Open Educational Practice as an enabler for Adult Education


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Presentation to a Policy Forum at UNESCO on Open Ed Practices. 14 Nov 2011

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  • I work for NIACE NIACE is………and head up the Digital Learning Team. One of our projects is to help set up Learning with Technology World Forum n London in January. Invitation only but I am happy to talk to anyone who is interested in being invited. This is m y job Monday – Friday but on Saturday I am a teacher of adults – I treach navigation skills.
  • This is a stone wall from the part of England where I live.
  • Adult learning has a long tradition Britain. It has been closely linked to movements for democratic change and particularly associated with providing opportunities for those with least educational achievement to have a second chance. Local associations set up Mechanics Institutes, to help industrial workers gain the skill to develop themselves for the new job opportunities presented by the rapid change of the Industrial Revolution. A numberThe Workers Educational Association was set up very early in the Twentieth century The democratising role was even reflected in the approach to organising the learning /’ the teachers will be learners ad the learrners will be teachers’
  • One of the best remembered manifestations of this commitment is shown in the work of Henry Morris who led the education service for Cambridgeshire County Council. He pioneered the idea of a village college which would provide true ‘lifelong learning’
  • An important feature of the village colleges has been the alliance between formal taught learning and self organised groups following interests......... Sport, history, crafts, art.....
  • We looked at online learning offers elsewhere in Europe and came across Ich Will Lern – in Germany and a spookily similar site in Ireland called Write On . Actually built on the same technology they offered a mix of online self study as well as opportunities for the materials to be used in class. This really was a key finding that best value comes from materials which can be accessed for use in different ways.
  • Through this ACLF project we will create a veritable treasure chest of more exciting materials
  • NIACE made a full response to the govt FE consultation – I just want to share a couple of our points .In response to a question about resources for informal adult learning we said……There is already a vast store of free online resources. These can make the biggest contribution when used as part of a blend of learning approaches which include opportunities for learners to have opportunities to interact with each other and with tutors either online or face to face. The priority is not more resources but well- trained staff.
  • Open Educational Practice as an enabler for Adult Education

    1. 1. Open Educational Practices as an enabler for Adult Education, Stuart Hollis Alastair Clark
    2. 2. National Institute of AdultContinuing EducationLargest nongovernmental bodysupporting adult learning. Advocacy Research Development
    3. 3. Adult education?NIACE seminar about OEPThe discussion which followedA bit of Rock and Roll3 Messages
    4. 4. What do we mean by adult education?(pssst: we prefer to talk about adult learning)
    5. 5. Basic skills - literacy / numeracy / ICT Vocational Non vocational
    6. 6. Learning to prepare for a new stage of life.Learning to create your own biography.
    7. 7. Why does it matter?Wider benefits of learning.
    8. 8. The village college ...... would provide for the whole man, and abolish the duality of education and ordinary life.
    9. 9. Villages collegesThe dismal dispute of vocational and non-vocationaleducation would not arise in it. (Henry Morris)
    10. 10. Education PermanenteInformal Adult Community Learning
    11. 11. Learning in a Digital WorldTeachers now must embrace digital resourcesInterest in free resources
    12. 12. What are teachers saying about OEP?
    13. 13. We need to be ableto add our contextto any material we adopt.
    14. 14. Web 2 tools – arethey Open EdResources?
    15. 15. Openeness for us is more about sharingideas about teaching approaches than sharing materials.
    16. 16. Popular resources
    17. 17. Us learnersare makingcontent nowyou know!
    18. 18. There are different kinds of free!!
    19. 19. NIACE – ALT Seminar ‘Free and open educational resources treasure chest or irrelevance to adult learners’ Spring 2011
    20. 20. encourage providers to make a policy ofsharing materials that they produce throughassignment of a creative commons licenceor similar process.
    21. 21. encourage public funding projects to assigncreative commons or government commonslicences to materials produced.
    22. 22. seek to include Open Educational Practicesas part of Initial Teacher training and to beavailable for in service training.
    23. 23. encourage providers to make OERs available on platforms where independent learners can easily access themand offer clear guidance on how to study alone and where to go for additional support.
    24. 24. The risks associated with Open Educational Resources These resources are subject to very variable quality checks OERs could undermine the market in good quality commercial content creation leaving a residual set of mediocre free resources.
    25. 25. ‘There is already a vast store of free online resources…………………The priority is not more resources but well- trained staff.’NIACE response
    26. 26. ….OER
    27. 27. The great Pretend…oerPublic funding for so called OER projectswhere the plans are purely for contentcreation that would have happened anyway.No account taken of needs of other users
    28. 28. Publicly funded OERsFormatLevelDescriptions
    29. 29. The three messages `are coming up soon
    30. 30. 321
    31. 31. Key messagesDevelop teacher skills: sourcing , adaptingand deploying materialsLearners skills in self study.Public funding for OERs should takeaccount of all potential users.
    32. 32.