Understanding and Applying Influencer Marketing Methods


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Unless it is 1984 and you’re Nike, your influencer marketing strategy probably needs some work.

This presentation features Ignite Social Media Founder & President Jim Tobin and special guest Jason Keath from Social Fresh as they present "Nobody's an Influencer. Everyone's an Influencer." Learn battle-tested influencer marketing strategies that you can put to work for your business today.

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  • Higher res photos of Jim and Jason
  • Influencer marketing is partly about advocates, a person who loves your brand, product or service and lets others know about it without prompting, incentives, or recognition.These advocates interact with brand’s in the real world and the virtual world, and promote brands through their actions both on and offline.Most advocacy is about product or service experience, creating a higher bar for businesses to create amazing products/service
  • A few examples: 1. Apple users who wait in line for hours to acquire the latest device and then advocate by extolling its virtues to their friends.2. North Carolina residents passionately engage in an age-old Eastern- versus Western-style barbecue debate, advocating on behalf of their favorite BBQ joint.3. Runaway success Kickstarter campaigns achieve momentum by way of advocates supporting and recommending projects to their networks online.
  • Advocacy is the first part of the marketing equation; influence is the other. If someone advocates a product, service or idea, but doesn’t have the credibility or authority to influence your opinion, then it is unlikely that their words will change your actions.Four levels of influence: Celebrities, publishers, fans, friendsThe people closest to you are going to be the ones that have the most influence. Conversely, those furthest from you (celebrities) are going to be able to reach more people, but have less direct influence.
  • The influencer sweet spot is in the range of publishers and fans, where the reach and influence are about equal.In terms of Influencer Marketing this really turns out to look more like this … [next slide]
  • Those who you have less of a personal relationship with are influencers.Those who are closer to you are advocates.
  • Ernest Dichter’s research revealed the secrets to unlocking the advocacy marketing opportunity.From his research we find there are four reasons why a person communicates about a brand, product, or service:1. 33% of the cases of the study found that the product experience was so useful, delightful, etc. that they had to share it.2. 24% of the cases showed that the advocate sought to share their knowledge or opinion in order to gain attention, show expertise, illustrate inside information, or confirm opinion.3. In Approximately 21% of the cases, data showed that the advocate wanted to reach out and help or express neighborliness, caring, or friendship 4. In approximately 21% of the cases, advocates found the brand message humorous or informative and thought it warranted sharing.Worried about customers spreading negative sentiments?Research found that 66% of online mentions “were mostly positive.” If someone is talking about your brand, it’s probably a good thing.Only 8% were mostly negativeAverage online review is 4.3 – indicating most customers aren’t looking to complain
  • break into three slides What is it, visual illustration, things-to-know
  • break into three slides What is it, visual illustration, things-to-know
  • Ashton Kutcher / Body Shop case.Research from scientists at Northwestern University indicates that popular Twitter celebrities have no influence online. Researchers sifted through the tens of millions of Tweets and concluded that most “influential” users on Twitter aren’t celebrities but actually people with much lower profiles who are experts in their own fields.5 Moreover, consumers are sophisticated enough to discern paid celebrity endorsements from genuine celebrity advocacy. The best case for “celebrity” influencer marketing is often the “micro-celebrity”. While it might be tempting to have a high-profile starlet or musician to endorse your products or brands, the ideal spokesperson is often a thought leader or influencer with high visibility and high credibility in your target market segment.
  • break into three slides What is it, visual illustration, things-to-know
  • break into three slides What is it, visual illustration, things-to-know
  • break into three slides What is it, visual illustration, things-to-know
  • Too many marketers use social assets as broadcast channelsInstead, they should use social assets to activate their followers to reach their friends
  • Two Popular But not-so-effective Influencer Strategies
  • break into three slides What is it, visual illustration, things-to-know
  • break into three slides What is it, visual illustration, things-to-know
  • Everyone has some level of influence, whether it be a celebrities reach, or the influence of those closest to you.
  • The most effective ways to leverage those influences are from these three methods we discussed
  • Understanding and Applying Influencer Marketing Methods

