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  2. 2. THANKS! To all of you who stopped by to see this year’s UST-SEE COMPANI NADA 2006 O R L A N D O F L O R I D A
  3. 3. Take our customers...Please!Why chase false leads when you can have real,qualified customers?She completed an extensive application, pre-qualifiedwith flying colors, received her purchase check, andnow she just needs a car. Want her contact info?Become a myAutoloan Preferred Dealer now.Our approved customers arrive with financing in place.Our qualified customers have passed an extensiveverification process through our Preferred Placement®technology. Now, all you have to do is put them in thedriver’s seat.Each month, we approve hundreds of qualified, ready-to-buy customers in your area. They prefer all brands,all models, and great service. But they don’t requireselling – they’re ready to buy!To choose your spot on our Preferred Dealer Networkand start getting these customers, give us a call toll freeat 866.625.2668, send an email to,or visit our Web Site at partnership with Complete Customer Contact Details Exclusive Territories Entire Credit Spectrum Applicants Exclusive Real-Time Leads by Zip Code 24/7 Online Dealer Access Customers are Buying Now REAL LENDERS - REAL LOANS - REAL TIME
  4. 4. CONGRATULATIONS 8 Making Strong Connections BrianTracy to the men and Search Engine Marketing 10 Search Engine Optimization and DavidKain women of the 2006 US Winter Rejecting Rejection 12 SteveLevin Olympic team. Compliance Science 16 EricHinkle Nine Phrases Every Good Sales Person Should Know 17 JeffMorrill What Employees Really Want 18 TomGegax Trick Me 20 ChrisAlford Whats the Point of Purpose 22 SeanWolfington See Spot Run ... Seen Spot Lately, Keep Reading 24 MichaelYork The Used Vehicle Market-Maker 26 BruceThompson Review Sales Performance 28 KirkManzo Stop Selling 29 DavidJacobson Advertising and How to Fix It 32 Why People Dont Respond to Your Direct Mail and ScottJoseph The Wow Factor 34 ChrisHanson More Cars 36 How Watching American Idol Can Help You Sell JimmyVee & TravisMiller The Five Keys to Great Customer Service 40 Sales Sells the First One, Service Sells the Next Five. JimAdams Do You Check Your Faith at the Board Room Door 42 26 JesseBiter cover Explode Your Sales Success 43 MarkTewart Are You in Your Customers Face Too Much 44 PattiWood What Exactly is Digital Marketing 46 Discover How Tasca Used Digital Marketing to Sell 82 Extra Cars a Month BobTasca III We would like to acknowledge a correction from last months issue, the spelling of writer Glenn Shepard Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist Susan Givens, Vice President Brian Balash, Sales-improvement Strategist 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive Louisville, Kentucky 40245 Thomas Williams, Creative Director Charlie Tierney, Sales-improvement Strategist toll free: 877.818.6620 facsimile: 502.588.3170 Courtney Paris, Sales-improvement Strategist Chris Feck, Sales-improvement Strategist web: helping to promote... monthly verses... Philippians 4:7 “The peace of God...will guard your hearts.” Proverbs 16:24 “Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.” God is the source of all supply AutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $75 per year. AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  5. 5. sts fos ls ms sf fis sales and training solution Making In his book, “Frames social needs that we all have: inclusion, of Mind,” Dr. Howard control and affection. Gardner made the revolutionary The first, inclusion, is the need to feel that statement that people we belong, that we are included in families, possess several forms work groups, social groups, business of intelligence. He concluded that we are organizations and professional associations. all intelligent in a variety of different ways, We need to feel wanted, accepted and and even if we didn’t receive great grades in important. school, we can still be intelligent in other areas. Two of these areas are intra-personal The second social need we have is the desire intelligence and inter-personal intelligence. for control. Psychologists have concluded that the basis for a positive mental attitude Intra-personal intelligence is defined as how is a sense of control. We are happy to the well you get along with yourself. If this is degree to which we feel we have a certain how well you know yourself, understand amount of control over our lives. We are yourself, and are clear about your strengths unhappy to the degree to which we feel out and weaknesses, values, opinions, goals and of control. Most stress is caused by being out dreams. People with high levels of intra- of control of some part of our lives that is personal intelligence are extremely aware important to us. of who they are and who they are not. This enables them to be honest and objective with The third social need we all have is the themselves and, as a result, they are more desire for affection. It is hard to live without honest and objective with others. the knowledge that someone cares about us. Sometimes, just knowing that even one Inter-personal intelligence is the foundation person somewhere cares about us is enough upon which another intelligence, inter- to give meaning to our entire lives. personal intelligence, is built. Inter-personal intelligence is an ability to communicate, In publishing circles, there is an expression: negotiate, interact, persuade and influence a work in progress. This is a book that has other people. People who are successful in all been scheduled for publication but which is businesses requiring active interaction with not yet complete; the author is still working other people such as sales people, managers, on it at one stage or another. Each of us is counselors, consultants and lawyers, all have a work in progress. Each of us is born and a high degree of inter-personal intelligence. grows up immature and inexperienced in You can increase your intelligence in any the ways of the world. Over time, and with area by learning and practicing in that area. a lot of hard knocks, we develop a greater And perhaps the most important intelligence depth of character and personality. And all you can consciously and purposefully of our lessons are learned in the crucible of develop is your inter-personal intelligence. human