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Creating an electronic footprint super women group event june nc raleigh


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Create your electronic footprint - Presentation given during IBM Super Women Group Yearly meeting. (over 500 IBM women attendees) Raleigh, NC - June 2009

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Creating an electronic footprint super women group event june nc raleigh

  1. 1. Creating an electronic footprint - Social Media and You Super Women’s Group Annual event, June 12th Raleigh RTPDelphine Remy-Boutang, WW Social Media Director
  2. 2. Think…“You have two choices. You can continueto lock yourself behind facile corporatewords and happy talk brochures. Or youcan join the conversation.”From the Cluetrain Manifesto
  3. 3. Social Media business opportunities- e-marketing is a $17 billion market with a 35% growthrate that will continue to outpace the $3.16 billionmarketing automation market during the next five years.Source: Gartner-There are more than 110 million active users on theFacebook social networking Web site, and that is thefastest growest demographic users aged 25 and overSource:Gartner Social media in plain english
  4. 4. Welcome to Dell Hell…Can You Hold, Please? §  June 2005: PR blogger Jeff Jarvis orders a new Dell laptop and four-year service plan, and immediately began having trouble with the machines and the service. §  His first blog post: “Dell lies. Dell sucks.” §  His fury was picked up across the blogosphere, and Dell’s response was deafening…deafeningly silent. §  By August 30, 2005, Dell’s PR team finally responded: §  “Dell has a “look, don’t touch” when it comes to blogging. Don’t feed the §  “We do talk to people in public through the standard blogger…unless major media and through our forums.” you want to get bitten. §  At the time, Dell had no bloggers and no active blogger outreach program. 4
  5. 5. §  Social Media : It’s all about you…you… you… YOU can connect with anyone Anyone can follow or help you What do you need to get started? Will you ever have enough money, resources, power, influence to say now is the time? “Be Disruptive, be persistent, be patient The biggest obstacles are all human” Dr Victoria Hale, Founder of OneWorldHealth Jon Iwata s view of Social media – Interview posted on :Youtube
  6. 6. and the others... Word of Mouth is the #1 Influencer in Business Purchasing Behavior Source: Universal McCann – wave 3
  7. 7. The future of social media is going to be all about women…The future of social media is going to be all about the women. So ifyoure going to create the next hot Web 2.0 site and you want it togo viral, youll target women. -Auren Hoffman, Business Week, Special Report, May 19 2008According to a Rapleafstudy, while both sexesstill use socialnetworking sites in hugenumbers, women faroutpace the men.“Women between ages 35 and 50 are the fastest-growing segment in social media”Source: 2009 Women and Social Media Studyby BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners
  8. 8. 2009 Social Media Survey Shows How Women Bloggers Will Change the WorldThe US female internet population is 79 millionMore than half (53%) participate in social media at least once a weekOf that 53%, 3/4ths are into social networking and 55% are into blogs22.7 million women read them - 12 million post to them - 8 million write them
  9. 9. What exactly is “IT” Social Media Social media are platforms for interaction and relationships It affects everyone •  Sales •  Legal •  Marketing •  Recruiting •  Public Relations •  Investor Confidence •  Internal Project Teams •  Executive Communication •  Stock, Reputation, Brand Value
  10. 10. Instruments of Social Media Marketing •  Social networks : These sites allow people to build personal web pages and then connect with friends to share content and communication. Like Facebook, MySpace. •  Blogs : Perhaps the best known form of social media, blogs are online journals, with entries appearing with the most recent first. •  Wikis: These websites allow people to add content to or edit the information on them, acting as a communal document or database. •  Podcasts : Audio and video files that are available by subscription, through services like Apple iTunes. •  Forums: Areas for online discussion, often around specific topics and interests. •  Content communities: The most popular content communities tend to form around photos (Flickr), bookmarked links ( and videos (YouTube). •  Micro blogging: Social networking combined with bite-sized blogging, where small amounts of content are distributed online and through the mobile phone network (Twitter deep dive)
  11. 11. Steps by steps – How do I join the conversation ? § “What they (marketers) can do is to try and develop a strategy which enables them to find an authentic voice, a credible voice and a commitment to contributing to the discussion online and trying to address the problems of the users.” § Jeremy Wagstaff, Technology Commentator, BBC, WSJ, § “Brands need to play a careful role. They are a participant – like you or me- but if it’s forced, contrived or not relevant, they will fail. Consumers are open to accepting a brand in the social media environment if they play by the social media rules. You need to be prepared to give when you enter social media.” § Ken Mandel, Regional Managing Director, Yahoo! SEA
