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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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AutoSuccess Feb07

  1. 1. AutoSuccess Best of the Best Companies NADA Map, Page 4 February
  2. 2. she’s gone you missed him say bye to another sale sayonara see you later alligator you missed her he’s gone There’s nothing worse than a missed sale. ciao Unless it’s a MILLION of them. hasta la vista baby helps drive more than a million used car sales every month. Need more proof that we can help you sell more cars? Last year alone, we generated a whopping $99,000,000,000 in sales. No one brings together more buyers didn’t get her and sellers. And no one gives you a more efficient way to get your cars in front of serious shoppers. too late Call 888-249-6860 today. Because even one missed sale is too many. missed him maybe next time WHAT WE DObuh-bye WORKS. he’s out of here The ultimate automotive marketplace. ©2007, LLC. All Rights Reserved. “” is a registered trademark of TPI Holdings, Inc. used under exclusive license. Source: 2006 Prospect Close Rate Study, MORPACE International, Inc.
  3. 3. NADA SPECIAL EXTENDED!WE’LL EVEN INCLUDE A 42” PLASMAAND A PAIR OF TAG HEUER SUNGLASSESWITH SELECT EVENTS! THE L ARGEST MAILER ON EARTH. So big it’s called a Direct Parcel! Plus, we include everything: 36 For only cents! • Giant 25” x 22” Direct Parcel • Custom Sales Event Website • $20,000 of Prize Insurance • Incentives • Scratcher • Balloons • Mirror Tags • Registration cards • BDC Scripts • and more! Enjoy Supersales Without The Staff! No Teams, No Commissions JUST A TON OF QUALITY TRAFFIC The Driving Force Behind Automotive Advertising EVENT SPECIALISTS ARE STANDING BY 866-665-5504 Copyright © 2007 Turn-Key Events and it’s licensors.
  4. 4. The Four Factors of Risk 8 BrianTracy Being Aware of Unique Cultural Needs 10 TomHopkins Voyages of the eCRM Dealers of the Year How They Did It 12 PatrickLuck Four Characteristics of Top Sales Producers 16 DirkZeller Getting the Picture: A Setting That Works 18 DeliaPassi Targeted Web Video and Your Ad Strategy, Part 2 20 PhilSura The Interview 24 EricMélon 12 How to Increase Your High Quality Lead Volume 26 DavidKain Marketing to Women: Female Consumer Power 28 TeresaBordenet Would You Believe You? 32 DixonJudd Hillside Honda Limited Space, Unlimited Talent and Success 34 PatrickLuck What Happens Here, Does Not Have to Stay Here 38 JesseBiter The Higher Road 39 SeanWolfington Success or Failure? 40 MarkTewart Educate and Train Your Customers Customer Pay Labor and Parts Profit Training 42 SteveLaPenta Background Music Drives Showroom Sales 44 MattHolden Six Steps to a Great Presentation at Your Next Meeting, Part 2 46 PattiWood E-Volution 47 TonyDupaquier Tuning Your Web Site for High-Performance: Using Key Performance Indicators, Part 6 50 HeatherConary To BE or Not to BE The Answer is in the Becoming 52 MichaelYork Change Your Life by Setting Goals 54 JeffMorrill Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist Susan Givens, Vice President Brian Balash, Sales-improvement Strategist 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive Thomas Williams, Creative Director Toni Stephens, Sales-improvement Strategist Louisville, Kentucky 40245 Dave Davis, Creative Strategist & Editor Cori Frye, Sales-improvement Strategist toll free: 877.818.6620 facsimile: 502.588.3170 web: helping to promote... Psalm 23:4 - Your rod and your staff, they comfort me. God is the source of all supplyAutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $75 per year.AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions;views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which thismagazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction inwhole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request thatnames be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  5. 5. sts fos ls ms sf fis BrianTracy sales and training solution The Four Factors of Risk The critical factor in invite a group of business customers to a your product or service. A first-time buyer, selling today is risk. restaurant to discuss a large transaction, the one who has not bought the product or service Because of continuous risk factor can be very high. before, or who has not bought it from you, change and rapid is often nervous and requires a lot of hand- obsolescence, the risk Almost every complex buying decision holding. Anything new or different makesof buying the wrong product or service involves several people. There are the the average customer tense and uneasy. Thisbecomes greater as change intensifies. Our people who must use the product or service, is why new products or services, or newgreatest single need is for security of all the people who must pay for the product business relationships with your company,kinds, and any buying decision that puts us or service, the results expected from the have to be presented as a natural extensionout on a limb triggers the feeling of risk and installation of the product or service, and of what the customer is already doing.threatens that security. the reputation of the person making the final buying decision. If a person is extremely Now, here are two things you can doThere are four main factors that contribute sensitive to the opinions of others, this factor immediately to put these ideas into action:to the perception of risk in the mind and alone can cause him or her to put off a buyingheart of the customer. The first is the size decision indefinitely. First, demonstrate and prove to yourof the sale. The larger the sale, the more customer that the people affected by thismoney involved, the greater the risk. If a The third factor contributing to the risk purchase will be happy and satisfied. Tellperson is buying a package of Lifesavers, perception is the length of life of the product. stories about other happy customers.the risk of satisfaction or dissatisfaction is A product or service that, once installed, isinsignificant. But if a person is buying a meant to last for several years generates the Second, show the customer that thiscomputer system for their company, the risk feeling of risk. The customer thinks, “What purchase, even if it is new or unfamiliar, isfactor is magnified by hundreds or thousands if it doesn’t work and I’m stuck with it?” a logical extension of what the customer isof times. Whenever you are selling a product already doing. Show the customer it makesthat has a high price on it, you must recognize How many times have you bought something perfect sense.that risk enters into the buyer’s calculations personally that turned out to be the wrongalmost immediately. item and you were stuck with it? You couldn’t replace it with something moreThe second factor contributing to the appropriate because of the amount you hadperception of risk is the number of people already paid.who will be affected by the buying decision. Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International. He can beIf you go out for lunch alone to a new The fourth major risk factor is the customer’s contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mail atrestaurant, the risk is very low. But if you unfamiliarity with you, your company and 8
  6. 6. sts fos ls ms sf fis TomHopkins sales and training solution Being Aware of Unique Cultural Needs If you do business with studying a culture, you’re creating specialized • Avoid slang, buzzwords, idioms, people from cultural service for a niche market in your area. jargon and lingo groups different from Don’t just learn how to sell vehicles to these These can all be easily misunderstood your own, you would different cultures; learn how they like to be by those who may not speak your be wise to invest some served after the sale. Providing courteous language as their primary language. Just time understanding contact and consistent follow-up will cause use simple language until you can gettheir cultures, as well as their needs in terms them to send their friends and relatives to you an idea of what level of your languageof your vehicles and services. You may not for their vehicles, as well. they understand.necessarily be doing business with peoplein another country, but with those from The most important aspect of doing business • If you’re using an interpreter, makeother countries who have relocated to your with someone from a culture other than ours in sure the interpreter meets with thecommunity. If you want their business, you the good ol’ U.S.A. is to beware of the words people for whom they are interpretinghave to understand their needs on many you use. Some American words and phrases before you actually begin to sell themlevels. just don’t translate well. They don’t have the This will allow the interpreter to meaning that you may wish to impart; thus, determine if there are any dialectThis isn’t difficult to do. There’s a vast array they are likely to confuse potential clients. challenges between what they speak andof information available for free online Or, worse, the translation may be something what the client is most familiar with.about nearly every culture on the planet. offensive. So, when speaking to folks fromSet aside 15 minutes to look under the other cultures, watch your words. Speak at • Pay attention to nonverbal interactiontopics of “protocol,” “diversity” or “cultural your highest level of language rather than cuesawareness.” If you pick up just one key point using casual or slang terms. The word “yes” or an affirmative nodthat makes your next client from another often means “Yes, I hear you” in Asianculture feel comfortable with you, it is well You may also want to stop periodically and cultures, not, “Yes, I agree.” If you seeworth your while. ask if the potential clients understand what a nod and move on to closing the sale, you’ve just told them. If they don’t, assure you may frighten them off with whatDepending on how much business you them that’s okay and that you’re there to help appears to them as over-zealousness.might be doing with clients from cultures them to understand so they can find a vehicleunfamiliar to you, a good source can be that best serves their particular needs. Culture is as much an influence on people asfound at This where their personal experiences, so knowing aboutyou’ll find the handbook for U.S. diplomats A Few Other Things to be Aware of: your clients’ customs and traditions onlyon proper etiquette and protocol for meetings • Be patient when building trust and makes sense. That way, neither you nor yourwith people from diverse cultures around the establishing relationships client will be made to feel uncomfortable andworld. People from countries other than selling can be done. the U.S. generally need more than aThere are many other good books written handshake to build trust. It is important If you’re in doubt about how to properlyon proper protocol for doing business with to observe a greater degree of formality work with people of another culture, don’t bepeople of different cultures. With a quick call when becoming acquainted than you afraid to ask them. Ask as you would withor visit to your local library, you can have a would use with a client who was born any client what their past experiences havewealth of information to review while waiting and raised locally. been when purchasing a vehicle. Ask whatfor clients to come into your dealership. they liked and disliked about the service, the • Speak more slowly than you normally folks they dealt with at the dealership andTake a moment now to consider what do, but don’t raise your voice the vehicle itself. This is all a normal part ofcultural groups are represented within a 50- because you think the other person qualifying during any sales process.mile radius of your dealership. If you’re not can’t understand yousure, call your local Chamber of Commerce. Volume doesn’t usually increaseThey’ll have demographics of the population comprehension. Also, don’t speak down World-renowned master sales trainer Tomin the area and be able to provide you with to them as if they are children. Simply Hopkins is the chairman of Tom Hopkinsgood information. speak clearly and include appropriate International. He can be contacted at gestures to ensure they’re following 866.347.6148, or by e-mail atOnce you have that information and begin what you’re pointing out. 10
