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Auto Success Magazine

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Auto Success Magazine

  1. 1. Merry Christmas December 2006
  2. 2. Driving more business to dealers is what we live for. (Of course, we also love that you noticed.) “Highest in Dealer Satisfaction with Online Buying Services for Used-Vehicle Leads” We're proud that dealers ranked highest in a J.D. Power and Associates study that looked at business generation, lead transmission, support and service, advertising, and fees. But we're not surprised. After all, we are the Ultimate Automotive Marketplace, with more shoppers and more successful dealers than anyone. Call 1-888-249-6860 today, and let us steer more business your way. The smarter place to buy and sell a car. received the highest numerical score for used vehicle leads in the proprietary J.D. Power and Associates 2006 Dealer Satisfaction with Online Buying Services StudySM. The study was based on 1,010 dealer evaluations in June-July 2006. Your experiences may vary. Visit
  3. 3. move the crowd. crush the competition. count the money. J&L Marketing knows that every dealership Contact one of our Business Growth Strategist I bet you never thought of this idea for January! reaches it’s potential in a different way. That is at 866.856.6782 to discuss how each of these why we offer three different roads to success programs and others can be used in your I know, it’s late December and you’re worried about closing out the year – right now you’re probably not thinking - all with intense benefits! dealership to produce amazing results! about what you need to do in January. Well, I have an idea for you that you probably have not considered in the past. 1 2 We study response rates and closing percentages on a week-to-week basis and measure every aspect of the direct mail Events Weekly Campaigns promotions we create. One thing we obviously look at is how well promotions do on a particular day of the month or year. Case Study: Missouri Chevrolet Dealership Case Study: Pennsylvania Hyundai Dealership Last year we noticed that Martin Luther King Day was one of our best days in terms of response rate and, more importantly to you, the amount of cars sold. I’ve researched the direct mail promotions we created on Martin Luther • 3-Day, high impact sales promotion (no outside sales teams). • Appointment-based sales strategy where customers call to set a King Day for 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 and sure enough those years were equally successful. In fact, these • As an appreciation of past business, previous customers were invited 60- minute presentation with a member of the sales team. promotions performed so well that 94% of the dealers who ran a promotion on that date last year have already agreed to the dealership to take advantage of year-end savings. • Dynamic website created for each customer. to run another promotion this year Monday, 15 January 2007! • Dynamic website created for each customer. • Allowed customers to schedule appointments on their own • Increased response rate time, increasing response rates • Built database with customer information for future Why are these promotions so good? • Gathered valuable data for future mailings • Built credibility and provided additional information mailings • Produced instant internet leads with qualifying • Produced instant internet leads with qualifying information Well, if you think about it, the answer is simple. Just like President’s Day in February, people are off work, which information • Drives quality appointments into the dealership during the slowest means they have the time to come into your showroom and buy a car. Plus, because Martin Luther King Day is not • E-mail blast times of the week. recognized as a typical “sale” day, your competitors will probably not take advantage of it (unless they are reading • Increased response rate this advertisement too). All you have to do is give your previous or potential customers a reason to come to your 1,501 mailed showroom - not your competitor’s. 7,500 mailed 25 respondents (1.67%) 93 respondents (1.24% during three days) 10 sold (40%) We have a complete lineup of tested promotions that ran on previous Martin Luther King Days and are proven to 24 sold (25.81% during three days) be extremely profitable. You need to make the decision now to have your dealership participate in this powerful January promotion date. Just call my office right now at 866.856.6782 and ask for Sarah Amburn or e-mail her at 3 Numbers do not include additional responses and number of vehicles sold from the Internet and phone prior to event dates. and we will send you these incredible promotion ideas as soon as we hear from you! Don’t let your 2007 sales start off slow. That will not be good for the morale of your store. Use this opportunity and Hybrid Events get 2007 off to the type of start you really want. Contact us now! Sincerely, Case Study: Tennessee Honda Dealership • Pre-registration program for previous customers that utilized direct 11,267 mailed mail and personalized dynamic websites. 108 respondents (.96% during three days) Scott T. Joseph • Dynamic website created for each customer. 21 sold directly from mail piece, prior to event date President • Captured customer’s buying interests (19.44%) J&L Marketing, Inc. • Follow-up postcard 60 sold during event dates (55.56%) • Used as a reminder to customer of appointment. • Follow-up 3D mailer 81 total sold, not including follow-up P.S. As an added bonus, if you are one of the first 25 dealers who contact us, we will create a specialized web page for • Used as a reminder to customer of appointment. each potential buyer you mail to for FREE! Contact us now at 866.856.6782 for more information on this powerful • HTML E-mail confirmations tool proven to increase your response rates. • Used to repeat customer’s information back to them and remind them of appointment. 866.856.6782