    1. 1. Understanding and Applying Influencer Marketing Methods We’ll begin shortly…
    2. 2. Who’s presenting? Jason Keath Jim Tobin Founder, President Social Fresh @JasonKeath Founder, President Ignite Social Media @jtobin #igniteim
    3. 3. Details • • • • Jim & Jason will lead Q&A at the end of the call. Tag your tweets with #igniteim. We’re recording the show. We’ll send an email follow up to everyone. #igniteim
    4. 4. Download the White Paper http://bit.ly/influencer-marketing
    5. 5. Unless it is 1983 and you’re Nike, your influencer marketing strategy probably needs some work.
    6. 6. We’ll share 5 influencer marketing models, but first a primer…
    7. 7. People Content Influencer Marketing
    8. 8. Influencer Marketing Examples NC BBQ Fanatics Apple fanboys Kickstarter supporters
    9. 9. Influence: the ability to drive action in another person Celebrities Bieber More Reach Publishers Fans Blogger Vendor More Influence Friends Customer Coworker Girlfriend/Wife Mom
    10. 10. Influencers _________ Celebrities Influencer Sweet Spot _________ Publishers Fans Blogger Vendor Friends Customer
    11. 11. Influencers _________ Influencer Sweet Spot _________ Influencers Advocates Blogger Vendor Customer
    12. 12. You Need to Know Why People Share Message Involvement ~21% Other Involvement ~21% Product Involvement 33% SelfInvolvement 24% Ernest Dichter 1907-1991
    13. 13. Three Effective Influencer Strategies
    14. 14. 1.) The Home Run
    15. 15. “If only we could get featured by _________.” Fill in the blank with the most popular site, blogger, or influencer in your business. That’s the home run.
    16. 16. Samsung Picture Yourself #igniteim
    17. 17. 1.) The Home Run Home runs sites want: • • • • To break the story. To have exclusive access. To provide 100% relevant content. To get lots of traffic to sell more ads. #igniteim
    18. 18. A Note About Celebrities… #igniteim
    19. 19. 2.) Second-Tier Bloggers
    20. 20. Bloggers want four things: Content, Credibility, Back links, & Traffic …and (increasingly) money. OK – so bloggers want 5 things.
    21. 21. Radisson 50/50/50 Campaign #igniteim
    22. 22. Jeep Jamboree Campaign #igniteim
    23. 23. 2.) Second-Tier Bloggers • Approach each target with a well-packaged, personalized pitch. • The best campaigns create a win-win for the blogger and the brand. • Don’t shortcut by sending press releases or spray-and-pray emails #igniteim
    24. 24. 3.) A Thousand Bites At the Apple
    25. 25. Tobin’s Law: The size of the brand’s network is always smaller than the size of its network’s network
    26. 26. Jeep Arctic Yeti Dig #igniteim
    27. 27. Jeep Arctic Yeti Dig #igniteim
    28. 28. 3.) A Thousand Bites at the Apple • Only 16% of fans see Facebook page posts. • Activating friends of fans is the fastest and surest way to drive revenue through social. • Build successful campaigns with shareable content and incentives to share. #igniteim
    29. 29. Not-So-Effective Influencer Strategies
    30. 30. 4.) Buying Posts
    31. 31. 4.) Buying Posts
    32. 32. 4.) Buying Posts • It is tempting to pay bloggers to write about your product…but it doesn’t work. • Purchased content doesn’t have credibility, generates no traffic, and ranks poorly. • FTC requires disclosure for purchased content…which defeats the purpose. #igniteim
    33. 33. 5.) Mailing the List
    34. 34. 5.) Mailing the List
    35. 35. 5.) Mailing the List • It is tempting to build or buy a PR list and blast a press release…but it doesn’t work. • This approach is terrible because you’re sending spam and the content isn’t targeted. • Instead, build the list and approach each person with an individual appeal. #igniteim
    36. 36. In Summary
    37. 37. Everybody’s an Influencer Coworker Vendor Mom Blogger Girlfriend/Wife #igniteim Bieber Customer
    38. 38. Three Effective Strategies 1. The Home Run 2. Second-Tier Bloggers 3. A Thousand Bites at the Apple #igniteim
    39. 39. Thanks for attending! Tweet your questions @ignitesma We’ll email you the slides, the whitepaper, and the presentation recording.