Metropolia Studia Generalia (English)


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My presentation @ Metropolia, the biggest University of Applied Sciences in Finland, on 14th February (right after the Social Media Week in London. Can you see if I had just landed from #SMWLDN? ;))

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Metropolia Studia Generalia (English)

  1. 1. Social Media – Studia GeneraliaMetropolia 12.2.2011Helsinki
  2. 2. Introduction• Communications consultant, coach, “mompreneur” + “friendtrepreneur”• In 2010: trainer in social media at the Small Business Centre of the School of Economics and at the School of Art and Design of Aalto University as well as at the New Business Centre and regional development centres.• I would like to help people and businesses interact more and network with new and old friends.• A content strategy that engages the viewer and integrated communications offer businesses unprecedented opportunities in marketing communications. Social media are changing us, helping us to remove many of the barriers imposed by time place and even established codes of behaviour.• I blog at Yrittäjä portal under Sex, Lies and Social Media.
  3. 3. Social mediaSociologists, Educators, communications and marketing professionals:Social media IS a (wonderful) new way to work and interact! Engineer’s aspect Tribe 4
  4. 4. 5
  5. 5. Communication 2010 6
  6. 6. Social Networking •Sharing information •Awakening intrest •Building trust•Developing a relationship
  7. 7. Getting discovered
  8. 8. Social Networking •Staff •Collaborative partners •Clients •Marketing Channels
  9. 9. Learning networks
  10. 10. Unprecedented cooperationCase: Finnish SOMETIME tweetup May 2010
  11. 11. The community communicates © MEMEgroup Oy 13
  12. 12. 01.10.10
  13. 13. 01.10.10
  14. 14. Solid content © MEMEgroup O 3 • 9/25/2010 •
  15. 15. Tribe
  16. 16. Tribe• What is the common denominator?• What do they need? • Information? • Entertainment? • Coping at work? • Personal relationships? • Aprreciation? • Self-actualization? • Sharing the daily grind/moments of celebration? • Cohesion? • Reference group, ideal?
  17. 17. Tribe• What are the obstacles to buying [product or services]?• What the obstacles to recommending [products or services]?• What do they want to see?• What do they want to hear before everyone else?• What do they want to experience?• What kind of support do they need?
  18. 18. Stories and interesting characters © MEMEgroup Oy 21
  19. 19. Logic (by Jay Baer) Jay Baer 22
  20. 20. Mindset 23
  21. 21. 24
  22. 22. Good content• is engaging and gets the point across (appeal)• asks a question• is personal and signed (brings out the person behind the status update: itcreates interest, trust and encourages sharing)• is up to date or continues a story• engages the target group then and there (think about the timing: whatwill they be doing next, who are they going to meet, etc.)• offers social capital (motivation to get interested and share on one’s ownnetworks: information you can’t get elsewhere, a joke, a new perspective)
  23. 23. The plan: Process and resource • Who is in charge of content production? • How often is content produced? • Where/when do you get your topics? • How do you follow and facilitate the discussion? • How much time does it all take? • How do you measure success?
  24. 24. What next? © MEMEgroup O 3 • 9/25/2010 •
  25. 25. Putting the Me in social Media• I go where my target group is• I listen and follow what others want to talk about• I bring added value to the community• I make an effort to interact• I don’t let myself get provoked• I leave footprints• I make social media part of my work processes, informationretrieval and basic business mission• I am there precisely when someone wants to listen to me• I know how to manage my time
  26. 26. Next Steps (one-on-one) • What did I learn today? • What do I want to change right away? • What am I going to invest my effort in? • What am I going to put in my calendar? • Where am I going to look for more information? • What do I need help with? • Whom should I involve? • What do I get exited?
  27. 27. Food for thought Use of time and presence (new daily practices, coping and netiquette). Individual news streams ->Picking and choosing information Training staff -> Policy and how to act in social media 30
  28. 28. 01.10.10
  29. 29. 01.10.10
  30. 30. ADS EARNED MEDIAS 33
  32. 32. 35
  33. 33. Let’s talk some more Thanks for joining me. Now it’s your turn to contribute  Send some feedback, ask me questions, give me some encouragement! Free social media clinic 24/7 on Twitter: •Email: •WWW: