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AutoSuccess Jul04


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AutoSuccess Jul04

  1. 1. Tune in to for Live Weekly Training Sessions .biz Dealix Corporation’s Top 6 Internet Dealers See Why Their Close Rates Are Over 24% Georgetown Chrysler Jeep • Norwalk, CT Lexus of Watertown • Watertown, MA Rosen Auto Group • Gurnee, IL Bill Jacobs Automotive Group • Naperville, IL Courtesy Chevrolet • Phoenix, AZ Paragon Honda • Woodside, NY Prospecting: Establishing Relationships Keys to Successful NetworkingJuly 2004 www.Schomp.com756 South 1st Street PRSRT STD Sells 100 Extra Cars a MonthSuite 202 US POSTAGELouisville, KY 40202 PAID Your Selling Self-Image Lebanon Junction KY PERMIT NO 215 Maximize Your Internet Sales Close Ratea division of Systems Marketing, Inc.
  2. 2. Belinda Wortherspoon, Wolfington Group Call Center OperatorTHE BEST KEPT SECRET IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY!ASK YOUR 20 GROUP! toll free 800.331.9361DELABRUERE AUTO SALES INC.Derby Road, HCR 61, Box 21, Newport, VT 05855 802.334.5028 802.334.6357 FaxWe heard about the Wolfington Group from a retail store we do business with located in Springfield, Mass. Our firstreaction, from Newport, Vermont, population 5000, was that this sales event may work for the big city, large car stores,but not us. Finally, we decided to give it a try, a four day sales event.The whole town and surrounding area was wondering what was going on. People and balloons all over the place,hamburgers and hot dogs cooking all day long, and even a traffic jam or two. I have never seen anything like this in allmy 40 years in this business. I still don’t know where everybody came from.For four days it was non-stop. All of my employees were exhausted, but guess what? The Wolfington Group put on asuper good sales event. We sold 42 vehicles in 4 days making September a “very good month”!! My accountant thoughtwe were playing with the numbers when he got a look at the bottom line.To sum this up, The Wolfington Group delivered what they said they were going to. I certainly recommend themhighly.Gilles DelaBruere, President of Delabruere’s Auto Sales, Inc.
  3. 3. INCREAS E Y O UR W TRAFFIC ALK-IN Could yo Do you w u sell mo re cars w BY 44 % ant to gr ith 44% a b the att more walk-in ention o traffic? Would y are in th f the NOW ou like to eir car? buyer w hile they televireoch the custom a si n or p e rint adve rs that dont "Thanks rtising? see your for ev erything "Signwal you do." kers alwa - Jay Car "Signwal ys gets th ley, GM e party st promotio kers has increa arted." - Dennis N ns they a sed my fl avarro, G re the firs o"I would t peopleor traffic by 44%. I call." - S M nt even c ..When p cott Gruw la onsider a sale with ell, Newnning for big Car Dire - Dennis out Signwalker ctor ONeil, D s. Can yo ealer u say TR AFFIC!" CALL NOW YOUR FI AND REC RST 50 SIGNS F EIVE800.526 OR FREE ! .9829
  4. 4. ® You’ve read his articles in DEALER magazine... You know his “in your face” style, now experience... ple s e peo re A verag procedu gs! great ible thin with incred EE do r a FR can l today fo n kit. Cal ormatio 8 inf 00-72 6- 0510 in person! JAMES A. ZIEGLER SALES MANAGER FORUM: Motivating your Sales Team to Higher Profitability Taught By James A. Ziegler Atlantic City, NJ . .Aug. 17 - 18, 2004 Atlanta, GA . . . . . .Sept. 8 - 9, 2004 Pittsburgh, PA . . . .Sept. 16 - 17, 2004 Atlanta, GA . . . . . .Oct. 5 - 6, 2004 Las Vegas, NV . . .Oct. 12 - 13, 2004 BATTLE PLAN Immediately increase profits! 50 projects to immediately increase your profits by $100,000 per month! Sponsored by Dixon Odom PLLC Taught By James A. Ziegler Dallas, TX . . . . . .Aug. 12, 2004 Dates and locations subject to changeFor more information: 1-800-726-0510 • WHAT RESULTS WILL YOU SEE BY TE TIMSA NALIMPLEMENTING JIM ZIEGLERS PROCESSES T HE UL ES IO PROF inar! ✔ A Focused Team ✔ Proven ,Successful SALES o Day SemLibrary rt Tw eos id a st ✔ A Disciplined Team Processes Live Hour VHS iVcluded to tion! n ✔ An Immediate Increase in ✔ Perfecting The Road to (8) 1 roducts ta the Sale REE p ATE Impl emen Profits F D I AY! OD C asse tte ✔ Result Driven Negotiation ✔ Hiring, Firing, Training for IMME UY IT TD, and Audio Techniques a top -notch team B n D VD , C ble o availa ✔ Fine Tuned Organizational ✔ Advertising and Marketing Also Skills Ideas that work Call today to speak with a consultant or to schedule a visit to your dealership.