contact. That’s because forming and maintaining relationships is vital to both your There are certain parts of your personality professional success and your self-image that will remain completely untouched and - your intra-personal intelligence. undeveloped unless and until you enter into deep, meaningful, intimate, emotional Our personalities are largely shaped by the relationships with people you love and way people react to us. Our only indication who love you in return. It is only then that as to who we are at a young age is the you develop the depth of personality that way people treat us. If people treat us with makes you a more interesting and complete kindness, respect and good humor, we individual. eventually conclude that we are pretty good people who deserve kindness, respect and On the wall of my fist karate dojo was a sign proper treatment. that said, “The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of Psychologists have identified three basic the character of its participants.” I think that8
  6. 6. BrianTracyStrong Connections is the ultimate aim of life as well. And it is The fifth principle is caring. The greatest hardly possible for you to become everything gift that you can give to others is the gift you are capable of becoming without the of unconditional love and acceptance. The lessons that come through relationships with kindest thing you can do is to refrain from people for whom you care deeply and who, criticizing, condemning or complaining to in turn, care deeply for you. them or about them. Think of yourself as a people-builder rather than a people-basher. Relationships can be extremely complicated, Catch them doing something right. Always MUST-SEE but to build and maintain quality relationships look for ways to make people feel more COMPANIES NADA 2006 requires only a few basic principles. Let me valuable, more respected and more loved. give you seven. The three most powerful words in any relationship are, “I love you.” Repeat them The first is the principle of trust. All as often as possible and in as many different relationships are ultimately based on trust. ways as possible to the most important To build trust, you always keep your word. people in your life. You remain consistent and dependable in everything you say and do. You become the The sixth principle is a combination of kind of person who is utterly reliable in every praise and appreciation for everything that situation. You never do or say anything that others do for you, large and small. When can shake this fundamental foundation of you express your appreciation to another trust upon which your relationships are built. person for something they do for you, they feel better about themselves and want to do The second principle is respect. Taking more of it. And there is a kickback effect time to deliberately express your respect that causes your own self-esteem to go up, for the uniqueness of an individual makes exactly as if you had been praised. him or her feel very valuable and important. By demonstrating that kind of respect, The seventh principle is helpfulness, you build and enhance the quality of your especially for those people with whom you relationship. live. Your constant willingness to step in and do little things to alleviate the burdens The third principle for success in relationships felt by your spouse and children is always is communication. In communicating well appreciated and respected. This willingness with another person, time is the critical to share, to contribute, to help each other is factor. The value of a relationship can an important facet of lasting relationships. increase for both you and the other person depending on the amount of time you invest. Perhaps the most important thing you ever When you take the time to focus on the do in life is build and maintain long-term, important issues of a relationship, you open happy, healthy, fulfilling relationships with the channels of communication. And when other people you love and who love you. you listen attentively, calmly, quietly and When you make everything else secondary with total attention, you demonstrate the to this central purpose, you will find respect you have for the other person and yourself enjoying happiness and rewards deepen the level of trust between you. in exponential proportion to the efforts you put in. The fourth principle is courtesy. When you say “please” and “thank you” on a regular basis to the people in your life, you make them feel better about themselves and about what they are doing. You raise their self- esteem. And unfortunately, it is often with the people we care about most that we are the least courteous and polite. Emmet Fox Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEO once wrote, “If you must be rude, be rude to of Brian Tracy International. He can be strangers. But save your company manners contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mail at for your family.” march 2006 9
  7. 7. sts fos ls ms sf fis DavidKain marketing solution Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Dealers recognize to the consumers’ typed-in search criteria enough for a novice to navigate. Where it got that leads generated then rank it in a manner that should meet complicated was in my selection of words from their own Web the consumer’s expectations. That is the and phrases. I tried to think like my customers site close easier and intent, at any rate, and it is the most critical and guess what they would type in if they cost less than what is element of search because the search engine were considering my services. Logical terms available from third- companies know consumers will keep using like Internet sales training were easy enoughparty lead providers. For years, dealerships the search engine as long as it is a tool that but when you consider what other termshave been trying to drive traffic to their sites meets their needs. This is why Google, Yahoo people may type it becomes quite a variety of means — promoting their and MSN are so vigilant in making sure they Just using Internet sales training I cameWeb address on business cards, stationery, guard against fraudulent practices designed up with about 50 different phrases when Itelevision, radio, newspaper, billboards, to cheat the system. When the search returns factored in typos (Internet Seals