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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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  1. 1. Check Us Out Online at Volume 6 • Issue 1
  2. 2. register now! early bird discount expires june 17, 2007 Instructor, Sean V. Bradley Founder & CEO, Dealer SynergyAttendees & Clients Say This Is Not A “Commercial”Shawn Disbrow, Internet Sales Director, Crevier BMW – Mini“Sean V. Bradley & NCM have an effective-passionate approach to For Products and Services.verbalize what you’ve been thinking about, but couldn’t find the words for, when it comes toimproving your Internet Sales.” You Will Learn!Kurt Mechling, Dealer Principal, Performance Chevrolet • 25 Things you can do immediately to take your“Great seminar, awesome speaker, quality information. The seminar was a department to the next level.fantastic value – a great use of my time. Please feel free to have other ‘DPs’ call me for • MySpace, YouTube, Google Video:references, etc.” What’s the big deal and how does it work for me?Joel Jurado, BDC & Internet Director, Jeffrey Automotive Group • Find and leverage the weaknesses of your competition. “One of the best training sessions I have ever • Structure your department to maximize profit. attended. Current statistics and relevant information • Hold gross and increase volume. presented in a great format.” • Create a cross-promotional marketing campaign online Lindsey Toscano, BDC Director, Nelson Mazda, OK at low or no cost! Brandon Murphy, Owner & GM, Nelson Mazda, OK • Powerful Internet sales strategies that utilize “Dealer Synergy took Nelson Mazda (single point store) Dealer Synergy’s award winning 4P methodology – from 7 to 77 units online and to the cover of Products, People, Process, Promotions. Digital Dealer Magazine (Feb. ’07). They showed us how to maximize our Internet presence and grow our online sales beyond expectations.”
  3. 3. NEED AN EVENT THAT PAYS? The Hottest Do-it-Yourself SALES EVENTS IN THE NATION OUR DEALERS AVERAGE 410% MORE UPS WITH OUR EVENTSTHAN LEADING SALES. NO TEAMS, NO COMMISSIONS, JUST TRAFFIC!! IN MAY 2007, THE AVERAGE RESPONSE PER EVENT WAS 517 UPS AND HOT LEADSPOWERFUL EVENTS • REAL BIG RESULTS • REALLY INEXPENSIVE Plus, we include everything for you... Direct Mailer or Parcel • Video Sales Event Website • Balloons • Mirror TagsRegistration Cards • Incentives • Grand Prize Insurance • BDC Scripts and more! CALL FOR A FREE MARKET REPORT. The Driving Force Behind EVENT SPECIALISTS ARE STANDING BY Automotive Advertising 866-665-5504 Copyright © 2007 Turn-Key Events and it’s licensors.
  4. 4. Dealing With the Fear of Self-Promotion 8 BrianTracy Offer Points Instead of Discounts and Lock Your Customers in for Life 9 PaulLong Setting Realistic Sales Goals 10 TomHopkins Breaking Down the Barriers of the Automotive Internet 12 JimRiesenbach Embrace Online Sales, Not Just Marketing 14 ScottPainter Who’s Got the Best 0 Percent 16 ScottMontgomery Richmond Toyota 400 Cars a Year to Over 3000 Cars a Year 18 PatrickLuck How to Hire, Train, and Develop 20 Car-A-Month Sales People, Part 2 22 BobCarmack 12 Developing High-Quality Employee Communications Tools: Employee Newsletter Out of Showroom and Into the Street 26 HeatherConary Getting Your Outside Prospecting Program Rolling 27 WillParquette Developing a Marketing GPS Approach to Reach Your Target Audience 28 AllenCheek Integrated Search Marketing Funnels Additional 174 Units 29 RalphPaglia Making the Most of Your Media Interview, Part 3 Personal Preparation 30 PattiWood The Most Important Customer 31 MarkTewart Sales and Finance: Pulling Together to Move More Vehicles 32 BillBates The Leading Edge of Leadership Part 2: Understanding Servant Leadership 34 MichaelYork Headlines...Ouch They Can Really Hurt 36 DeniseRichardson STOP THIEF - Protecting Your Dealership From Online Theft 38 DavidKain The Secret of the Crumpled Letter 40 RalphR.Roberts Lose Unwanted Pounds 41 SeanWolfington Delegating Up to Decide 42 JesseBiter Power Prospecting = 100 Deals 43 DavidThomas Follow Up Tips 44 JeffMorrill Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist Susan Givens, Vice President Brian Balash, Sales-improvement Strategist 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive Thomas Williams, Creative Director Louisville, Kentucky 40245 toll free: 877.818.6620 Dave Davis, Creative Strategist & Editor facsimile: 502.588.3170 web: helping to promote... Matthew 4:4 But He answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. God is the source of all supplyAutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $75 per year.AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions;views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which thismagazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction inwhole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request thatnames be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  5. 