  7. 7. fs feature solution PatrickLuckTheir Mission: To seek out new leads; To the quality of customer service available understand the car business, it builds valueexplore innovative new marketing worlds; To to the new-frontier, generation-tech auto in our dealership. As a result, our Web siteboldly go where no dealer has gone before. consumers. has consistently converted five to six times more visitors into leads over our previousThe Voyage In this issue, we will share with you how site.” When seeking a consultant, ask forLast month we announced the Top 10 eCRM the award-winning eCRM Dealers of the references and referrals of current clients toDealers of the Year for 2007. In reviewing Year achieved their phenomenal results, find out about their satisfaction and results.the data from the recipients of the award, I selling from 70 to 700 additional units per Our Virtual Test Drives are excellent tools that are great forreflected on the tremendous phenomenon the month, through exploration of the innovative • Build a Detailed Strategy populating our e-mail databases. Customers love receiving theseInternet has become as a marketing medium. technology of eCommerce. By unleashing the All of the top eCRM dealers shared theI was reminded of the science-fiction-based potential of the Internet, these dealers have belief that a good Web site is important, but interactive multi-media tours loaded with information.series Star Trek which debuted in the 1960s. discovered an ingenious solution to promote won’t generate extra sales without a detailed, – Ralph Paglia, HouseofCourtesy.comIn its fictional universe, humans were able to all profit centers within their dealership (New, innovative marketing strategy, detailedovercome many boundaries and limitations Used, F&I, Subprime, Service, Parts) while processes to turn leads into appointments,to improve the quality of life. This fictional improving customer satisfaction. Success well-trained people to turn appointments into leads with fewer people. Brian Benstock, of that can work fast even on a low-speedvision of the future had a huge impact on our like theirs is possible for all dealers who have sales, and a solid pricing policy to protect a explains, “Automation connection. Dealers with award-winningculture, most notably on the development of the desire to implement it; however, as with fair profit to hold it all together. Dave Smith, makes it easier to follow our process, allows sites offer innovative features like Virtualtechnology. The series is believed to have any industry, new technology always presents founder of Dave Smith Motors, developed us to handle more leads with fewer people Test Drives, Online Auctions, Online Creditmotivated the design of many current gizmos challenges within the dealership. In an effort a one-price system in the early 1980s and and allows our sales specialists to focus on Applications, Trade Appraisals and more.including the mobile phone, Tablet PC, and to share the knowledge gained and lessons successfully continues today to offer this what they do best: sell cars. It’s a big part of Effective Web sites entice the customer toother personal digital devices, and set the bar learned, we’re publishing a compilation of the “hassle-free” buying philosophy. why we’re selling an additional 200 cars a submit a lead, pick up the phone, or drivefor developing technology such as “virtual top 10 pitfalls commonly hindering today’s month. Today we have more than 80,000 e- straight to the dealership. Rick Case offersreality.” An entire subculture has grown up eDealers. By avoiding and correcting these • Implement Processes mail addresses and if we were attempting to information on their site, “RickCase.comaround the show. Trek fan or not, we find common pitfalls, your dealership will save Top eCRM dealers tell us that having the manage that database without automation, it is more than just a web site; it’s a Virtualourselves – 40 years later – utilizing similar, valuable time and money while improving dealer and general manager heavily involved would be overwhelming.” Dealership which serves as our ownpreviously unfathomable, concepts to break results and sales. in initial planning, strategy sessions, and regional buying service. Our site, along withthrough marketing barriers and improve decision making process is crucial to Tony Rimas, from innovative Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Charting New Territory successful implementation. Continued echoes the sentiment that automation allows strategies, drives more quality traffic to the Our industry has successfully navigated support and involvement determines the you to do more with less, “Our CRM tool dealership which increases leads, reduces into new territory by leveraging the power success or failure of any eCRM initiative. automates so many of our phone and e-mail reliance on third-party lead providers, and and technology of the Internet. In an effort Andrew Walser, owner of Walser Auto Group processes that we can manage thousands of lowers costs.” to share best practices with our readers, we sums it up: “We understand the importance of additional leads without adding staff.” have compiled a consensus of various best process and execution. We have centralized a E-mail Marketing: E-mail marketing is the practices and strategies from this year’s consistent process in all of our 12 franchises, • Generate Traffic most cost-effective, measurable method of award-winning dealers: and as a result have built a great foundation Web site: All of the top eCRM dealers define advertising. Brian Benstock, of in terms of percentages and closing ratios. a great Web site as one that generates leads. com explains, “We sold 36 vehicles in three • Consult a Professional Currently we are setting appointments on They are reducing their dependency on days with one of our campaigns and it Nine of the 10 top eCRM dealers agreed Many have been exposed to companies that 32 percent of our leads with an 80 percent hard-to-close third party leads and costly didn’t cost me a dime. We have collected that the constantly evolving technology of offer marketing tools and CRM technology, show-up rate.” traditional advertising and are relying on over 100,000 e-mail addresses and we the Internet requires the knowledge and but are unable to provide valuable expertise their state-of-the-art Web sites as their lead send out a minimum of one multi-media e- experience of professionals who constantly on industry trends. Gloria Williams at • Automate Processes generator. Dealers know that a Web site will mail campaign a month. We’ve had a lot of monitor state-of-the-art technology and, Harvey Autos adds this for consideration, The top eCRM dealers agree that with the get results if it is simple, easy to use, quick success with our e-mail marketing most importantly, know the auto industry. “Because our site was created by experts who right technology, you can handle more to load, and has highly engaging content Continued on page 12 13
