Meaningful Brand Measurement


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Understanding how digital has changed brand measurement; Latest trends in measuring social media initiatives to gauge the effectiveness of digital branding programs; A KPI-based measurement methodology (with examples from companies);
Deep dive case study on how measurement analysis changed a telecommunications company's branding approach; Understanding big data and the future of measurement

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Meaningful Brand Measurement

  1. 1. Meaningful BrandMeasurementTurning Social Media ActivityInto Business OutcomePhoto Credit: Ansik
  2. 2. Jeremy Woolf www.socialmedia-mba.comPhoto Credit: Ansik
  3. 3. www.text100.comPhoto Credit: Ansik
  4. 4. Agenda• How has digital changed brand measurement?• Latest social media measurement tools• KPI-based measurement methodology• Deep dive case study (telecommunications)• Understanding Big Data• The future of measurementPhoto Credit: Ansik
  5. 5. How has digitalchanged brandmeasurement?Photo Credit: Ansik
  6. 6. Measurement vs. Monitoring Measurement Monitoring • GOAL: Determine results • GOAL: Insight and Research • Use tools like Google • Gathering information about Analytics to measure how “what’s out there” and what many clicks you’ve had, or “people say about us” to Social dashboards to measure “who are the most important conversations and trends influencers” • Must set goals that link to • Gathered from various objectives to make sense sources then analysed for meaning and learning • Either conducted prior to beginning the campaign or on an ongoing basisPhoto Credit: Ansik
  7. 7. PR has traditionally been hard to measure Clippings AVE Brand perception • Volume of • Approximate • Measures public coverage cash value of perception of a coverage brand, product or • Doesn’t tell you idea anything • Doesn’t account meaningful for power of • Expensive and editorial highly inaccurate recommendation over paid advertisingPhoto Credit: Ansik
  8. 8. PR has traditionally been hard to measure• Your message, interpreted by the media• We know approximately how many people might have seen the coverage• We sometimes have demographic data about the audience• We can only guess at what has really been achievedPhoto Credit: Ansik
  9. 9. “If it’s online, it can be measured.”Photo Credit: Ansik
  10. 10. Digital … changes everything• Brands can become publishers, no longer relying on independent media to reach audiences• Everything that happens online can be tracked and measured• Data tells us how people behave• Data mapped against business objectives to provide real insightPhoto Credit: Ansik
  11. 11. Why measure?• Not optional - a core component of any campaign• Demonstrate value of Social Media / PR campaign (ROI)• Optimize strategies and tactics based on measurement feedback• Opportunity to learn and access real data about your consumers and marketsPhoto Credit: Ansik
  12. 12. Latest brandmeasurement toolsPhoto Credit: Kayaker1024
  13. 13. 1. Facebook and twitter2. Influence3. Dashboards4. Web analyticsPhoto Credit: Kayaker1024
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  20. 20. KPI-basedMeasurementMethodologyPhoto Credit: Big Swede Guy
  21. 21. What can wemeasure?Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy
  22. 22. What can we measure? Analytics DIFFICULTY TO ACCESS THE DATA Owned platform (Clicks, Uniques Google analytics etc.) Interactions (comments, likes, on Third party estimates a Facebook page or Facebook insights equivalent, etc.) Conversations on external platform (number of mentions, Public platforms etc.) CrowdboosterPhoto Credit: Big Swede Guy
  23. 23. Web measurement• Hits – Each file sent to the browser from server is a hit• Pageviews – how many times a visitor viewed your webpage, even if it’s the same visitor• Uniques – how many visitors you had from a unique IP address (• Clicks – how many times someone clicked on your linkPhoto Credit: Big Swede Guy
  24. 24. Social Networking Measurement• Likes, page views, referrers, etc.• Users, languages, location, type of feedback• Positive share of voice• Time on site• Interactions, retweets, reports, repins, clicks, etc.Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy
  25. 25. What can’t be measured?• Private conversations• Things you can’t track• You can’t automatically track platforms you don’t have access to (LinkedIn, Facebook)• The special case of sentiment (a bit tricky to play with - works in some circumstances)Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy
  26. 26. Challenges• Disparate sources• Inconsistent dataset• Filtering issues Google analytics• Regional issues• Language issues (local languages, irony, industry terms)• Tracking new behavior / tools Facebook insights• Different analytical approach• No single consolidated and industry-wide reference indicator CrowdboosterPhoto Credit: Big Swede Guy
  27. 27. BUSINESS GOALS KPIs Digital KPIsRevenue Market share # sales made Repeat purchase # recurring customers Cost per lead # value of $ / leadCustomer service Customer churn # customers / channel Customer satisfaction # complaints rectified Response time Response time / channelCultural Recruitment # hires / channel Employee satisfaction +ve SOV / channel Innovation # products / channelPhoto Credit: Big Swede Guy
  28. 28. Business goal What is the business trying to achieve?KPI: AwarenessChanging key audiences’ level ofawareness in support of the goal KPI: Perception Changing key audiences’ positive perception in relation to the goal KPI: Action Changing key audiences’ behaviours in direct support of the goal Tactics What can we do to change audience awareness, perception or reaction? Digital KPI What is a measurable benchmark of success? Measurement toolsPhoto Credit: Big Swede Guy Which tools can help us prove success?