  4. 4. The Power of Positive Self-Talk 8 BrianTracy Avoiding Awkward Beginnings 10 TomHopkins The Hustle 11 DavidThomas The Chemistry of Effective Leads 12 SeanWolfington The Secret to Your Success is in the Sauce 14 DixonJudd Nine Random Things I’ve Learned the Hard Way 16 JeffMorrill Increased Factory Warranty Equals Increased VSC Profits 17 TonyDupaquier 12 And Now the Starting Line-Up for Tonight’s Game... Innovate or Die 18 20 SunnyKnocke MichaelYork The Proper Way to Apologize To Friends, Family, Co-workers and Customers 22 PattiWood Positive Action Systems Car Business Fundamentals 24 WillParquette People Hear What They See 25 MarkTewart Tuning Your Web Site for High-Performance: Using Key Performance Indicators, Part 4 28 HeatherConary How to Effectively Market on Television 30 MikeNichols Leadership Requires Love 34 SeanWolfington The Spirit of Christmas 35 JesseBiter Secrets to Online Pre-Owned Sales Success 36 DavidKain Video Streaming Reaches the Market and Boosts Sales 38 PhilSura Finding Ways to Move Forward 42 DeliaPassi Two Big Myths of Automotive Marketing 44 JimmyVee & TravisMiller Every Business Professional Should Have a Personal Web Site 46 TomKain Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher Courtney Paris, Sales-improvement Strategist Susan Givens, Vice President Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive Thomas Williams, Creative Director Brian Balash, Sales-improvement Strategist Louisville, Kentucky 40245 Dave Davis, Creative Strategist & Editor Toni Stephens, Sales-improvement Strategist toll free: 877.818.6620 facsimile: 502.588.3170 Cori Frye, Sales-improvement Strategist web: helping to promote... 1 Peter 3:8-9 Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous: not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise God is the source of all supply blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing. AutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $75 per year. AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which this magazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  5. 5. sts fos ls ms sf fis BrianTracy The Power of sales and training solution Positive Self-Talk Perhaps the most “emotional solar plexus.” happens, you will not allow it to get you powerful influence down. You will respond in a constructive way. on your attitude and The optimistic person, however, soon moves You will take a deep breath, relax and look personality is what beyond this disappointment. He responds for whatever good the situation may contain. you say to yourself, quickly to the adverse event and interprets When you make this decision in advance, you and what you believe. it as being temporary, specific and external mentally prepare yourself so that you are not It is not what happens to you, but how you to himself. The optimist takes full control of knocked off balance when things go wrong, respond internally to what happens to you, his inner dialogue and counters the negative as they inevitably will. that determines your thoughts and feelings feelings by immediately reframing the event and, ultimately, your actions. By controlling so that it appears positive in some way. Second, neutralize any negative thoughts or your inner dialogue, or “self-talk,” you can emotions by speaking to yourself positively assert control over all dimensions of your life. Since your conscious mind can hold only one all the time. Say things like, “I feel healthy. thought at a time, either positive or negative, I feel happy. I feel terrific.” As you go about Your self-talk - the words that you use to if you deliberately choose a positive thought your job, say to yourself, “I like myself, and describe what is happening to you, and to dwell upon, you keep your mind optimistic I love my work.” Say things like, “Today to discuss how you feel about external and your emotions positive. Since your is a great day; it’s wonderful to be alive.” events - determines the quality and tone of thoughts and feelings determine your actions, According to the law of expression, whatever your emotional life. When you see things you will tend to be a more constructive person, is expressed is impressed. Whatever you say positively and constructively and look for the and you will move much more rapidly toward to yourself or others is impressed deeply good in each situation and each person, you the goals that you have chosen. into your subconscious mind and is likely to have a tendency to remain naturally positive become a permanent part of your personality. and optimistic. Since the quality of your It all comes down to the way you talk to life is determined by how you feel, moment yourself on a regular basis. In our courses Third, look upon the inevitable setbacks to moment, one of your most important of problem solving and decisions making, that you face as being temporary, specific goals should be to use every psychological we encourage people to respond to problems and external. View the negative situations as technique available to keep yourself thinking by changing their language from negative to a single event that is not connected to other about what you want and to keep your mind positive. Instead of using the word problem, potential events and that is caused largely by off of what you don’t want, or what you fear. we encourage people to use the word situation. external factors over which you can have little You see, a problem is something that you deal control. Simply refuse to see the event as being You are continually faced with challenges with. The event is the same. It’s the way you in any way permanent, pervasive or indicative and difficulties, with problems and interpret the event to yourself that makes it of personal incompetence of inability. disappointments, with temporary setbacks sound and appear completely different. and defeats. They are an unavoidable and Fourth, remember that it is impossible to inevitable part of being human. But, as The hallmark of the fully mature, fully learn and grow and become a successful you draw upon your resources to respond functioning, self-actualizing personality is person without adversity and difficulties. effectively to each challenge, you grow and the ability to be objective and unemotional You must contend with and rise above them become a stronger and better person. In when caught up in the inevitable storms of in order to become a better person. Welcome fact, without those setbacks, you could not daily life. The superior person has the ability each difficulty by saying, “That’s good,” and have learned what you needed to know and to continue talking to himself in a positive then look to find the good in the situation. developed the qualities of your character to and optimistic way, keeping his mind calm, where they are today. clear and completely under control. The Finally, keep your thoughts on your goals and mature personality is more relaxed and aware dreams on the person you are working toward Much of your ability to succeed comes and capable of interpreting events more becoming. When things go wrong temporarily, from the way you deal with life. One of the realistically and less emotionally than is the respond by saying to yourself, “I believe in characteristics of superior men and women immature personality. As a result, the mature the perfect outcome of