Training)direct mail, T-shirts, park benches, soda irrelevant information there is a high risk that and locations (Northeast) and brands (Audi)machines — you name it. None of these the consumer will reject search engines and and descriptive terms (Quality). While at themethods were able to generate the kind seek data through other means. NADA conference, I visited several SEMof Web site traffic volume necessary to vendors and found that part of their primarycrank out a meaningful number of vehicle SEO Basics offering was generating relevant search termsleads. The effort was well-intentioned but Being a fiscally conservative business person in multiple combinations to match your Webexpensive with a low return on investment. the first thing I wanted to know was what site to the phrases a search user wouldDealers found that spending the same money could be accomplished without having to potentially purchase leads from lead providers was a spend any money. Surprisingly, I found outbetter deal and gave them certainty that they there were quite a few ways to improve my SEM budget considerationswould actually get leads. organic or natural listing just by making a Something I learned quickly was that some few simple adjustments. terms will quickly use up your budget soWith online consumers increasingly using you will want to plan for this carefully. Forsearch engines to research nearly everything, Listed below are a few keys to optimizing example — Ford trucks would be a greatan opportunity was born to refocus efforts to your Web site for search: phrase to be associated with but because itbuild large volumes of dealership Web site is typed in so many times each day it wouldtraffic. This inexpensive method to drive • Page titles — make sure the text in consume your daily budget early in the day. AWeb site traffic is being quickly embraced by the title matches the text on the page. better term would be a localized search termleading Internet dealers. What is nice about In your browser at the top you can see like “Ford Trucks in Lexington, Kentucky.”SEO and SEM is you can do it yourself or the page title, and mine used to say You will likely find buyers closer to youryou can hire someone to handle it for you. Home and now it home who will feel comfortable clicking onMany Internet directors use the do-it-yourself says what services I offer, which makes your link.method and have achieved excellent results, it easier for the search engine to find.which means their cost-per-lead is lower, and • Alternate text on pictures — Web- My advice to youthey are achieving high close rates on their building software allows you to enter At the very least get your Web site builder toWeb site generated leads. Dealers who don’t text to describe a picture on your site optimize your site as soon as possible so yourhave the staff or experience to do it in-house, and the more they describe what you dealership shows up in the organic search,have several options available to them. In the offer the better your search results. Each especially in your local market. When itpast year or so, several dealer-facing service vehicle picture could have alternate text comes to SEM, I recommend outsourcingcompanies have opened their doors to market with the vehicle name which could the task, because it can be a full-time job andtheir SEO and SEM services to dealers. improve your search ranking. you can blow through your budget quickly • Paragraphs on the pages describing without getting the results you require. YouSearch and the consumer your business — A good volume of want your Internet team focused on sellingSearch engines are popular because they words describing your business and and just managing search terms that canprovide a quick method to research most the services you offer are beneficial in really consume valuable time. Select theeverything. Search engines are also forgiving providing the hooks necessary to return provider that you feel most comfortable with,because they allow us to type in what could your site higher in the ranking. While and consider the expenditure like you wouldbe considered confusing information and still words may not be as attractive as flash traditional advertising and hold the SEMfind what we were searching for. they are critical to optimizing your site. provider to a high return on your investment.Search engine companies consider the SEM Basicsconsumer experience to be the critical SEM is more complicated than I expectedelement to their success, and the cornerstone when I first considered doing it on my the consumer easily finding what he or SEM allows your dealership to be displayed David Kain is the automotive Internetshe is searching for. These companies have in the frame at the top and side of the organic training specialist at Kain Automotive Inc.created remarkable technologies that can search listings. I set up a Google AdWords He can be contacted at 800.385.0095, or byread the information on various Web sites account, which was very easy to do, and e-mail at, oralmost instantly, determine the relevance the step-by-step instructions seemed easy visit 10
  8. 8. MUST-SEE COMPANIES NADA 2006SOME IDEAS ARE TOO GOOD TO KEEP TO YOURSELF.One great idea leads to another.While envisioning the new Ultimate Warranty, a number of ideas cameto mind. Bringing those ideas to life is what creates forward motion.While just the first of many solutions, you can now file a claim online.Try it once, and you may never pick up the phone again. Just anotherway that Ultimate Warranty is setting a new standard of excellence. 800.576.5113 WWW.UWC21.COMSETTING STANDARDS. ACCELERATING EXCELLENCE. Visit us at NADA booth #4074Service Contracts Gap Etch Roadside And So Much More Products Insured By Top Rated Insurance Carriers