  29. 29. Business goal What is the business trying to achieve?KPI: AwarenessChanging key audiences’ level ofawareness in support of the goalDigital KPI ToolsLevel of awareness Surveys (Survey Monkey)Change in topics discussed by Manual, tools, StatsIT, Buzz, Radian 6communityContent created (number of posts, Manual count, Facebook insights,tweets, videos…) Hootsuite, tweetdeck etc.# of search results, ranking number Google blog search, Alexa rankings, Technorati ranking, Klout / Peer Index rankingReach Facebook Insights, TweetreachPhoto Credit: Big Swede Guy
  30. 30. Business goal What is the business trying to achieve? KPI: Perception Changing key audiences’ positive perception in relation to the goalDigital KPI ToolUnique monthly visits, time on site, Web analytics – Google Analyticsnumber of downloads% change in brand preference Online survey – Survey MonkeyNumber of positive online conversation Social media analysis – manual, tools/ endorsements (StatsIT, Buzz, Radian 6)Number of followers / likes / +1s / size Facebook Insights, Hootsuite /of community TweetDeck etc., Social MentionPhoto Credit: Big Swede Guy
  31. 31. Business goal What is the business trying to achieve? KPI: Action Changing key audiences’ behaviours in direct support of the goalDigital KPI ToolDirect sales Google Analytics, Omniture, EloquaRegistrations Google Analytics, Omniture, EloquaCost of customer acquisition Google Analytics, Omniture, EloquaSales leads, Marketo, Google Analytics, Omniture, EloquaPhoto Credit: Big Swede Guy
  32. 32. Business goalIncrease profit by 10% by next quarterKPI: PerceptionImprove positive brand engagement by increasing expert participation in earned mediachannels while activating twitter and Facebook communitiesTactics• Increase participation in key blogs and forums• Increase interaction in Facebook and twitterDigital KPI:Increase number of positive online conversations / endorsementsMeasurement toolsStatsIT benchmark of earned media participation. Monitor at campaign’s completionFacebook Insights and SimplyMeasured to benchmark FB and twitter engagement, reviewat campaign’s completionPhoto Credit: Big Swede Guy
  33. 33. Business goalMake Cisco Flip the number one shoot and share HDcamera in AsiaKPI: AwarenessRaise awareness of Flip amongst key audiences byassociating the brand with animated videoFacebook profilesTactics• Create Facebook app that allows people to create animated video Facebook profiles• Target key influencers to use the app on their Facebook profiles• Promote through Facebook, twitter, mass mediaDigital KPI:• Number of FB users that ‘flipped their profiles’• Number of video views• Social media reach• SalesMeasurement tools• App analytics• Facebook Insights• Tweetreach• Sales figuresPhoto Credit: Big Swede Guy
  34. 34. Case Study:Measurement Helps SetStrategy forTelecommunicationsCompanyPhoto Credit: Timlewisinm
  35. 35. Listening / Benchmarking Report• Developed to provide the company with insights to inform a social media strategy• Complete analysis of online conversations pertaining to the company and its chief competitorPhoto Credit: Timlewisinm
  36. 36. Assessed ‘Owned’ Media Assets Assessed: • Popularity • Engagement • Subscribers • Content updates • SocializationPhoto Credit: Timlewisinm
  37. 37. Online SoV: ‘Owned’ / ‘Earned’ Channels Insights: • # of discussions • Channels • Media typesPhoto Credit: Timlewisinm
