IAB Academy social marketing August 2011


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Basics of Social Media / Social Marketing.
basics of building communities, brand advocates, brand ambassadors, when social meets mobile, location based services, contextual marketing, let's get started right now

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IAB Academy social marketing August 2011

  1. 1. Social  Marke,ng   IAB  Academy  –  Brussels  9  August  2011  
  2. 2. Marke&ng  is  Dead    
  3. 3. Consumers  are  fed  up  with   unwanted  &     irrelevant  interrup5ons…  
  4. 4. Marke,ng  1.0  –  Consumer  1.0   •  efficient   •  predictable   •  mo1vated  by  the  best  deals   •  mostly  ra1onal  in  buying  decisions    
  5. 5.   My MessageThose  were  the  Days…  
  6. 6. Today’s  consumer       has  changed  
  7. 7. Consumer  2.0  Meet  the  new  “Homo  Feelgoodonicus”:      •   is  inefficient  &  unpredictable  •   is  mo,vated  by  what  makes  him/her  happy  •   ignores  most  of  the  marke,ng  messages  •   can  decide  &  buy  en,rely  based  on  emo,ons  •   likes  to  be  social    and  be  part  of  a  community  
  8. 8. The  consumer  has  changed…  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heSudg-tfIk
  9. 9. Consumers  2.0  are  “interconnected”  The  average  “interconnected”  consumer  has  +150  followers  
  10. 10. Only  14%  trust  …       online  ads  
  11. 11. >85%  trust  …      Word  of  Mouth  
  12. 12. a  Wor(l)d  of  Mouth    Lots  of  media  tools  at  their  fingertops  
  13. 13. Europe:  >60%  Internet  Penetra,on  
  14. 14. Consumer  2.0   •  emo,onal  buyers   •  interconnected   •  World  of  Media   •  >66%  penetra,on  (+  High   expecta,ons  with  rise  of  mobile)  
  15. 15. You  can’t  solve      problems  of  today    
  16. 16. with  the  answers       of  yesterday  
  17. 17. Who  says  so?    
  18. 18. Antony  Slabinck  CEO  @  LBi  Belgium  Head  of  Social  Media  Task  Force  @  IAB  
  19. 19. The Changing Consumer
  20. 20. The Changing Business
  21. 21. The Changing Agency
  22. 22. The changing media landscape
  23. 23. The changing media landscape
  24. 24. A global marketing andtechnology agency, blendinginsight, creativity andtechnology to createbusiness value.
  25. 25. Digital Mastery
  26. 26. Digital journey
  27. 27. Doing this well is difficultand absolutely needs the   best available skills
  28. 28. That’s why we built one company  
  29. 29. ItWevery difficult to achievethe blend is think the answer is in
  30. 30. Strong global footprint
  31. 31. Building    
  32. 32. Believable    
  33. 33. Brands    
  34. 34. Time  to  get  started  1)  Who  is  ac,vely  (7/week)  using  Foursquare?  2)  Who  is  ac,vely  using  Twi[er?  3)  Who  is  ac,vely  using  Facebook?    4)  Who  is  ac,vely  using  other  Social  Media?    
  35. 35. So  …  what‘s      Social  Media?  
  36. 36. Social  Media  is…   Interconnected  People   having  Conversa&ons   using  all  available  Media  =>  a  shi_  in  how  people  discover,  read  and  share  News  &  Informa5on  
  37. 37. Social media is just like real life!  But  with  larger  networks,  24/24,  archived  >  2  years  
  38. 38. It no longer matters what YOU say!  Today,  your  brand  will  be  determined  by:     what  you  do         who  you  are and  what  THEY  say!    
  39. 39. Social Media Tools RSS Microblogs Social networks Blogs Wiki ‘s Social Bookmarking Virtual Worlds Podcast Vodcast Widgets Mobile Augmented Reality …
  40. 40. RSS PodcastMicroblogs VodcastSocial networks WidgetsBlogs MobileWiki ‘s Augmented RealitySocial Bookmarking …Virtual Worlds   I couldn’t care less!
  41. 41. This is NOT about media nor about   technology!