  9. 9. sts fos ls ms sf fis SteveLevin sales and training solution Rejecting Rejection Like actors who your confidence grows, resulting in a more you have just put out the fire. Since audition for roles positive outlook and attitude. you agreed with the customer there is only to be rejected, no difference of opinion. You are now car sales people are Listening is another. When we greet a on the customer’s side. constantly hearing customer we don’t know how much legwork“No.” Let’s face it: Our selling process goes he or she has done or what he or she has 3. Now comes turning the objection tohand-in-hand with rejection. If everyone just heard, read or been told. Your main objective your advantage by saying, “But …”.said yes to buying something, there would should be to help put your customer at ease. “But Mr. Jones, you said that you …”.be no need for sales people. The consumer Talk with them and listen to what they are When you get an objection, alwaysdoes not buy cars every day, but you sell cars saying. You can gain valuable information agree first then say “but” and turn itevery day. So how do we cope and continue from listening. Listening also becomes around by stating your do what we do best — sell cars? And how therapeutic to the customer as it showsdo we change “No, I don’t think so” to “Yes, sincerity and understanding, as well as good There are several other ways to helpit’s a deal”? manners. A great sales person never asks a minimize rejection. When you find out your question that he or she doesn’t already know customer’s primary wants or needs, ask forThere are several ways to combat this the answer to. trial closes along the way. They are easynegative emotion, and mastering the power and effective. You might say somethingof positive thinking, which is fueled by Automobile buyers reject what we say when like this: “Mr. Jones this vehicle gets greatknowledge, is first. The more knowledge it conflicts with what they have read, been gas mileage: 32 mpg on the highway and 27you acquire, the more confident, persistent, told or have researched. Sometimes their mpg in the city. And, as I recall, you said youdetermined and optimistic you become. information is correct and sometimes it’s not. were looking for a car with good gas mileageIn our business the process starts with (the next three words are critical) isn’t thatproduct knowledge. As you gain more When Harry asks his father what kind of right?” The customer has to respond in aspecific knowledge of the vehicles you sell, car to buy, dad says, “Only buy American. positive manner. You just did a trial close. We live in a great country, and we need to Find four or five features that are important Sell More Cars keep our economy going!” Then Harry asks to the customer. Explain the feature and then the same question of his friend at work, say, “Mr. Jones, you did mention that this who just bought a new Japanese car. Now feature is important to you, right?” Wait for With CarTube what’s Harry to do? As Harry goes through the positive response. Trial closes are simple funneling all this information through his and easy, and the more times the customer brain he finally comes to the conclusion he says yes, the less rejection there will be. It’s doesn’t know what to buy. All he knows is the preparation to the close that’s important, Includes free software to create flyers he needs a car. Dad says one thing, and his not the close. Attaches easily to your entire inventory friend says another. Who’s right? They both are. So now Harry starts car shopping, and Zig Ziglar said it best: “Positive thinking Great for after-hours shoppers his head is twisted, not knowing which to will let you use the abilities, training and Quality weather resistant construction buy or where to start. So, when Harry meets experience you have. To respond is positive, This silent salesperson works 24/7 the sales person, guess what happens. to react is negative.” The power of positive thinking is built on product knowledge. So Here are a few ways to turn around the by learning the features and benefits of all negative responses you may get. the models you sell and sell against, will gain the power of knowledge and embody 1. Ask why. Many times a customer will the confidence, persistence, determination respond and give you more information and optimism that will make you a true that might turn the deal in your favor. professional. Remember knowledge breeds It is also therapeutic for the customer confidence, confidence breeds enthusiasm to talk; it has a calming effect, and you and enthusiasm sells cars. remain attentive to your customer. You are showing sincerity and are bonding for with him or her. Just ask “why” and let Call ree the customer go on and on. In most a F ple! Sam cases, you will turn the customer 1.866.973.9490 around. Steve Levin is the president and creator of Motormouth. He can be contacted at 2. “I agree.” By making this statement 866.662.9958, or by e-mail at 12
  10. 10. You Are Guaranteed to IncreaseYour Bottom Line in One Year by$250,000 or I’ll Pay You $10,000!Hi my name is Mark Tewart. I am This isn’t some magic-button, pie-a renowned expert in automotive in-sky fad. These are real-world andsales, sales marketing and sales proven methods for massive profitmanagement. Many of you reading this improvements. It takes hard work andmay have heard me speak at seminars, lots of commitment.state association meetings, NADA orNIADA conventions. You may have The second reason for me beingread my articles in AutoSuccess or picky about who I work with onother magazines or seen my shows these projects is that frankly I don’ton Automotive Satellite Training have the time. To create the massiveNetwork. results that you and I are looking for requires a great deal of my time andWhether you know me or not, you effort. I am an in demand speaker,may be wondering what allows me to trainer and consultant and I own three MARK TEWARTbe able to make such an outrageous successful businesses. Because of my Tewart Enterprisesclaim. The answer is simple. I have time restraints, I refuse to spend timeaccomplished this for my clients and effort with wanna-be’s. I only (888 283-9278) orevery time I have tried without fail. align myself with passionate people 513 932-9526 orIf a client follows my full-proof and committed to winning. email me at withproven methods, the results are as your information and we can talk.predictable as the sun coming up every The third and final reason for me beingday. That may sound arrogant to some selective is my reputation. I can’t write Sincerely,of you, but to me and my select clients ads like this and make such incredible Mark Tewartit’s just reality. guarantees unless I can bring the results. My reputation is beyond solid. P.S. If you are going to the 2006Every year I am bombarded with NADA Convention in Orlando,dealers that ask me to help improve By the way, the $250,000 bottom line come to my workshop – “How Anytheir sales and profits. I reject most of improvement is just an example. I Dealer Can Improve Sales Resultsthem. I only choose a few each year to have had some dealers increase their This Year”work with on such a large scale. There bottom lines by more than $1,000,000are a few reasons why I carefully hand in just one year. Look at it this way, I P.P.S. Don’t miss my Highpick who to work with. don’t take $10,000 guarantees lightly. Performance Management Seminar I put my money where my mouth is. March 15 &16The first reason is that it’s easy foryou to say you want to improve but If you want to talk to me in strict Call 888 2TEWART or go tomost people don’t want to do the confidentiality, call me at: forthings necessary to make it happen. 888 2 TEWART details Visit to receive your free newsletter