  6. 6. GigaBytes Since 1995 Dealership Solutions PartsTRAC the Original Parts Bar Code System Works with ADP, R+R, UCS & MORE• Parts Receipt • Host Integrated Point of Sale• Perpetual / Physical Inventory • Guaranteed Minimum 50% Time Savings• On the Fly SPO/CSO Detection & Print • Award Winning Scanner • Works with ALL Auto ManufacturesCall for Sales Consultant Nearest You - 888 799-7963 Visit us at: LoyaltyTRAC Customer Retention • Retain Your Customers for Life • Personalized with Dealership Logo Dealership Solutions • Smart Chip Tracks Customer Usage • Dealer DeÞned Awards • Increases Front End Sales • Increases Multi-Line RO’s by 30% or MORE • Free – Automatic Follow-ups • 4 Unique Plans to Fit Your Dealerships Needs…NO Hardware / Software to Purchase, NO Maintenance Fees, NO Installation or Training Fees JUST PURCHASE THE CARDS…
  7. 7. sts ms ls fis lr ZigZiglar sales and training solution Prospecting: Establishing Relationships Selling is a contact You don’t play golf? Well, try this. Pay for National Cream Filled Donut Day. October sport. By increasing your prospect to receive a golf lesson by a fifth is National Do Something Nice Day. your contacts, you local pro. What a swinging way to establish Buy a card. Write a message. Mail the card. increase your selling a relationship. Wait three to five days. Call the prospect and opportunities. Be tell her you were the one who sent the card creative. 3. Celebrate obscure holidays. on International Tuba Day (May seventh). For instance, did you know that January Greeting cards can help separate you from1. Take a doctor jogging. is Hot Tea Month? Perhaps you know of a the competition. What a creative way toOne of our clients sells to hospitals, clinics prospect that is a hot tea drinker. January establish a relationship.and doctors. She was having a difficult time is your month to make an impression.meeting with a certain doctor. The doctor’s September is Better Breakfast Month. Maybe 5. Offer a free service.staff told the sales rep that she (the doctor) you should celebrate by taking a prospect to We all like free stuff. So do your customerswas a jogger and that she participated in your favorite breakfast restaurant. October and their business associates. Perhaps youvarious volunteer activities within the is National Popcorn Popping Month. Is can make a presentation in a “brown bagcommunity. The sales person thought outside there an office that could use an extra large lunch” format. Maybe you can bring inthe box and entered the doctor and herself container of assorted popcorn? You’ll be a an associate to address physical wellness,into a 5K run for “Race for the Cure.” What big hit if you can find one. What a fun way financial issues, parenting or family active way to establish a relationship. to establish a relationship. A vice president of a staffing agency here in Dallas conducts 30-minute sessions on2. Hit a bucket of golf balls. 4. Send greeting cards. what she calls “Lunch and Learn” programs.Do you play golf? (I do, but I still stand too Hand written cards get opened. Hand written What an educational way to establish aclose to the ball AFTER I hit it!) Does your messages get read. Capitalize on obscure relationship.prospect play golf? Instead of investing an days because you can rest assured that you Zig Ziglar is the Chairman of the Boardentire four hours on the course, why don’t are the only sales person celebrating these of Ziglar Training Systems in Dallas, invite your prospect out to the driving days. August 16th is National Tell a Joke Day. He can be contacted at 800.527.0306,range and hit a bucket of balls for an hour? (Don’t get me started!) September 14th is or by email at d 24 ea pg R e: cl Dealership improves from 40 units a month rti A to over 300 units in less than 12 months! Do you believe there is room for your sales team to improve their results by a minimum of 25%? Do you believe an improved sales process could increase your gross proÞt at least $200 per unit? “I received 130 fantastic ideas from a one day seminar. By far the best program I’ve been to.” Rick Sandoval, GM - Sims Buick GMC Nissan, Warren, OH. “Totally unique. This is the best information out there. Everyone in the business needs this information. A person would be nuts not to use Tewart Enterprises, Inc.” Mark Tewart Tim Houseburg, Mayes County Chrysler, Mayes County, OK. Call Now for a FREE special report and matching audio on how to recruit, hire, train and keep a dream team of sales people! 888 2 TEWART or visit 8 subscribe today at
  8. 8. AutoSuccess, the #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotiveprofessional, has teamed up with cross town Louisville Slugger to bringyou the best double play in the business. Order your 1 year subscriptionto AutoSuccess at our everyday price of $75 and get your own official,personalized Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat FREE!** shipping not included. CALL TODAY! 866.269.8604
  9. 9. sts ms ls fis lr LydiaRamsey sales and training solution Keys to Successful Networking There are events Two people talking to each other are not Having your intentions misunderstood. you can attend that approachable because they may be having Approaching someone of the opposite sex produce opportunities a private conversation and you would be to begin a conversation may seem like to interact with interrupting. flirting. This is more of an issue for women others on a personal than men. Women have an equal place in the level and to develop Other people like you. work arena and need to make professionalprofitable relationships. There is always the risk that the other person connections the same as men do. is not interested in you and doesn’t want toTalk to strangers. meet or talk to you. It happens. If that is the Neither men nor women will have theirTalking to strangers is a way to generate case, don’t take it personally; smile, move motives misinterpreted if they presentinterest and support for your products and on and say to yourself, “Next!” themselves professionally in their attireservices. You also make new connections and if they keep the conversation focusedand establish valuable contacts. Walk up to on business issues or topics that are not personal or private.To get past any discomfort in talking to people you don’t know,strangers, set a goal for yourself of how Before the next networking event, commitmany new contacts you want to make or to a personal plan for success. You will findhow many people you want to meet. Youmay specifically target certain types of introduce yourself connecting with confidence and courtesy on every occasion and the resultsindividuals whom would be beneficial toknow. yourself will be reflected in your sales. and start a Lydia Ramsey is the President and Founder of Lydia Ramsey, Inc. She can conversation.Come up with icebreakers and conversation be contacted at 800.452.5606, or by emailstarters. Have questions prepared that you at lramsey ask anyone you meet. Inquire aboutother people’s business. Ask them open-ended questions about themselves.You don’t need a formal introduction.It’s much easier to make a new contactwhen there is someone else to handle theintroduction and pave the way. If you waitfor another person to make the move, youlose. The goal of networking is to meet asmany people as possible. LOWER TELECOM AND UTILTIY COSTS BEGIN HERE Utility Audit Services reviews telecom and utility invoices forWalk up to people you don’t know, introduce billing errors that result in refunds for you. The audit of youryourself and start a conversation. You can telecom and utility invoices can be a win-win event with savingsdo this if you have prepared questions and ranging from 10%-50%your self-introduction in advance. We do not charge a fee for our services. We work on a contingency basis.You will not introduce yourself the same No Refunds/Savings – No Feeway on every occasion. Perhaps it is yourfirst time to attend an association meeting, “I was very pleased with the results Utility Audit Services gave us. Their staffsay that as part of your introduction. Let was instrumental in reducing our telecom costs. The audit was done in a timely manner with minimal interruptions to our daily operations.”people know who you are, why you arethere and give them a reason to ask more Jim Hadley, Jim Hadley Chevroletabout you. “Utility Audit Services approached us with a money saving idea. They told us that we were most likely overpaying our local and long distance phone service.Be pushy, in an elegant way. So we said prove it! After auditing our statements they proved to us that weYou may think that you will turn people off were overpaying by 42% on long distance and 49% on local services. You canif you are assertive; being open, friendly imagine our delight, we love to save money and we are so glad we did this!”and interested does not turn people off. Susan Goodman, Vice President Call toll-free AutoSuccess Magazine 877.818.6620Seek out the “approachable” people. Theseare the ones who are standing alone or who 800.452.2942 to talk to an account executive.are speaking in groups of three or more. 10 visit us online at
