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SharePoint Palooza 2010 - Allyis showcase


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SharePoint Palooza 2010 - Allyis showcase

  1. 1. Allyis Capabilities and Case Studies SharePoint Palooza 2010
  2. 2. Agenda About Allyis: Capabilities Engagement Models Project Examples Case Studies: External User Account Management Large File Storage Business Connectivity Services
  3. 3. About Allyis  Technology, Consulting, Development + Site Management  Founded 1996 | 190 Employees | Privately Held  Fastest Growing Company (PSBJ) | 5 Years Running  Washington Best Workplace (PSBJ, WA CEO, WA Business)  Microsoft Gold Certified Partner – Custom Development Solutions | Web Development Specialization – Information Worker Solutions | Portals + Collaboration Specialization – Data Management Solutions| Business Intelligence  Key Clients: – Microsoft, Expedia, State of Washington, Amazon, WTIA, WellPoint, Disney Interactive
  4. 4. Capabilities Depth of Expertise Spanning Multiple Discipline Areas On-LineCommunities •SharePoint •Digital Marketing and Communication •Social Media Strategy and Execution •User Experience and Surveys •Web Analytics •Dashboards •Scorecards •Reporting & Analysis ContentManagement •Content Strategy •Content Development •Content Analytics + Optimization •Content Audits •Content Migrations •Publishing Management •Information Architecture + Taxonomy •User Generated Content ProjectManagement •Project Management •Program Management •Business Analysis •Requirements Definition + Documentation •Change Management WebApplications •Custom .NET Development •SharePoint •Windows Live Services •Silverlight •Social networking •Web content management systems (CMS) •Database development •HTML, XHTML, J- Query, Javascript, CSS, XML, XSL, Ajax
  5. 5. Flexible Engagement Models Project Managers + Consultants • 1 Individual • Mid-Long Term Engagements Managed Teams • Teams of 2+ • Long Term Engagements • Service Level Agreements Projects + Consulting • Discreet Timelines • Explicit Deliverables Project Manager Content Management + Publishing Team SharePoint 2010 Migration Strategy Examples
  6. 6. Project Examples  Demonstrates the capabilities of our team
  7. 7. Microsoft OEM Partner Center On-Line Community: Digital Marketing, Content Management and Web Development Our Role: • Site Migration to SharePoint 2010 • Content Strategy, Development + Optimization • Infrastructure Planning and Implementation • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Marketing Strategy and Consulting • Digital Marketing and Communications • Social Media Strategy and Execution • Reporting and Analysis • User Experience and Surveys Impact: • More Relevant, Accessible Content Worldwide • Improved Stakeholder Engagement • Better Search Results (optimized ~250 pgs) • Measurement driven by business objectives Technology: • SharePoint 2007 + 2010 • SharePoint Designer • HTML, XML/XSLT, CSS, JavaScript • ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# • Visual Studio 2008 • SQL Server 2008 • Product Studio • .NET Web Services • Custom CMS • ExactTarget • Windows Live Services • Visual Studio 2008 • Webtrends
  8. 8. Case Studies  Highlight specific SharePoint features
  9. 9. The Business Need #1: Client Collaboration  Mid-sized national environmental science and engineering firm  Growing rapidly and had a contractual need to collaborate with clients over the Internet  Small IT organization  Need to push client login and account creation to edges of business – Cannot be the same as internal company user management
  10. 10. The Options: Non-IT Administration of Users  Need to address user login and user management – User login comes with SharePoint (Forms Based Authentication) – User management does not  Options for user login – SQL – LDAP (Active Directory, Novell Directory Services) – Windows Live ID, Google OpenID  Options for user management – Commercial tools (Bamboo Solutions, SharePoint Boost) – Open Source tools (CodePlex) – IIS 7.0 – ASP.NET Website Management Tool
  11. 11. The Solution: Claims-based web application and IIS 7  SharePoint Forms Based Authentication for user login  Windows Server 2008 R2 IIS 7.0 for user management  Benefits – Secure access to extranet for clients – No need to grant network access to clients – Easy way to create users and grant access – Removes IT resource requirement – Optionally enable other user features (change or reset password, set security question and answer)
