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  1. 1. Supreme Connections Making A Difference 6th December 2008 Tony Ryan
  2. 2. •You know, for this time of the year, you are lookin’ sensational!!!!
  3. 3. creating a sensational business
  4. 4. In this presentation •A good time!! •Some direct ideas for maximising the difference you make with your life •1. Be a lifelong learner •2. Give support to others
  5. 5. •The world is rich with infinite possibility The world is constantly changing
  6. 6. The zeitgeists of change •Agrarian •Industrial •Information / Service •Conceptual / Transformational
  7. 7. We Need A Transformational Humanity • We need people who are solution-focused • We need people with a very different kind of mind - creative, inspiring, compassionate • We need people who believe they can make a difference!
  8. 8. Two steps to making a transformational difference •1. Be a lifelong learner •2. Give support to OTHERS
  9. 9. Be a lifelong learner •1. Clarify HOW you learn •2. Focus on your own thinking
  10. 10. •Q. How do you learn best on a day such as this? •Q. How / when do you take on new learnings? •One of the most powerful reasons for being involved with Supreme Connections??! •The learning!! Your own learning
  11. 11. One of the great secrets to high achievers??! • They build up momentum • The power of small things, steadily learned and applied every day, can magnify exponentially • The magic number?? 10,000
  12. 12. •Lifelong learners are prepared to let GO and move forward!!
  13. 13. Lifelong learners are inspired by EVERYTHING Inspiration is (mainly) a choice Your life is a mirror How would you rate your own inspiration on a daily basis? Who has most inspired you with his / her attitude? What have you learned from them?
  14. 14. 2323
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  16. 16. 2525
  17. 17. Focus on your own thinking
  18. 18. Focus on your own thinking • You ARE whatever you think about all day long • Develop your optimistic self-talk • Practise your mental rehearsals
  19. 19. Problem To Solution •1. Get the facts together •2.Work out the real problem •3. Brainstorm lots of solutions •4. Choose which one to implement •5. Put it into action
  20. 20. 3030
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Giving support to others? •1. Practise philanthropy •2. Really listen
  24. 24. Some options for supporting charities • A % of sales from one / some products • To become the spokesperson for a charity • To provide pro bono support to a charity eg • With Board level representation • By co-ordinating their fund-raising efforts
  25. 25. Listening?? •You have two ears and one mouth for a very specific reason •The person who listens the most, learns the most • Paraphrasing is the critical skill
  26. 26. Your present contributions •Optional Question: In what way/s do you presently give support to a charity or social cause? •Mandatory question:What could you do?
  27. 27. Can one person really change the world?? •Yes.... and No. •Change the world all by yourself?? Not very often (although some can!!) •However, a small group of people sure can! •Everyone?? Every One !
  28. 28. You change the world. Guaranteed. It is an honour (and a significant responsibility) to educate / inform / support others Who have YOU influenced? Who has supported YOU?
  29. 29. Her epitaph? •“Everyone said I couldn’t sing. •But no-one can say I didn’t sing.”