Keys to Successful Corporate Blogging


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  • Why blog
    Part of it may be personal: because you want to write down things you’re learning about so you don’t forget them.
    “Learning out loud”
    The power of imperfection  invites people in
    You do get more knowledgable by having to work through ideas in writing
    So people can Experience your business not just hear about it
    Make you business an authority
    Make your biz a resource within you area
    In a services business like ours, it’s a way for us to give samples: samples of our thinking, experience, approach = try before you buy
  • News release book
    Smarmy Doug Lewellyn guy
  • Allyis advertisement
    Meet once or twice with a company that only cares about you if you pay them
    They come back with something that tries to reflect your brand, inaccurate, means more to them than it does to you
    You put into the hands of other people your right of representation
    They get to tell the world who you are and they don’t even know you
  • American Airlines
    3 minute interview
    3,985.33 per minute
    Crappy sound from the arm of an airline seat
    And no one, when they have the chance to listen to the radio on the airplane, chooses the talking!
    8.4 million listeners
    No one can access it after the fact
    Does not persist as a resource over time

    Compare that to blogging
    I might not reach 8.4 mil
    But I reach my audience as a resource with content I shape, with representation I control and that comes out of ourselves – we know ourselves
    I reach the audience for whom I’m relevant – it’s not about number of impressions, it’s about impressions with audiences that care about what you have to say
    And it persists, it’s there to stay and there when they are ready to engage it (not like the radio where if it doesn’t play when they’re listening, you’ve just thrown money away, and nobody is going to go see out an ad later in the day)
  • A blog is a framing device
    It helps you shape where and how you exist in the public’s imagination
    Blogs/Twitter/Facebook can all be used in combination to good effect
  • How often should you generate content
    How long should content be
    What should nature of content be
    If yes, how do you deal with them?
    Acknowledge every comment you can
    You are hosting a conversation, you want to thank people for their contribution
    Their comment is a gift to you
    Also a way to increase your search engine ranking

    You have to deliver VALUE
    smarter, entertained, better informed, more successful
    They’ll stay if there’s something in it for them
  • How do you enter the conversation?
    Right way and wrong way?
    Different characters
  • That will be different depending on your business
    BrambleBerry sells product, so she wants to measure ROI for her blog around direct impact on product moved
    Our sales cycle is different. We look more at awareness of our business, accurate understanding of our services and expertise, increases in lead generation, increased lead visits to the Web site, entrée into higher-level decision makers’ offices
    All of those things are up
  • Let’s Talk about SEO
    You decide you want to blog, you get it up and running.
    Now how do you make it a destination?
    Link building
    Not just what you say, also how you say it
    It all comes back around to being valuable and saying useful, interesting things
    There are a log to SEO techniques, but if you focus too much on technique, you’ll lose focus on content and purpose
    Be aware of techniques, but if all you can manage is to write useful informative content on a semiregular basis, you’ll still benefit considerably
  • Don’t try to be Chris Brogan or Seth Godin
    Most people won’t be superstars
    What are you trying to achieve?
    Awareness of you?
    Awareness of your business service?
    Just try to be as helpful as you can be to the people for whom your perspective is relevant
    A small but engaged audience is better than a huge disengaged audience
  • Keys to Successful Corporate Blogging

    1. 1. If you build it, they will come...not quite. Keys to successful corporate blogging Ethan Yarbrough Allyis
    2. 2. Ethan Yarbrough President Allyis, Inc twitter: @ethany blog: Email: •Collaboration •Knowledge Management •Business Process •Business Insights twitter: @allyis What We Do
    3. 3. To Blog or Not to Blog That is the question?
    4. 4. Once Upon a Time… $15,000
    5. 5. Once Upon a Time…Part 2
    6. 6. Still Upon a Time 3 minute interview $11,956 $3,985.33 per minute
    7. 7. Step One - Need/Want Recognition Deciding there is, in fact, a need or a want to be filled. Step Two - Information Search Trying to determine what's available. Step Three - Evaluation Eliminating products/services/companies and deciding who's best. Step Four - Purchase Actually buying your product/service. Step Five – Post Sales Support Now that you own it, do you need help using it, troubleshooting problems, etc. 5 Steps of the Buying Process
    8. 8. Get Framed
    9. 9. You Have No Captives…
    10. 10. Be Somebody The Unfrozen Caveman Blogger The Wonderer The Air Traffic Controller The Professor
    11. 11. What is the ROI?
    12. 12. Remember: Most people won’t be superstars
    13. 13. If You Build It, They Will Come? In “Field of Dreams” those people had a need to come, they came because the field fulfilled something for them. What are you fulfilling?
    14. 14. Thank You Now what else you wanna know? Where you can find me: • Blog: • Twitter: @ethany