  10. 10. sts ms ls fis lr JimAdams sales and training solution Choose to be a Professional As professional sales dictate your income; it’s far too expensive. Choose to be different. Choose to be a people, we must professional. realize that, in order Choose to be happy, helpful, proud, Jim Adams is the General Sales to maximize every positive, committed and connected. In any Manager at Roper Kia in Joplin, MO. He opportunity, we must people-to-people industry your number one can be contacted at 800.905.0627, or choose our attitudes. asset is your attitude. by email at is no greater contributing factor ofsuccess than your selling attitude. Attitudesand emotions are choices that directlyinfluence sales.Everyone in the world has moneyproblems, family problems, work, catand dog problems. We all experienceemotions like anger, sorrow and loneliness.These emotions are part of life, but manyprofessional sales people allow their moodsto dictate their incomes.The definition of a sale is a transfer ofenthusiasm. Build rapport with yourcustomer and transfer the excitementof your product and dealership to thecustomer. A customer buys when the valueof the product (to them) exceeds the pricethey pay.A positive selling attitude will help youclose more sales through a genuine transferof positive energy to the customer.Your check up from the neck upBegin your day with affirmations. Remindyourself each day of the strong qualitiesyou possess and of the avenues you willcontinue to master. (See last monthsarticle)Stay out of the huddle. Come to work withone goal in mind. Put yourself in front ofopportunity.Do not subject yourself to negativeconversation. When it happens, excuseyourself and leave. Be mission driven. Onlyparticipate in conversations that are positiveand constructive. Avoid conversation thatdoes not advance your career.Emotions are choices. Seek emotions oflove, happiness, pride, confidence andinspiration.Identify the triggers that produce yourpositive attitudes. Once we realize thatour emotions are decisions, more goals areachieved. Never allow negative emotions tojuly 2004 11
  11. 11. sts ms ls fis lr MattHoffman leadership solution How to Get Feedback That BeneÞts Your Business Regularly check of voice really reflect that sentiment? Most at the percentage of your top two positive the pulse of your communication is non-verbal, and if you’re responses to get a good representative business and find out talking with someone over the phone, you sample. Don’t count the neutrals. If you if your employees and cannot read the expression on the person’s want to do some service recovery, look at the customers are happy. face or their body language. But you may be two lowest responses also. Once you have a If they’re not, then it’s able to pick up on subtle reactions they have, representative of the negative response, youtime to make some improvements to create like breathing patterns and voice tonality. can research why people are disappointedthe happy, loyal, long-term employees and find a way to remedy it.and customers that are the key to your You can also pay attention to the questionscompany’s success. a customer asks. For example, if a customer Use the information asks, “What about that offer you had a gathered from these surveys to makeA great way to evaluate how your business month ago; whatever happened to that?”is doing is to gather feedback from your After the employee gives a standardcustomers and employees. You can do this response, the customer may respond with: improvementsseveral ways, from asking questions verbally, “Oh, okay.” You may just write it off as a within your organization thatto completing surveys. The following are passing comment, but maybe it isn’t. Tracksome tips to help you get the feedback you how many customers ask that same question.can use to improve your business. If you know that question always leads beneÞt employeesCustomer Feedback to three more questions, you can manage their expectations (and perhaps prevent and management.Customers are by far the most important disappointment) by developing a response Just as it is important to turn unhappysource of feedback. The only way to know that answers the initial question but also customers around, it’s also important toif your customers are happy is to listen to answers (preframes) the next three questions reward people who already think you’rewhat they say. This requires your employees in advance. Anticipating your customer’s good. Keep your loyal people happy. Ifto become active listeners and to directly needs makes them happy and shows them you follow up with a customer about theirask the opinions of customers regarding that you know them. feedback, they may think, “Hey, thosedifferent aspects of your business. people actually paid attention to me and my Written surveys are also good tools to use voice is important. I’m going to keep goingOne of the simplest ways to gather feedback to collect information from customers. back to them.”from your customers is to have your They can either be done over the phone by aemployees ask if there’s “anything else I representative, over the Internet, or through Finally, you can use customer feedback ascan help you with?” or “Is there any way direct mail. Remember to respect your a tool to evaluate employee which we’re failing to meet your needs?” customers’ time by keeping the survey quick To do that, ask specific questions about thePay attention to what your customers and easy. Importantly though, make sure you employees, such as “Was the person whosay and record it. Another way to gather include at least one question on the survey helped you knowledgeable, polite, andcustomer feedback is to have them complete that allows customers the opportunity to give friendly?” With specific information abouta questionnaire with such questions as: “Did specific feedback using free form text. employees, you’ll know who needs morewe ask everything you expected us to ask?” training and who is performing well.“How did we meet your expectations?” and How to Use Customer“Were you satisfied with the service you Feedback to Your Advantage Frontline Feedbackreceived?” Now that you have this feedback, what do you Too often we ignore information from do with it? The first step is to evaluate what our front line employees dismissing it asListen to the words your customers say and you have. Develop a database tailored to the “complaining”. However, you must keep inalso read between the lines. Even though a information you want to track (i.e. pricing mind that they’re the resource for providingcustomer may say she’s happy, does her tone structure, quality, service, etc.). Then look customer feedback since they are the ones 12 successful solutions at
