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Cool Tools for the Cloud Generation


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Cool Tools for the Cloud Generation takes business on a beginner's journey through free tools that could change your perception on the value the Internet holds to your business. From playing around with FaceBook demographics to finding out just how many people are searching for your keywords on Google... If

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Cool Tools for the Cloud Generation

  1. 1. Andy  Hadfield     Cool  Tools  for  the  Cloud  Genera1on   Your  “old”  company  and  the  “new”  web  
  2. 2. …  mostly!  
  3. 3. Let’s  see  what  we’re  playing  with.   State  of  the  Internet  Na1on  2010.  
  4. 4. South  Africa  has  about     50  million  people.  
  5. 5. Of  those,  only  5.3  million  have   access  to  the  “PC”  Internet.  
  6. 6. There  are  around     +-­‐  2.8  million  FaceBook  users.  
  7. 7. But  only  about     60,000  TwiHer  users.  
  8. 8. Yet  we  have  about  49  million   ac9ve  SIM  Cards.  
  9. 9. But  only  3.3  million  people   “Browsing  the  Web”  on  their  phones  
  10. 10. About  9  million  people  access  the   Internet  using  a  mobile  applica9on.  
  11. 11. But  the  market  is  so  fragmented   that  we  can’t  really  reach  them   effecKvely.  
  12. 12. Cool  Tools  for  the  Cloud  Genera1on   •  LISTENING  TO  CUSTOMERS  FOR  CLUES!   –  Online  ReputaKon  Management  Quick  Intro   –  Your  Google  CV.  How  good  is  it?   –  Using  Google  Alerts   –  Searching  Twi9er   •  FINDING  CUSTOMERS   –  Privacy  is  changing   –  FaceBook  AdverKsing  Quick  Intro   –  FaceBook  Demographics  and  AdverKsing   –  FaceBook  Fan  Pages   –  Google  Adwords  Quick  Intro   –  Google  Adwords  Keyword  Tool   •  PRODUCTIVITY  (AND  ACTUAL  WORK)   –  Google  Docs   –  Google  Spreadsheet  forms   –  Google  Wave   –  Google  Apps  for  your  Domain   •  And  something  fun  to  end  off  with…  Foursquare  Specials  
  13. 13. h9p://­‐s8&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=     Your  Google  CV  /  Health  Check  
  14. 14. h9p://­‐s8&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=     Using  Google  Alerts…  
  15. 15. h9p://     Searching  TwiHer…  
  16. 16. •   Listening  is  good  –  it  tells  you  what  people  want   •   Listen  for  long  enough  and  you’ll  get  an  idea  of  what’s  required  (or   whether)  you  want  to  respond…   •   Listening  tools  are  free  &  can  help  you  understand  a  customer’s   reacKon  to  your  iniKaKves  /  external  factors   •   Remember  your  audience  is  skewed  unless  your  product  is  exclusive  to   digital  channels   •   Simple  listening  tools  can’t  help  you  process  large  volumes    ORM  
  17. 17. h9p://     Privacy  is  changing…  
  18. 18. FaceBook  Adver1sing  
  19. 19. FaceBook  Adver1sing  
  20. 20. h9p://    
  21. 21. Google  Adver1sing  
  22. 22. Google  Adver1sing  
  23. 23. h9ps://     Google  Adver1sing  
  24. 24. •   Control  your  budget   •   Find  and  target  customers  very  specifically   •   Easy  to  setup  and  manage  ad  campaigns   •   Fan  Pages  let  you  create  a  free  space  on  the  web   •   Playing  in  a  social  space,  don’t  be  too  intrusive.   •   Click  through  rates  aren’t  high,  but  if  they  don’t  click,  you  don’t  pay!   •   Having  a  presence  is  good,  but  have  the  fulfillment  to  back  it  up  
  25. 25. h9p://     Google  Docs  
  26. 26. h9p://     Google  Wave  
  27. 27. h9p://     Google  Apps  for  your  Domain  
  28. 28. •   Cloud  tools  are  usually  free.  Microsoj  Office  costs  a  lot.   •   They  allow  you  to  collaborate  on  objects  and  gather  data  very  easily   •   Using  these  apps  under  your  domain  adds  layer  of  professionalism     •   It’s  not  as  good.  But  do  you  need  “as  good”?   •   Security  is  always  a  risk.  Ask  Twi9er  about  their  confidenKal  docs!  
  29. 29. h9p://  
  30. 30. h9p://     FourSquare  Loca1on  Based  Services  
  31. 31. Andy  Hadfield     Thank  you  for  your  1me…