every situation in my is that they recognize the inevitability of person exerts a far greater sense of control life.” Resolve to be cheerful and pleasant, and temporary disappointments and defeats, and and influence over his environment, and is far resist every temptation toward negativity and they accept them as a normal and natural part less likely to be angry, upset or distracted. disappointment. View a disappointment as an of life. They do everything possible to avoid opportunity to grow stronger. problems, but when problems come, superior The key to becoming a highly effective person people learn from them, rise above them, and is monitoring and controling your self-talk at When you practice positive self-talk, and continue in the direction of their dreams. all times. Keep your thoughts and your words keep your words and your mental pictures positive and consistent with your goals, and consistent with your goals and dreams, there There is a natural tendency in all of us to keep your mind focused on what you want to is nothing that can stop you from being the react emotionally when our expectations are do and the person you want to be. success you are meant to be. frustrated in any way. When something we wanted and hoped for fails to materialize, Here are five ideas you can use to help you to Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEO we feel a temporary sense of disappointment be a more positive and optimistic person: of Brian Tracy International. He can be and unhappiness. We feel disillusioned. We contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mail at react as though we have been punched in the First, resolve in advance that no matter what 8
  6. 6. sts fos ls ms sf fis TomHopkins sales and training solution Avoiding Awkward Beginnings When you meet make them feel important. Second, it will will come in looking for a minivan, but fall in someone for the first help you remember their names. love with an SUV. Someone else might come time in your dealership, in seeking the same kind of vehicle they’ve your goal is three-fold. In this business, we meet a lot of new driven for 15 years even though their driving You want to get them people on a regular basis. Learning simple needs have changed. You could easily help to: strategies to remember names is important. them see the advantages of a different type 1. Like you I recommend repeating the clients’ names to of vehicle…if you ask questions about their 2. Trust you, and yourself four times immediately after they needs. 3. Want to listen to you. give them. It’s a strategy I’ve used for over 30 years and it works. Bob and Sally Brown. It won’t hurt if, in conversation, you are able Those three elements are absolutely Bob and Sally Brown. Bob and Sally Brown. to tell them about a situation with another necessary in order for them to make a buying Bob and Sally Brown. client they may be familiar with (maybe a decision based on the information you share friend who referred them to you) or where with them. Another way to be likable is simply to smile. you demonstrated dependability. Be careful It may seem obvious, but if your mind is on not to sound like you’re bragging. Use the If they came in after calling and speaking a personal matter or if you’re worried about term “we” as in “we, the company” when with you, it’s likely you said the right things meeting your quota this month, it’ll show in relating information about other clients or on the phone to get them to at least come your face. Your face muscles will tense up. situations. That way, if they’re even the least in and see what you have available in both You won’t be smiling and the prospective bit shaky on their opinion of you, they’ll vehicles and terms. You’re starting out on clients will likely see dollar signs in your build faith in the fact that the company stands the right foot here. They’ll be curious to eyes. To avoid that situation, really look behind their promises. learn more. That means they’ll be listening at your clients (don’t stare them down) to you. and smile with your whole face. You’ll be Look and listen for ideas of what’s important focused on them. Anything else that’s been to this person beyond their interest or However, their curiosity will only take them on your mind will be forced away for the need for a vehicle. If you don’t see or hear so far. Once they’ve gotten the basic idea of time being. anything that you would feel comfortable what you have to offer, they’ll need to like asking about, don’t become anxious. You and trust you enough to want to do business It’s human nature to like people who are like don’t want to create an awkward situation with you rather than taking their newfound us or who we recognize as complementing by looking like you’re struggling to come knowledge to another dealership to see what our personality styles. People tend to like up with a subject. Avoid the weather unless might be different or better there. others who smile, make eye contact, are there’s some unusual weather phenomenon courteous and are interested in them. These occurring. It’s just too trite. To help people to like you, you must be traits make those with whom you come in likable. That’s pretty simple. Develop the contact feel as though they are important to Train yourself to keep in mind “like me, trust traits you admire in someone you deem as you. me, want to listen to me” when approaching being likable. These could include having every prospective client and you’ll soon find a relaxed manner. Understanding and using To begin building trust, establish common yourself doing the things you need to do to some of the more formal courtesies is also ground. If you’re a fan of the same sports win them over. helpful. This includes introducing yourself team, if you have children the same ages, or with both your first and last name. Use the if you belong to the same community service clients’ last names, ie. Mr. Smith, Ms. Jones, organization, they’ll see how much you are until you feel them warming up to you. like them. Seek areas of common ground Then, you will have earned the right to ask by asking questions about the situation that to use their first names. If they only give you has brought them in to see you. You need to World-renowned master sales trainer Tom their first names, that’s a sign they don’t trust determine their needs without coming across Hopkins is the chairman of Tom Hopkins you yet. Go ahead and use their first names a as if you’re interrogating them. International. He can be contacted at few times during your initial conversation. I 866.347.6148, or by e-mail at recommend this for two reasons. First, it will It happens plenty of times that a young couple 10