5. sts fos ls ms sf fis BrianTracy sales and training solution Dealing With the Fear of Self-Promotion The biggest obstacle process of conditioning, starting in early you will become tense and uneasy about to sales success is childhood. When you start selling, you bring trying it again. If you call on several prospects the fear of rejection. this fear of rejection with you. And because and they react negatively to you, you feel hurt Where does this fear of you are inexperienced at prospecting, when and angry. After all, you’ve got your ego fully self-promotion come you first try it, you will do it poorly and get involved. Your self-esteem is on the line. from? As we saw, this poor results. Unfortunately, it is natural that,negative habit pattern is the result of a long if you try something and fail at it repeatedly, When this happens, you move to protect yourself. You avoid exposing yourself to the same emotionally hurtful experiences. You make every excuse to avoid calling on “negative people,” who unfortunately happen to be prospects, your only source of business and income. Soon, this avoidance behavior can become a habit. You may even start to hate the very idea of prospecting. This is CONSIDER OUR SERVICES normal and natural. It’s what happens to most sales people. THERAPY FOR YOUR Nor knowing how to prospect properly and well causes a person to do it poorly. When CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS. a person prospects poorly, he gets negative results. The negative results reinforce his fear and anxiety about prospecting. He begins to cut down on his prospecting activity. He spends more and more time on non- prospecting activities, or calling on prospects that may be easy to talk to but who will never buy. He will spend much of his time preparing MarketView360 will provide you with the tools to make sales calls or visiting past customers so he can maintain a semblance of working to cope with and maintain profitable relationships while avoiding calling on anyone new. with your customers. The statistics indicate that there is a turnover of one third of sales people in America every (And you won’t even need to sit on the couch.) year. This means that one third of sales people are coming into the selling profession and one third of those already in the profession are on their way out each year. The primary reason why people get out of selling and go searching for another job is because they cannot take the emotional stress of calling on new people unsuccessfully. Don’t let this happen to you. Overcome your fears by confronting them and doing the thing you fear. Now, here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action. First, do the thing and you will have the power. Instead of avoiding rejection, seek it WORK SMART, MARKET SMARTER out until it no longer bothers you. Second, take action every day, the earlier and the more often the better. Prepare before and after working hours and then spend every The Most Intelligent Multi-Channel Marketing System On The Planet working minute calling on new prospects. 1.866.591.4238 Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International. He can be contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mail at 8
  6. 6. sts fos ls ms sf fis PaulLong marketing solution Offer Points Instead of Discounts and Lock Your Customers in for Life The airline industry customer who gets points every time she has led the way in services her vehicle at your dealership will creating customer come back again and again. loyalty programs that are not only lucrative If I have even $50 in points saved toward the but effective in keeping purchase of my vehicle at your dealership, Icustomers coming back. In the automotive am locked in to purchasing my next vehicleworld, dealers tend to focus on service to from you. After all, that’s my 50 bucks andcreate loyalty, but a loyalty program based I’m entitled to it. Taken a step further, whaton points can create even greater repeat if I can earn more points toward a vehicletraffic, while being a revenue generating purchase by doing the things I do every day?business initiative. If I can purchase plane tickets or rent cars and earn points toward my vehicle purchase,Let’s start with an example: You have 20,000 now I’m thinking about your dealership everymiles saved on airline A and need only day. I’m also interested in finding more ways25,000 for a free ticket. Aren’t you more to pull the metaphorical lever. In short, I’mlikely to fly again on airline A than purchase loyal to your dealership.a ticket on airline B? Your decision processwould be similar when purchasing mileage-earning credit cards and doing other things If customers canthat reward you in miles. earn points towardLoyalty programs obviously work in the the purchase of theirairline industry and have made their way next vehicle by gettinginto the retail sectors. Three-fourths of service completedconsumers have joined some type of loyaltyprogram — all efforts by businesses to keep at your dealership,customers coming back. If they accumulate they are more likely topoints at one store, they are sure to go back service their currentto that store for similar purchases. vehicles and buyThis idea translates well to the automotive future vehiclesindustry. If customers can earn points towardthe purchase of their next vehicle by getting from you.service completed at your dealership, they aremore likely to service their current vehicles There is something in it for the dealership,and buy future vehicles from you. too: Information. First, require an e-mail to participate. Then send them e-mails aboutOffering discount offers and coupons in ways to earn points — this keeps yourservice to drive traffic is great for the short name in front of them. Second, track whichterm, because you get customers to come in. customers are doing what. With a true loyaltyThe inherent issue with discounts, however, program, you can figure out who your bestis that competitors can easily match, or beat customers are and communicate with themyour deal. Cash discounts don’t breed loyalty. accordingly. Lastly, track your revenue. ForOffering points toward future service or sales every dollar you spend on loyalty, it’s notinstead of (or in addition to) discounts give unrealistic for you to see a $13 ROI. And ifcustomers something to aspire to and get you are loyal to your customers, they will inexcited about. And when customers can save turn be loyal to you.for something they particularly want (like anew car), points become more powerful than For a free Pro Forma on how a loyaltycash. program drives sales, e-mail me or give me a call.In 1950, behavioral psychologist B.F.Skinner recognized that a pigeon who got Paul Long is the president of thefood every time he pulled a particular lever re:member group. He can be contacted atwould continue to pull the same lever as long 866.630.0221, or by e-mail atas he was rewarded. Similarly, the service #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional 9
