SxSW Downloaded 2011


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Key learnings and takeaways from South By Southwest Interactive 2011.

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SxSW Downloaded 2011

  1. 1. SxSW Downloaded May 6, 2011
  2. 2. Saying it Short Helen Klien Ross (@adbroad, @bettydraper)• The less you say, the more theyll remember.• You have to find a way to make what you’re saying stand out.• If youre trying to write, unplug!
  3. 3. 1. Make a story our brains are wired for stories.2. Make every word count. o Data: The king died. Then, the queen. o Story: The king died. Then, the queen died of grief.3. Consider the target.4. Keep it simple. o Just because you have 140 characters, doesnt mean you have to use them.5. Say it different.
  4. 4. Social Media: The Next Generation of Business Engagement Dave Evans (@EvansDave), Jake McKee (@JakeMckee )• Identify and focus on process, metrics and measurements applicable to your business objectives. o Tie social to all other business initiatives.• Engagement isnt a click on a banner, its a conversation!• ROI - think about the purpose of the investment first; what are we trying to measure.
  5. 5. Detractors• There are some people you cannot engage.• Engaging determined detractors only amplifies their voice.• What to do if a detractor posts (or a rumor posts) on your page?• How far do you let a determined detractor go?
  6. 6. Customer Experience: Future Trends and Insights• Loyalty is an emotional attachment.• What emotions are you trying to evoke in your customers/clients?• How do you pick out what your customers/clients really want?• What is your subconscious message?
  7. 7. #FAIL: Social Media PR Disasters Marla Erwin (@MarlaErwin)
  8. 8. The Striesand EffectA primarily onlinephenomenon in which anattempt to hide orremove a piece ofinformation has theunintended consequenceof publicizing theinformation more widely.
  9. 9. The lesson?Don’t broadcast your mistakesandknow when…
  10. 10. Fight social media firewith social media water.
  11. 11. Measuring Social Media Lets Get Serious• You cannot measure ROI as one specific thing; measure ROI of whole marketing.• Three metrics the C-Suite cares about: o How much did we make? o How much did we save? o How happy are our customers/clients?• Add a layer of reality to understanding analytics.• Measure more over time and trends.• Building true followers is an organic process.• You have to compel them to click "like.”
  12. 12. Creating, Curation and the Ethics of Content Strategy Margot Bloomstein (@mbloomstein)CREATION• Creation is the act of making new meaning from the world and often times sharing it with others.• If were not creating new meaning, were just adding to the noise.• What is our content strategys point of view?• Point of view: o How visible is your point of view? o What is the bias or perspective theyre bringing?
  13. 13. CURATION• Curation is an act of creating new meaning by combining existing content with new perspective.• Human vs. automation• Shape the visitors experience: pair things, create groups and consider scale.• Perspective is a unique purview of humans; without that (perspective), its just aggregation.
  14. 14. • "You cannot not communicate." oWe need to own that process.• Curation with intention.• Communication with intention.
  15. 15. The Thank You Economy Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee)• From the beginning of time until 2003; the same amount of content is being created every 48 hours.• Legitimately care first!
  16. 16. • Hit an emotional center.• When you take it outside the context of what you do, that takes it to a different level.
  17. 17. • People hear social media and they just want to push. o You cant just push!!• Dont try to close in one minute (like a 19 year old boy), you need patience!
  18. 18. • Old Spice guy campaign a fail; all they did was push.• Social media is not a fad because its human.
  19. 19. “Its not how many followers you have, its how many followers engage and give a sh*t about you.” - Gary Vee