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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Supreme Connections Making A Difference 6th December 2008 Tony Ryan
  • 2. •You know, for this time of the year, you are lookin’ sensational!!!!
  • 3. creating a sensational business
  • 4. In this presentation •A good time!! •Some direct ideas for maximising the difference you make with your life •1. Be a lifelong learner •2. Give support to others
  • 5. •The world is rich with infinite possibility The world is constantly changing
  • 6. The zeitgeists of change •Agrarian •Industrial •Information / Service •Conceptual / Transformational
  • 7. We Need A Transformational Humanity • We need people who are solution-focused • We need people with a very different kind of mind - creative, inspiring, compassionate • We need people who believe they can make a difference!
  • 8. Two steps to making a transformational difference •1. Be a lifelong learner •2. Give support to OTHERS
  • 9. Be a lifelong learner •1. Clarify HOW you learn •2. Focus on your own thinking
  • 10. •Q. How do you learn best on a day such as this? •Q. How / when do you take on new learnings? •One of the most powerful reasons for being involved with Supreme Connections??! •The learning!! Your own learning
  • 11. One of the great secrets to high achievers??! • They build up momentum • The power of small things, steadily learned and applied every day, can magnify exponentially • The magic number?? 10,000
  • 12. •Lifelong learners are prepared to let GO and move forward!!
  • 13. Lifelong learners are inspired by EVERYTHING Inspiration is (mainly) a choice Your life is a mirror How would you rate your own inspiration on a daily basis? Who has most inspired you with his / her attitude? What have you learned from them?
  • 14. 2323
  • 15. 2424
  • 16. 2525
  • 17. Focus on your own thinking
  • 18. Focus on your own thinking • You ARE whatever you think about all day long • Develop your optimistic self-talk • Practise your mental rehearsals
  • 19. Problem To Solution •1. Get the facts together •2.Work out the real problem •3. Brainstorm lots of solutions •4. Choose which one to implement •5. Put it into action
  • 20. 3030
  • 21.
  • 22. Giving support to others? •1. Practise philanthropy •2. Really listen
  • 24. Some options for supporting charities • A % of sales from one / some products • To become the spokesperson for a charity • To provide pro bono support to a charity eg • With Board level representation • By co-ordinating their fund-raising efforts
  • 25. Listening?? •You have two ears and one mouth for a very specific reason •The person who listens the most, learns the most • Paraphrasing is the critical skill
  • 26. Your present contributions •Optional Question: In what way/s do you presently give support to a charity or social cause? •Mandatory question:What could you do?
  • 27. Can one person really change the world?? •Yes.... and No. •Change the world all by yourself?? Not very often (although some can!!) •However, a small group of people sure can! •Everyone?? Every One !
  • 28. You change the world. Guaranteed. It is an honour (and a significant responsibility) to educate / inform / support others Who have YOU influenced? Who has supported YOU?
  • 29. Her epitaph? •“Everyone said I couldn’t sing. •But no-one can say I didn’t sing.”