Keys to Succesful Corporate Blogging


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Keys to Succesful Corporate Blogging

  1. 1. If you build it, they will come...not quite. Keys to successful corporate blogging Ethan Yarbrough Allyis
  2. 2. Ethan Yarbrough President Allyis, Inc twitter: @ethany blog: Email: What We Do •Collaboration •Knowledge Management •Business Process •Business Insights twitter: @allyis
  3. 3. To Blog or Not to Blog That is the question? Why blog? How did I get started? Struggles and pitfalls? Is it worth it? ….those are also the questions.
  4. 4. Once Upon a Time… $15,000
  5. 5. Once Upon a Time…Part 2
  6. 6. Still Upon a Time 3 minute interview: $11,956 $3,985.33 per minute
  7. 7. Get Framed
  8. 8. What is the ROI? My ROI may not be your ROI • Know what you’re trying to achieve • Know the right measurement for your kind of business - Measure difference in awareness - Measure engagement - Measure savings
  9. 9. 5 Steps of the Buying Process Step One - Need/Want Recognition Deciding there is, in fact, a need or a want to be filled. Step Two - Information Search Trying to determine what's available. Step Three - Evaluation Eliminating products/services/companies and deciding who's best. Step Four - Purchase Actually buying your product/service. Step Five – Post Sales Support Now that you own it, do you need help using it, troubleshooting problems, etc.
  10. 10. Let’s Talk About SEO This is where you get your ROI: Successful SEO comes from successful • Content Creation Strategy • Link Building Strategy Not either/or, but in combination.
  11. 11. Content Creation: You have no captives… Content: How long? How often? What? You have to deliver value. Give if you want to get. They’ll stay if there’s something in it for them. Comments: • Make comments on other blogs • Acknowledge every comment on your blog
  12. 12. Content Creation: Be somebody The Professor The Air Traffic Controller The Wonderer The Reporter
  13. 13. Link Building “Inbound links are 75% of the SEO equation” – HubSpot • Every inbound link is a vote of confidence – and the search engines notice • Use keywords intelligently and liberally • Internal links count (and don’t forget to link to yourself) • Create content that is WORTH SHARING – people have to want to link to you
  14. 14. Remember: Most people won’t be superstars. • KNOW YOUR PURPOSE • BE HELPFUL • PAY ATTENTION AND CHANGE DIRECTION • YOU OWN IT! A small engaged audience is better than a huge disengaged audience.
  15. 15. If You Build It, They Will Come? In “Field of Dreams” those people had a need to come, they came because the field fulfilled something for them. What are you fulfilling?
  16. 16. Thank You Now what else you wanna know? Where you can find me: • Blog: • Twitter: @ethany