  7. 7. sts fos ls ms sf fis DavidThomas sales and training solution What does it take The Hustle car sales people on the planet. He went from • Hustle is getting the order, because to be really great in sales person…to manager…to dealer…to you got there first or stayed with it car sales? That’s the dealer group owner in 15 fast years. He was a after everyone gave up. million-dollar question huge motivator and teacher to all and inspired • Hustle is shoe leather and elbow grease everyone wants to many associates to reach new heights. His and sweat and missing lunch. know. philosophy was simple. Robert’s reason for • Hustle is getting prospects to say “yes” living was God, family and selling cars, in after they’ve said “no” 20 times. Is it detailed product knowledge? Yes. Is that order. He was great at all three. • Hustle is doing more unto a customer it a professional appearance? Yes. Is it than the other guy is doing unto them. an outgoing personality? Yes. Is it your Robert died in a plane crash on the way back • Hustle is believing in yourself and the clothing? Yes. Is it your product? Yes. Is from a dealer meeting in Las Vegas. I think business you’re in. it your location? Yes. Is it your dealer’s about him and the hustle often and see if I • Hustle is the sheer joy of winning. reputation? Yes. am living up to his expectations. He died a • Hustle is being the sorest loser in winner in life and in sales. I hope I can say town. All of these contribute to your success. But, the same. Examine yourself and see if you • Hustle is hating to take a vacation, if you really want to know, there is one magic have the hustle. because you might miss a piece of the ingredient that will make or break you: action. “The hustle.” It is the difference between The following exemplifies what Robert was • Hustle is heaven if you’re a hustler. selling five a month or 20 a month. It is the all about. This was printed in the eulogy at • Hustle is hell if you’re not. difference between making a paycheck or a great living. It is the difference between a job Robert’s funeral. and a great career. David Thomas is the owner of Subaru What is Hustle? of Dallas. He can be contacted at Robert Fry was a great friend and mentor to • Hustle is doing something that 866.429.6803, or by e-mail at me for many years. He was one of the best everyone is certain can’t be done. You Do the Math! SEO & SEM Video Landing Pages =“Doubled Internet Sales*” (Testimonials on File) ABC Automotive Group *Free: Home Pre-owned Inventory New Inventory Service Parts Financing Directions Hot New Models Used Inventory This Weeks Newspaper Ad The ABC Difference $1000 Cash Back ABC Automotive ABC Automotive is the premier auto dealer in the midwest serving Chicago Land for the past twent two years. You’ll be amazed at the ABC difference. Video See our new car line up! Case Study White Paper 866 593 7893 Stop by any of our 9 locations and for a limited time only receive a free $100 coupon for oil changes with the purchase of any new or used ABC automobile. Also, don't forget to ask about our special 7 year engine warrant on all used 2005 and newer inventory! You’ll Love the “ABC Difference” Click for details on this Car Click for an Appointment december 2006 11
  8. 8. fs feature solution The SeanWolfington of Chemistry Effective Leads What do chemistry and leads have in digital marketing campaigns, it is important Most dealerships that buy sales leads usually and showroom traffic. However, just having common? Chemistry is the study of the to understand the chemistry - the basic have low-closing ratios and not much to a great Web site does not mean that leads will transformation of matter. Like this branch elements - of effective lead generation. show for their efforts. It is more difficult appear automatically. Successful dealerships of science dealing with different elements to close a third-party lead because the same are utilizing Search Engine Marketing and their reactive characteristics, the science What elements make a lead effective? A leads are being sold to your competitors as strategies to attract consumers searching for of effective lead generation also has to do lead in itself is not a sale. It is simply well. Additionally, there is a potential that vehicles onto their sites. with analyzing characteristics of prospects an indication that a potential buyer has your dealership’s “safe harbor” compliance in an effort to achieve targeted reactions. In expressed an interest in your product. In could be jeopardized. If the purchased leads Search Engine Optimization the case of leads, the desired reaction of the order for your dealership to reap the benefits are on a federal or state “do not call” list, this Every Web site should be optimized. Search prospect is the transformation of their desire of successful online marketing, conversion is could subject your dealership to costly fines. Engine Optimization is the ongoing process into a sale. But, before this transformation the key. To successfully convert a lead into of developing and coding your dealership’s can take place, the leads must be generated. a sale, you must generate high-quality leads Natural Leads custom Web site in order to promote the site that produce high conversion ratios. Let’s Natural leads are pure leads generated from and increase the probabilities that it will The Basic Elements analyze the different types of leads that your your own Web site. Most successful dealers appear at the top of the most popular search In the technology-saturated world of digital dealership can generate, and what methods have transformed their Web sites into lead- engine results. SEO involves comprehensive marketing, it may surprise you to hear that are used to produce potent sales leads. generating machines. These leads generated market keyword research and analysis to successful Internet marketing is not all about by a strategic Search Engine Marketing ensure the relevance of keyword phrase “Within 120 days of implementing our traffic. Getting the right kind of sales lead Synthetic Leads campaign will produce higher closing usage in your dealership’s Web site copy. into your dealership is the key to success. Every lead is not a good one. Some leads are ratios and higher gross profits. Natural lead When a consumer searches for a targeted eCommerce strategy, along with our Before you spend thousands of dollars on hard to close and generate little gross profit. generation is a cost-effective way to improve your bottom line and turn your business product in your region, you want to dominate the search results and get rated ahead of BuzzTrak