  42. 42. Social Technographics (Forrester)Consumers participate monthly in at least one of the indicated activites: Creators (24%) Conversationalists Inactives (17%) (33%) Critics Spectators (70%) (37%) Collectors Joiners (20%) (59%)Introducing The New Social Technographics (Jan 15, 2010 - Forrester)
  43. 43. Threats§  It’s probably just a Fad/Hype/Technology§  Communities are created without my consent§  We will not be in control anymore!§  Company processes are not ready§  Company/employee culture is not ready§  Our CEO doesn’t use Facebook…§  Campaigns without a strategy§  Starting too late§  All budget to campaign, not enough left for 1 year of “ongoing dialogue”§  …Social Media needs a new attitude from all stakeholders!
  44. 44. Opportunities§  Market research – Authentic Customer Insights§  Customer Support§  Contextual marketing / Social CRM§  Brand Advocates & Brand Ambassadors§  Product Design§  Natural SEO§  Human Resources§  Developing new business models§  Sales§  …You can already start a dialogue for less than 0,2 FTE (Social Media Managers, Conversation Managers, …)
  45. 45. Is  Social  Media    a  Fad  or  Hype?  
  46. 46. Is  Social  Media  a  Fad  or  Hype?  q  Are  “People”  a  Fad  or  Hype?    q  Is  being  “Interconnected”  a  Fad  or  Hype?  q  Are  their  “Conversa5ons”  a  Fad  or  Hype?      Or  is  it  the  biggest  change  since  the  Industrial  Revolu,on?  
  47. 47. Case: Obama – Yes We can – Hope.Act.Change  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjXyqcx-mYY&feature=related
  48. 48. Case: Obama – Yes We can – Hope.Act.Change  
  49. 49. Your  Checklist  for  a  succesfull  case   ü Fun  experience   ü Added  Value  You  should  offer:   ü Par1cipa1on   ü Collabora1on/Sharing   ü Dialogue/Tool     ü Authen1c   ü Relevant  You  should  be:   ü Posi1ve   ü Honest   ü Trustworthy  
  50. 50. Put  your      customers  first!  
  51. 51. Engage consumers on their terms
  52. 52. Yes you can …solve problems of today   with the answers of yesterday TODAY
  53. 53. First  of  all,  we  have  to  understand  the  basics  of:    1.  Social  Communi,es  2.  Brand  Advocates    3.  When  Social  Meets  Mobile  4.  Loca,on  Based  Services  5.  Contextual  Marke,ng    
  54. 54. 5.  Social  Communi&es    
  55. 55. How  do  communi,es  get  started?    
  56. 56. How  do  communi1es  get  started?  1.  You  need  a  fool  to  start  ,  he  needs  the  guts  to  stand  alone  and  look  ridicolous  2.  Must  be  easy  to  follow  3.  First  follower  transforms  the  fool  into  a  leader  4.  Leader  shows  how  to  follow  5.  It’s  now  about  them  6.  Second  follower  changes  two  nuts  into  a  crowd  7.  New  followers  need  to  see  the  followers  as  they  want  to  emulate  them  8.  A  movement  is  started!  9.  It’s  no  longer  risky  to  join  the  movement  10.  Those  who  didn’t  join  became  the  fools        
  57. 57. Pick up user generated storiesEnhance them
  58. 58. Case:  Mentos  -­‐  Enlarged  story   Checklist OFFER: q  Fun Experience •  MentosAdded Value q  invested $28.000,- (*) q  Collaboration •  More than 5 M people q  Participation watched video in 1st month q  Dialogue/Tool   •  Estimated value for this ‘campaign’: $ 10BE: Checklist million q  Authentic q  Relevant q  Positive (*) Annual marketing budget of Mentos: $Honest q  20 million, q  Trustworthyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKoB0MHVBvM
  59. 59. Case:  KMDA  -­‐  Kai  Mook  Antwerp  Zoo   Checklist OFFER: q  Fun Experience q  Added Value q  Collaboration q  Participation q  Dialogue/Tool Checklist BE:   q  Authentic Ø  8.500 name suggestions q  Relevant Ø  41.000 registrations for updates, q  Positive Ø  850.000 unique visitors on baby-elephant.be, q  Honest Ø  massive local and international press attention,q  Trustworthy Ø  560.000 people watched the birth online, Ø  1.2 million site visits in the birth weekend, Ø  5.000 people signed the online birth register, Ø  22.000 blog comments in the birth weekend. Ø  300.000 visitors (200.000 paying visitors) more than in 2008.