  12. 12. continuedwho actually interact with the customers. they fit the company. You can do this with and customers want and need is to askThey can be an invaluable source of a survey, much like you would use with them. Decide what information you needinformation by giving you both general and customers, or it could even be accomplished and develop a plan for gathering feedback.specific observations (i.e. that customers through an anonymous suggestion box. Analyze the data you receive and put it tohave mentioned they like one thing, but Even if you are unable to change a policy good use. Then you will have the insidehave not been happy with another). Your employees don’t like, at least you will information to keep your company strongemployees are on the frontline taking care of learn what issues bother them and be able and profitable for years to come.the customers, so you need to keep them as to explain why those certain policies are inhappy as possible. Listen to any input they place. Sometimes, people just like to know Matthew Hoffman is a Consultant andoffer; it makes them feel appreciated. that their voice is heard. Quality Assurance Manager at Kowal Associates, Inc. He can be contacted atOne way to do this is to have a monthly Institute a Feedback Policy Today 800.526.9768, or by email atfocus group with different employees in The way to know what your employees to keep on top of new issues. Focusgroups allow employees to vent and voicetheir opinions about the issues affecting theirjobs - whether they are consumer relatedor not. Additionally, many employees DEALERS MUST BEfeel more empowered to speak and feedoff of the group dynamic. In some casesthey may say more than if you asked themindividually. Also, it is a nice motivational ON TELEVISION!tool to follow up with the same group onceyou’ve acted on a suggestion - it shows youvalue their insight and makes them feel likea vital part of the team.Another way to solicit feedback aboutinternal policies, procedures and tools isby offering the opportunity to complete a See why over 100 dealers nationwide havesurvey. Sometimes employees are reluctantto participate in surveys. In this case, offer INCREASED SALES MORE THAN 30% INan incentive. One effective incentive couldbe a raffle. When employees drop off their LESS THAN 90 DAYS WITH TELEVISION!anonymous surveys into the box, they getto take a ticket. The ticket stubs go into a We produce nearly 4,000 commercialsraffle with the winner receiving a prize.Or, if your survey is not one that needs to a year from our studios. We give yoube anonymous, offer employees cash, or unlimited, high quality television campaignsa company-paid lunch, or movie tickets.This is not something you want to do if you and promotions FREE. With computerizedthink you’ll receive biased results. If you’re media buying technology, we buy television aslooking for consumer information, you’re much as 30%-40% more effectively than anymore likely to get accurate responses andbetter employee cooperation if you offer an media buyer in the nation and give youincentive. UNLIMITED TV CAMPAIGNSAsk employees to talk about what theydo and ideas on how to make their jobs AND PROMOTIONS!better. If you ask about internal policies that Call for a FREE demo tape and information.affect them, such as attendance policies ordress codes, it may be a little harder to get Larry John Wright, Inc.cooperation from them unless they feel thatit’s safe. Try an online survey for anonymityor even hire a third party to conduct thesurvey for you. This way you’ll avoid biasedopinions and be more likely to get honestresults. Use the information gathered from Automotive Advertisingthese surveys to make improvements withinyour organization that benefit employees “America’s Premier Automotive Advertising Agency” 1-800-821-5068and management.Survey employees on any policies thataffect them directly (the attendance policy,for example), on how much they feel thecompany values them, and on how they feeljuly 2004 13
  13. 13. sts ms ls fis lr RayVelasquez marketing solution Sells 100 Extra Cars a Month Ralph Schomp their vehicle with us. Our new web site, optimized our site for search engines, we Automotive has a, has become a lead dramatically increased our placement and new profit center generating machine that attracts a lot of traffic. Email marketing is the easiest and – our BDC/Internet quality traffic to our showroom & BDC. least expensive method to attract customers department. This to the web site and dealership. It’s just like department is selling The Modern Customer and the Internet direct mail advertising except it costs noover 100 extra vehicles a month and our goal Customers go to the Internet for convenience. money. We have hundreds of multi-mediais to change the way people buy and sell cars Today a customer can accomplish more in buzzmail campaigns that we send out toin the Denver market. We have always had their living room in five minutes than if they customers at different times with differentan unwavering commitment to exceed our spent all weekend visiting five dealers. Since messages. Have a plan that spreads thesecustomer’s expectations and today we are over 70% of today’s buyers use the Internet campaigns out so people are not inundateddoing that in a very different way. Our focus to research before they buy a vehicle, we with emails otherwise they will opt out ofon serving the customer has not changed decided to target our marketing to where the your list.but our customers have. Today customers majority of our customers shop – the web.are using the Internet to research before The Toolsthey buy their car, and are becoming more Early on, web site providers didn’t understand Do not buy anything that doesn’t help youeducated about shopping for vehicle. In car dealers and saw them as just dollar sell cars or gain an existing market share.addition, as customers learn more, they are dispensers. Many of them sold technology All of the technology in the world cannotalso expecting more from dealers, and we to dealers with a lot of promises but with compensate if you are seriously lackingstrive to meet and exceed their expectations. no results. Most of these companies are in the other areas. However, if you drive aMost customers know as much or more technology companies that know technology lot of traffic to a poorly designed web site,about the vehicles as their sales person and but don’t understand the car business. Today you could be educating customers on whythe pricing is all easily accessible online. many dealers have caught on and have hired not to do business with you. We started outWe understand that customers are afraid of the providers who understand the business by using R&R for our web sites but did notthe traditional buying process and pricing and actually think like a car dealer and who move the needle. We decided that it was bestgames, and we deliver a customer friendly understood that the web is about marketing to partner up with someone who specializesprocess to make buying a vehicle from our and results not just technology. We believe in this field, rather than working with DMSdealership a pleasure. the first step is understanding the customer generalists, who are not necessarily experts and then shaping your marketing strategy in automotive marketing. The results are the All of our leads around what they want. most important thing to us and we needed something that would generate more leads are automatically We have learned that Internet buyers want and traffic to our dealership. Our goal is sent into our quick, convenient, positive customer service. They want prompt answers from to wow our customers with a completely different experience than they will encounter CRM tool that someone who knows their product and who at other dealerships templated web sites so organizes and is genuinely concerned with what they want. we built a new site completely different from They want to be treated fairly, and to get anything in our market. If you visit our web forwards them to a good price. After determining what our customers wanted, we built our strategy site and pick a brand, you will see a “Why Schomp” button which gives customers an the right people. around exceeding their expectations. overview of our new and different buying process. This is just one of many uniqueAfter considering what our customers Many people ask us how we sell over surprises we have on our sites to give us awanted, we made a huge leap, and became 100 vehicles a month online, so here is a leg up on our of the first dealerships to adopt the summary of the four basic ingredients to ourone price method of selling and satisfying success: All of our leads