Corporate Social Networking


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An introduction to the changing world of networking for corporates. Also contains a study on FNB's customer service channel on Twitter: @RBJacobs

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  • Thanks for sharing this slideshow. I like your five social networking rules, great advice.
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  • Agreed, .. Whilst most just listen .. Here is a geniune engagement in the spirit of 'How can we help you'
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  • I like....the RBJacobs story is really making FNB help easier to access for those of us on Twitter - I speak from experience :) He responds, tracks and engages - Twitter win.
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Corporate Social Networking

  1. 1 poke + 1 poke = 3 pokes
  2. Just what is Web 2.0?  Web 1.0 … Talking AT people.  Web 2.0 … Talking WITH people.
  3. But first…  The world is changing…  Just how are we going to survive?
  4. Why is it exciting?  6 million + internet users in South Africa  2 million + broadband users (and climbing)  One of the world’s largest mobile infrastructures  1 in 6 Google Searches from South Africa originate off a mobile phone.  1.4 million South Africans on FaceBook  Just how connected do you think we are? Or will be? (Source: Arthur GoldStuck Research 2008)
  5. So why is it so tricky?
  6. So. What can WE do?  The problem: In Social Media, the base unit of control is… the individual.  Makes segmentation tough eh?  The age old rule applies though: People will congregate around RELEVANCE and VALUE…
  7. Creating value & relevance  First up: yes, it’s a fad.  Second up: yes, it’s probably rubbish.  Making the wall simpler, 140 characters at a time...  Dangerous? Nothing is sacred anymore...
  8. Engagement Examples
  9. Engagement Examples
  10. Engagement Examples DA WINS (but not really!) 998 Followers to the ANC’s 723…
  11. The RB Chronicles A day in the live of @RBJacobs on Twitter A Case Study in 140 characters
  12. RB, The FNB guy  A long time ago (6 months) in a universe far, far away (social networking), a person called @RBJacobs was born.  With a singular purpose: to open a new channel of conversation with customers about… “How can Queries, we help Sponsorships Market Advice and you?” Brand and Events Intelligence Product Info Promise
  13. Who is RB (@rbjacobs)?
  14. Modus Operandi  STEP #1: Listen!
  15. A Bad day at the office...
  16. A Good day in the sphere…
  17. At least they’re asking!
  18. Modus Operandi  STEP #2: Always respond (to the tricky stuff).
  19. Modus Operandi  STEP #3.1: Respond Quickly.
  20. Modus Operandi  STEP #3.2: Respond Quickly. #brandplus = *****
  21. Modus Operandi  STEP #4: When it get’s nasty – take it offline. Remember not everyone is reasonable...
  22. Modus Operandi  STEP #5: Be grateful for the warm and fuzzy (and the new customers!)…
  23. Modus Operandi  Step #6: Don’t worry if it gets random… (Remember, there’s a lot of noise!)
  24. Market Intelligence  The fees debate will continue ad infinitum. Why not have your ear to the ground?
  25. @RBJacobs. The Stats.  Following 454 “customers”  Has 337 followers  Has had 246 “conversations”  Prefers coffee black.  Enjoys assisting customers (but not really talking about fees).
  26. It’s not big in SA... Yet.
  27. Where’s it all going?  A website is not somme a website anymore…  It’s the front gate to your customer community – and needs to extend far past the front page and far into cyberspace...
  28. Where’s it all going?  There’s a conversation going on. Are you listening?
  29. The 5 Rules…  Community before commerce. The community exists for its own benefit, not yours.  Communication comes next. You're hosting the event, but it's a cocktail party, not a lecture.  Place the community's interests above your own. The big picture is that a vibrant community will help you, but getting to this place means sacrificing short-term interests. For example, people should be able to freely discuss and endorse competitive products. Source: Guy Kawasaki. Rules For Revolutionaries: The Capitalist Manifesto for Creating and Marketing New Products and Services, Page: 141-142
  30. The 5 Rules…  Tolerate criticism. This freedom produces two desirable results: first, good public relations because tolerating criticism on a company- sponsored site is unheard of; second, free and voluminous customer feedback.  Encourage quot;personalities.quot; Remember how one of the keys to the success of MTV was veejays with an attitude? Source: Guy Kawasaki. Rules For Revolutionaries: The Capitalist Manifesto for Creating and Marketing New Products and Services, Page: 141-142
  31. And 1 Rule 2 Rule them all… WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME!?
  32. POKE ME: Email: Twitter: FNB: FNB RBJacobs: By name on FaceBook, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Flickr, Google and other social meta-bits. Thank you for your time... Think Big. Pilot Small. Talk With.