  8. 8. fs feature solution incoming leads. Bob Tasca III is passionate about people, “We have a recruiting, hiring and training process that we use whenever we’re hiring for any position in the dealership and we like to say that we hire out of inspiration, not desperation. That means that we’re always on the lookout for energetic, talented people with a good work ethic and an eagerness to learn. A new candidate doesn’t necessarily need to have automotive experience because our new hire training program and on-going training are so extensive. We have a training company that we bring in for two days every month to help with our training needs.” • Track & Measure To truly maximize the profitability of every customer relationship, you need a marketing automation solution that supports your entire marketing team and provides management with crucial metrics to improve efficiency and effectiveness at every stage of the marketing process. Jay Gubala of asserts, “Our Virtual BDC Manager is fully automated. We measure everything and hold regular meetings to discuss our progress and to find ways to fine-tune our processes. The customized reports give us the information we need, the number of leads by source, response rates, appointment percentages, show percentages, closing percentages and cost per sale.”Continued from page 13 Captain’s Log:campaigns, so we focus on gathering e-mails found that award-winning dealers are also The Internet will shortly be under the carefrom our parts, service and sales customers capitalizing on the more immediate and of another generation. To them and theirto fuel the e-mail database for future digital measurable benefits of Search Engine posterity will we commit the future of ourmarketing.” Bob Tasca III of Marketing to maximize placement in digital marketing. They will continue thegives another powerful example, “If Ford search engine results. As Tony Rimas of voyages we have begun, and journey throughcomes out with an Explorer incentive, I can tells us, “Our Digital all the previously unexplored lead generatingsend an e-mail to everyone who has been in Marketing System, complete with an possibilities; boldly going where no man -on an Explorer, and I can select just our lease advanced Search Engine Marketing strategy, where no dealer - has gone before.renewal customers who are currently in an allows us to dominate search engine resultsExplorer or even customers who were in to in our region, continuing to provide us Congratulations to the Top 10 eCRM Dealersservice their current Explorer. There’s no with consistent results, increased sales, and of 2007, and thank you for sharing yourlimit to how I can target my campaigns.” customer satisfaction at a lower cost per insight on what it takes to effectively leverage sale.” Many of the top eCRM dealers concur the technology of the Internet and CRM toSearch Engine Optimization: Search that Search Engine Marketing generates a increase profits and create loyal customers inEngine Optimization (SEO), also known higher return on investment by boosting the process. As Mr. Spock would put it: Withas “organic,” is fundamental to any digital traffic and increasing sales. These dealers are results like these, to not continue to exploremarketing strategy. Through a process of doing a great job integrating their online and the limitless opportunities of eCommerceincluding key words and phrases, dealers are offline marketing strategies to maximize the would to better position their Web site ahead of return on all their advertising.the competition. Roy Reutter, from Sheehy. If you have any questions regarding any ofcom tells us, “Search Engine Optimization • Prepare and Train the best practices discussed in this article,combined with our multimedia e-mail Even though the Web and CRM have made an please feel free to visit the dealers’ Web sitescampaigns has enabled us to increase traffic incredible impact on the automotive industry, or send me an e-mail.and sales at a lower cost than ever.” this still is - and always will be - a people business, so nothing is more important thanSearch Engine Marketing: Most dealers with quality people who are well-trained. Patrick Luck is the publisher and editoreCommerce Departments have marketing for SellingSuccess Magazines. He can bestrategies that encompass the art of Search All dealers express the importance of having contacted at 866.239.3698, or by e-mail atEngine Optimization; however, we have a well-trained, dedicated staff to handle 14
  9. 9. of coming Door... ired its T nt rof n the Fro P i ing k? lippBac en S the outSell Millennium Products Auto Perfect by Millennium W NE With Millennium’s new Auto Perfect program, you’ve got theand Hold On to Your Profits! ultimate package of services for delivering higher front-endOnly Millennium delivers everything you’ve been looking for – sales AND increased back-end profits that won’t slip away.superior after-market products, more profit opportunities,greater customer satisfaction and FREE sales training tosell even more.FREE TRAINING!Sell Millennium products and for a limited time receive freeF&I and Dealership training in our national training instituteby Eric "Frenchy" Mèlon. CALL NOW TO FIND OUT HOW! Other services offered by Millennium: Millennium Etch • Millennium Tire and Wheel • Millennium VSC • Millennium GAP Dealers Call Direct Advance VSC • Centennial VSC • Salesperson “Road to the Sale” • F&I Training Management Boot Camp • BDC Training • Professional Sales Training (866) 652-3944 Agent territories still available, inquiries welcome.