CRM Tool and Virtual Test Drives, into a 24-hour marketing machine for your your competitors. Ed Naczi, Jr., Director of we more than tripled our online sales.” dealership. There are a number of ways to eCommerce at Honda North says, “I believe generate your own sales leads. in the power of this technology. After two ~ Ed Naczi, Jr., Director of eCommerce at Honda North months, our Web site provider was able to get Formula for Effective Lead Generation to the top placement the landing page is to assure the visitor that and Virtual Test Drives, we more than tripled Below are key marketing elements that are on all of the major search engines.” they are in the right place, and to make them our online sales. Not only did we exceed our the catalysts for effective lead generation. feel comfortable enough to take the desired expectations in sales, we also dramatically These elements are necessary to formulate PPC action of submitting a minimal amount of reduced the advertising cost from $365 to an effective “marketing mix” that will Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a method by which personal information in exchange for more $200 per unit.” produce potent, high quality leads. They are advertisers pay to have their ads displayed at information. as follows: the top or right hand side of organic search Extrapolation 1. High-End Web site results. This concept is based on a bidding CRM Tool Getting the right type of sales lead into your 2. Search Engine Optimization process for keywords and phrases. The An immediate automated response to any lead dealership is the key to its success. Each 3. PPC Campaign higher the bid, the higher the placement of is essential. The goal of automated response of these five components should be present 4. Effective Landing Pages your ad. Since you pay only when someone tools is to acknowledge the visitor’s inquiry in an effective lead generating marketing 5. Powerful CRM Tool clicks on your site, PPC is one of the most and to drive them back to your dealership plan. It is the science of correctly using “After two months, High-End Web Site cost-effective and immediate methods to begin generating leads. Web site or to contact the dealership directly. A powerful customer relation management these elements in combination with one another that provides the effective chemical our Web site provider Leads generated by a dealership’s Web (CRM) tool will enable your dealership to bond in the “lead generating marketing site close at a higher percentage because Landing Pages reach thousands of prospects at virtually mix.” Adapting the elements to match your was able to get the prospect is further along in the buying Whenever you implement a PPC campaign, no additional cost, eliminating the need for dealership’s target market and using each process, and is ready to buy. Not only should your Web site be alluring with unique and you will be providing a link for the consumer to access. The landing page is where visitors more traditional forms of advertising, such component in coordination with the other as radio, television and newspaper. A state- will lead to ... well, more leads. to the top placement on interactive features, it should be a marketing “land” when they click on your online ad. of-the-art CRM tool will enable your staff center for your entire dealership. Rather than It is crucial to provide an effective, well- all of the major just providing information for the customer, designed site that will build credibility to prospect as well as follow up with the customer from the initial click through the Sean Wolfington is the general manager of search engines.” it should build value in your dealership, and trust with the prospect. The landing entire buying process. Naczi adds, “Within BZ Results, an ADP Company. He can be people and products. Your Web site should page should be brief, but informative; be 120 days of implementing our eCommerce contacted at 866.647.0471, or by e-mail at ~ Ed Naczi, Jr., Director of eCommerce at Honda North transform visitors into more leads, phone creative, but subtle. The main objective of strategy, along with our BuzzTrak CRM Tool 12 13
  9. 9. sts fos ls ms sf fis DixonJudd sales and training solution The Secret to Your Success is in the Sauce Do you ever wonder No, not astrology; your real numbers. This even if one strategic advantage is that 97 if there is a “magic is perhaps the single most powerful principle percent of our competitors don’t know their combination” that will in having a rich and rewarding sales career. numbers, putting them at a huge disadvantage. unlock your success? Let’s look at it and, as we do, ask yourself: If the numbers are vague and unclear, the Perhaps you could results will be poor and unpredictable. This seek out a guru or a • Do I know these numbers by heart? is why many, many fields and professions medicine man, a muse or travel high into • How many leads did I have last year? make knowing the numbers one of the most the Himalaya Mountains and find a monk • How many presentations did I make critical functions they perform - science, that knew the all illusive secret ingredients last quarter? medicine, sports and accounting, to name to your success. If you could, would you • What is my minimum income a few. You and I won’t work with a doctor make the effort to seek the answers to your requirement to run my business? who is vague on our prescription dosage, we future? • What is my average commission per don’t follow a team that doesn’t care about transaction? how many games they win or lose and we Kentucky Fried Chicken’s 11 secret herbs • What is my cost to produce a closed certainly wouldn’t pay an accountant who and spices hold the key to their success sale? guesses at our finances. over their competitors, and all of the famous • How much cash will I need to retire? brew masters closely guard the recipes, • What is my next vacation going to The good news is that you don’t have to wait ingredients and processes to create world- cost? until New Years Day to start reaping the class beverages. It creates mystery and • What is my conversion ratio from benefits of knowing your numbers. Here is intrigue, to say the least, but it also allows lead to closing? my friendly challenge to you. Simply take a them to consistently produce something pad of paper and list the categories that are that is predictable and unique. They arrived By now you may be thinking, “This is boring” key to your success. Home, business and at these successful places after a long, or “I have an idea of these numbers, I don’t retirement are three main ones to address. concerted effort of trial and error followed really need to be precise.” Many times we Begin by listing what you are currently by meticulous record keeping to document greatly underestimate the power of knowing paying, analyze to see if this is currently the journey. If they hadn’t written the steps to our numbers, precisely. I believe it is the meeting and/or exceeding the need. Then their success, they would not know how they second only to lack of time management for make note of the adjustments needed. Spend got there. Have you ever created something causing us to fail in the sales professions. 