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Social media tribe building: CALPACT Jan 2012


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Building Your Tribe with New Media Tools

Published in: Business, Technology
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Social media tribe building: CALPACT Jan 2012

  1. 1. Building Your Tribe with New Media Tools
  2. 2. Dan Cohen, PrincipalFull Court Press Communications 510-271-0640 @dcstpaul / @FullCourtPress Slide 2
  3. 3. Overview• Introductions• Developing a Strategy• What do you know?• Thinking through Tools• Examples & Lessons• Measurement• What’s Next?
  4. 4. You are not alone
  5. 5. You are not alone Who do you lean on? Who are your Partners? • Coalitions? • Collaborations? • Advocacy partners? • Policymakers? • Moms/Kids? • Businesses? • Type one into chat box
  6. 6. Communications Refresher• Communications Goal should rule all• What is your strategy – do these tools fit with what you are working to achieve• Think “Audience” and “Action”• Are you the right messenger? Who is?• Are you listening? Starting a discussion? Participating actively?• What is your near-term goal? Long-term?
  7. 7. What are you trying to do?• Do you have a clear goal & reason for using social media?• Do you have a clear “ask” for social media users?• What can you offer in return?• Can you engage – is it a two way conversation?
  8. 8. Building My Tribe:
  9. 9. A Starting Point• Take a moment to answer the question – If I could just get (insert person/people) to join me to (insert activity), it would help we could achieve (insert goal) by (date).
  10. 10. What Choices Did You Make?• Audiences• Actions• Goal-setting• Timing/Measurements• Bonus points: Assigning Roles
  11. 11. What Do You Know About Your Tribe?Know the Tools that Matter• Ask them – qualitative research• Use surveys – quantitative research• Check existing analytics & sales data from on-line providers (trust me, they know)• What issues / nuances matter most?• Reverse engineer – what else is working for others?• Test, test, test – learning is cheap
  12. 12. What about YOU?What tool knits together your tribe?
  13. 13. Tools: The Gross Oversimplification Slide• Facebook – Largest engagement tool ever invented & customizable (almost 1B people)• Twitter – World-Class Listening Device• YouTube – Your very own broadcast network• Your Website – Your place in the on-line world• Other tools?• A promise: Anything you need is (1) out there, (2) free or low cost, and (3) already in use by someone in your vast network – just ask
  14. 14. Be Realistic How much time each week does it take to create, sustain, and nourish your connections using social media? Facebook: 2.5 to 3.5 hours Twitter: 1.5 to 2 hours Blogs: 5 to 10 hours Photos: 2 to 3 hours a week Videos: 5 to 7 hours per video
  15. 15. Immediate Resource/Making Choices Brand new e-book Highlights: • Write a Plan for social media tools • Write a plan for content (!!) • Automate the easy stuff • If people are talking…listen • Surprise people • Ask the crowd for help • Measure + use tools to measure more
  16. 16. How to Build a Social Media Tribe• Be generous – don’t ask “what’s in it for me.”• Make Sharing Easy• Provide Social Currency. Validate people! (Repost/RT)• Be Social – Actually interact• Get out! Meet people in real world & collaborate• Bonus: Make it COOL*adapted from Heidi Cohen, Actionable Marketing Expert
  17. 17. Make Sharing Easier!• Provide e-mail / newsletter content to your tribe• Pre-package Facebook content & share• Create Pre-Tweets• Share videos + sample descriptions• Write micro-blog postings
  18. 18. Fundraising through TribesUnited Way of Greater Milwaukee“Give Ten, Inspire 100” Campaign• Donate $10 and share information with 10 others via social media• Raised over $12,000 in 3 days• Developed relationships with younger donors• Connected with new individuals• Others like: Team in Training, St. Baldrick’s, Livestrong/Movember. What have you seen?
  19. 19. Build a Like-Minded Army: The #jedchat/#HPM Twitter Tribes• If there is no home – create one!• Began as weekly conversations between people who have shared interests• Evolved beyond weekly chats and helped individuals with similar interests find each other.• Is moving past virtual communities to in-person meetings & conferences
  20. 20. Activate The “Do-Gooder” Tribe• The 5 minute rule! Sparked:• Sparked allows people to The Micro-volunteering network volunteer your talents• Allows small organizations to “out-source” projects• Is building a tribe of “do- gooders” micro-volunteering time and expertise• Changing the way people think about volunteering
  21. 21. Help Me Make Noise Sometimes… You are just supporting other strategies
  22. 22. Pure Fun! Twitter & the Food Truck Tribes • Food trucks use Twitter to connect with people • An inexpensive, simple way to build a loyal following • Brings excitement to the food because people feel like they are “in the know”
  23. 23. Measurement• Commit to a measurement culture• Commit to transparency• Start at Facebook but…• Commit to one NEW success measure every 3 months (get beyond the “Like” button)• Celebrate #fail• What are you measuring?
  24. 24. Your First 5 Things to Do in 2012As presented by Brent Blackaby of Trilogy• Email is still leading engagement tool (for now)• Grow your lists• Make clear “asks”• Buy/Test Paid Advertisements• Engage Targeted Bloggers• FCP Bonus: Consistently create & offer good content
  25. 25. What’s Next for Us?JOIN US• February – New media tools for organizing• March – New media tools for educating the public• April – New media tools for policy advocacy
  26. 26. Dan Cohen, PrincipalFull Court Press Communications 510-271-0640 @dcstpaul / @FullCourtPress Slide 26