big idea, or just pass it off as a pursued by individuals with an unshakeable One caveat though: Don’t look for daydream? commitment. From Tom Edison to Orville confirmation from those around you on and Wilbur Wright to Henry Ford to Walt your new big idea. Sometimes it tough for Most of the big successes you and I read Disney to Bill Gates and on and on. even successful people to see your vision as and hear about and contribute to in today’s clearly as you do, especially in the beginning marketplace started out as someone’s big Most great ideas we see from the view when it’s fresh. idea. And they acted on it. Not a passing of completed or failed — the “finished thought that sat quietly by and raised its product” variety. We can easily say, “Oh In the beginning of some radical new hand to be noticed as an idea — I’m talking sure, why didn’t I think of that one?” or, “thing,” the crowd is seldom right. It takes about an idea that cleared the room and “Man, I can’t believe he thought that would visionary individuals committed to making flipped over tables and chairs. An idea so work.” their ideas work. Never stop asking “What big that you could think of nothing but this if?” BIG IDEA. At the finish line it’s easy to make the call on winners and losers. But the real courage Editor’s note: Michael will be hosting a Cool. I’m writing this to you — to remind is in the beginning. In the believing and FREE DEALER TELESEMINAR on BIG me to ACT, and to encourage you to do the questioning. In the commitment to pursue IDEAS in March! For dates and times and same; to move on your next big thing. Today an idea. details on how you can join him get more ended with an idea that could be like that info at song that debuts at No. 1 on the charts. Or How can you make the world a better place? a book that ships as a best-seller. A big idea Have an impact on your kids? Write a book? that doesn’t just make you smile; it makes Grow a new business or provide a solution you laugh out loud. or bring value to the marketplace? Become more profitable? How can you do your job I’m sworn to secrecy in the here and now, better or dramatically improve the way you but I’m trusting that you’ll hear about it sell your products and services? one day. And I’m challenging you to act on Michael York is an author and yours, so that I’ll hear about it one day. What kind of “big idea” thinkers do you professional speaker. He can be associate with? Or are you just hanging contacted by e-mail at myork@ Think. And then act. Give it a shot. Go for around the whiners and complainers?, or visit it. Why not? What’s the last book you read that inspired