  10. 10. sts fos ls ms sf fis DirkZeller sales and training solution Four Characteristics of Top Sales Producers People who craft a everybody who could help them to reach than money. The ultimate accomplishment is fabulous lifestyle and the next level for direction. The next level to be an explorer who explores for the joy that are also financially is not always a financial level. It could be a growth and creation bring. successful share four better relationship with a spouse, a higher common traits. level of physical fitness or deeper spiritual Jim Rohn had a wonderful saying: “It’s convictions. The truth is there are many not the money that makes the millionaire,First, They Are the Explorers things more attractive at the next level than it’s what that person had to become.” ThatThey explore everything and question money. These things also carry more meaning millionaire could lose the money tomorrow. The money carries little importance in the long run. What matters is how a person had to change to become the person who had the BOOGIESALES UP WITH AND GET YOUR DOWN value of a millionaire. The opposite of an explorer is a cynic. The cynic looks for reasons why it will not work, for ways to maintain the status quo MARKETVIEW360 and continue to do nothing. The explorer is seeking new information and ideas that will lead to the next level. AND YOUR NEW ZUNE TM Second, the Successful Producers MarketView360 will change the way you talk to your customers are Investors Successful producers invest in their most ONE SOLUTION, ONE PROVIDER important asset: themselves. Realizing your true value requires that you invest in yourself. You need to work continually to find the best path to achievement, and then put in what it takes in order to start down that path. DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT Investors buy the best deal, the best book and WITH MARKETVIEW360 the best tape series. They are the people who AT NADA (BOOTH #6439) are constantly reading, who are listening to CDs in their cars. They look for others who and enter to win a Zune™ every have been where they want to go, or who are EMAIL hour! Get ready to shake your money maker while we make some going in their direction but are farther down the path. They stop and ask for directions TEXT money in your dealership! when they get lost in life. VOICE The opposite of an investor is an excuse maker. Excuse makers are always looking back and covering their tracks. TheirDIRECT vocabularies are littered with “if only” and “but.” Being successful is far moreMAIL The Most Intelligent Multi-channel Marketing System On The Planet rewarding than achieving mediocrity while having a good excuse. We all have the choice to have what we want in life, being all that 1.866.591.4238 God created us to be, or to spend our lives coming up with excuses for having fallen short. The choice is up to you. Third, the Most Successful People are Implementors Exploring and investing do not produce success without implementation. Implementation draws the bold line between massive success and failure. We all have found great ideas and done nothing with them. We have all implemented a few small changes 16
  11. 11. continuedand seen staggering results. Resolve today vacation home some three hours awayto implement one idea that you have been in Bend, Oregon, and we had to be onthinking about, researching and evaluating. site every Friday to check the progress.Do it now. The implementor is the only one Joan was the general contractor, sowho achieves massive success. How many there was no reneging over the eight-ideas or thoughts have you had in your sales month construction schedule. Thecareer that would have been windfalls if you amazing outcome? Once the homehad just disciplined yourself to implement was done, I saw no need to revert to athem? five-day workweek.Finally, the Most Successful People Spend • Take Away Your Time-WastingLess Time to Accomplish More Options:Many sales people invest too much time Commit to time off and force yourselfand too little urgency in their businesses. to work during established, reasonableThey commit well over 40 hours to the job, work hours. Automatically, you’ll forceand they put themselves on call seven days yourself to eliminate time-wastinga week. They spread themselves thin, and activities.then, in order to sustain themselves over thisendless schedule, they dilute their intensity. • Give Yourself No Option to AddNo other professional works so many hours; Hours Back to Your Workweek:even doctors have a lighter on-call schedule If you allow yourself the option to addthan most sales people choose to accept. time back to your workweek, you leave yourself open to time-wasting choices.Commit right now to become more effectivein much less time each week. Try this: Begin to treat time as your most valuable asset. The most successful sales people • Set Aside at Least One Day a Week are not casual with their time. This leads to Recharge and Refresh Yourself: to career, relationship and bank account Before you say you can’t afford the day abundances by treating time as the most off, realize this truth: Work expands to precious resource in life. fill the time you give it. Reduce your work hours, and you’ll automatically A resource is something that is available in squeeze more productivity into shorter a limited or finite supply. Money and energy spans of time. are among your personal resources, but time is your most precious resource of all. You can • Increase Your Productivity by judge your resource supply in all other areas. Increasing Your Intensity: You know or can easily learn how much Give yourself deadlines with no money is in your accounts. You know or procrastination options. If you know sense your energy levels and what you have you need to accomplish a lineup left to use. But there are no guarantees on the of goals over the course of a five- 86,400 seconds in each day. I defer absolute day workweek, your focus will control of my time to the guy upstairs, and, automatically zoom in. You’ll sweep in the meantime, I increase the probability away distractions, and you’ll get the of longevity through healthy eating, physical job done in the time allowed. exercise and adequate amounts of rest, and I increase the probability of productive use of I watched my own focus and my day through careful time management. productivity intensify as I went from a seven-day workweek to a six-day You may need to commit right now to a new workweek to a five-day workweek. path, or you may need only to commit to The largest production increase I following your current path farther toward experienced, though, was when I implementation. In either case, begin by moved to a schedule of four days of making the commitment now to explore, work followed by three days off, with invest, implement and spend your time no correlating reduction in my income wisely. If you do these things daily, your life or success objectives. Given my goals, will never be the same. I knew I had to work with incredibly high intensity and no options for procrastination. What’s more, I Dirk Zeller is the CEO of Real Estate couldn’t change my mind and add a Champions. He can be contacted at work day to my schedule because my 866.883.9314, or by e-mail at wife, Joan, and I were constructing a 2007 17