are automatically sent intocustomers. We have held fast to the original our CRM tool that organizes and forwardsversion of one-price selling (no negotiating, Marketing them to the right people. In addition, the toolno additional fees, and no commissions) to The first step of selling cars on the Internet automates a lot of our follow up activity tothis day. The Schomps realized early on that is not the web site. The first step is to create ensure our customers are contacted for apeople buy if you are honest and straight- traffic to your web site. This begins by minimum of four months after their inquiry.forward, if you give them a fair price (not integrating your web site’s address into your This tool also helps us manage and measurenecessarily the lowest), and if you do what traditional advertising, but it definitely does our other opportunities, including our phoneyou say you are going to do. Today this not end there. Online marketing is critical prospects. Having a tool makes our peoplecommitment to customer service has led if you want to attract customers that are much more efficient and it creates reports ofus to set up a brand new dealership on the shopping on the web. This starts with good what everyone is doing and what can be doneInternet that is open 24 hours a day and 7 search engine placement. Our old web site to improve results. Pick a CRM tool thatdays a week to provide our customers with was not coming up on the search engines foreverything they need to buy and service a long time and our traffic suffered. Once we continued on page 29 14 subscribe today at
  14. 14. fs feature solution PatrickLuck See Why Their Close Rates Are Over 24%How long have you been in the Internet important factors! Our process includes competitors.sales business? an Autoresponse, and six additional attempts (three e-mails and three phone Brian Benstock: A detailed process forRay Lazick: Five and one half years calls) within the first seven days. Our e- selling the appointment and following up mails are professional, yet “soft-spoken”. with customers who don’t respond, don’tTom Christopoulos: Six years. If there is no response the lead is placed set an appt, don’t show and don’t buy. The in a folder that is bulk-email enabled. We majority of our follow up is automaticallyDavid Handel: Six years already. send out two bulk e-mails per month – not done by our CRM tool. Also, we use too many and not too few. Follow-up can’t our website in the sales process to buildMark Kanter: I have been in the internet be overemphasized! The average purchase value and to answer customer objectionssales business for over five years; The car time from the initial internet inquiry is 60- because it has a lot of tools that none of ourindustry for over 11 years. 70 days. For every deal you close in two competitors have. days there is one you can close four monthsRobert Revere: Five years. down the road. What sales levels (percent of retail new) do you project from your InternetBrian Benstock: We have been serious Nothing can be accomplished without department this year?about the internet for only six months. a great team. You need an owner that believes in the Internet as an important Ray Lazick: 15 percent.What percentage of your total retail new advertising tool. Everything starts withcome from Internet leads/department? Mr. Rosen and drifts down to my staff. I Tom Christopoulos: 30 percent. have dedicated Internet Sales ManagersRay Lazick: approx 15 percent. who handle the entire process from inquiry David Handel: Over 30 percent. through delivery. My job is made easierTom Christopoulos: 30 percent. with professionals like Debbie Storck, Lin Mark Kanter: 30-40 percent. Treasure, Phil Kwiek, Chris Petranech, JoeDavid Handel: CONSERVATIVELY the Crement and Pauly Cassiani. Robert Revere: 300-350 and up to 50month of May accounted for 26.3 percent. percent of retail.I only count sales that are verified and Mark Kanter: There are a few reasons thatsourced properly. I can attribute to our process. 1) I am lucky Brian Benstock: 200-250. enough to have a wonderful staff thatMark Kanter: Approximately 25-35 percent realizes that specific needs of the Internet How do you handle the pricing questiondepending on the month. Client. They are focused, professional, with your Internet prospects? and hard working. 2) We also have aRobert Revere: 255 units which is 35 detailed process which we follow that, Ray Lazick: Quoted at one percent under.percent. much like floor sales, must be adhered to in order to insure: Follow Up, Feedback, Tom Christopoulos: We always give themBrian Benstock: 150 units/25 percent. Client Satisfaction and Sales. 3) The most a price right up front(never our lowest), important aspect is the support given by but will always condition the pricing withWhat do you contribute to your high close the Owners and President of our group. whether the vehicle is in stock, when canrate? They gave me the opportunity to start they pay for it and when they want to take and maintain this department. Without delivery.Ray Lazick: Immediate follow up with their support and willingness to breakappointment set. paradigms - our successes would have David Handel: The pricing issue is a never materialized. political hotbed if not handled carefully. ItTom Christopoulos: Responding Quickly, is something that I struggle with internallyand a no nonsense approach to doing Robert Revere: Good people and process and externally. When my mental battle isbusiness. and our buzztrak lead management and over, I always choose to give an upfront CRM tool automates most of our follow price quote from the beginning. PeopleDavid Handel: Process, people and a up. Also, our people are well trained choose the Internet to avoid a typicalgood lead management tool are the most and our website is better than all of our car-buying experience. The number one 16
  15. 15. “Third-party lead providers are absolutely essential.”customer complaint is “not getting a price”. complete sales process, F&I included? What key metrics do you measure toI don’t believe that price is everything. or is it the same process as a ßoor keep your Internet department improving?If you sell yourself and your dealership customer? (Example: Close Rate, Appointment show,properly, you can overcome price (within Cost per sales, ROI)reason). Ray Lazick: Same as floor. Ray Lazick: Close ratio and appointmentMark Kanter: Upfront pricing is always the Tom Christopoulos: Same as a floor policy. If an Internet client thinks you customer.are holding back, they can always turn off Tom Christopoulos: Amount of Leads/Salesthe computer or hang up. David Handel: Our dealership (and 99 percent of others) isn’t willing to go down David Handel: Cost per sale is the mostRobert Revere: We have been trained to the F&I road yet. I’m grateful for what we important to me. I also look closely atsell the appointment and not the price but are allowed to do and the autonomy we Closing Ratio. Response Time is important,if we have to we give them a fair price and have. but not as critical as following up on awe send them a multi-media “Why Buy regular schedule. In addition, I look atCourtesy” buzzmail. Mark Kanter: The process is different until our personal Website Pages Viewed as the actual sale, then, it is the same as the a measure of how many and how longBrian Benstock: We have a competitive floor in terms of delivery, F&I, etc. consumers stay on our site. Our websitespricing philosophy that also allows us to are my responsibility.maintain a strong gross profit. Robert Revere: They sell the appointment and the car but they do not handle F&I. We Mark Kanter: We measure every tried that and it hurt our back-end gross. quantifiable statistic to ensure that we areHow does your Internet sales gross managing our department correctly andcompare to your retail ßoor? Brian Benstock: Our Customer efficiently. The only way to ensure success Relationship Center sets the appointments is to measure your successes and failures.Ray Lazick: $300-$500 less front end. and follows up with the customer. The sales team sells the car. Robert Revere: Leads, Lead source,Tom Christopoulos: Lower to Same. Closing percentage, Cost