30 minutes on this and set aside 30 minutes that was fantastic by accident, only to wish a week at the same time each week to review that you had tracked precisely how you got Let’s look at it from some other perspectives. and analyze this. Commit to doing this for the final outcome? If someone approached you for a $300,000 the next three weeks and then let me know business loan for, let’s say, their sales the difference in your clarity, confidence and Many of the above references to secret success business. Would you lend them your own energy. My experience with this topic is that formulas took many, many years to perfect. money if they had your current business plan no matter how far under the water you might Once they were identified, they produce and your current grasp of their numbers? be, that anyone can be completely debt free benefits forever leaving the rest of us to say, What if they didn’t know their numbers but with a respectable net worth in five years or “If only I had invented the PostIt pad.” they had a great personality, drive, ambition less. How would your life and career look in and offered to pay you a huge return on that setting? Contact me for your free copy of You and I don’t have years and years to your money? Chances are that you wouldn’t “Bottom Line Motivation” that will help you search around endlessly for our very own even lend them $3,000. I have found that break through into the power of Knowing secret formula to our own sales success. The knowing exact numbers creates tremendous Your Numbers. good news is that I believe there is a way to confidence, power and clarity and is a very do it quickly and start realizing the benefits key ingredient in creating massive success immediately. Believe it or not the answer and cash flow. is closer than we sometimes realize. Here Dixon Judd is a Partner in Your Success is the long-held, closely guarded answer to Knowing our numbers is too big to ignore. at Performance Resource Group. He can this all important mystery: The secret to your Knowing our numbers allows us to compete be contacted at 866.883.4916, or by e- success is in knowing your numbers. at the top of our professions for many reasons mail at 14
  10. 10. Money Guarantee DO YOU WANT THE REAL TRUTH? My Sales Event will bring you $100,000- Can you handle the real truth? $250,000 in gross profit in 5 days GUARANTEED The real truth is that it was a 13 Trillion Dollar or I will deduct the cost of advertising. You will economy last year in the US. 13 TRILLION! Now, if experience 200-500+ customers walk through you believe that you and your dealership can’t get your doors in 5 days. your fair share of 13 Trillion, then you can skip the This guarantee is small potatoes compared to the rest of this letter because my company would not tons of money that you will make from this event. be a good fit for you. If you don’t believe you can That’s why I am so confident and can make these get your fair share of 13 Trillion Dollars, then you bold claims to you. Big dealerships, small dealer- need to keep belly aching and whining about how ships, city dealerships, rural dealerships, it does bad things are. not matter. We have been able to get results However, if you aren’t willing to make excuses for time and time again. MARK TEWART the rest of your career about economies and manu- facturers and every other boogey man you can find, What Is This All About??? Big things, big break- Tewart Enterprises then read on… throughs, big sales, big gross profits. And yes, you can do this without lying to or beating up your Tewart Enterprises Inc. produces five-day sales events for dealer- customers. That’s right! With a very good marketing plan, very good ships all across the country. We bring traffic, LOTS OF TRAFFIC, people, very good processes and understanding of proper desking with our promotions. We also bring a professional team of people principles you can get a ton of customers, sell a ton of vehicles and to help you manage the sale and make it successful. We don’t bring make a ton of money – THE RIGHT WAY. drunks, drug addicts and derelicts. WE ARE PROFESSIONALS. For many, 2006 has not been a banner year in traffic, sales or profits. How Are We Different? In fact, for many, 2006 has been a real stinker. Many dealers and First of all, it’s our people. We have quality people. No vagabonds their personnel have begun to believe that it is just that way and and rogues allowed. Second, we have process. Third, we have you can’t push a market when it’s not there. Folks, I am here to tell experience. MOST OF ALL, we are an individual and organizational you that those things are only opinion. development company. Our mission is to leave your dealership better than when we came in. We will assist your people in growing their sales skills, people skills and deal process skills. “We have tried other companies and Tewart Enteprises is the best.” Lonnie Robertson, Dealer – Johnson’s of Chickasha – Chickasha, Oklahoma $200,000 in 4 days at Jeff Wyler Auto Mall in Springfield, OH Opportunity distance learning program for FREE. You get our Don’t let another weak month happen. If you internet based sales training program available to would like to discuss the opportunity of what a you 24/7 for a month! ($497 Value!) Tewart Enterprises Inc. sales event can do for you: Each person can view as many modules as they CALL 888 2 Tewart (888 283-9278) want and take a test on each module and the or e-mail us at with the words manager can track everyone’s usage and test “sales event” in the subject line and make sure to scores. give us your contact info in the e-mail. FREE BONUS #2 FREE BONUS The first 10 dealers who we schedule a sale with For all dealerships who schedule a sale with us in that mention this letter, I will give you my High the next 30 days, I will include one month of our Performance Sales DVD for FREE! ($597 Value) P.S. You can subscribe to my free e-mail newsletter at, and make sure to come to my Workshop at the 2007 NADA Convention: 27 Marketing Secrets Guaranteed to Increase Your Traffic and Sales in 30 Days or Less.