  12. 12. sts fos ls ms sf fis DeliaPassi Getting the Picture: sales and training solution A Setting That Works You have probably relegated to the role of listener. Rather, this at least one visit to a higher-end salon, where heard the old saying, set-up says the conversation is meant to “go you can develop a good look for yourself— “Perception is around” - everybody is equally positioned for and then learn how to maintain it. everything.” Well, I participation. A round table also promotes a would bet that insight sense of collaboration. The Finer Points: Attention to Detail was most likely Women notice all the little things. Womenwritten by a woman. Women tend to notice A sofa and chair at a 90-degree angle is notice those simple touches that bring anmore details about their surroundings - and another good play - that is, if you play it office together: a plant, a rug, a photo. Thesethey draw important information from these right: She gets the sofa; you take the chair. may seem like little niceties, but they haveobservations. Meanwhile, men, focusing on It is important that you never sit on the sofa substantial value and meaning to many womengoals, keep surroundings on the sidelines. with her. That tends to be a little too close customers. In the end, these small items can for a woman’s comfort, especially on a first help create a warm environment that makes aBut women see the setting as an integral piece encounter. Also if she comes with a partner, woman feel secure and comfortable enough toof the pie; it is not peripheral. They develop a colleague or her husband, they should be able move forward. Even a low-maintenance cactuspicture about you and your business, noticing to share the communal sofa space. will lend some warmth to your workspace.almost every single detail possible. Your Desk Bathrooms are a key area for women. DirtyIn the negotiating and selling process, it is You should consider your desk as the heart bathrooms will hurt your sale and willthe picture that really speaks a thousand of your workspace. Is it ready and waiting generally send a woman heading towards thewords. Since a woman buyer is likely to to focus on her, or is it in disarray, piled high exit sign - immediately. For men, bathroomsconsult with at least two sales people before with distractions and baggage? Keep your register near zero on the significance scale.a major purchase, you want to make sure your desk neat, clean and ready to do business with Your restroom should always be clean, well-surroundings “say” the things she needs to her. Do not put your clutter behind you where lit and kept up. “Empty” should be for thehear. Are you telling her you are disorganized you can’t see it… and she can. garbage can—not the toilet tissue.and lack focus? Or that you are: Yourself Local Color: Show Your Personal Side • Smart • Knowledgeable You do not have to look fancy while Women want a connection whenever they do • Helpful • Understanding conducting business transactions with business. If you put yourself out there as a • Considerate • Reliable women, but you do have to look professional person who cares about your overall personal • Trustworthy and put together. Your professionalism makes and surrounding presentation, more than justYour Office a woman feel more respected, and therefore business, you will set a tone of collaborationStarting from the front door, you need to more at ease. The overall goal should be to and establish a connection that will inspire herthink of your office as a reflection of you; she look like someone she wants to talk to, and to buy. And that is the ultimate goal.certainly does. Is the entry clean, safe, well most importantly, wants to work with. Start by placing some sort of decoration onmarked, well lit and easy to negotiate? Is the your desk or an end table in the meetingwaiting area warm and welcoming, or worn Keep your hair neat. If you have a beard or mustache, keep it trimmed. Do not go to work area. Something that speaks, somethingand cluttered? Are there any magazines or that is yours. Perhaps you have a trophy orbrochures for her to look at? Is there anything with missing buttons, spots on your clothes, or dryer wrinkles, even if you think that they will something your child made. It is alwaysthat adds color or a sense of attention to the effective to display family photos or a picturearea? How about the first people she sees - probably be hidden underneath your jacket. If there is a flaw to be seen on your clothing, of yourself with friends. These bring you todoes a receptionist make her feel that everyone life beyond business in her glad she came in? somewhere, somehow, she will spot them. To sum it up, it is all about making her feelYour Meeting Space But whatever you do choose to wear, wear comfortable. You want to be able to meet herThere are two proven set-ups that provide for it well. Hey, even older clothes can be in her comfort zone. That will facilitate theease and success when engaging in business freshened up with a new shirt or tie and clean sale and get you on your way to building awith women. Remember these options: or polished shoes. When in doubt, do what it takes to just dress nicely. If you find yourself relationship.“round” and “90 degrees.” having trouble defining this, consider a trip Delia Passi is the president and CEO atA round table with chairs suggests equality to a department store that offers personal MedeliaCommunications. She can beand unity. Nobody sits at the head, so nobody shoppers. They can help you develop a style contacted at 866.883.4953, or by e-mail atis dubbed as the talker while the other is that works. For personal grooming, consider 18
  13. 13. America’s Preferred E-Commerce Customer Provider.There’s no question about it: 20% more AutoUSA leadsturn into buyers than any other 3rd party lead source. And a recent study using vehicle registration data proves it. That means you get the lowest cost per sale in the business. No wonder AutoUSA is the preferred Increase your sales today! source of e-comm leads for AutoNation. AutoUSA is even the priority distributor for leads. 1-888-208-8764 Any questions?