  38. 38. Online SoV: Categories Insight: • Year-on-year • Discussion topics • Focus discussions on Products and ServicesPhoto Credit: Timlewisinm
  39. 39. Online SoV: Key Topics Insights: • Year-on-year • Hot topics • Physical stores and mobile led discussionPhoto Credit: Timlewisinm
  40. 40. Online SoV: Competitor Insights: • Competitor has much larger share • But client share grew y-yPhoto Credit: Timlewisinm
  41. 41. Online SoV: Competitor / Channel Insights: • Micro- blogging, forums and blogs dominate • Share is consistentPhoto Credit: Timlewisinm
  42. 42. Key Influencers: Top Domains Insights: • Forum most critical • Customers supporting each other • Typically hard to trackPhoto Credit: Timlewisinm
  43. 43. Key Influencers: Popularity Insights: • Differs between brands • Target competitor’s influencers and channels of influencePhoto Credit: Timlewisinm
  44. 44. Positive Topic Sentiment: Competitive Insights: • Topics vary between brands • Comparative share OK • Competitor viewed more positivelyPhoto Credit: Timlewisinm
  45. 45. Brand Sentiment: Positive Insights: • Broadband product, speed, pricing well received • Compare against brand positioning prioritiesPhoto Credit: Timlewisinm
  46. 46. Brand Sentiment: Negative Insights: • Customer service is a recurring issue • Confusion between business and consumer brandsPhoto Credit: Timlewisinm
  47. 47. Overall Recommendations • Promote wider business priorities • Focus on ‘earned’ media (vs. ‘owned’) • Emphasize twitter, forums, video sharing • Engage your experts • Focus on competitive differentiators of price and roaming • Attack identified competitive weaknesses • Respond proactively to customer service issues using twitter • Respond to negativity around fiber and InternetPhoto Credit: Timlewisinm
  48. 48. Future ofMeasurementPhoto Credit: ZeroSkill
  49. 49. 1. Measurement Isn’t OptionalPhoto Credit: Texas 713 Source: IBM
  50. 50. Mayo Clinic Puts Social at the Heart • Long time online resource • Presence in big networks • Measurable social first campaigns • Own social network • Getting experts engaged • SCAD survey resulted from social media engagementPhoto Credit: Texas 713 Source: IBM
  51. 51. 2. Influence is CurrencyPhoto Credit: Jeff Hester
  52. 52. Secret Targets ‘fearless influencers’ with Klout • Secret deodorant campaign • Targets influencers (based on Klout score) • 78% recommend • 294% brand awareness • 64% influencers switchedPhoto Credit: Jeff Hester
  53. 53. 3. Big Data Becomes BAUUsing a range of data sets includingcompetitive information, online data suchas social networking behaviours, offlinedata and customer information to enablea three dimensional approach to businessdecisionsPhoto Credit: Koenvereeken
  54. 54. Facebook Data Changes Strategy forHealthcare Providers • Which channels are effective? • Research project • Which Facebook posts drove action • Assessed click-throughs • Determined which posts were most popular • Change in tone - manual blog updates • Change in content -Photo Credit: Koenvereeken Community events popular
  55. 55. Summary• Measurement isn’t easy• Measurement isn’t optional• Set measures to support business goals• Understand measurement goals and tools• Plan to measure• Benchmark, review and revisePhoto Credit: Ansik
  56. 56. DiscussionPhoto Credit: Ansik
  57. 57. Jeremy Woolf www.socialmedia-mba.comPhoto Credit: Ansik