Integration of Social Media and Mobile (DMA UK Event, 08.11.11)


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"The key to great marketing is never to stop thinking like your audience... Understanding the role your brand plays in people’s lives and knowing how to make it more relevant is crucial... "

John Hegarty, BBH. This presentation shows how we can learn a thing or two from this man when it comes to mobile/social marketing.

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Integration of Social Media and Mobile (DMA UK Event, 08.11.11)

  1. 1. Integration of Mobile and Social MarketingThe importance of rewiring, plumbing and ideasDMA Seminar, 8th November 2011roger@contentandmotion.com 1
  2. 2. Big Brand Ideas: Hardwired for Social • Part of Box Network Europe • Formed 2009 • 18 staff, and growing • 20 active clients • 25+ active programs and campaigns • All revenue is digital and majority is retained • One focus: SOCIAL Communications 2
  3. 3. • Instant scale and coverage • Pure play social media specialist • Extensive social media experience • Expert execution: cultural and local insight • Central campaign management model Italy & Spain Germany & Netherlands France & Benelux UKAbout Box Network 3
  4. 4. An Advertising Man, 1980-Something • John Hegarty buy! • Co-Founder of Bartle, Bogle, Hegarty • Author of Hegarty on Advertising • Pioneers of modern advertising (esp TV) • Founded 1982 • Levis, Audi, Lynx (Axe) 4
  5. 5. Rewiring 5
  6. 6. There’s an App for That (... for Everything) 6
  7. 7. “Social Media is a Conversation”• Goal: deliver consistent stream of comms• Success determined by how compelling, rewarding and relevant the brand is - as long term engagement, dialogue and support programs• Problem: competition not other nearby brands, but every other online activity between breakfast and bedtime - friends, family, and other smart engaging brands on Facebook• Talk is not cheap• We can’t ALL be friends on Facebook!• The app store is very crowded• Brands want conversations / ‘engagement’. People want.... what?• careful not to lose the plot 7
  8. 8. Occasionally Perfect (Pls Click) 8
  9. 9. Tactics • To the left is a classic sk ? bi le? consultant chart (an old ed mo one of ours) • Brands want to plot the audience on a neat map • Also plot channels and platforms • Trap: real people don’t behave like this • What if the real world just doesn’t want to talk to you on Facebook? d? p?iPa Ap • Engage with that... 9
  10. 10. People Aren’t Dumb. You Are One. Think Like You.The key to great marketing isnever to stop thinking likeyour audience... Understandingthe role your brand plays inpeople’s lives and knowinghow to make it more relevantis crucial... Hegarty 10
  11. 11. Opportunity 11
  12. 12. The Opportunity...?• Messages that sell are great ideas, stories• But the playbook is static - TV, display, etc• We’re addicted to the media / the media is not the message• Traditional advertising wins by attrition, repetition• Those with the best ideas and the deepest pockets win• Social doesn’t work that way - it’s a relationship, a dialogue• How do you deliver a great creative idea, via dialogue, 24x7, multi-channel?• Houston, we need re-wiring 12
  13. 13. Average Days 13
  14. 14. The Real ChangeThe value of a great ideahasn’t changed, but theopportunity to exploit ithas... Hegarty 14
  15. 15. Mobile 15
  16. 16. What We Use Our Mobiles For... 16
  17. 17. What We Use Our Mobile For... 17
  18. 18. TomTom #BreakFree 18
  19. 19. Chris Kamara / #BreakFree (Pls Click) 19
  20. 20. Campaign Overview• Main vehicles are experiential and events-driven. Singing and fun is platform for creative strategy and tactics (e.g. Caraoke)• Core strategies are editorial - giving audiences an array of backstories to aspire to, believe in, and - most importantly - join (cool gigs, Queen hit songs)• All of these happenings are centralised on Facebook, and driven to the outer world via Social (mobile) channels such as Twitter and online PR• Everything is branded. #BreakFree simply asks people to ‘sing, win and #BreakFree’. #BreakFree from the tyranny of traffic (and a host of other tedious things that are on people’s minds). Share content.  Win things - Renault cars, TomTom product, etc. (NB: 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of Freddie’s death - and so all activity was geared to coincide with wider public Queen/ Mercury tributes)• Events and experiences provide rich content opportunities for brand and users - video, pictures, etc - all of which are featured on the central brand .com, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, etc. Content is a series of micro stories (and updates) to amplify the activity and to further engage• Turns brands into content-based Social engagement platforms that give consumers a bigger (more aspirational) reason to believe - via offline events and key comms channels such as Facebook and Twitter, with publishing tools such as YouTube and Flickr being used as a Social CMS to make core content as agile, findable and usable as possible 20
  21. 21. Recruitment, Engagement, Awareness, WOMMORE THAN ‘MOBILE’ / EVERYTHING IS INTEGRATED Offline executions promoted via .com - exclusive trade-in offers are tied to the main online campaign and promoted via banners, PPC, web sites Brand content - celebBuilt to amplify via Social shares - all and humour driven,supporting widgets and apps have branded syndicated via Socialsharing and #Hashtags built in at source Core creative strategy - strong, populist with strong incentives narrative - celebrity led: Sing, Win and to share #BreakFree (Freddie Mercury and Queen) User content - fun, simple apps toSocial acquisition built in - goal is to Everything promoted via encourage people to get involved and windrive Facebook fan base simple #Hashtag - (#BreakFree) brand prizes - Sing, Win and #BreakFree to ensure talk-ability and share- ability 21