  7. 7. sts fos ls ms sf fis TomHopkins Setting Realistic sales and training solution Sales Goals Achieving sales many vehicles you need to move this month. you exactly what they want to own — not volume goals is one of Consider your gut reaction and first thoughts just the make and model of the vehicle, the biggest challenges when you see that number. Is it one of “Hey, but the status, the economy, the cool color, any automotive sales I can do that,” or, is it, “Wow, how am I whatever it is that will make them say, “Yes, person faces. This is a going to do that?” that’s the car for me.” pretty straightforwardindustry. If you’re not making the cut, you If it seems easy, consider increasing So, in getting back to these 40 people youcan quickly find yourself cut from the team. your sales goal. If it seems like it will be need to meet this month, where are you going a challenge, good. Your goal should be to connect with them? Hopefully, you’re notThere are so many factors that can affect that something that both excites you and makes one of those sales people who waits in the lot,final number that you have to stay on top of you stretch a bit each month. When you’re hoping the company advertising campaignevery aspect of your sales activities and keep in stretch-mode, you’ll be open to learning will bring ‘em to the dealership in droves. Tomaking client contacts. new ways of connecting with people. You’ll achieve your automotive selling goals, you look forward to making follow-up calls and have to invest time in reaching out to peopleHopefully, you are dedicated, professional contacting those who are referred to you. all on your own.and motivated to achieve your auto sales You’ll get out of bed in the morning withcareer goals. If you are not, read no further. excitement to face the day and accomplish Call your past clients to see if they’re stillInstead, start looking for another product to something positive. happy with their vehicles. These callsmarket — something that lights a fire in your shouldn’t take more than two minutes each.belly, something you truly believe in. This next step in achieving your goals is It’s just a way of touching base, making them critical: Multiply your sales ratio by the feel important and giving them an opportunityIf you aren’t truly excited about the product number of vehicles determined above to to tell you once again how happy they are. Ifyou are offering, it will show in your learn how many people you need to connect they’re happy, you have the right to ask themdemeanor or in some little thing you say or with this month. Do you typically sell every for referral business. If they’re not, you needdo while with potential clients. They’ll sense fourth client you meet at your dealership? If to know about it because their unhappinessit and little doubts and fears will arise in them so, your ratio is 1:4. If you need to get people can cost you a lot of future business.about purchasing your vehicle. So, first and happily involved in 10 vehicles to achieveforemost, in order to achieve anything in this your earnings goal, you’ll need to meet 40 of Knowing your target for meeting people isbusiness, you have to believe in your line of them in order to do so. That’s when the law the way to achieve the sales goals you’revehicles, in the company you represent and of averages is working with you. reaching your own ability to excite others aboutthem. Is it realistic for you to meet 40 people this Do you ever feel awkward when greeting month? If not, again, you either downsize people who stop by the dealership? LearnLet’s assume for now, though, that you do your goals or learn new and better ways to to make a powerful, positive first-meetinghave the knowledge, the belief and the right meet people, put them at ease and get them greeting from Tom Hopkins. Contact us atattitude in place. How do you set and achieve to like you, trust you and want to listen to the address below to hear Tom deliver thethe sales goals? Start by setting a financial you. exact words to use to put clients at ease.goal for yourself for the year. Break it downinto quarters and months. Is the monthly goal That’s the bottom line of what selling is allrealistic? If not, you either need to downsize about. People buy from people they like. Ifyour goal or super-size your skills — you you’re not likeable, you’re out of luck. Ifdecide. you’re not knowledgeable, they won’t trust World-renowned master sales trainer Tom you. If you want people to listen to you — Hopkins is the chairman of Tom HopkinsNext, consider the average amount you earn take your advice about vehicle ownership — International. He can be contacted aton a typical automobile sale. Divide that you have to learn to listen to them. If you ask 866.347.6148, or by e-mail atinto your monthly earning goal to see how questions and get them talking, they’ll tell Muzak? Come on...get SIRIUS! BUSINESS 69 channels from just $24.95 per month. 800.741.AMTC(2682) No commercials. No contract. 10