  12. 12. 1/ Decide which one you want to be §  Six profiles of personalities present in social media: §  1. The Creators, the consumers who produces, posts, §  maintains a web page, uploads photos etc. §  2. The Critic, the consumer who reviews and §  Recommends §  3. The Collectors, the consumers who collects and §  aggregates information §  4. The Joiners, those consumers who maintain participate §  and main profiles on social networking sites §  5. The Spectators, those people who consume what the §  other produce §  6. The Inactives, those who do not participate at this time
  14. 14. PHASE 1 : LISTENListen Tools to use Top Search - Addictomatic To understand what the marketplace is (or isn’t) saying about your brand, product, service, etc… To start to understand the tone FireFox - WebMynd and impact of that conversation… To begin identifying areas of opportunity for helping shape that conversation and to gather Tweet Deck valuable market intelligence…
  15. 15. PHASE 2 : PREPARE1/ What are your objectives ? 1/ Reach new audiences ? 2/ Increase user engagement and loyalty ? 3/ Improve partner relationships ? 4/ Increase revenue ?Listening (ie: research )Talking, Energizing, Encouraging your mostsupportive customers, supporting (ie: enabling your customers to supporteach other via communities) Embracing, sourcing ideas, lead gen, capturenew markets…•2/ Who is your audience?Make a list of topic ideas of interest to that audience•3/ Which social networks interest you ?Make a list of ways you can participate in them•4/ What is your time commitment?This determines which activities you will include in yourcalendar
  16. 16. PHASE 3 : ENGAGE YOU
  17. 17. 4/ Engage in the 3 areas of Social Media : Public, Corporate, Internal Corporate LIFESTY Public Public L TUA LE/S VIR OCIAL Internal MULTI – MED MULTI – MEDIAIA
  18. 18. Virtual Forbidden City SOA UK Campaign : the first of its kind… Objectives • Identify and generate new influencer audiences/ leads for IBM SOA from purely Social Media channels Execution • 100% Social Media campaign • Virtual Tour for IT Architects in Chinese Virtual Forbidden City • Campaign recruitment led via Twitter • Promotional resources via Flickr,Play your imperial part in IBM’s Virtual Forbidden City YouTube ,LinkedIn, Face book , blogs etc… etc..(VFC) SOA Tour • Creation of a Social Media Press ReleaseExclusive Social Media event in IBM’s Virtual Forbidden City • Identification of key influencer Blogs, Twitter profiles and more • Coordinating massive IBM internal Social Media push • Sophisticated Campaign Social Media Monitoring Dashboard Campaign Social Media Dashboard Results : see my deep dive prez on Cattail
  19. 19. 5/ Earn your “Super Social Women merit badge” §  Do any one of the following outside IBM: §  Join Twitter §  Join Facebook §  Join LinkedIn §  Do any of the following inside IBM: §  Create a profile on My developerWorks §  Update your Lotus Connections Profile, to make your expertise known inside IBM: §  Add detail to your profile §  Tag yourself §  Invite a colleague as a connection §  Bookmark 10 useful web pages in Dogear - remember to tag your bookmarks! §  §  Post 2 useful presentations to Cattail or to Files §  Post 3 entries to your own blog or 3 comments on other blogs in BlogCentral §  Install one plugin to Sametime 7.5.1 §  Join a Connections Community, such as SWG Web and Social Media §  Join a conversation on BlueTwit §  Manage a project using Lotus Connections Activities Super Social Women Badge
  20. 20. The 6 rules of Social Media1.  Listen2.  Manage your brand reputation. Protect IBM above all3.  Be real, authentic, be candid, be YOU (People want to connect with real people)4.  Be patient. Let things grow organically5.  Give To Get (Take interest in others and share valuable information, even if it doesn’t benefit you directly)6.  Social media is about interaction & building relationship: It’s about joining the conversation
  21. 21. Dell Hell – 4 Years On: Michael Dell 2.0 § Dell now has a squad of 42 full time employees whose job is to spend their days responding via Twitter, Facebook, Dell blogs, and other Web 2.0 sites § The first user-generated laptop recently appeared based on input solicited via IdeaStorm, including more color options, better battery life, fingerprint readers, and more § Business Impact: On adding blogs and message boards via the Dell site: “If we § Dell’s gross margins have increased 19.1% don’t do that at Dell.Com, it’s (from 16.6% last year) going to be on CNET or § Dell’s online community efforts have offered somewhere. I’d rather have that conversation in my living 10K fixes that have been viewed 2.5M times room than somebody elses.” (saving millions on phone support) § People are saying much nicer things about Dell and the Dell brand online § Michael Dell will be your friend on Facebook. 21
  22. 22. Click here to visit IBM SWG Social Media Marketing Wiki Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter/delphrb Be my friend on Facebook Read my blog Join me on Linked in Blue Twitt me ! Social Media directory: Join us on June 17th : IBM Social Media Marketing Summit Start with social media today and earn your badges : Super Social Women Badge Social Media Marketer Merit badge22
  23. 23. Some links…§  Business Conduct Guidelines: § +Conduct+Guidelines§  Social Computing Guidelines: §§  Some interesting links§  Tap into the interconnected world and earn the rewards !§  Get Marketing, Get Social !§  IBMs social media marketing campaign hits the target!§  Exclusive Social Media event in IBM’s Virtual Forbidden City§  5 reasons to twitter §  Play your imperial part in IBM’s Virtual Forbidden City (VFC) SOA Tour §  Gina Poole, IBM web 2.0 goes to work on slideshare§  Jon Iwatas interview on You Tube §  How do I make time to do social media ?! §  List of agencies who can help you in your social media campaign execution