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Online Reputation Management - 10 considerations for business


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Online Reputation Management is a fairly new industry. PR isn't. In this presentation, originally given by Andy Hadfield and Craig Rodney at the Johannesburg Heavy Chefs Session - we take you through some practical advice on how to approach ORM as a business.

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Online Reputation Management - 10 considerations for business

  1. 1. Online  Reputa,on  Management  
  2. 2. The  first  rule  of  ORM  is…  
  3. 3. Don’t  be  a  wanker.  
  4. 4. Because  you  can…  
  5. 5. Never  underes-mate  the  power   of  stupid  people  in  large  groups.  
  6. 6. ORM  gives  you  3  op;ons   Listen  and  learn   Engage  and  respond   Ignore  and  be  happy  
  7. 7. Imagine  you’re  giving  a  talk…  
  8. 8. Imagine  you’re  giving  a  talk…   (and  you  can  here  people’s  thoughts)  
  9. 9. We’re  here  to  share  10  things  you   should  take  into  considera-on  when   shaping  your  ORM  strategy.  
  10. 10. #1   Always  listen.  
  11. 11. Tools  that  should  be  on  your  radar:     LOCAL:  BrandsEye,  SaidWot   INTERNATIONAL:  Radian6,  Sysomos  
  12. 12. Whatever  the  tool…  here  are  a   couple  of  things  to  look  out  for:  
  13. 13. Make  sure  it  scans  the  en@re   internet.  
  14. 14. Make  sure  it  can  split  nega;ve,   posi;ve  and  neutral  sen;ment   (accurately  if  it  automates  things)  
  15. 15. Make  sure  it  can  iden;fy   influencers  
  16. 16. Make  sure  it  has  workflow  
  17. 17. Make  sure  it  has  repor@ng   (specifically  reputa;on  trends  over   ;me)  
  18. 18. Make  sure  it  has  a  PR  Rand  value   measurement   (you’ll  probably  ignore  over  ;me,   but  it  provides  essen-al  ammo  for   selling  this  in  your  business)  
  19. 19. #2   Know  what  you  have   control  over.  
  20. 20. OR  /  M  
  21. 21. #3   Recognise  your  circles  of   influence.  
  22. 22. Circle  of  Influence  
  23. 23. #4   Your  Google  CV  
  24. 24. It’s  not  always  what  they’re  saying   right  now…   But  what  they  said  –  that  ranks  on   search  engines.  
  25. 25. A  Google  dips-ck  for  the  keywords:   FNB  +Online  
  26. 26. The  rules:   Measure  themes  of  posi-ve  and   nega-ve  men-ons  on  ALL  Google   search  categories,  at  least  2  pages  of   results  deep.  
  27. 27. The  test:   What  do  you  think?  
  28. 28. :)  
  29. 29. :(  
  30. 30. Don  PackeN.   Comedian.   MC.   Reputa,on  a6acker.   hTp://    
  31. 31. #5   Don’t  always  poke  the   bear.  
  32. 32. Sidebar!  
  33. 33. Back  to  topic  >   Social  media  can  drive  the  wrong   kind  of  behaviour.  
  34. 34. #6   Some  people  just  don’t   care.  
  35. 35. High  barriers  to  change  means  a  nega,ve  online   reputa,on  has  less  impact  on  customers.  
  36. 36. #7   Some;mes  bad  PR  is   good  PR.  
  37. 37. Whites   Only  
  38. 38. Black   Editors   Only  
  39. 39. #8   ORM  Rand  value  is   subjec;ve.  
  40. 40. Let’s  talk  about  a  liBle  guy  with  a   BIG  voice…  
  41. 41. 48  hours  around  the  “Malema  in  Zimbabwe”   incident.   BrandsEye  found  that  Julius  Malema  had  achieved   an  AVE  of  R287,878  with  around  450  men@ons.  This   is  the  equivalent  of  running  around  10  full-­‐page   adver@sements  in  leading  magazines.   hTp://;cle/2010-­‐04-­‐20-­‐analysis-­‐julius-­‐malema-­‐and-­‐the-­‐ adver;sing-­‐value-­‐of-­‐being-­‐hated-­‐by-­‐the-­‐media    
  42. 42. At  the  end  of  the  day,  he  can   always  flip  the  switch  and  say…  
  43. 43. #9   Watch  the  trends.  
  44. 44. #10   Build  an  Engagement   Hub.  
  45. 45. And  always   remember….  
  46. 46. It’s  perfectly  valid  for  a  business  to  state  they   don’t  want  to  be  involved  in  social  media  –   and  take  steps  to  back  that  up.   It’s  not  OK  for  a  business  to  ignore  social  media   and  hope  it  will  return  the  favour.  
  47. 47. Andy  Hadfield   Craig  Rodney