per Sale, Dept Do you utilize a speciÞc person/persons Profit.David Handel: Total gross (front end, F&I, for the initial calls and appointmentand aftermarket) is nearly identical. With setting? Brian Benstock: Visitors to our website,so many (75 percent) retail floor customers Leads, , Closing percentage, Cost per leadhaving done some research on the Internet, Ray Lazick: Yes. and Cost per Sale.we usually wind up in the same place butwithout all the grief and aggravation of the Tom Christopoulos: Yes. Myself. Can you share with us what those metricsnegotiating process. are for you today? David Handel: Yes.Mark Kanter: It is approximately the Ray Lazick: 17 percent appointment, 14same. Mark Kanter: No - all of my Internet Sales percent close. Managers field their own calls and makeRobert Revere: Our gross is the same as their own appointments. Tom Christopoulos: Amount of Leads/Sales.our retail showroom and some months ithas been higher because we build value Robert Revere: We have specialists who David Handel: Cost per sale is downrather than sell price. handle our phone leads to set appts and the to $201.26 (compares to $450 for other sales team sells the car. Our internet team media)! Our group Closing Ratio standsBrian Benstock: Our gross average is handles their leads from beginning to end. at 12.7 percentt. The Internet Department$2700. per vehicle which is similar to our accounts for a minimum of 26.3 percentshowroom floor. Brian Benstock: Yes. We have a team and of group sales. Website Pages Viewed have it has grown as our business has continuedDo you/Internet department handle the to grow. continued on page 18july 2004 17
  16. 16. continuedrisen from 26,000 to 90,000 + im my first need each provider to change the contactyear at Rosen Motors. name as soon as possible. I treat my reps with respect and I expect the same in return.Mark Kanter: Those, I think I have to keep Go the extra step for me and I will sing yourto myself. Sorry. praises.Robert Revere: Our close ratio is 22 Mark Kanter: I expect the third-partypercent and our cost per sale is only $165. sources to enable adequate scrubbing procedures. My staff and I don’t likeBrian Benstock: We have increased our to field leads from Mr. Mickey Mouseclosing ratio from seven percent up to 25 or Mrs. Jane Doe. I would like the leadpercent in only three months. generators to check the leads for adequate information such as: email addresses,What is your view of third-party lead working phone numbers, etc. are theaggregators? ones that will survive in the long run. The happier the dealers are, the most likely theRay Lazick: Necessary part of lead third parties will survive.generation process. Robert Revere: The most important thingTom Christopoulos: A necessity for is that their leads have a high closingbuilding sales. percentage and we have eliminated all of the providers that don’t perform and thatDavid Handel: Third-party lead providers don’t have a low cost per sale.are absolutely essential. In order to have adedicated staff, you MUST give them the Brian Benstock: I want someone who canopportunity to earn a good living. A great help me sell more cars and make moreInternet Sales Manager needs (and can money. Period.handle) 125-175 leads per month. Be waryof lead providers that rely on unmonitored“mom & pop” affiliates that generate theirleads through spam and pop-ups!Mark Kanter: Third-party aggregators arevery good, if you measure their success. Ray Lazick is the Internet Director atIf they work well for you, keep them. If Georgetown Chrysler Jeep. He can bethey are not producing, then it is time to contacted at 800.601.3197, or by email at them go. Like everything, you need tomeasure every expenditure. Tom Christopoulos is the Sales Manager at Lexus of Watertown. He can beRobert Revere: We get leads from contacted at 800.601.3198, or by emailcustomers that we would not be able to get at David Handel is the Internet DirectorBrian Benstock: We have a blended at Rosen Auto Group. He can bemarketing strategy where we use third- contacted at 800.601.3201, or by emailparty leads & leads from our own website at get the best results. The aggregatorscombine the best leads for the lowest price. Mark Kanter is the eCommerce Sales Director at Bill Jacobs AutomotiveWhat element of service do you expect Group. He can be contacted atout of your third-party lead aggregator(s)? 800.601.3213, or by email at(Example: Reps that understand my and the business) Robert Revere is the eCommerceRay Lazick: We expect this from our Director at Courtesy Chevrolet. He canaggregator. be contacted at 866.873.0034, or by email at Christopoulos: Quality of leads, Brian Benstock is the General ManagerScrubbed Leads. Meaning phone numbers and Vice President at Paragon Honda.and email. I don’t like to waste my time. He can be contacted at 800.601.3214, or by email at Handel: With nine franchises tomanage, it is important that my reps are Patrick Luck is the Editor and Publisherreadily available and make necessary of AutoSuccess Magazine. He can bechanges for me graciously and expediently. contacted at 800.331.9507, or by emailIf I replace an Internet Sales Manager, I at 18
  17. 17. sts ms ls fis lr CraigColender marketing solution Targeted Marketing It is vitally important component. Effective CRM marketing owners, LeSabre lessees a few months for a dealership (or communicates the dealership’s message to from termination, and the unsold LeSabre any business for those most effected. When manufacturers prospects from the preceding six months. that matter) to know announce new rebates on models, effective This targeted approach to retail marketing where it’s prospects CRM marketing will enable the dealership completes the CRM circle: customers and customers are to communicate the manufacturer’s offer and prospects are logged, tracked andcoming from. It is very helpful for business to the most likely prospects. (If you’re followed and the informative data enablesto be able to quantify the intrinsic value of selling Buicks) This might include the the dealership to identify trends anda customer, track percentages and results, dealership’s 3 year old and older LeSabre opportunities and then targeted marketinganalyze advertising trends and determine drives the customers and prospects backprocess effectiveness. Most CRMsolutions provide the tools that enable Effective CRM into the dealership. As managers and salespeople begin to see the tangible resultsdealership personnel to accomplish these marketing that targeted database marketing delivers,tasks easily. The primary reason that CRMimplantations succeed is that the end users communicates their enthusiasm will give the dealership’s CRM process the energy necessary to(managers and salespeople) view the CRM the dealership’s succeed.process as a productive/pro active recordkeeping and marketing system. message to those most Craig Colender is the National Sales Manager for ProResponse. He can beMake sure that the CRM solution thatyou choose features a dynamic marketing effected. contacted at 800.601.3217, or by email at TURN YOUR SALES, INCREASE SHOWROOM TRAFFIC! CAR-O-SELL ROTATING AUTO DISPLAY Do you want a return on your advertising investment? Do you spend money on advertising people never see? Do you want to be one of the upscale dealerships that has the new and innovative rotating display? If you answered YES to any of these questions, CALL US TODAY! ORDER BY JULY 30, 2004 AND RECEIVE $100 OFF DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION! Fun Vestments, Inc. 125 Town Park Drive, Suite 300 Kennesaw, Georgia 30144 fax: 770.420.8438 email: 800.452.7514 To View A Product Video, visit 2004 19
