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CRM and Social Media


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A World Cafe event put on by the African SAP User Group ( where we discussed the digital landscape in South Africa and the effect of Social Media on Business and CRM.

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CRM and Social Media

  1. 1. CRM 2.0!The customer really is King.!
  2. 2. h"p://www.twi"  h"p://    
  3. 3. Twits,  twats  or  tweets?    Today  =  Brave  thinking  and  thought   leadership!  
  4. 4. Leaders,  followers  and  the  crowd…  sounds  a  li2le  like  Social   Media  doesn’t  it?  
  5. 5. Exactly  what  CRM  2.0  is,  and  what  it  means  to  today’s  organizaCons,   remains  a  bit  unclear.  Some  define  it  as  a  way  to  use  the  Internet  to  enhance  tradi=onal,  one-­‐dimensional  interac=ons  between  companies   and  their  exisCng  and  potenCal  customers  by  giving  clients  greater  control  over  how  they  communicate  with  the  firms  they  do  business  with  and  providing  them  with  the  tools  needed  to  form  the  foundaCon  of  the   relaConship.     Others  will  say  that  it’s  a  blend  of  methodologies,  processes,  and  technologies  that  create  a  culture  that  is  beneficial  to  both  company  and   client.     And  certain  industry  pundits  have  even  gone  as  far  as  to  say  that  CRM   2.0  enables  a  completely  unhindered  flow  of  informa=on  that  gives   customers  and  businesses  the  opportunity  to  work  in  close  concert  to   develop  new  offerings,  or  be2er  use  exisCng  ones.  
  6. 6. SA’s Digital Landscape !Most  stats  from  Arthur  Goldstuck’s  World  Wide  Worx  Research.  Precious  few  are  made  up.  
  7. 7. Hat  =p:  Arthur  Goldstuck  for  confirmaCon  of  the  stats  (even  the   roughly  right  ones)    
  8. 8. How  many  people  in  South   Africa?  
  9. 9. South  Africa  has  about     50  million  people.  
  10. 10. How  many  people  browse  the   Internet  in  South  Africa?  
  11. 11. 6.8  million  browse  the  internet   (including  cellphone  browsing,  excluding  applicaCons  like  MXIT).  
  12. 12. How  many  people  access  the  Internet  using  a  mobile  applica=on?  
  13. 13. About  11  million  people  access  the  Internet  using  a  mobile  applicaFon!   WOW!  
  14. 14. How  many  Facebook  users  do   we  have?  
  15. 15. There  are  around    +-­‐  3.9  million  FaceBook  users.  
  16. 16. How  many  Twi"er  users  do  we   have?  
  17. 17. About    800,000  ac=ve  Twi"er  users.  
  18. 18. Let’s  talk  mobile!  Ac=ve  SIM   cards  vs  cellphone  users?  
  19. 19. 51.1  million  acFve  SIM  Cards  &   38  million  cellphone  users!  
  20. 20. What’s  the  %  split  between  Pre   Paid  and  Contract?  
  21. 21. 80%  Pre  Paid.  20%  Contract.  
  22. 22. How  many  Please  Call  Me’s  do  you  think  get  sent  every  month?  
  23. 23. South  Africans  send  over  900  million     Please  Call  Me’s  per  month.  
  24. 24. How  many  SmartPhones  will  there  be  in  SA  by  end  2011?  
  25. 25. Around  5  million!  
  26. 26. How  many  “pages”  do  you  think  the   average  South  African  browses  on   their  cellphone?  
  27. 27. Top  3  mobile  sites  in  SA?  
  28. 28. And  lastly,  just  for  wow  value…  
  29. 29. The Big Elephant !
  30. 30. So  we  know  there  are  roughly  3.9   million  South  African  FaceBook  users.  What  do  you  think  the  gender   split  is?  
  31. 31. %  of  SA  Facebook  users  over  the   age  of  30?  
  32. 32. Almost  60%!  
  33. 33. Let’s  say  we  were  targe_ng  content   or  products…  Rugby  vs  Cricket?  
  34. 34. ANC  vs  DA?  
  35. 35. Gays  vs  Lesbians?  
  36. 36. And  my  personal  favourite…   Deloi"e  vs  Accenture     (as  a  recruitment  agent  of  course!)  
  37. 37. The Social Media “Secret” !
  38. 38. World  Café  Session  1  South  Africa  is  approaching  the  digital  Fpping  point.  Business  is  increasingly  occuring  on  a  level  playing  field  where  everyone  has  a  voice.  You’re  encouraged  to  lose  control,  take  yourself  a  liQle  less  seriously.  You’re  told  that  you  no  longer  control  the  message.  You’re  told  to  listen!    DISCUSSION  #1:  How  does  your  current  CRM  strategy  incorporate  intelligence  gained  from  "listening  to  customers"?  What  might  happen  inside  your  organisa=on  when  you  start  responding  and  engaging  in  conversa=ons  on  social  channels?    