  11. 11. sts fos ls ms sf fis JeffMorrill sales and training solution Nine Random Things I’ve Learned the Hard Way 1. Win the War, Not your peril, and only after exhausting all the 5. Profit is Not a Four-Letter Word the Battle slightly-used options. Your prospects wouldn’t work for poor It is not your job to wages because they need to provide for prove someone wrong. 3. Slow Down With Prospects their families, just as you need to provide We routinely run into The longer prospects spend with you on the for yours. Don’t be bashful about asking prospects who don’t phone or in the dealership, the more likely for list price, because that’s what it takes to know much or don’t see things in a common- they are to buy a car. If you spend more time grow a business. sense way. Swallow your pride and find a on the steps to the sale, they will trust you way to bypass inconsequential conflicts. more, and you use up time they might spend 6. If You Want to Become a Manager or a You can show a prospect that he’s stupid shopping elsewhere. So take as much time Dealer, Act Like One or you can sell him a car. One or the other, as a prospect will give you. Learn the product knowledge, know the it’s your choice. The customer is not always inventory, study good sales technique, and right, but he is right most of the time, even 4. Don’t Take Things too Personally dress a cut above. When an opportunity when he’s wrong. After all, it’s his money. I look at it this way: I get along with 99 for advancement opens up, you’ll be the percent of the people I meet - the math obvious choice. 2. It’s a Lot Easier to Work With What’s suggests that my inability to get along with Already in Someone’s Head Than to the last one percent is not my problem, but 7. Don’t Forget That Your Health is Your Install Something New theirs. Some folks have led tough lives, Greatest Asset For example, if someone thinks a slightly- without the blessings that you and I have Your ability to honor your commitments used car represents a much better value than enjoyed. You don’t have to justify or suffer to yourself, your family and your career is new, then try to fit his needs with a slightly- their bad behavior - ask them to leave and compromised if you’re poorly nourished, used car. Undertake the switch to new at move on. sedentary and vulnerable to illness. Quit smoking, eat right and exercise, and start making a life instead of just a living. 8. Choose Worthy Goals, Write Them site traffic Down, and Get Started on Achieving r webes its nor spike Them Ou tim ma d You have less than 100 years to live. Are 5 lr you leaving them to chance? You know the to 2 “ cliché: Aim at nothing and you’ll hit it. Only . ate a tiny fraction of the population sets goals .” - but almost all the successful people I know set goals. Coincidence? 9. You Are The Biggest Obstacle to > Matt Lamoureux, Acton Toyota Success in Your Life Visit us at booth 3881C at NADA 2007 Luck does play a part. But I’ve seen lucky people make nothing of their lives and I’ve IMN Loyalty Driver™ is a turnkey e-marketing service that drives seen unlucky people succeed beyond all interest, sales and customer loyalty. Customized, trackable email expectations. The difference? The decisions communications provide tangible results for dealerships across you make in every moment of every day. the country. A couple of examples: Are your decisions moving you towards • 15 test drives scheduled within the first hour after an your goals or not? IMN Loyalty Driver e-newsletter was sent. • 90 phone calls in a month as a direct result of one IMN Loyalty Driver e-newsletter. Looking for results like these? Call 866.964.6397, ext. 214 or email Drive customers in…For sales, for life. Jeff Morrill is co-owner of Planet Subaru in Hanover, Mass., and Planet Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Franklin, Mass. He can be contacted at 866.872.8699, or by e-mail at 866-964-6397 16
  12. 12. sts fos ls ms sf fis TonyDupaquier f&i solution Increased Factory Warranty Equals Increased VSC Profits Vehicle Service same length of time as the factory powertrain Also, most dealerships price their VSCs Contracts (VSCs) coverage, and that is why a VSC is on the with a minimum amount of mark-up to help contribute significantly menu. If the factory sees a need to cover increase sales, but the increase in powertrain toward business the powertrain of a vehicle, the customer coverage allows for an increase in mark-up managers’ success. should certainly want to protect the rest of for wraps. Now that the factories the vehicle. have increased their powertrain coverages, The increase of the factory powertrain many business managers wonder what this Which VSC coverage does the customer warranties is an opportunity for business means for their future in the industry. need to purchase? The answer is a wrap managers to increase their success in the coverage. Most VSC providers offer wrap business office. Now is the time to capitalize It opens the door for increased sales and coverages that cover the entire vehicle on additional VSC sales and profits. increased profits. A challenge could be that with the exception of items covered by the customers may no longer think they need factory, thus “wrapping” around the original to purchase a VSC due to the increased coverage. coverage. This means business managers need to adjust their product presentation to A wrap offers many advantages. For overcome this perception. example, customers who are familiar with VSCs are accustomed to the price. With Perhaps the most important change business wrap policies, the overall cost is lower. Now Tony Dupaquier is the director of F&I managers need to implement is informing the value to the customer is higher, as many Training for the Automotive Training customers about the facts of powertrain offer important services such as towing, Academy. He can be contacted coverage. In general, these coverages do not rental reimbursement, roadside assistance at 866.856.6754, or by e-mail at cover as much as customers perceive they and trip interruption. do. Traditional powertrain coverage covers three components: the engine, transmission and drive axel. This leaves the customer responsible for many major components, such as suspension, steering, the electrical system, brakes, air conditioning, fuel system, cooling Comple system and high-tech systems. On average, Custom te 60 to 75 percent of breakdowns result in a Built NO Advertisin g failure of a non-powertrain component. CONTRACT Campaig TO SIGN n! Furthermore, many