  18. 18. sts ms ls fis lr BrianTracy sales and training solution Your Selling Self-Image Your Self-Image is a Key Part of Your Personality Your self image is The most rapid improvements in sales I was getting desperate. I was seeing often called your results come from improving your self prospects, but making very few sales. Then, inner mirror. You image. The moment you see yourself in a I had a revelation that changed my career. look into this mirror new way, your behavior improves to mimic I realized that it was my fear of asking for in every situation to your vision, and, as a result, you’ll earn a decision, not my prospects, that was the see how you should better results. issue. It was me. I needed to change my selfperform in front of your “audience”. You image and, consequently, my behavior if Ialways behave on the outside in a manner Some years ago when I was selling club wanted improved results.consistent with the picture you have inside memberships from office to office, I wouldyourself. end my presentation by giving the prospect The very next morning, I made the decision a booklet outlining the membership benefits that I would not call back on a prospect.For example, if you see a calm, confident and encourage him to “think about it.” My The size of the purchase was small, andand competent reflection, you will act in just self-image was such that I could not bring when I had completed my presentation, thethose ways. You will be positive and happy. myself to ask the prospect to make a buying prospect would know everything neededYou will perform well and achieve excellent decision. All day long, I would go from to make a decision. When I had finishedresults. If, for any reason, it doesn’t go well office to office giving my presentation and my first newly-developed presentation,at that time, you will throw it off and dismiss leaving a little book with descriptions to the prospect said, “Let me think it over.” Iit as a temporary situation. Your self-image read. And, as you might imagine, I wasn’t smiled and told him I didn’t make call backsis clear. In your mind’s eye, you must see making sales. When I called people back because I was too busy, and then I said,yourself as good and capable in every arena after they had time to think about it, they “You know everything you need to know toin order to find success. showed only disinterest. make a decision right now. Why don’t you just take it?” I remember him shrugging his shoulders and saying, “OK. I’ll take it. I walked out of that office on a cloud. That very day I tripled my sales. That week, I sold more than anyone else in the company. By the end of the month, they had made me the sales manager with 42 people under me. I went from making one or two sales per week to making 10 or 15. I went from worrying about money to a salary. My sales life took off, and, with a few exceptions, never stopped. The turning point was that conscious choice to modify my self image and make it more consistent with the results I wanted rather than the results I was getting. To immediately put these ideas into action begin to see yourself the way you want to be. See a strong, confident, competent and professional self. The person you see is the person you will be. Second, identify an area of selling where your ideas about yourself are holding you back. You perform on the outside the way you see yourself on the inside. Brian Tracy is the Chairman & CEO of Brian Tracy International. He can be contacted at 866.300.9881, or by email at 20 successful solutions at
  19. 19. sts ms ls fis lr JoeTakash sales and training solution Networking Success We have been to make others feel good about themselves, of respect and friendship, which can networking our entire and also to have a positive impression of increase your business. People like to do lives. Discovering you. One way to remember names more business with people they like. To find new restaurants, a easily is to repeat the name after you are common ground, apply the “ask and listen” good school system introduced, followed by, “It’s nice to meet technique. Use open-ended questions, like for your kids, and you,” or a similarly appropriate statement. those in point three, to bring you closer tothe right neighborhood in which to raise In your mind, associate the name with standing on common ground with anyoneyour family, are all (usually) the result of someone you know, with a physical feature you meet.networking. Personal networking occurs of the person you are meeting, or anythingnaturally as part of our daily interactions that will jog your memory down the road. 6. Learn to help others before yourself:with others. Some people fail at networking because it’s 3. Ask open-ended questions: obvious they are only out to help themselves.Business networking is a skill. Anyone can • Tell me about your job. The most successful networkers take thedevelop the ability to network regardless • What are your most important opposite approach. They think of the manyof his/her natural disposition. Once we responsibilities? different ways they can help other peoplepractice networking as a skill, we realize • What do you like most about what before helping themselves. For example,that we can learn to network well. All it you do? if you meet a freelance photographer whotakes is planning and practice. • Where are you from originally? is starting her own business, you might be • What are you passionate about? able to refer her to a graphic artist you sold • What do you like to do in your free a car to, so that she can get her business Asking people time? cards done. This web of networking creates questions about success for all involved. To put yourself themselves and Asking people questions about themselves and showing a genuine interest in in this mindset, think of yourself as the networking coordinator. In this role you, showing a genuine their answers is the best way to show make sure that everyone benefits from each interest in their appreciation, and it’s a potent networking other as much as possible. When you are answers is the tool. constantly on the lookout for ways to help other people, they will trust you and, by best way to show 4. Master the art of listening: extension, your business. appreciation, Great leaders have mastered the art of and it’s a potent being great listeners. A simple question to ask yourself is, “Am I fully engaged 7. Describe how what you do helps others: When you tell others about your job, think networking tool. when listening?” Fully engaged means of them first and explain how what you being entirely consumed in the other do helps others, be creative. People wantEight tools to become a master networker. person and what he/she is saying. So to know how a relationship with you can eliminate distractions such as cell phones, benefit them. It gives them something of1. Make a great Þrst impression: and close your office door. Show attentive interest to tell others about you.Every time you meet someone new, think, body language by facing the other person“SHE is the key.” S.H.E. stands for Smile/ and looking him/her in the eyes. Practice 8. Follow up and work your network:Handshake/Eye Contact. By greeting people silence so you don’t violate the “don’ts” of Establish a system to record the data ofwith a genuine smile, a firm and friendly listening, which include rehearsing what contacts you’ve acquired and use it. Anhandshake, and direct eye contact, you you want to say next, finishing people’s Excel spreadsheet is easy to start. Contactset a positive tone and make the best first sentences, and interrupting. people on a regular basis. This follow-impression possible. And first impressions up activity will keep you in the front ofare what people remember. 5. Establish common ground: people’s minds when it comes time to do When you find common ground with business.2. Be a name-learning machine: someone, you raise the level of theKnowing someone’s name demonstrates networking relationship from averagethat you value the person and that you have to great, because you’ve planted the Joe Takash is the President of Victorydifferentiated him or her from the crowd. It most important seed for all relationships Consulting. He can be contactedsays, “I remember you; you made a good – a common, shared interest. From this at 800.215.4776, or by email atimpression on me.” There is no better way foundation, you can build a relationship 2004 21
