Corporate Social Networking


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An introduction to the changing world of networking for corporates. Also contains a study on FNB's customer service channel on Twitter: @RBJacobs

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  • Thanks for sharing this slideshow. I like your five social networking rules, great advice.
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  • Agreed, .. Whilst most just listen .. Here is a geniune engagement in the spirit of 'How can we help you'
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  • I like....the RBJacobs story is really making FNB help easier to access for those of us on Twitter - I speak from experience :) He responds, tracks and engages - Twitter win.
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Corporate Social Networking

  1. 1. 1 poke + 1 poke = 3 pokes
  2. 2. Just what is Web 2.0?  Web 1.0 … Talking AT people.  Web 2.0 … Talking WITH people.
  3. 3. But first…  The world is changing…  Just how are we going to survive?
  4. 4. Why is it exciting?  6 million + internet users in South Africa  2 million + broadband users (and climbing)  One of the world’s largest mobile infrastructures  1 in 6 Google Searches from South Africa originate off a mobile phone.  1.4 million South Africans on FaceBook  Just how connected do you think we are? Or will be? (Source: Arthur GoldStuck Research 2008)
  5. 5. So why is it so tricky?
  6. 6. So. What can WE do?  The problem: In Social Media, the base unit of control is… the individual.  Makes segmentation tough eh?  The age old rule applies though: People will congregate around RELEVANCE and VALUE…
  7. 7. Creating value & relevance  First up: yes, it’s a fad.  Second up: yes, it’s probably rubbish.  Making the wall simpler, 140 characters at a time...  Dangerous? Nothing is sacred anymore...
  8. 8. Engagement Examples
  9. 9. Engagement Examples
  10. 10. Engagement Examples DA WINS (but not really!) 998 Followers to the ANC’s 723…
  11. 11. The RB Chronicles A day in the live of @RBJacobs on Twitter A Case Study in 140 characters
  12. 12. RB, The FNB guy  A long time ago (6 months) in a universe far, far away (social networking), a person called @RBJacobs was born.  With a singular purpose: to open a new channel of conversation with customers about… “How can Queries, we help Sponsorships Market Advice and you?” Brand and Events Intelligence Product Info Promise
  13. 13. Who is RB (@rbjacobs)?
  14. 14. Modus Operandi  STEP #1: Listen!
  15. 15. A Bad day at the office...
  16. 16. A Good day in the sphere…
  17. 17. At least they’re asking!
  18. 18. Modus Operandi  STEP #2: Always respond (to the tricky stuff).
  19. 19. Modus Operandi  STEP #3.1: Respond Quickly.
  20. 20. Modus Operandi  STEP #3.2: Respond Quickly. #brandplus = *****
  21. 21. Modus Operandi  STEP #4: When it get’s nasty – take it offline. Remember not everyone is reasonable...
  22. 22. Modus Operandi  STEP #5: Be grateful for the warm and fuzzy (and the new customers!)…
  23. 23. Modus Operandi  Step #6: Don’t worry if it gets random… (Remember, there’s a lot of noise!)
  24. 24. Market Intelligence  The fees debate will continue ad infinitum. Why not have your ear to the ground?
  25. 25. @RBJacobs. The Stats.  Following 454 “customers”  Has 337 followers  Has had 246 “conversations”  Prefers coffee black.  Enjoys assisting customers (but not really talking about fees).
  26. 26. It’s not big in SA... Yet.
  27. 27. Where’s it all going?  A website is not somme a website anymore…  It’s the front gate to your customer community – and needs to extend far past the front page and far into cyberspace...
  28. 28. Where’s it all going?  There’s a conversation going on. Are you listening?
  29. 29. The 5 Rules…  Community before commerce. The community exists for its own benefit, not yours.  Communication comes next. You're hosting the event, but it's a cocktail party, not a lecture.  Place the community's interests above your own. The big picture is that a vibrant community will help you, but getting to this place means sacrificing short-term interests. For example, people should be able to freely discuss and endorse competitive products. Source: Guy Kawasaki. Rules For Revolutionaries: The Capitalist Manifesto for Creating and Marketing New Products and Services, Page: 141-142
  30. 30. The 5 Rules…  Tolerate criticism. This freedom produces two desirable results: first, good public relations because tolerating criticism on a company- sponsored site is unheard of; second, free and voluminous customer feedback.  Encourage quot;personalities.quot; Remember how one of the keys to the success of MTV was veejays with an attitude? Source: Guy Kawasaki. Rules For Revolutionaries: The Capitalist Manifesto for Creating and Marketing New Products and Services, Page: 141-142
  31. 31. And 1 Rule 2 Rule them all… WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME!?
  32. 32. POKE ME: Email: Twitter: FNB: FNB RBJacobs: By name on FaceBook, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Flickr, Google and other social meta-bits. Thank you for your time... Think Big. Pilot Small. Talk With.
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