  8. 8. INTRODUCING… …the BEST premium of the year! Increase your sales today! Thousands of Satisfied Clients! Steve Charlton, City Ford Your incentive programs are low maintenance. Any customer issues we have had over the years of buying your incentives have been dealt with in a timely and professional manor— that’s one of the many reasons we are on our 19th incentive V ation C ac re-order with Travel America. When we run your incentives, elebration we sell 20 – 30% more cars on a monthly basis. Your ti on incentives have helped make me the #1 Ford dealership in n Celebra V catio the country! a your choice of one of  luxur a caribbean y vacations inclu ding or a vacation cruise, las vegas getaway, of a lifetime in cancun, mexic o Gord Pidde, Clarkedale Motors As a Dealer Principle, I have guided 4 separate car dealerships to sell record numbers of both new and used s including V ca a t ion C y vacation vehicles. One of the effective tools I have used over the of  luxur vegas getaway, elebr e of one o at your choic ribbean cruise, las in cancun, mexic ion a ca or a vacati on of a lifetime years to generate buyer traffic is running travel incentive promotions offered by Travel America. They also offered me your choice a ca of on e of the right travel incentive for the season I was selling cars. or a va ribbean cr  luxury catio uise, la vacatio CHOICE IS n of s ve ns in T H E U L TaIlifetime in gas getawa cluding M AT E Lcanc U X U R Y y, un, me xico Cam Geddes, Millennium Ford Every time we gave away trips, we had a sharp increase in sales. That’s why we’re on our 12th re-order with Travel America. We will continue to use your customer sought after travel incentives in the future. XUR Y Garrett Willoughby, Whitby Mazda M AT E L U CHO E U LT I ICE Travel America have the finest quality incentive offerings, E IS TH IS T HE CHOIC U LT I M AT E LU XU RY their attention to detail is second to none. Their unique point- of-sales materials have made a big difference in generating more traffic and vehicle purchases. The be-back cards have been a highly effective tool for our sales representatives toVacation Celebration–Diamond Getaway Package secure more car sales. Your choice of one of 3 luxury vacations including a Matthew Page-Hanify, Shaw GMCCaribbean Cruise, Las Vegas Getaway, or a vacation of a Travel America’s travel incentives are the most effective lifetime in Cancun, Mexico! closing tools our sales representatives have ever used. We have ordered from Travel America 12 times in the last two years and have current plans to buy a higher quantity of their incentives in the near future to help us close even more car deals. We make one simple call to our representative with the required number of incentives and our order is to us within 1 – 2 days. 159 Brent Preuss, Acura of Lynnwood $ 00 Travel America has been a tremendous addition to our sales campaigns. We used the Platinum Passport program as an incentive to our car sales. When we first launched the campaign, we noticed a $215,000 difference in our profit over the same time period from the previous year. We liked it so much that we purchased more for this year and plan to use Travel America in the future! Dealer Benefits •Increase sales by 30% •Increased ad response Call today for your free information package •Generate Excitement •User friendly 1 866 443 9874 •Exclusive Territories
  9. 9. fs feature solution JimRiesenbach Breaking Down the Barriers of the Automotive InternetIn March 1995, went live as branding skins off the major third-party doing at some point during the process. But Riesenbach: Basically, if traditionalthe first online car-buying site. At the time, buying sites and lined them up, you probably as much as auto consumers are turning to search engines are all about finding relevantdealers had concerns about sharing what couldn’t tell them apart. They’re all basically search, it’s a very limited tool for making Web sites based on the users’ query, verticalwas, until then, closely guarded pricing new- and used-car buying funnels designed shopping decisions. If you go to Google search engines are all about finding relevantinformation or, worse, being shut out of the to wall consumers in until they make a right now and punch in “Honda Accord,” information from across the Web for avehicle distribution process altogether. But vehicle selection. for example, you’ll get more than 3 million defined group of users. If you’ve been towhat was good for the consumer ultimately responses — no joke — and the majority of or, for example,proved to be good for the dealer — and the AS: But isn’t that the whole point? the highest-ranked listings will link out to you’ve used a vertical search engine. Yourise of the automotive Internet paved the third-party sites. That’s an extreme example, type in a query, and those search enginesway for unprecedented sales and a world Riesenbach: Absolutely, and that’s the but the point is that buyers are being scour relevant sources from across the Webof new, low-cost dealership marketing problem: By failing to keep pace with overwhelmed and dealers’ ads are getting and deliver it to you, so you don’t have toopportunities. consumer needs and focusing so narrowly on lost in an avalanche of largely disorganized jump from site to site. the transaction moment, we, as an industry, results, especially given that studies show 90Now, 12 years later, with the proliferation are limiting the value we can offer to dealers. percent of searchers don’t bother scrolling In my opinion, vertical search will be theof