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Webinar: The Search Marketing Agency Guide to Selling Display to clients


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As agencies begin to discover the very clear benefits of adding Display advertising as a supplement to Search campaigns, it has become obvious that this is another stellar weapon in the agency arsenal that can give clients greater success at a lower cost.

The true value of Display to Search marketing agency clients is that it has the ability to quickly and demonstrably improve their bottom line. On Thursday, April 26th, this webinar, hosted by Marc Poirier, Co-founder & CMO Acquisio and Brian Stempeck, VP Business Development The Trade Desk.

It’s easier than ever before to get Display campaigns up and running.

You will also learn which of your clients to approach about adding Display to their efforts, and how to demonstrate to them that making an extra investment in Display advertising can push their campaigns over the top.

When your clients’ bottom line improves, so does yours. It only makes sense to encourage them to help you help them by making an investment in Display. Attend this webinar and learn real techniques on how to sell Display to your clients.

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Webinar: The Search Marketing Agency Guide to Selling Display to clients

  1. 1. The Search Marketing Agency Guide to Selling Display to Clients
  2. 2. House Keeping• The webinar is recorded and will be made available• The slides will also be available• Q&A session at the end of the webinar• Use the Chat box to submit your questions at any time
  3. 3. Presenters Marc Poirier Brian StempeckCo-Founder and CMO VP of Business Development
  4. 4. The Trade DeskAbout The Trade Desk• Demand-side platform (DSP)• Attribution across display, search, social and video• Started by the founders of AdECN, the 1st RTB ad exchange• Partnered with Acquisio
  5. 5. Summary1. The size of the pie2. How ad exchanges work3. Examples of how to plan display for clients4. Top 5 mistakes to avoid
  6. 6. Summary1. The size of the pie2. How ad exchanges work3. Examples of how to plan display for clients4. Top 5 mistakes to avoid
  8. 8. Search agencies are uniquely qualified in display 1. Most search agencies we talk to are already managing display dollars 2. Some of our largest and fastest growing clients are search agencies 3. The quantitative and analytical skills that search marketers translate well to DSPs and ad exchanges 4. Search agencies understand what moves the needle at the bottom of the sales funnel
  9. 9. Summary1. The size of the pie2. How ad exchanges work3. Examples of how to plan display for clients4. Top 5 mistakes to avoid
  10. 10. How display has evolved…1 2 3 Publisher direct Ad network Demand Side Platform• UPSIDE: • UPSIDE: UPSIDE: • Know the exact site • More reach than a • Maximum reach, user • Custom units single publisher targeting possible • Transparent• DOWNSIDE: • DOWNSIDE: • CPMs from $0.50 - $4 • Time consuming • CPMs from $4 - $15 • No user targeting with big markups • DOWNSIDE: • High CPMs from $20 - • No transparency about • Newer concept for $80 publisher/placement clients These materials are not intended for distribution outside of The Trade Desk and its partners and customers 11
  11. 11. How The Trade Desk works with an ad exchange1 Nike’s ad agency hires The 2 Nike wants to show tennis shoe 3 A potential customer opens Trade Desk to buy display display ads to 18-24 year old their browser to ads from the exchanges men in the Northeast U.S. (a site on the ad exchanges)4 5 6 7 The exchange holds an The Trade Desk uses data The Trade Desk uses instantly tells the ad auction for the single to identify the customer this data to calculate exchange that it has a display ad impression in as a 19-year-old male in how much to bid for the display ad space to fill 1/10th of second Boston – Nike’s target impression audience $2.50 eCPM8 9 10 The Trade Desk wins the The 19 year old man in The Nike display impression and serves Boston sees the Nike campaign results in a the Nike ad to the tennis shoe ad on high ROI and a relevant customer message to the customer These materials are not intended for distribution outside of The Trade Desk and its partners and customers 12
  12. 12. Top ad exchanges • Google does not control display like it does search • Premium publishers are available through other exchanges • DSPs offer central way to access all of these exchangesThese materials are not intended for distribution outside of The Trade Desk and its partners and customers 13
  13. 13. DSPs and ad exchanges allow a menu of targeting strategies Retargeting • More efficient re-messaging Search retargeting • Use paid search data for targeting IP targeting • Target by company, neighborhood or cable provider Contextual and site • Focus on specific publishers or categories targeting3rd party audience data • Wide range of 3rd party data available Dynamic creative • Product level retargeting optimization
  14. 14. Summary1. The size of the pie2. How ad exchanges work3. Examples of how to plan display for clients4. Top 5 mistakes to avoid
  15. 15. THREE MONTH PLAN: E-commerce clientMonth 1: Simple retargeting• Demonstrate quick ROI boost with basic retargeting campaign; learn about the sales cycle and purchase behavior (day of week, time of day) Month 2: Advanced retargeting with DCO • Once you’ve shown some results, commit to a multi- month dynamic creative campaign • Product-level creative, and target past purchasers Month 3: Prospecting using audience data • Retargeting will provide insights about the audience you should find in the prospecting campaign • Example: 34-48 female, HHI >$75K is the sweet spot
  16. 16. THREE MONTH PLAN: B2B ClientMonth 1: Direct to publisher campaignwith niche publisher• Drive users to the site with a premium buy Month 2: IP Targeting • Use a DSP to target the IP addresses of relevant companies and industry sectors Month 3: Retargeting launch • With the success of the first two campaigns, you’ll now have a larger user pool to retarget