  60. 60. 6.  Brand  Advocates     Basics  
  61. 61.    What’s  a  Brand  Advocate?   A  customer…     •   who  has  an  outspoken  posi,ve  percep,on  of  a  brand     •   who  will  talk  favorably  about  a  brand  to  their  friends     •   who  can  help  generate  brand  awareness     •   who  can  influence  purchase  inten,ons    They  have  always  been  there  …    BUT  never  had  much  chance  to  be  heard.  DIGITAL  is  their  tool    
  62. 62. Customers  as  Brand  Advocates   Brand  Advocates:   They  like  to  convert  peers   Ofen  as  well  Innovators  (2%)     &  Early  Adopters  (13%)   They  express  their  love  for     your  brand  to  others     (but  are  not  trying  to  convert  others,  typically   Facebook  Fans)  
  63. 63.  Why  are  Brand  Avocates  so  interes,ng?   Promo,onal  offers  sent  by   Advocates  convert  5  ,mes  more     (than  offers  sent  by  brands)   ACTION:  Iden5fy  and  mobilize  your  Advocates!  
  64. 64. Case: Coca-Cola - Happiness AmbassadorsThe campaign “Expedition 206” sent three 20-somethings (selected socialmedia influentials!) to 206 countries and territories where Coca-Cola issold in 2010, stocked with laptops, video cameras, smart phones andplenty of other gadgetry, in order to document for the masses theirsearch for happiness.  http://www.expedition206.com
  65. 65. 53  percent  of  advocates  (vs  33  percent  for  consumers)  want  to   be  recognized  as  an   individual.     Deloi[e  study    
  66. 66. Support their creative conversation
  67. 67. Help!        We  have  a  disaster  on   our  hands!  
  68. 68. Do  brands  monitor  their  reputa,on  today?*  *Source:  2008  WebKnow  Study,  Cologne  University  
  69. 69. Case: Kryptonite - Consumer in control   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8XxcOj3Seo
  70. 70. Case: Kryptonite - Consumer in control  
  71. 71. Case: United Airlines - Break Guitars Checklist OFFER: q  Fun Experience q  Added Value q  Collaboration   q  Participation q  Dialogue Checklist BE: q  Authentic q  Relevant q  Positive q  Honest q  Trustworthyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo&feature=fvst
  72. 72. Do  you  react  to  nega,ve  comments?*  *Source:  2008  WebKnow  Study,  Cologne  University  
  73. 73. Case: Toyota - Boosted Conversations   They turned up the volume of their response level and created a social media war room that’s staffed with 6 to 8 responders during the crisis.
  74. 74. Toyota case: Some Facts In the first 5 days, over a million people viewed the Digg Dialogg video interview with president, Jim Lentz: “Some of our models, such as Prius, have entrenched communities of enthusiasts with whom we engage, as they’re authentic brand advocates.”   “ROI is certainly important to us in the long run, however we don’t plan to wait to define it before advancing initiatives we know are important. Over time we will definitely evaluate our efforts in order to determine how they are impacting key metrics. Those results will become the new benchmarks for future initiatives, and ultimately the foundation for measuring ROI.”http://www.toyotaconversations.com/http://ad-tech.blogs.imediaconnection.com/2010/03/30/370/
  75. 75. Ooops  ...    We  forgot  to  talk  about  your  most  valuable   brand  influencers       …  as  many  companies  tend  to  forget.     Big  mistake,  sorry!    
  76. 76. Your  employees!    The  most  overlooked  segment  of  poten,al   brand    building     are  your  employees!      They  are  out  there  in  the  world  interac,ng   with  people  every  day      (Ogilvy  &  Mather)
  77. 77. Customers  as  Brand  Advocates   Brand  Ambassadors:   Brand  Advocates:  Paid  employees  or  receive  kind  of   They  like  to  convert  peers   financial  award  to  promote  a   Ofen  as  well  Innovators  (2%)     &  Early  Adopters  (13%)   brand   They  express  their  love  for     your  brand  to  others     (but  are  not  trying  to  convert  others,  typically   Facebook  Fans)  
  78. 78.  Case        Best  Buy  -­‐  Twelpforce   Checklist  OFFER:   q   Fun  Experience   q   Added  Value   q   Collabora1on     q   Par1cipa1on   q   Dialogue/Tool     Checklist  BE:   q   Authen1c   q   Relevant   q   Posi1ve   q   Honest   q   Trustworthy  
  79. 79. Case: Twelpforce (Best Buy)  
  80. 80. We  found  our  Ambassador  ...  hope  you  have  too!  