  14. 14. sts fos ls ms sf fis PhilSura marketing solution Targeted Web Video and Your Ad Strategy, Part 2 Last month in e-mail addresses. A customer’s biggest fear this percentage of the market? Don’t AutoSuccess, we in releasing an e-mail address is that they take their word for it; test it out yourself looked at ideas for will receive an e-mail every week from the on a dial-up connection. driving customers dealership. If you commit to only sending to your Web site relevant information that could include • Find a company that will perform using Search Engine service specials, you are more likely to be individual connection diagnostics. MakeOptimization (SEO) and Search Engine successful in collecting these addresses. it as easy as possible for the customerMarketing (SEM), as well as moving Other relevant information would include to view the video in order to serve thecustomers from a passive position to an active manufacturer recalls, dealership specials and best possible video viewing experienceparty using video content. This month, let’s key events. Every dealership cashier, service for each user. Don’t use a company thattake a look at using video to drive customer advisor, sales person and finance manager makes your customer answer questionsloyalty. should be trained on getting customer e-mail or select a video speed themselves since addresses. E-mail addresses are gold. often their selection will be the wrongOnce a customer visits your operation, what speed for their actual environment at thethen? Do you send a thank-you card or an So, summing up, here are some key points to time. Never use a company that forcese-mail? Why not send a video message from look for when interviewing Web hosting and the customer to download a certain typethe owner thanking him/her for the visit? The video streaming companies: of media player to watch a video.same approach can take place when a customer • The key when interviewing a video-buys a car. E-mail addresses of customers are streaming company is to work with a • Work with a company that providesgold. This database of e-mail addresses can nationally recognized company. online reporting (number of streams perbe used to maintain contact for future events. video and the average viewing time).Dealers have the ability to include video • Make certain that the company hostinglinks on these e-mail campaigns. Video e- and streaming your videos can deliver • Finally, work with a video companymail campaigns are more effective than the on a national basis, not just to your local with people who understand the retailcampaigns without video content. Dealers market. automotive space.have enjoyed as high as a 15 percent click-through rate when video content is added to • Work with a video-streaming company Video streaming, SEO, SEM and video e-an e-mail campaign. Your results will vary that has the ability to reach a wide mail campaigns have become a key focuswidely depending on the quality of the list audience of users. Over 30 percent of of most national dealer groups and manyyou use, but it is clear that video content online users still connect on a dial-up progressive dealerships.should be included in at least some of your e- connection (not because they don’t wantcampaign efforts in the future if you wish to to connect faster, but because often, Phil Sura is the vice president of theget the most bang for your marketing buck. even on a broadband connection, the automotive division of UnityWorks! bandwidth pipe is full and the actual Media. He can be contacted atSome dealerships have struggled with how connection is only at a dial-up speed). 866.647.0468, or by e-mail atto get customers to provide their personal Can the video streaming company reach 20
  15. 15. move the crowd. crush the competition. count the money. J&L Marketing knows that every dealership Contact one of our Business Growth Strategist Increase Your Showroom Traffic By 50%! reaches it’s potential in a different way. That is at 800.861.5461 to discuss how each of these why we offer three different roads to success programs and others can be used in your John Lennon once wrote a beautiful song. It is called “Imagine.” Please do that for a couple of minutes. - all with intense benefits! dealership to produce amazing results! 1 2 Just imagine – imagine you could deal with a direct mail company that was the best in the world. Events Weekly Campaigns Imagine that this direct mail company was so good that: • It was able to pinpoint at the touch of a button exactly what produces the highest response, the most trafficCase Study: Missouri Chevrolet Dealership Case Study: Pennsylvania Hyundai Dealership and the most sales for your dealership. More importantly, it could pinpoint what does not work (I mean know exactly what does not work) so you could remove “the unsuccessful elements” from all your ads. • 3-Day, high impact sales promotion (no outside sales teams). • Appointment-based sales strategy where customers call to set a • As an appreciation of past business, previous customers were invited 60- minute presentation with a member of the sales team. • It took this information and invested more time researching your advertisements (what works and what to the dealership to take advantage of year-end savings. • Dynamic website created for each customer. does not) so you produced more consistent results and did NOT just watch your return on investment • Dynamic website created for each customer. • Allowed customers to schedule appointments on their own decline with every promotion. • Increased response rate time, increasing response rates • Gathered valuable data for future mailings • Built database with customer information for future • Built credibility and provided additional information mailings • It attracted buyers – NOT a bunch of “Gift Seekers.” • Produced instant internet leads with qualifying • Produced instant internet leads with qualifying information information • Drives quality appointments into the dealership during the slowest • It created a process to guarantee your sales staff talks to the most motivated buyers thus assuring their • E-mail blast times of the week. attitude was always positive. Because of this, they maximized their potential and sold more cars. • Increased response rate 1,501 mailed And finally, imagine the company was so good that:7,500 mailed 25 respondents (1.67%)93 respondents (1.24% during three days) 10 sold (40%) • It increased your showroom traffic by 50%! That’s right, this incredible new program was run through24 sold (25.81% during three days) two years’ worth of pilot tests with various dealers around the United States. 