of today’s customers drive in excess of 20,000 miles per year. Depending on the part of the country, AGE NC W ELCO IES this average may exceed 25,000 miles. ME Explaining to a customer when the base factory coverage expires is critical. In many V iew At : cases, the coverage will expire within a year Samples and a half. Once customers realize how much the powertrain coverage actually covers and how long it will last, the opportunity to upgrade with a VSC becomes easy. State to the customer that the factory has given him or her coverage up to 100,000 miles on the vehicle’s core components. Then ask, “Wouldn’t it be great if you had coverage Honda Dealers: Setting up an ad group? that covered the entire vehicle for the same Call Us! We have over 12 years experience as a General Motors key ad agency. amount of time?” Most likely the customer Call Mike Nichols at 866-642-4657 will say, “Yes.” During the menu presentation, explain to the 6 4 2 4 6 5 7 customer that he or she stated the desire to or email: A merica’s have coverage for the entire vehicle for the © *Plus dubs, shipping and announcer. december 2006 17
  13. 13. sts fos ls ms sf fis SunnyKnocke marketing solution Innovate or Die Five years ago, e-mail the mid-90s with a growth of 200 percent. new method of communication and the fact marketing emerged that you are communicating with them on as cutting edge Did you know? their terms and on their time. Remember, technology in the • On average 94 percent of all text these customers voluntarily gave you marketing mediums. messages get read (according to ICM, their mobile phone number so you could As a marketing 2005) communicate with them. consultant, I encouraged dealers to take • 18-29 year old consumers use text advantage of this new technology as a viable messaging more often than voice to But, Please Text Responsibly: way to communicate with their customer communicate (eMarketer, 2005) 1. Do send happy birthday messages, base. Yet while dealers had heard of the • 80 percent of consumers keep their service reminders, thank-you power of e-mail marketing, few utilized mobile with them all day (eMarketer, messages this tool, saying “I don’t check (or have) e- 2005) 2. Don’t over text your customers mail so I know my customers don’t check • When given a choice, 39 percent of 3. Do partner with a reputable text e-mail.” US consumers prefer text messages to messaging company who will radio or TV advertising; however, only properly create and deploy your Today, five years later, e-mail marketing is 3 percent of most marketing campaigns campaigns for you the most powerful method of communication currently have a text component in the automotive industry. Those dealerships (Nightfly, 2005) Text messaging can benefit all areas of the who embraced this form of communication dealership. Service managers can send have amassed thousands of e-mail addresses Various industries from real estate to school service reminders and recapture incentives that enabled cost effective and efficient systems have adopted this unique form of to draw old clients back into their service marketing. They saved tens of thousands of communication — text messaging — and drive. Sales managers can send owner loyalty dollars utilizing e-mail instead of dying on likewise the automotive industry should certificates to customers looking to purchase the vine. These dealers were innovative. be on the forefront of this technological a new vehicle. Whatever the message, text explosion. Your customers are looking for messaging offers the right medium for a As technology advances and new forms companies that will market to them in a tech-savvy generation. of communication emerge, a younger manner in which they want. In other words, generation is embracing fast and portable they want fast methods of communication We know that we need to innovate to stay methods of communication. while on the go. They want to be connected ahead of the curve. Technology is bound to outside of the home and office. Dealerships change, and we in the automotive industry What is the next wave of communication must be attuned to the needs of their need to change with it. Those who embrace and marketing in the automotive space? prospective customer base and in the age of change will benefit with more sales and cellular technology, text messaging provides increased profits. The mobile phone. a quick and effective method of marketing. So, if you are thinking “I don’t use text Mobile Phones and Text Messaging With eight billion messages sent every messaging, therefore my customers must Where is your mobile phone right now? I’ll month, a dealership can reach a much not use text messaging,” just remember that bet that it is somewhere very close to you larger customer base. “The text messaging dealers were saying the same thing about e- because it is convenient, easy to use, and system enhances key areas of our customer mail communication five years ago. If you keeps you connected to your family, friends, follow-up,” said Richard Mikels of the Beck still don’t believe that text messaging is the employees and customers. By harnessing this Automotive Group. “We are now reaching future, I challenge you to take a look at your common device as an important marketing far more customers in an extremely cost- customers waiting in your dealership now. tool, a dealership can cost effectively reach effective and efficient way.” Do they have their mobile phones with them? a new sector of their customer base and Do you see them text messaging? increase profits. Did you know the average dealer’s database has 20 percent mobile phone numbers listed So go ahead. Take the leap. Innovate. In the wake of multi-channel technology, as the home phone number? Dealers have new and innovative methods of marketing mobile phone numbers in their database have emerged. Customers that live in today’s even if they haven’t been actively collecting fast-paced environment react strongly to them. marketing that is portable and congruent with their individual lifestyles. Reports show that Will you upset your customers by text SMS — short message service, commonly messaging them? Yes, a few. Did you upset Sunny Knocke is the president and co- referred to as “text messaging” — is the your customers when you started e-mail founder of MarketView 360. She can be fastest growing communication tool. Its marketing to them? Yes, a few. However, a contacted at 866.452.3715, or by e-mail at success parallels that of the Internet boom in majority of your customers appreciate your 18