  22. 22. Occasionally Freddie (#Bestival) 22
  23. 23. TomTom #BreakFree Results • Global integrated Social campaign: Sing, win and #Break Free! (from traffic). • Goals: • Build community • Engage younger audience • Build brand awareness • Drive trade-in sales • Measured on: • Share of voice • Awareness / coverage • Sentiment • Participation • Sales • Results: • 5.5m+ views of branded #BreakFree videos since campaign start • 1.5m visits from Facebook to in first month • 200%+ increase in positive sentiment on Social Media since start • 100%+ increase in volume of Social Media mentions since start • 158% increase in Facebook fan base since start - up to 105k 23 • <1k app downloads
  24. 24. Mobile Sofas (Pls Click) 24
  25. 25. Mobile Wardrobes People share Tumblr content via social - retweet, post to Fb Tumblr feed populated. People driven back to People graze feed via Tumblr. Friends of categories/tags. Platform friends too. And so built for feedback and the on... share.“Ask fashion queries, reblog favourite Top Shop fashionistas submit theirsnaps, follow your style crushes. ‘looks’ for the season. Top ShopSubmit pics of yourself, we’ll be also posts its own catalogue oftumbling the looks we love the most. shoots/images. Voila: instantTell your friends...” curation of an amazing ‘Look Book’. 25
  26. 26. Mobile Bargains (Pls Click) 26
  27. 27. Mobile Rules ni ng b le ai ua free rt val te en i th w a sy ep ife st l e in my 27
  28. 28. Campaign Planning (Plumbing) 28
  29. 29. Council: Platform (Planning and Plumbing) • Move away from existing device and campaign channels and/or internal team silos • Place emphasis on a central creative program (idea) supported by multiple teams and content assets • Success hinges on the successful liberation of assets from brand teams and disciplines • A corporate event is a Facebook promo opportunity. A new product launch is a blogger briefing and a content syndication opportunity, etc - and everything must be published in an agile manner (Social) so that it is available for multi platform / channel executions - web site, email, Facebook, mobile, etc 29
  30. 30. Run Mode: Council Constituents Execs/VPsComms/PR Product/Brand Corporate Support Other...? A A A A A B B B B B C C C C C 30
  31. 31. Run Mode: Council in Action • Regular plan/review meetings Comms/PR • Standing agenda - each council member brings their own requirements to Support Other...? the table • Themes and Program priorities agreed for Lead /Chair programs/campaigns • Actions (esp content) Product Corporate allocated to stakeholders • Central (simple) comms plan VP seat? managed centrally in a web-accessible format 31
  32. 32. TomTom App Integration Map and User Experience Flow Non-live PND TomTom LiveKEY Owners PND owners Targets First time buyers TomTom Nav 2 owner Competitor device owner Nav 2 device owner Nav 3 Device owner Think user experience! Facebook Don’t try this alone! Engagement Blogs & Banner/ Live (local) Traditional Software In Store ads & Newsletter Radio Direct mail platforms News sites online ads engagement events press flashes • Multi-team • Multi-discipline Points of Booth TomTom TomTom Mobile phone QR Codes entry Facebook Page Microsite • Developer QR Landing Trade-in tab Break Free Tab Careoke iphone Trade-in info HD traffic info Break Free Me App • Brand app User actions Video TRADE Record video (no app) • PR player RENEW Record IN embed SUB video BUY • Advertising Dev €50 off Social View/ share elements share video • Retail capture Record capture user video user info Auto- info populate: #BreakFree Log @TomTomContent hub Auto generated Personal Twitter • Product user Break Free (backend) shares YouTube email with links to users video/ Channel creation and the (all UG videos) BF FB page Personal Log #breakfree Facebook +@tomtom • etc WIN hashtag use Incentives WIN (Grand Prize) (weekly) Personal Blog Social share video Email WIN (daily) 32
  33. 33. Integrated Mobile Planning: Summary• Effective mobile programs are not about apps - they’re about experiences• Creative should be driven by user cases: entertaining, valuable, free, easy, fits with my life• Mapping: helps to visualise the connections that are required amongst internal teams, working processes and content outputs• Rewiring: support teams work with comms teams; retail teams work with Facebook developers; events teams work with advertising• Alongside these campaign architectures we need to develop organisational maps that plot the roles, responsibilities and interdependencies that are required amongst team members• Somebody needs to step out of the fray and shoulder responsibility 33
  34. 34. It’s Not Really About the Plumbing[On the introduction of TV advertising]The boffins had taken over - they couldbamboozle clients with all the technical jargonof this mind boggling new media. In the landof the blind, the one-eyed producer proved tobe king. And these one-eyed men - and theywere all men - were the kings of advertising.Until, that is, someone said ‘we need an idea.‘And then the one eyed producers were foundto be somewhat wanting... Hegarty 34
  35. 35. John Cleese / #BreakFree (Pls Click) 35
  36. 36. e? iv ! at g re rin c iThanks / Planning Qs...? hroger@contentandmotion.com 36