  39. 39. Getting a bit moreintellectual about it !
  40. 40. Lose  control,  you  don’t  control  the  message.  That’s  a  roman=c  story!  
  41. 41. But  never  forget  the  number  one   rule  of  the  social  web…  
  42. 42. OK.  OK.  So  there’s  some  amazing  stuff   possible?    
  43. 43. Business  is  going  to  have  to  harness   (or  at  least  understand)  the  power  of  conversaFon  and  community.  And   remember  it  (CRM?)     So  where  do  we  start?!  
  44. 44. Culture Community Commerce
  45. 45. We  also  start  by  understanding  that  real  rela=onships  require  that  you   give  up  control.  
  46. 46. They’re  also  not  a  one  way   conversaFon...  
  47. 47. We  want  to  engage!    The  first  problem  of  engagement  is   understanding  what  the  hell   engagement  means?  
  48. 48. Wikipedia:  Meaningful  brand  experience  at  a  contact  point.  
  49. 49. Let’s  look  at  6  global  trends  for   some  answers...  
  50. 50. Trend  #1  Social  Media  is  plaborm  agnosCc.   It’s  everywhere.  
  51. 51. Trend  #2  The  DemocraFsaFon  of  Influence.   Everyone  has  a  voice  and  THEY   KNOW  HOW  TO  USE  IT!!  
  52. 52. PR’s  Circles  nfluence   Circle  of  I of  Influence  
  53. 53. Not  a  Trellidoor  –  but  thought   it  was!  
  54. 54. Think  how  READY  your  company  needs  to  be   to  handle  these  branching  conversaCons?  
  55. 55. Trend  #3   AQenFon  has  become  the  major  currency  in  aQracFng  customers  to   content  /  products  
  56. 56. (An=)  Trend  #4  Social  Media  is  driving  the  wrong   kind  of  behaviour.  
  57. 57. (An=)  Trend  #5  Social  Media  doesn’t  scale  (at  least   without  cost,  effort  and  business   process!).  
  58. 58. Trend  #6   MarkeCng  is  about  to  get  hard.  Because  we’re  going  back  to  Mom   and  Pop  business  culture.  
  59. 59. And  so  the  big  ques=on   becomes...  
  60. 60. Are  you  serious  about  this?  
  61. 61. NO.     Then  listen  and  fix  the  problems   your  customers  are  talking  about.  It’s  free  market  intelligence  anyway!  
  62. 62. YES.    Think  big.  Pilot  small.  Plan  carefully.  
  63. 63. Oh.  And...  
  64. 64. More  importantly...   Let’s  not  forget  to  ask  our  customers  what  they  want?  
  65. 65. Before  we  go  into  Discussion  #2,  let’s  give  you  a  digital  take-­‐away….     A  simple  Social  Media   implementa=on  model.  
  66. 66. Listen  &  Understand   Prepare  Internally   Link  to  ROI.  Share   internally.   (ObjecCves  and   Resources)   Social  Media  and   Engagement  Measure.     Implementa0on   Choose  &  Build   Presence   Model     ©   IdenCfy  Influencers   Build  UClity  (a   &  Detractors   reason  to  return!)   Respond  &  Engage  
  67. 67. World  Café  Session  2  Love  your  customers.  Scale  every  relaFonship.  Try.  Encourage  them  to  talk!  Don’t  worry,  ROI  will  come.  Although…  Is  Social  Media  relevant  for  every  company?    DISCUSSION  #2:  How  can  you  deepen  the  link  between  CRM  and  customer  service  in  your  organisa=on?  How  can  you  use  social  media  to  build  UTILITY  and  VALUE  for  customers?  
  68. 68. Grand  finale!     We’re  in  a  world  where  relevance  and  culture  are  spreading  messages   faster  than  ever  before.  
  69. 69. Don’t  take  it  from  me.  Take  it  from  a   bunch  of  elderly  Jews…     And  a  campaign  to  run  the  United   States  of  America.  
  70. 70. It’s  a  new  world,  one  where   the  original  ideal  of  CRM   might  just  be  possible.    How  are  you  going  to  play?  
  71. 71. Where  to  next?     Dive  deeper  into  the  world  of  social  media  for  business  with  this  MasterClass  from  InternaConal  Strategy  Group  FutureWorld.  1  week  in  May  2011   ONLY.     More  informaCon:   h2p://­‐media-­‐masterclass-­‐may-­‐2011.html    
  72. 72. •  Your  speaker   –  h2p://   –  h2p://     –  h2p://  •  All  content  from  the  day  in  “social  story”  form   –  h2p://  •  African  SAP  User  Group     –  h"p://    •  The  videos   –  Making  a  SPLASH  with  social  media   h2p://     –  Gary  Veynerchuk  on  “Actually  giving  a  fuck”   h2p://     –  Obama  Social  Media  Campaign   h2p://