  11. 11. Come see these speakers talk about Case Studies and Best Practices that can help your dealership immediately. Dean Evans David Kain Sean Chip Perry Scott Joseph Vice President of President, Kain Automotive Wolfington CEO and President, President & CEO, Marketing, Dealix Inc. Internet & BDC Owner, J&L Marketing, Inc. Training Specialist Case Study: New Variable You will learn: Case Study: How to use Internet Advertising Best Data Print Campaign - Internet Marketing that You will learn: BDC/Internet departments Practices Management System generates high quality - Mapping out the best to sell 100 - 500 extra cars increases Dealership’s a month. market share from 8% to leads Internet sales process You will learn: - Maximizing lead - E-mail templates for the - How’s top 20% and grows net profit You will learn: from $170,000 to over $1.6 generation from your best short and long-term - Setup a successful BDC/ performing dealers get their million in just one year! Web site communication Internet department outstanding results - Maximizing third party - Phone script elements - Use the Web to promote - Take home examples of You will learn: automotive sites that turn leads into all your profit centers effective merchandising - Trigger marketing - Metrics that matter appointments - Use the Web to drive you can put to techniques using customized showroom & phone traffic Web pages and direct mail. - Focus on return on - Recruiting, hiring and immediate use - How to increase your floor investment compensating for results - Sell old stock, vehicles & parts inventory and phone traffic during your - Use e-mail marketing slowest days of the week. to drive more traffic for - A Growth Strategy to grow zero cost your gross profit a minimum of 33%After our CFO and I attended our firstSummit in Nov. 2004 we used theinformation to help us form our ownBusiness Development Center. The Darren Haygood Jennifer Al Babbington Chris Hanson Rad Weaver Director of CRM & Internet Picheco Chief Executive Officer, Award Winning Red McCombsinformation provided by the vendors Sales, Lokey Automotive Director of e-Commerce, Germain Motor Company CallCommand DaimlerChrysler Sales Person You will learn: Case Study: “Ford & Toyota You will learn: Dealers today run the risk of Dealer Sells 500 Extra Cars - How to groom your salesand dealers enabled us to cut out a lot - Maximize your ROI Maximizing Your Internet under-communicating and also over-communicating to people to be 20-plus car Online” - Learn how to increase people a month Department’s Potential their customer. So what’sof mistakes that would have been made your Internet dept. gross profit the right mix? - Proven processes that work anywhere You will learn: - How we increased our - To price or not to price You will learn: - Show your sales peoplewithout the information. In April 2005 - Stop giving units away just - Core structure: size matters You will learn: -Unlocking the potential in how to make, develop and Internet sales from 40 to 500 in one year to gain market share your database maintain Raving Fans - Where you are vs. where - How we tripled our Webour BDC was officially launched and is - How to stop selling price and start maximizing ROI you’re headed -Understanding the lifetime - A sales process for today’s sales person and customer site traffic through free - Your leads and where they value of your customers marketingnow the hub of our entire dealer group. - Redefine your used car Internet strategies come from - You heard the customer, -Automating professional & consistent communication - Specific follow up process for sold customers - How we increased out - Turn leads into -Maximizing owner loyalty - Specific follow up process leads from our Web siteIn Nov. 2005 the BDC manager and I appointments, now what? - When follow up is not -Increasing repeat & referral for unsold customers - How to close over 35 - How we staff, train, pay appointments into sales business and keep great people enoughattended our second Summit. My BDC - Conduct monthly phone blitz sessions - Attitude is everything -Increasing frequency of purchase & spend per visit percent of your Internet leads and increase customer - How we handle pricing to maintain gross profit loyaltymanager was equally impressed with thecontent of the meeting and walked awaywith a lot of useful information. I thinkwhat makes these 2 days so informativeis the fact that you not only see theapplications available in the marketplacebut you also see how they are used by Jesse Biter Dave White Ashley Antonio Jennifer David Thomasreal dealers. It would take weeks to President, HomeNet General Manager Internet CRC Director, Paragon Lampinen Owner, David Thomas Auto Operations, DARCARS Honda Group, Ltd.research this much information. I would Case Study: How Automotive Group Case Study: How to CRC Director, Paragon Honda proper online vehicle properly train and manage You will learn:recommend any dealer doing business merchandising can make Getting the Most Out of Your your CRC staff to ensure the Case Study: Key steps - How to cut your you stand out Internet Department best results possible to becoming an award advertising expenseson the Internet to attend one of these. You will learn: You will learn: You will learn: winning CRC department - How to get more exposure - Proper hiring practices for less expense You will learn:Thanks again, see you at the Summit! - How to work Smarter, not Harder - Effective techniques for handling the incoming and - Training methods - How and when to train - Develop your people - Gorilla marketing campaigns that work - Create a process-driven - How to maximize sales on out-going Internet phone - Who to train environment - How to create free the Internet calls - Where training should - Do you know what kind of publicity be doneGene Leitner, - Creating sure-fire processes that will maximize -The importance of mystery job you are doing? - Measure your results - How to generate car reviews in the right appointments and sales phone shopping the - Think outside the box: publicationsGeneral Manager, Norris Honda competition - Constructive Call Look at what other - How I grew market share industries are doing that in the world’s worst location Monitoring works - Training Incentives - Never stop growing