  81. 81. 7.  When  Social    meets  Mobile    
  82. 82.  What  is  makes  Mobile  so  special?   1.  Mobile  is  personal   2.  Mobile  is  always  carried  –  the  world  in  my  pocket   3.  Mobile  is  always  on   4.  Mobile  has  a  built  in  payment  mechanism   5.  Mobile  is  there  at  the  point  of  crea5ve  impulse  (instant)  
  83. 83. Mobile  app  for  Smirnoff   bit.ly/smirnoffapp Checklist  OFFER:   q   Fun  Experience   q   Added  Value   q   Collabora1on   q   Par1cipa1on   q   Dialogue/Tool     Checklist  BE:   q   Authen1c   q   Relevant   q   Posi1ve   q   Honest   q   Trustworthy  
  84. 84. What’s  the  sum  of  Social  +  Mobile  +  Loyalty?   Loyalty € Social Mobile
  85. 85. 8.  Loca&on  Based   Marke&ng       It’s  all  about   relevance  
  86. 86. Case – Starbucks: Mayor discounts & Barista badge Checklist  OFFER:   q   Fun  Experience   q   Added  Value   q   Collabora1on   q   Par1cipa1on   q   Dialogue/Tool     Checklist  BE:   q   Authen1c   q   Relevant   € q   Posi1ve   Starbucks q   Honest   Barista badge q   Trustworthy  
  87. 87. The boom today: Location Based Services •  People-­‐  and  business-­‐driven   •  De-­‐centralized  models   •  Bopom-­‐up   •  Rich  experience   •  Rela1onship,  engagement,  loyalty   •  Social   •  Incen1ve-­‐based  (badges,  coupons,  ...)   €
  88. 88. Case Thomas Cook – Location Based Service •  World Travel Conference •  2000 attendees Checklist  OFFER:   q   Fun  Experience   •  How to interact withq   Added  Value   attendees? •  How to manage? q   Collabora1on   •  Fast and efficient q   Par1cipa1on   q   Dialogue/Tool     Checklist  BE:   •  Welcome messagesq   Authen1c   •  Timed announcements elevant   q   R •  Departure messages  Posi1ve   € q  q   Honest   •  4 interactive zones q   Trustworthy   •  Targeted announcements •  Real Time Statistics => adaptations
  89. 89.  
  90. 90. Case: The Coca Cola Village  
  91. 91. Case: The Coca Cola Village Checklist  OFFER:   q   Fun  Experience   q   Added  Value   q   Collabora1on     q   Par1cipa1on   q   Dialogue/Tool     Checklist  BE:   q   Authen1c   q   Relevant   q   Posi1ve   q   Honest   q   Trustworthy  
  92. 92. 9.  Contextual     Marke&ng  
  93. 93. Case 8/Meet the VOLKSWAGENS   First steps into Contextual Marketing (Analyzing my personal Tweets)
  94. 94.   First steps into Contextual Marketing(Authorization to Analyze my Facebook profile)
  95. 95.   First steps into Contextual Marketing(Analyzing my personal Facebook profile)
  96. 96. Checklist OFFER: q  Fun Experience q  Added Value q  Collaboration   q  Participation q  Dialogue Checklist BE: q  Authentic q  Relevant q  Positive q  Honest q  TrustworthyGreat! They found me an Economical & Tech-savvy car...Contextual Marketing : Agreed! It’s still experimental …But ... just imagine the possibilities!
  97. 97. 10.  Let’s  get  started   right  now!    