  17. 17. THREE MONTH PLAN: CPG Branding ClientMonth 1: Geo-targeted saturation• Buy inventory on Facebook and low-priced category buy ($1.00 CPM or less), and look for impact on search traffic• Focus on as many unique users as possible, with limited geos Month 2: Narrow the sites, broaden the geos • Based on the sites driving the most clicks from Month 1, build a site list of the top performing sites • Expand to more geographies with this model Month 3: Build out audience profile • Based on users who have visited site, develop audience profile with 3rd party data partners • Consider direct publisher buys to target these users, plus 3rd party data
  18. 18. Summary1. The size of the pie2. How ad exchanges work3. Examples of how to plan display for clients4. Top 5 mistakes to avoid
  19. 19. Top 5 mistakes to avoid1) Cutting campaigns short2) Settling for non-transparent display partners3) Viewing your marketing channels in isolation4) Not knowing your competition5) Ignoring the creative
  20. 20. Selling Display to Your Search ClientsWhy do it? • More margin in display than in search • Display works together with search • Lots of money in Display today… • Display is growing fast • RTB is the growth engine behind display • Search growth is flattening • Your competitors are doing it - and they’re eating your lunch • More wallet share from existing clients • Fundamentally it’s a matter of survival
  21. 21. 10 steps to sell display to your clients1. Reposition2. Whos Your Customer3. Know Your Enemy4. Education5. Baby Steps6. Transparency7. Show Scale8. Prove ROI9. Morph Your Team10. Big Brand Bucks
  22. 22. STEP 1REPOSITION YOUR COMPANY • Position yourself as a performance media agency (not a search agency) • Change messaging on website (maybe change your name if youre called search something something) • Prepare a solid deck to help your sales team walk clients through the reasons why they need to transfer all of their display buying efforts to your agency (on top of all their search, mobile and FB) • Work with a trading desk to start (we can help you with that)
  23. 23. STEP 2Know Your Client• Who is your real client?• What makes your client more successful? What makes them get fired? What keeps them up at night?• What is the nature of your relationship with them?• Are they pure DR? pure brand? Mix of both? Find out.
  24. 24. STEP 3Know Your Enemies• Know what agency or network is currently selling them media and why they must be replaced by you (hint - they cant do search and they cant do FB)• Ask your client how they like working with them and what they like and displace about working with the company.• Know what your clients competitors are doing with display. Usually gets them motivated when they see theyre being left in the dust
  25. 25. STEP 4Educate Your Client• Display then and now - different animals• Amount of money going toward working media• Avg CPM of network buys vs RTB• Power of RTB with Acquisio and TTD
  26. 26. STEP 5Baby Steps• Start with retargeting in most cases, small budgets, and focus on search retargeting• Add site retargeting as a second iteration (more money)• Finally start moving them toward buying RTB with other data and compare your results to the next guys results.
  27. 27. STEP 6Be Transparent• methodology plus technology = competitive edge.• be transparent, show client why technology is critical to success in this game• give them a demo of your platform, take them through all the options so they can understand the fundamental shift that took place from the time they just let the networks manage their money to now• work with them to determine how reporting will work
  28. 28. STEP 7Show Scale• Following this demo you should expose your client to the size of the opportunity on RTB• Start talking about valuing view through impressions using attribution modelling• Show them how attribution models are built to give display the credit it deserves
  29. 29. STEP 8Prove ROI• Go for maximum share of voice in a limited GEO to prove lift on brand queries• Start proving to your client that display increases brand awareness• Run branding ads and monitor web analytics for brand queries and direct navigation for that geo, there should be a lift within days.
  30. 30. STEP 9Morph Your Team• develop your display expertise in relation to the other channels• Hire a media buyer and planner - then teach them how its done with RTB• Hire creative director - prepare to start pitching ideas• Hire data people• Build and implement your methodology
  31. 31. STEP 10Big Brand Bucks• Money needs to move online but it doesnt have a great place to be spent to support brands• As RTB becomes more mature, it also becomes a natural place to buy display for branding - dont miss this boat.
  32. 32. WHY YOU SHOULD WORK WITH US• Acquisio is the only platform that trafficks your ads, tracks results and automatically optimizes performance for Search, Facebook, Mobile and RTB Display.• We are ready to help you start down the path of selling display to your clients immediately• The Acquisio Trading Desk service will manage your display buys for you and teach you how it’s done over a 90 day period at which point you will take over management of the campaign (if you want)• We will provide sales materials and sales support so you can go to your customer and sell display with confidence.• We have focused on making agencies more successful for 9 years and have built a solid track record. We can do the same for you.
  33. 33. The Acquisio Trading DeskThe Acquisio Trading Desk is a complete solution to help search marketing agencies address the display opportunity with their clients.Would you like to schedule some time to discuss how Acquisio can help you take advantage of this massive opportunity?YES, contact me to schedule some time to explore.NO thanks!
  34. 34. Thanks you!Questions?