  12. 12. SUMMITIV BEST PRACTICES LEADERSHIP • INTERNET • CRM • MARKETING • BDC • SALESMay 18th and 19th,2006. At the VenetianResort and Hotel, LasVegas, NVDealers & ManagersOnly!Two days of intenselearning. Dramaticallyimprove your results.Limited Seats,Register Today!Case studies fromsuccessful dealershipsacross the country.Class room styleseating only $595 inadvance, $995 afterApril 18th, 2006.Speakers subject to change Call today to register. toll free 866.239.3712 web
  13. 13. sts fos ls ms sf fis EricHinkle marketing solution Compliance Science Dealerships are at or illustrations when describing specific the vehicle was sold a month ago. the peril of both the vehicles is against the law. If a vehicle’s disgruntled consumer stock number, VIN, mileage, color and price A simple fix is to use software that as well as the Federal are advertised, then the photo must be of that seamlessly integrates with your DMS. There Trade Commission. particular vehicle. Having no photo may lose are Web-based applications that will pollBuyer’s guides had to be made mandatory to sales, but loading a false photo may land you your inventory from the management systemfilter out the deceptive dealers and give the in court. and upload new vehicle arrivals onto third-buying public some peace of mind. If they party Web sites within a few hours. It willare not correct, your dealership can be in for According to the New York Attorney also remove sold units automatically fromsome serious trouble. General’s Advertising Guidelines for those same Web sites once the vehicle has Dealerships Guide, an inaccurate photo been removed from active inventory status.Your dealership should attempt to have a or illustration applies to text descriptions This reduces the amount of work necessarybuyer’s guide placed in full view and affixed as well. Careful consideration must be to remain compliant with some of theto the window of each vehicle that is for sale. given to companies or individuals that difficult truth-in-advertising laws.The buyer’s guide is mandated by the state dealerships hire to gather vehicle data andto have specific language and information photos. Using inferior software products to The Internet offers a cost-efficient andplaced on each guide that is consistent create vehicle descriptions for your window broad-reaching advertising medium. Thewith that particular vehicle. Most states stickers and Internet advertising should rules that dealers must follow have notfrown on the handwritten version, mainly be avoided. If you hire an outside firm to changed because updating information onbecause the laws state that it must be legible. load your descriptions and photos, choose the Web is more difficult. All the old rulesComputer or typewriter guides are highly a company that uses a best in class VIN still apply, and everyone is watching.recommended but they can be difficult and decoder with manufacturer’s vehicle datatime consuming to produce. to avoid mistakes. Applying the original Pursue the correct software that will enable manufacturers’ data to your pre-owned your dealership to create vehicle-specificAside from a surprise visit by the FTC, there inventory can be very descriptive and less window stickers and Internet an even more feared set of compliance likely to contain mistakes. Make certain the buyer’s guides you placeissues that are slowly creeping into on your vehicle can be generated by the samedealerships: truth-in-advertising laws as they Another challenge facing the Internet dealer package easily and within FTC guidelines.apply to Internet marketing. The fact is there is the appearance of a bait-and-switch tactic. The same software package should be ableare many dealerships that are susceptible This occurs when a dealership places a to poll your DMS to upload and removeto litigation based on their methods of vehicle online and then fails to remove a sold inventory in conjunction with your dailyadvertising that are in direct contradiction unit from the advertised Web space. Timely system updates. These updates can mean theto most states’ unfair trade practices laws. removal of sold units from several sites can difference between a sale and a fine. Lastly,Most states post their unfair trade practices be tedious and time consuming. Reasons this choose a system that integrates all the abovelaws online for review. Taking time to get occurs may vary. An Internet manager may with a seamless photo tool that allows you toreacquainted with these legislative acts move on to another dealership leaving an post vehicle-specific photos to your listingsshould be done on a regular basis. unsuspecting replacement with the challenge without spending a lot of time or money. of getting up to speed. This doesn’t take Using an all-in-one tool will reduce errorsSome of the most common violations of away the fact that consumers are still visiting and keep your Internet marketing effortsthese laws are in how dealers represent pre- automotive Web sites at a record pace. The more profitable.owned inventories to consumers on the Web. customer will still expect to drive up to your Eric Hinkle is the chief operating officer ofSome are still advertising a stock photo in dealership and see the vehicle he or she ESP Data Solutions. He can be contactedplace of an actual picture of the vehicle. In saw represented on the Web. He or she will at 866.663.9037, or by e-mail atmost states, using inaccurate photographs probably be disappointed or angry when told If Youre Involved With Increasing Revenue, You Should Have One. Buy one subscription for $75 and Spring into get one FREE! 866.269.8604 16