new technologies, including significant Look at it from the consumer’s perspective. past the first three pages of results. next big Internet story. It’s a natural reaction elect to narrow your search down by price or directly. More importantly, within this newadvances in search, it’s time for the Right now, if you’re beginning your shopping to the exploding Web universe. Ten years location, for example, and the results would pay-per-call program, dealers will only payautomotive Internet to reinvent itself. We process, you basically have two options: The biggest missed opportunity of all may ago, there were maybe 100,000 Web sites, automatically re-set without having to start a for the phone leads they receive. In otherrecently sat down with Jim Riesenbach be the “forgotten” automotive Internet but as of last month there are more than a new search. That’s indicative of the overall words, you can post your entire inventory(current CEO of Autobytel and the former One option is to go to a third-party site, users who aren’t looking to immediately billion. There needs to be a way to filter out experience of the site: The user has the and pay only for the phone leads generatedsenior vice president of AOL’s Search and where you can have a certain amount of purchase a vehicle, but might be interested in the “noise” and connect users with shared flexibility to explore and change directions through the program.Directional Media Group) to learn more content and inventory, but generally not on getting their vehicle serviced, for example, interests to targeted, useful information. In without having to start the process over againabout what he sees for the future of the a broad enough scope to make a confident or accessorized. Recent studies show that my opinion, vertical search is a perfect fit for or jump from site to site. AS: So does that mean the Purchase Requestautomotive Internet. “purchase” decision on the spot, which is there are millions and millions of Internet automotive users, who currently have to work is dead? probably why the typical online shopper users that are searching for automotive way too hard to find what they’re looking AS: Sounds great for consumers. But howAutoSuccess: What’s your impression of visits seven sites and submits multiple information other than what vehicle to buy, for — either by scrolling through dozens do dealers benefit? Riesenbach: Not at all. It’s just an option,the automotive Internet in 2007? purchase requests. In this sense, the quality which makes sense given that people only of drop-down bars on third-party sites, or rather than the only option. I should clarify issues we have in our industry are more or buy a vehicle every three to five years and by scrolling through pages of unmanaged Riesenbach: The whole point is to deliver that, along with Autobytel’sJim Riesenbach: Speaking for third-party less built into the process: Consumers are are only in-market about 30 to 90 days. Right traditional search results. more — and higher quality — leads. By network of sites, will still offer the traditionalsites, I think the industry has done a good job pushed to the transaction moment, ready now, this large population of automotive providing the best consumer experience on new/used buying funnel and that the searchin terms of providing marketing services for or not, which is hurting dealers in terms consumers have no central place to go on AS: Give us an example of how a vertical the automotive Internet, we plan on attracting experience is above and beyond that. Indealers and OEMs, but to be honest, I think of closing ratios. You’re still getting much the automotive Internet — which, again, search experience like the one you are a lot more direct-to-site traffic, which is fact, we’re working on a local ad programit’s time to re-think the consumer experience. better ROI than through traditional media is almost exclusively new and used sales- describing will work generally much higher quality than acquired that would enable dealers to place local,I’m not sure at exactly what point we began marketing, but in my opinion, there’s a lot of driven — and dealers, in turn, have very few leads. The process, moreover, is so flexible inventory-specific ads, based on new or usedto lose focus on the consumer, but it was room for improvement. ways to reach them. Riesenbach: We’ve developed what and user-driven that when shoppers elect to shoppers’ clicks, within the buying funnel.probably around 2000 or 2001 when the we believe will be the first vertical search contact a dealership, they’re generally going We also have plans for an aftermarket dealer“dot-com” bubble burst and the industry The other option for consumers is to shop AS: Where do you see things going from experience for the automotive marketplace, to be much more serious and ready to buy ad product. Bottom line, we are focused onbecame tightly focused on lead generation. through a general search engine like Google, here? On the site, you will type in than those on traditional sites, who, on some breaking down barriers in the automotiveThe result today is that if you peeled the which 90 percent of car buyers, in fact, are a search term and our SmartSearch scours level, are being pressured to make those Internet to provide dealers new ways to Riesenbach: The next generation of sites select automotive sources across the Web, choices prematurely. reach consumers throughout the purchase needs to be a mix of cutting-edge original including our competitors, for the most and ownership cycle. It’s a win-win situation Ten years ago, there were maybe automotive content integrated with a vertical search experience. That will allow shoppers relevant content and/or inventory, then delivers it in a very user-friendly presentation. Some of the biggest dealer advantages will be through our used program. Shoppers for everyone involved. 