3Numbers do not include additional responses and number of vehicles sold from theInternet and phone prior to event dates. Well, IF there was a company that did that, it would make sense to use them, wouldn’t it? Or at least hear what they have to say, right? Hybrid Events There is one. And it’s called J&L Marketing. Call Sarah Amburn now at 800.861.5461 or e-mail her at to find out more about Case Study: Tennessee Honda Dealership this exciting new program. • Pre-registration program for previous customers that utilized direct 11,267 mailed Sincerely, mail and personalized dynamic websites. 108 respondents (.96% during three days) • Dynamic website created for each customer. 21 sold directly from mail piece, prior to event date • Captured customer’s buying interests (19.44%) Scott T. Joseph • Follow-up postcard 60 sold during event dates (55.56%) President • Used as a reminder to customer of appointment. • Follow-up 3D mailer 81 total sold, not including follow-up • Used as a reminder to customer of appointment. P.S. We are so confident you will see the value in this program we are willing to pay you $100 on the spot just • HTML E-mail confirmations for scheduling an appointment with one of our Business Growth Strategists. Call Sarah Amburn now at • Used to repeat customer’s information back to them 800.861.5461 or e-mail her at for more details. and remind them of appointment. 800.861.5461
  16. 16. sts fos ls ms sf fis EricMélon leadership solution Here are some The Interview has been in business. Let them know what 2. Are You More Interested in Money or guidelines for your company philosophy is, whether there’s Doing a Job Well? interviewing that may room in the company to grow, etc. You need This is a tricky one. When asked, most help you in making the to give a brief outline of what the job has applicants will try and second guess that you best selection. to offer. People are interested in benefits, are looking for someone who takes pride in vacations, employee discounts, working doing a job well. Certainly you want this typeWhen Conducting an Interview, Have a hours, pay schedules, etc. of person, but you must also remember thatLogical Sequence: you are in the sales business and you need Interview Questions people who want to make money. If money1. Make the Applicant Feel Comfortable: The following list will provide you with isn’t important, why would someone want toOne of the keys to an effective interview some ideas: be in a sales position? You will always beis getting the applicant to open up. Do better off with someone who wants to selleverything possible to make the applicant 1. Tell me about your last (current) job? and make money than someone who takesfeel very relaxed. 2. Why did you leave (want to leave)? more interest in doing operational tasks. 3. What previous job have you enjoyedMake sure you have a private place in which the most? Why? 3. What Do You Think Determines ato hold the interview. Don’t sit behind a desk. Person’s Progress in a Good Company? 4. If you had to pick one, what previous Think about the information this questionDon’t cross your arms or sit back in yourchair. If you’re going to be taking notes, let job did you dislike the most? Why? can get you. The applicant may respondthem know. Don’t make the applicant wait 5. How did you feel about your last with things like, “doing a good job,”too long. If he or she showed up on time, supervisor or boss? “dependability,” “work well with customers,”you at least owe the applicant the courtesy of 6. How do you think previous employers etc. Those things are all well and good, butseeing him or her at the agreed time. Don’t would respond if asked to identify your you’re looking for the performance-orientedhave the attitude that if they want the job, strengths and weaknesses? person with this question ... the type ofthey’ll wait. 7. Why do you think you might like to people who respond with answers that ring work for our company? of accountability for sales performance.2. Get the Applicant to Talk: 8. What types of people seem to rub youAs a general rule, your end of the conversation the wrong way? 4. This Application Tells Me a Great Dealshould only take up about 25 percent of the About Your Work Experience; What Isn’t 9. What do you want in your next job thattime. Use open-ended questions to avoid on the Application That You Would Like you are not getting now?“yes” or “no” responses. If the applicant Me to Know in Order to Make a Finalgives you short responses, ask for details. 10. What aspects of your last job did you Decision?Talking about the job and its requirements like most? Least? This is a great question. With all of the limitsshould not be the only topic of conversation. 11. What do you think might set you apart put on an interviewer legally, in terms ofFind a non-business related topic to talk from other candidates for this job? what you can and can’t ask, this allows theabout. What interests did the applicant list on 12. What has been your biggest failure? applicant to tell you just about anything hethe application? When you get applicants to Your biggest success? or she wants ... and sometimes, the responsestalk about non-business related topics, you’ll are quite interesting.see the real person. Here are four key questions to ask that do not usually draw out pat answers: There you have it, with all things in life, theOccasionally you’ll run across an applicant more you do it the better you are at doing it.who is more interested in asking you 1. Do You Make Mistakes? Let’s have a great year.questions than letting you do the interviewing. If the applicant answers “no,” beware.If this happens, just say, “I appreciate your Everyone makes mistakes once in awhile.questions, but first I’d like to know more People who can’t admit to making a Eric Mélon is the vice president of Firstabout you. Then I’ll address any and all mistake are probably people who don’t Dealer Resources LLC and corporatequestions you have about the job.” take responsibility for their mistakes trainer for Millennium Automotive either. People who admit that they make Protection. He can be contacted at3. Sell the Company: mistakes are more likely to learn from 866.652.3969, or by e-mail atTell the applicants how long your dealership them, as well. 24
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