  14. 14. sts fos ls ms sf fis JeffMorrill sales and training solution Nine Phrases Every Good MEET YOUR NEW Sales Person Should Know These phrases will “Make me an offer” because you want to E-PLOYEE... help you in a variety avoid negotiating with someone who hasn’t of situations. Practice committed to buying a car at any price. them by role-playing with a colleague during 6. Customer wants to enter into a negotiation WORKS 24/7 WITHOUT A down time. at an appropriate time. SICK DAY OR VACATION! “If we could fit this car into your budget,1. Early in qualifying. will you write an order with us today?”“Are you interested in a new car or onewith a few miles on it?” Better than: Simply assuming that he or she is buying today rather than confirming it.Better than: “New or used?” because it gets Without this question, you end up with a lotnew-car customers thinking about demos, of, “Thanks for the figures, we’re going toprogram cars and pre-owned cars, which think about it.”increases the number of ways you can fit thecustomer’s budget. 7. Customer is making an offer but you need to confirm that it’s real. TIMEHIGHWAY.COM replaces2. When you’re figuring out what kind of car “Now, by accepting your offer, this means telephone-based scheduling witha customer wants to afford. you would give me a $1,000 deposit, internet technology that enhances“Banks like to see 20 percent down. Does complete a purchase and sale form, set a the effectiveness and customerthis fit your budget?” time for delivery or just take the car home satisfaction of your dealership. today?”Better than: “How much money would you By scheduling appointmentslike to put down” because that answer is Better than: Assuming that the customer directly through your web site,always little or nothing, and that makes it intends to actually buy just because he or she your customers make confirmedharder for you to fit the customer’s monthly made an offer. You need to make sure they appointments instantly without call-payment. understand that when you accept the offer, backs. puts your that means they need to give you money. service department’s schedule on3. When you need to steer the conversation your web site, making it possible totoward an appointment. 8. When you need to persuade someone to schedule appointments 24 hours a“Are weekends or weekdays better for you look at something differently. day, 7 days a week, from visit/come back?” “How did you arrive at that figure/ conclusion?” • Your 24/7 RevenueBetter than: “Would you like to schedulean appointment” because that’s an either/or Better than: Disagreeing or offering your Building Toolquestion that is always answered with “no.” opinion before the customer has given • Efficient and Simple to Use you some insight into his or her thought • Automatic Confirmation4. Any time you’re talking about the value of processes.a used car or trade-in. and Reminder Emails“Current Market Value” 9. Before someone leaves saying they need to • Cost Effective: Only 54 “think about it.” cents an hourBetter than: “Trade allowance,” “asking “On a scale of one to 10 for the car, where doprice,” or “list price” because talking about you stand?” After receiving the answer, askthe market lends an external, objective “What would it take to get you to a 10?” For More Information Contactcredibility to the validity of your number. Karen Dillon at 239.438.5359 or Better than: Simply letting the customer go. kdillon@TimeHighway.com5. When a customer asks on the lot, “How They just spent two hours with you and paidmuch of a discount can I get?” or any other you nothing. Aren’t you entitled to some MUST-SEEsituation in which someone wants to negotiate insight into what their concerns are so that COMPANIEStoo early on the road to the sale. you might address them? NADA 2006“Once we work together and you decidethis is the car you want, I would be happyto see if a discount is available.” Jeff Morrill is co-owner of Planet Subaru in Hanover, Mass., and Planet Chrysler Jeep 5633 Strand Blvd, Suite 302 in Franklin, Mass. He can be contacted at Naples, FL 239.438.5359Better than: “We don’t discount,” “We 866.872.8699, or by e-mail at www.TimeHighway.comdiscount hundreds not thousands,” or 2006 17
  15. 15. sts fos ls ms sf fis TomGegax leadership solution What Employees Really Want This is not your father’s The cultural aftershocks rippling from these methodically climbed his grievance up the workplace. The once psychological and technological tremors corporate ladder, but felt his protest had fallen impenetrable barrier — employees clamoring for fulfillment and on deaf ears. between work and flexibility — are leaving seat-of-the-pantsers home has crumbled in out in the cold. Enlightened executives, On the spot, I called our human resources head the wake of the baby however, apply the HEAT: and asked for an explanation. Gabe’s situationboomer–fueled personal growth movement. was a “gray area,” I was told, and we had aIn the span of a generation, a hunger for Honor the innate dignity of every good case for not paying him the overtime cash.meaning that grew even more ravenous after employee. If there’s a gray area, I told her, the employee9/11 has spurred an unprecedented demand Expect greatness and set high should be given the benefit of the doubt; afterfor integration (within an employee’s own standards. all, that’s what we do for our customers whenlife) and interconnectedness (with the lives Accommodate employees’ personal there’s a dispute. I hung up and apologized toof others). needs. Gabe. He got his check the next day. “I was just Trust employees’ integrity and verify a 19-year-old kid out of high school workingHigh-tech wizardry is also contributing to their progress. in an entry-level position,” recalled Gabe, nowblurred boundaries. It’s now commonplace a Tires Plus assistant district manager. “Theto e-mail extra work home for relaxed, after- Honor employees. During a routine visit to a fact that Tom took the time to listen to me anddinner analysis; to use your firm’s high-speed Tires Plus store in 1995, I asked a young sales resolve the situation without hesitation reallyInternet connection to monitor your stock man named Gabe Lopez how things were wowed me. It’s something that will always stayportfolio, place bids on eBay, and e-mail your going. “To be honest with you,” he said, “not with me. If not for that, I would have left thekids instructions for dinner; to “tele-vacation” too well.” Gabe said he had recently clocked company. Tom later pulled me aside a numberfrom a sandy beach in the tropics; to placate a 70-hour week only to be told after the fact of times to tell me I could really go far in thecustomers on a cell phone in your pajamas. that he had been “promoted” from an hourly company. He made me feel valued as a person,(Closed circuit to Groucho: How a cell phone to a salaried position. He felt chumped, like and I wanted to show him his faith in me wasgot in your pajamas, I’ll never know.) he was owed the overtime money. He well-deserved.” 18