  98. 98. LBi’s  Social  Media  Roadmap   Low   A_en&on  span   High   A_en&on   2  months   12  months   A_en&on   2  years   2  weeks   Low     control   .crowd  sourcing   .brand  advocates   empower .1:1  marke1ng   .loyalty  program   engage   .microblog   .1:1  emails   .shared  experiences   .enriched  profiles   .social  bookmarking   .podcast   .personalized  folders     .visual  DNA   Control dialogue   .1:1  booklets   .reputa1on  management   .1:1  lab   .online  media  campaign   .wiki   .surveys   listen  .twiper   .hire  conversa1on  Manager   .employees   .email  marke1ng   .blog   .facebook   .tes1monials   .PR   .website   publish   .print   .monitoring   .TV   .folder   High   Control   .radio   .magazine   1.0   .direct  marke1ng   2.0   3.0   Low   High   Interac&on   Interac&on   Interac&on  
  99. 99. Case:  Starbucks  Idea  -­‐  Innovate   Checklist OFFER: q  Fun Experience q  Added Value q  Collaboration q  Participation q  Dialogue Checklist BE: q  Authentic q  Relevant q  Positive q  Honest q  Trustworthyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwYxuV2dVzwhttp://mystarbucksidea.force.com/ideaHome
  100. 100. 10  Social  Media  Guidelines  (Phase1:Basic)   1.  Start with social media in a very early stage (Listen) 2.  Locate your target groups 3.  Locate the SM believers within your company (employees) 4.  Locate the Brand Ambassadors (employees) 5.  Locate Brand Advocates (Consumers) 6.  Get support/buy-in from management 7.  Check your organisation & processes (SM Guidelines) 8.  Define your marketing objective + KPI’s (Awareness, Fidelisation, ...) 9.  Set up more professional Monitoring of your MicroSegments 10. Allocate time, resources and budget
  101. 101. Start  early!  So  you  can  …     fail  sooner  
  102. 102. 10  Social  Media  Guidelines  (Phase2:Advanced)   Once you are ready to ENGAGE & EMPOWER 1.  Analyse your listening & monitoring results 2.  Build a strategy & roadmap based on the objective/microsegment 3.  Build a presence on the main application of your targetgroup 4.  Pick up user generated stories 5.  Create Added Value content, applications or widgets 6.  Boost these stories through communities & networks 7.  Empower Brand Ambassadors (Employees) 8.  Empower Brand Advocates (Consumers) 9.  Consistent 360 degrees presence (Perfect Media Mix) 10. It’s not about you, it’s about them!
  103. 103. Social  media  shouldn’t  be   100%  of  1  person’s  job,      but  1%  of  100  people’s  jobs  
  104. 104. Henry  Ford:    If  Id  asked  my  customers     what  they  wanted…  
  105. 105. If  Id  asked  my  customers   what  they  wanted…    theyd  said  a  faster  horse.     (Henry  Ford)
  106. 106. Tell  me  and  I  will  forget.  Show  me  and  I  might  remember.    Involve  me  and  I  will  understand.          Benjamin  Franklin  
  107. 107. Some other presentations that might interest you : 1. The Power of Brand Advocates http://www.slideshare.net/aslabinck/the-power-of-brand-advocates 2. Social Media in Practice http://www.slideshare.net/aslabinck/social-media-in-practice-day-to-day-examples 3. Conversational Marketing: an Introduction http://www.slideshare.net/aslabinck/conversational-marketing-an-introduction 4. Conversation manager: why you need one http://www.slideshare.net/aslabinck/conversation-manager-why-you-need-one www.twi[er.com/LBi_Belgium   www.lbigroup.be    
  108. 108. It’s  up  to  you  to   judge  if  this    presenta&on  was  ...  
  109. 109.  Authen&c  
  110. 110.  Relevant  
  111. 111.  Posi&ve  
  112. 112.  Honest  
  113. 113.  Trustworthy  
  114. 114. But  I  certainly    hope  that  you      appreciated  ...  
  115. 115.  Dialogue  
  116. 116.  Sharing  
  117. 117.  Par&pa&on  
  118. 118. And  that  it    brought  to  you         ...
  119. 119.  Added  Value  
  120. 120.  Fun  
  121. 121.  Nothing stand in the way of the power of millions, the voices calling for change!
  122. 122. Marke&ng  is  alive!     But  we’ll  have  to    respect  the  voices  of   millions!  
  123. 123. Let’s  start  the  conversa,on…  Antony  Slabinck   LBi  Belgium  antony.slabinck@lbigroup.be   www.lbigroup.be    www.twi[er.com/antonyslabinck   www.twi[er.com/LBi_Belgium