  20. 20. sts ms ls fis lr DawnJosephson sales and training solution 5 Rules for Effective Written Sales Communication When your written that their customers found the booklet come in red. It does, however, come with documents get to the confusing. the leather seats you requested and you point quickly and can take delivery by Friday.” By ending effectively, you will The better you know your clientele, the with the good news, you take the sting off turn more prospects better you can organize information to meet the bad news and leave your reader with a into clients. their wants and needs. How do they think positive image. about your product? Do they typically want1. Know the speciÞcs of your audience. to know the bottom line price first, and then True genius isTailor your message to your clients’ the features and benefits? Do they tend todemographics. For example, if you’re think testimonials are more important than when you canwriting promotional materials for a new car,and the majority of the people who come to facts? When you understand how your customers think about your product, you explain your ideayour dealership are older, well-established can more easily present your information in in such a way that a Þve-year-professionals, you’ll want to highlight the a way that’s logical to’s safety features and reliability record.However, if your main clientele weresingle, younger people, you’d want to 3. Write to express, not to impress. Examine each marketing piece you write old child canemphasize the car’s turbo engine or “fast and distill its core message or purpose down understand it.and trendy” image. to one or two sentences. If you can’t do that, then your piece is not focused. If that’s the 5. Write colloquially when appropriate.Survey your most loyal customers to case, then go back to each paragraph within People like to read documents that sound asdetermine which demographic gives you the piece and try to condense each down if the message is coming from a real person.the most business. Also, keep track of those to one or two sentences. String those new If you write too formally, you can quicklywho visit your dealership, even if they don’t sentences together, and then pinpoint your lose your reader. Determining your tone isbuy. Know who walks through your doors, marketing piece’s purposes. That’s the important, because a follow-up letter shouldfind out what’s important to them, and then core message you want to express. Rewrite not have the same tone as web copy.tailor your message appropriately. the piece with the core message in mind, using common, everyday language. True Don’t use an excessively formal tone as a2. Organize your material according to the genius is when you can explain your idea way to show expertise. Keep the tone ofway your reader thinks about the subject. in such a way that a five-year-old child can your writing colloquial and approachable.Realize that not everyone thinks like you. understand it.Just because you want your message to Writing for ProÞtsbe organized one way does not mean your 4. In messages containing both good Keep the five rules for effective writtencustomers would agree. For example, one and bad news, give the bad news Þrst. sales communication in mind. Remember,company created a free informational At some point, every sales person will your ability to write clearly and succinctlybooklet about their product and organized it have to deliver bad news to a customer. will make your sales pieces stand out, andso that the product’s most popular features Whenever you communicate bad news in enable you to win the deal.appeared first. When customers still called writing, state it first, and then counter itwith questions that were clearly answered with a bit of good the text, the company was stumped as Dawn Josephson is the President andto why their customers weren’t reading For example, in a follow-up letter to a Founder of Cameo Publications. She canthe booklet. After interviewing some of prospect you could write, “After checking, be contacted at 800.452.4806, or by emailtheir customers, the company discovered I discovered that the Model X doesn’t at 22 subscribe today at
  21. 21. sts ms ls fis lr AdamDeGraide sales and training solution Today is the Day The decisions we I will operate with integrity and lead others make today shape our by example. Today I will love and lead my tomorrows and all of family in the right direction. Today is the best our yesterdays. day that has ever been and I will make the best of it. Everything I am today,the way I look, the way I think, the way There have been many days that I haven’tI speak, the way I talk, the way I lead my followed these principles and sure enoughfamily and employees, is all a result of either the day left me wanting. I have learned thatthe good or bad that I have put into my life. we are creatures of habit whether we likeIt is true that we “reap what we sow”. Our it or not. I also realized that I have manyminds and hearts are like computers. If we bad habits. Therefore, these bad habitsput junk in we get junk out. If we put good needed to be replaced with good ones. Byand positive in, the positive comes out. I understanding this truth I have been ableoften ask myself if we truly understand the to replace a lot of my bad habits with goodpower of our choices. The choices we make ones, and I continue to try to establish goodtoday will determine not only our future habits every day.but the future of those around us. There areseveral questions that I ask myself to gauge When I first determined to change my lifemy effectiveness in leading people: and focus on the right priorities, it was an 1. Did I seek to serve others today or overwhelming task. I knew all of my faults, were my actions selfishly motivated? and there were many. The very thought of 2. Did I equip and inspire others or did I changing all of my bad habits deterred me force my will on those who work along from changing even one of them. Quite side of me? simply, there were too many. However, a 3. Would I want the actions and very wise woman (my mother) told me a decisions I made today published in secret I will never forget. tomorrow’s paper for everyone to read? 4. Did I leave anything of lasting value God wants you to take one problem at a time, in someone else’s life? be faithful and picture the positive outcome 5. Did I balance my priorities of faith, until it is fixed and then move on to the next. family and work? Although I am not perfect, my life hasOne of the secrets to truly having a lasting progressively gotten better while I continuepositive effect on people is to first value to seek becoming the best man I can be.yourself. It has been said that you cannot Bad habits are easy to form, but hard to livegive what you do not have. In order for us to with. Good habits are hard to form, but easyproperly lead and love people, we must first to live with. I have also found there is onlylove and value ourselves. This can be difficult one way to change, through choice and theat times, however, it is essential to have a development of the disciplines necessaryhealthy self image before we can effectively to implement those changes over time,help others. For me, the realization that God consistently and daily.loves me, values me and has a purpose forme, thrusts me forward with the desire to help Today is all we have. Yesterday is goneothers. God doesn’t make junk and therefore, and tomorrow has not yet come. MakeI am not junk. My mind, body and spirit need the right choices today. John C. Maxwellto be cared for because they are precious. says, “Successful people make rightThe same is true for others around us. Do we decisions early and manage those decisionstreat others as junk or as the precious gift that daily.” Remember, the decisions we makethey are? today shape our tomorrows and all of our yesterdays. Choose wisely. Use the fiveTrue success is not determined by how much questions listed to evaluate your or things we accumulate in this life.To me success is being able to put my head “The decisions we make today shape ouron the pillow and have a clear conscience and tomorrows and all of our yesterdays. “a restful night’s sleep. This peace can only befound when we have made the determination Adam DeGraide is an Owner ofthat today we will make a difference. Today He can be contacted atI will keep my priorities straight. Today I 800.526.9804, or by email atwill serve others instead of myself. Today 2004 23