  16. 16. continuedGabe’s story illustrates why you can’t leapfrog black belt in karate. To compensate for hisyour employees — your internal customers absences during the work day, Larry worked— and focus solely on pleasing your external at night and on weekends.customers. It’s a simple matter of connectingthe dots. Honor your people and genuinely We had a caring, family-oriented culture,care about their well-being and you’ll be but also a very hardworking culture. Therewarded with deeply loyal employees who two naturally go hand in hand. Of course,set a new standard for customer service. we also had systems in place, like weekly reports and one-on-one coaching, to ensureExpect greatness. Don’t worry about setting that employees stayed on track to achieveexpectations just beyond the moon. Expecting their goals. If people didn’t live up to theirpeople to give their best will pull the best out end of the bargain, their privilege parametersof them. Jim Pascale, our vice president of were tightened a bit. Honoring and valuing Are Your Servicefranchise operations, saw this concept in your people and going out of your way toaction. “Working for Tom was like playing accommodate their personal needs — not to Departmentfor a coach who says, ‘We expect to win the advance your own agenda but because it’schampionship this year,’” Jim said. “You the right thing to do — produces dedicated Revenues Flatfind out what you’re made of. You rise up to employees and a positively chargedthat level, you practice harder and you have environment. or Positioned forhigher expectations. We were all fueled byTom’s ambition to grow by his enthusiasm In stark contrast, a seat-of-the-pantsand energy.”But watch out. Setting high standards environment drains and frustrates employees. The only thing they look forward to is giving their two-weeks notice. Moving from Growth?can actually undermine productivity and that kind of fear-based, spirit-deadening With DealerLOGIX ServiceOPSmorale unless individual expectations are atmosphere to our company gave Doug, one service departments are:clearly defined in relation to team goals, of our top executives, a severe case of cultureand the players appreciate how the two are shock. Doug had spent 19 years at a well- Growing hours per RO and partsrelated. That’s why the strategic planning known national company. “The executive vice revenue using vehicle specificprocess is critical. It establishes a clear, president of operations was confrontational Good, Better, Best Menuslogical and measurable relationship between with his staff and pitted his managers against Protecting assets with fullorganizational objectives and individual each other,” Doug said. “Because he wasgoals. unwilling to make a decision he could be held disclosure accountable for, we were left to figure out for Performing consistent walk-Accommodate family priorities. Contrary to ourselves what direction our divisions should aroundsseat-of-the-pants mythology, putting family go.” The inevitable turf wars that followed Increasing CSIfirst in a systems-disciplined, achievement- caused some capable managers to bolt. Evenoriented environment will actually enhance though these were smart, sought-after pros, Improving “Fix it right the first time”productivity, not diminish it. Countless times Doug’s boss spun every loss as a victory. “He by providing techs with consisitentI’ve seen grateful employees tackle their work would boast to the board that he had weeded and clear issue informationwith renewed vigor after returning from a out another malcontent,” Doug absence. Maybe parents don’t “That created a culture of managers who wereneed to take in every soccer game, dance afraid to make decisions, take risks, or offerline performance or spelling bee, but a high creative suggestions. It just became a veryattendance rate is important to them and to stressful place to work.”their child. Keep their bodies at work during “Not only are we producingthese events and you’ll lose their hearts and Moving to Tires Plus gave Doug the more parts andminds. entrepreneurship and growth opportunities service revenue he craved. “Management encouraged risk per RO, butRemember, output equals quantity of hours taking, team decision making and information our CSI has increased too!”worked multiplied by the quality of those sharing,” Doug said. “I didn’t know a darnhours. Allowing your people, whether single thing about the tire business, but I felt like Pat Cox, Hajekor married, to play hooky for important my opinions mattered. If I asked a dumb Chevroletfamily events — ones in which their absence question, somebody would take a minute towould overshadow the event itself — is a explain. Tom was an encourager, a humane Call Now or Go Onlinegoodwill gesture sure to boost morale. It’s manager who sought input, asked opinions to Schedule Your Freealso a competitive advantage that mayprevent otherwise resentful employees from and accepted challenging comments. If we didn’t agree with one of his decisions, it was Demonstration Today!seeking more family-friendly pastures. still appropriate to ask questions and make suggestions.”Trust employees to deliver. One afternooneach week, for seven summers, Larry Brandtleft work early to cheer at his son Andrew’sbaseball game. A key Tires Plus executive Tom Gegax served as the chairman and CEO of Tires Plus and is the founder of 866.872.8150 ext. 72 www.dealerlogix.comand our third-largest shareholder, Larry also Gegax Management Systems. He can beducked out occasionally to root for his other contacted at 800.723.2601, or by e-mail atson, Barett, as he worked his way up to a 2006 19