100,000 Web sites, but as of last month to quickly access relevant automotive content and inventory from across the Web — not So, if you type in “2004 Cadillac Escalade,” you’ll receive an extensive inventory listing, should have access to roughly 3.5 to 4 million used vehicle listings. Our program For more information on contact Autobytel at the address below. there are more than a billion. There needs only for new and used vehicles, but also along with an option to view results for dealers will receive premium placement and enhanced listings during used vehicle accessories, aftermarket products, ownership Escalade accessories, aftermarket products, to be a way to filter out the “noise” and resources and enthusiast content. service options, and editorial content searches — effectively putting them on top (reviews, etc.) — all of it drawn from our of the Web’s largest used inventory. And Jim Riesenbach is the CEO of connect users with shared interests to AS: For those of us who aren’t up to speed own content/inventory and relevant content/ each program dealer’s used listings will Autobytel. He can be contacted at on vertical search, how exactly does that inventory from other sites. If you want to feature a dedicated, monitored “800” number 866.433.8825, or by e-mail at targeted, useful information. work? continue down the buying route, you can that enables shoppers to call the dealership 12 13
  10. 10. sts fos ls ms sf fis ScottPainter marketing solution Embrace Online Sales, Not Just Marketing Last year we to provide upfront pricing and online access Programs that aggregate groups of buyers commemorated 100 to their inventory data. All of these elements and proactively bring them to dealers’ doors years of the franchise are aligning to make the complete online are on the rise. Sales process automation system — a century transaction possible within the next year — tools are dramatically reducing customer that saw amazing and within the franchise system as it exists acquisition, transaction and overhead costs. changes in the cars today.themselves but, relatively speaking, few When all of this is done right, consumerschanges in the ways they’re sold. Today, the Dealers that position themselves at the benefit by extension through better deals andindustry is in the crux of perhaps its biggest forefront of online buying will benefit hugely a more customer-friendly buying process.adjustment so far: how to fit the Internet into from this evolution. And, as we all know, happy customers willthe equation. Is it merely a sales tool — or remain customers beyond the initial sale.can it be used to facilitate the sale itself? Moving Consumers Closer to the Sale Here are a few steps dealers should take toMany in the industry remember the launch So far, despite the best efforts of some move the process along:of back in 1998, and that innovative online companies, shopping for • Work with technology and marketingwe came out fighting the system — wanting a car online has been a piecemeal affair: In experts to implement Web-basedto use the Web to bring cars directly to the the end, a consumer still has to finalize price solutions and automate the sales andpeople. But now there’s a better way to and options at a showroom. But, for many administration process.incorporate the Internet into auto sales — a consumers, the whole idea of shopping onlineway that works within the current franchise is to avoid the showroom. That’s not to say • Offer consumers access to yoursystem and improves the process for dealers avoid dealers — there’s a big difference. inventory-tracking dealer managementand consumers. software, so customers can find the The big leap in the consumer experience will exact car they want in your inventory.There’s an incorrect perception that the involve moving out of lead generation mode This will bring you consumers who arefull Internet sale must, by its very nature, into a process that actually drives buyers further along in the buying process —circumvent dealers. While that may have closer to the sale while they’re still online. increasing the chances of a sale, whilebeen the aim back in the late 1990s, today Many auto marketing Web sites today merely using fewer resources.the Internet and Web-based solutions are not focus on lead generation and advertising —competition for dealers, they’re solutions. so all they really do is try to get consumers • Give consumers an upfront price,In fact, companies are using the Internet to click as many times as possible and view and guarantee it with a printableto improve the process on both sides of more ads. This may generate lots of revenue “certificate” that the buyer can bring tothe transaction, offering a better buying for the Web site, but it is not efficient for the dealership. Customers get the priceexperience for consumers, and a more either the buyer or the seller. they expect and dealers waste less timeefficient selling experience for dealers. with the traditional back-and-forth To fully capture the attention of buyers online, negotiations.A Complete Online Transaction is dealers should offer up their inventory forComing — and It’s Good consumers who want to complete more of • Let buyers view all of the transactionfor Everyone the transaction online — essentially, treat the documents online, so there are noOn the consumer side, the process of buying Internet as an extension