  12. 12. The Solution: High Level Implementation  Create claims-based web application  Configure membership store (user login) – aspnet_regsql makes this easy when using SQL as the store  Configure membership and role providers – IIS 7 wizard or web.config files may be manually modified – Must be done for the following applications: o FBA zone for web application o Central Admin o Security Token Service  Create users and roles for setup and testing – IIS 7 makes this quick and easy
  13. 13. The Business Need #2: Large File Storage  Mid-sized national environmental science and engineering firm  Frequently deal with very large files involving GIS data  Need to store and share these files with clients  Existing files would overwhelm the content database  Growth in database size would be unsustainable  Limited budget for implementing a solution
  14. 14. The Options: Store files outside the content database  Options – External Blob Storage (EBS) - SharePoint 2007 SP1 o Runs on SharePoint server o Predecessor to RBS – Remote Blob Storage (RBS) - SharePoint 2010 o Primarily runs on SQL server – Third Party (Metalogix StoragePoint, AvePoint DocAve)  Gotchas – Mirroring not supported by Remote Blob Storage – Deletion of files does not happen in real time o RBS Maintainer must be scheduled to clear deleted files – Only cleans up the RBS tables, does not delete files o FILESTREAM provider requires T-log backups and CHECKPOINT
  15. 15. The Solution: Remote Blob Storage  Use Remote Blob Storage and SQL FILESTREAM  Places all the large files outside the database – This is invisible to the site users  No additional technology purchase required  Native SharePoint and SQL integration – No code required
  16. 16. The Solution: High Level Implementation  Enable FILESTREAM provider on SQL Server  Install Remote Blob Storage (RBS) on all farm servers (SQL, app and front-end)  Enable and test RBS – Using PowerShell command line  Configure and schedule RBS Maintainer  Ensure properly scheduled transaction log backups – must run twice if in full recovery mode before deleted files are eligible for removal  SQL CHECKPOINT – Determine if you want to let SQL Server manage the schedule on CHECPOINT executions, schedule if desired
  17. 17. The Business Need #3: Access to External Data  Small manufacturing company  Enterprise resource planning (ERP) application on site – Not used in pre-sales process – System of record for customer information  Host SharePoint 2010 Foundation off-site – Did not want to expand limited internal IT support  Need to access customer account numbers in ERP for managing the sales process in SharePoint
  18. 18. Historical: External Data Access in SharePoint  SharePoint 2007 made SharePoint a viable option for consolidating data access on a single platform  Business Data Catalog (BDC) – Limitations: o Had to purchase MOSS o Very complicated to configure (use a 3rd party application) o Read-only access without development work  As a result it tended to be larger organizations that took advantage of this feature
  19. 19. New World: Business Connectivity Services  Business Connectivity Services (BCS) are the BDC upgrade  Included in SharePoint 2010 Foundation  Full Create, Read, Update and Delete operations  Configurable within SharePoint Designer 2010
  20. 20. The Solution: Hosted SharePoint Accessing Internal Data  External hosting partner – SharePoint 2010 Foundation in a managed virtual environment  Client infrastructure – Create a SQL account with read-only permissions – Configure to allows secure connection with hosted SharePoint  Create External List from BCS connection – Limitations in connection type in Foundations – BCS does support using SQL Credentials – Instructions here:
  21. 21. Watch Out For: A few common issues  Permissions – Make sure users and groups are granted access to the external content type and the external list  List limits – If your table has more that 2000 items you will need to change number of records that can be read through the database connector – The limit can be changed via the 'Set-SPBusinessDataCatalogThrottleConfig' cmdlet.
  22. 22. Questions and Contact Information Allison Leonard Account Manager 425-691-5832 Jeremy Syme Director of Project Services Ananda Burke Solutions Architect
  23. 23. So Much More to Talk About Stop by the Allyis booth to: • Sign-up for a free 90-minute SharePoint assessment of your organization • Get access to the latest AIIM SharePoint 2010 Report • Discuss your SharePoint project and get answers to your questions Visit our website @ for more SharePoint Information & Resources
  24. 24. Thank You!