of the showroom. surprises at the dealership.a new car is fundamentally changing. J.D. There’s a direct correlation between thePower & Associates reports that 67 percent accuracy and completeness of data provided Improved technology and efficiency resultsof new-vehicle buyers use the Internet in electronically, and the number of cars dealers in reduced fee-per-sale — a win/win for thetheir vehicle shopping process. sell. Until dealers are able to give consumers dealer and consumer. online access to accurate, real-time inventoryThanks to dealers, manufacturers and third- details — down to the very last feature and These innovations in Internet marketingparty sites, there’s already plenty of easy spec — their products will be relegated to capabilities move us closer to a start-to-finishonline access to data and images for every being commodities. online solution for dealers who recognizemake and model. The online selling process that long-term survival, and prosperity,is in full swing. It’s the online closing of the Emerging Technology Cuts are impossible without the Internet — anddeal that so far has proved elusive — mostly Costs and Improves Operational Internet success is virtually impossiblebecause the industry and the technology just Efficiencies without the help of technology and onlinehaven’t been ready for that. Yet. For many dealers there’s still a gap between marketing experts. the promise of what the Internet can do forToday, things are starting to fall into place. them and the reality so far.Ambitious technology innovators areassembling the pieces, consumer loyalty But technology is catching up to the affinity buying groups is on the rise New “cost per action” pricing models are Scott Painter is CEO of Zag, Inc. He can(providing volume in terms of buying emerging, allowing dealers to pay a flat be contacted at 866.438.9808, or by e-power) and progressive dealers are starting fee only when they close an actual sale. mail at 14
  11. 11. A Letter and Special Invitation from Mark Tewart You Are Guaranteed To Increase Your Bottom line by $250,000 This Year or I Will Pay You $10,000! Would you like to: • increase your gross profit per vehicle? • increase your repeat sales? • increase your service business? • increase your service absorption? • start selling value instead of price? • create an unbreakable bond between you and your customers? • earn an extra $250,000 bottom line this year without having to sell one additional vehicle?Mr. Dealer I’m sure you have heard it all before, Blah, Blah, Blah. The same old sales pitches time and time again. Increase this or increase that withsome sort of magic pill. I don’t have a magic pill, but I do have a real solution to dramatically increase key parts of your dealership and I’m willing toback it up with a $10,000 guarantee.Everything I listed above will absolutely happen. It’s already happened for several dealers and you could be next. As a mater of fact if you sell anaverage of 100 vehicles a month or more the $250,000 can easily be $500,000 or more a year bottom line profit increase. No magic pills, no fairydust, no scams, no slam-bam programs, no old school hard-sell programs that alienate you customers. As a matter of fact, this will positively impactCSI more than anything you will ever do.What is this Super-Duper Program I am talking about? It’s a somewhat new program that is delivering amazing results. The reason I say somewhatnew program is that several dealers have now been on this New Program for about a year and half and have had the results I talked about earlier andseveral have had increases of over $1,000,000 in just one year! That’s No BS and is verifiable.Our Blue Sky Program is designed to increase the Blue Sky Value of your dealership dramatically by increasing your income now while increasingkey components that most dealerships continuously struggle with.Please don’t take my word for it; I will let you talk to the dealers who have experienced these “Mark Tewart helped our dealershipthings first hand. grow from 30-40 units a month to 130 units and substantially increased our grossWhat’s the catch? There isn’t one. I am not asking you to buy something, sign a contract or payme one nickel up front. All I’m asking is a half-hour of your undivided attention. and net pro ts as well. Now that we are on the More Blue Sky Program fromHere’s the deal… Mark Tewart I fully expect our bottomNot every dealer will be accepted for this program. I purposely don’t do business with everyone. line to grow by an additional $500,000I have found when you try to do business with everyone, you are just doing it for the money and or more this year.”you can’t be everything to everyone. In the long run you wind up making less money and doing Mark Ward, Dealerbusiness with people you don’t like or respect and that may not be able to be successful no matter Ward Chrysler Carbondale, ILwhat you do. I refuse to do that. Life is too short.What I do is a personal interview with dealers, go over the program and then do an on-site analysis to see if it’s a good fit for you and for me. Then ifaccepted, I let you decide. Although the More Blue Sky Program would benefit every dealership, I am only looking for a few specific dealerships.This program works tremendously but takes a great deal of work in the beginning by my staff at your dealership to make sure it’s kicked off properlyand everybody is moving in the right direction. I personally spend a lot of time, effort and money to make sure it works. Because of this, I have to beselective. In fact, we project only 25 dealers will qualify this year for the program. When we are full, that’s it.I would like to briefly chat with you to describe the program in detail. If you qualify for the program, I will let you speak directly to multiple dealersmaking an EXTRA $50,000 or more NET INCOME per month.What’s the next step?Just call me at 888 2Tewart (888 283-9278) or 513 932-9526 or e-mail me at Gift Bonus – Just for taking a look at this program, I will give any dealer principal my High Performance Selling DVD FREE! ($597 Value) Sincerely, Mark Tewart Tewart Enterprises Inc 888 2 Tewart (888 283-9278) / 513 932-9526 info@tewart.comP.S. For more information go to our FREE 24/7 Information Hotline at: 800 437-1784 Extension 86001
  12. 12. sts fos ls ms sf fis ScottMontgomery marketing solution Who’s Got the Best 0 Percent Everybody’s looking to virtually limitless customer service. percent,” it simply wouldn’t have worked. for a way to build their No one can own a number. own brand and make Now, service happens to be one of those all- their advertising work too-easy me-toos that generally go no further But now, because they stand for something, harder. than “extended Saturday hours,” “factory any number they choose to talk about is just certified technicians” and the always-popular that much more potent.And now, more than ever, it’s an absolute “free shuttle.”necessity. That’s the power of a brand. It makes the retail By strategizing their position, they were right side of the business that much stronger.Here’s the key: Stand for something. on. They had a number of genuine examples And once you’ve arrived at a brand of your when it came to demonstrating their level ofThe truth is, your dealership already has own, make use of it wherever you can. service.a brand. So, unearth it. Don’t expect the Whether it’s a high school baseball team’subiquitous “0 percent” to separate you. It outfield wall, TV or radio, license plate Not least of these was a story they told uswon’t. frames, your GM’s interview in the local about a customer who asked if he could paper, or your Web site. Spread the word.Lean on yourself. Look inward. Track actually sit in and watch his service happen.down an honest-to-goodness insight the Rather than fall back on “sorry, our lawyers So, let’s review. If you truly want to setcompetition either doesn’t have or most won’t allow it” the West Covina Nissan folks yourself apart, stand for something.likely won’t go to the trouble of matching pulled up a chair, sat him down right there inyou on. the service bay and got him a cold drink. Never rely on a number to separate you. Somebody down the block or on the nextThat’s what manufacturers do. They try to Secondly, rather than hide their customer page or on another channel will alwayscapture a personality. Deliver a truth about lounge deep within the bowels of their match it, or, more likely, have a better one.themselves that they know, generally through complex, they literally had it share a glassvery thorough research, will resonate well wall with the service area. Find a real difference. Live the difference.with their particular piece of the pie. Give evidence of the difference. Once again, any customer lounge has aFor example, Mazda’s “Zoom, Zoom” great big plasma and a library’s worth All the numbers that then come along forcampaign speaks volumes about the type of of magazines nowadays. But how many the ride will be just that much sweeter.products they build and the audience they hope specifically design their lounge to share a (Consider, for a moment, high-end retailersto attract. As does BMW’s “Ultimate Driving glass wall with service? with an actual brand-selling parity productsMachine.” As does Lexus’s “Relentless for a premium price. How’s that happen? ItPursuit of Excellence.” As does Volvo’s “The As it turns out, no space in the entire ain’t magic.)Luxury of Life,” and so on and so forth. dealership, aside from accounting for obvious reasons, is off-limits to customers. This leads But whether on your own or with a little helpIt’s something that makes an emotional to a very open and comfortable environment from an expert, get behind your brand withconnection with their respective targets. where it feels like anything’s possible, which everything you’ve got. And make sure every happens to tie in well with their commitment member of the team does as well.Manufacturers work very hard to set to unlimited customer service, which ledthemselves apart. Then, and only then, do A strong brand pays dividends both in the to their position and tagline: West Covina short term and the long.they couple it with a product message. Nissan. No limits.What sets you apart? Is there a particular So, find something to stand for. Go find that It’s a mantra that rings true because it is real difference. And once you do, live thepiece of the retailing puzzle you work harder true. And it’s a mantra that lives, in posters difference. Give evidence of the than the competition? throughout the dealership for the benefit of And that will truly set you apart from the “0Most important, do you have a demonstrable both customers and employees, on table tents percent.”difference you can put out there as proof that on every desktop, on service bay banners, andyou actually stand for something? Do you all the way out to their print and broadcast.have the evidence? Can you walk the talk? Scott Montgomery is the chief creative West Covina Nissan stands for something. officer at HLF Brandtailers. He can beOne Southern California dealership, West Now on the other hand, had they selected, contacted 866.664.9173, or by e-mail atCovina Nissan, is touting their commitment say, “West Covina Nissan. Home of 0 16