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Social media is for spiders
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Social media is for spiders


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Social Media is for Spiders not Fishermen An Introduction to Social Media for Small Businesses

Social Media is for Spiders not Fishermen An Introduction to Social Media for Small Businesses

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  • Think back 15 years or so, to when you first heard of the term "Web site." Your first thought was probably "What's a Web site?" quickly followed by "Why would I ever need one of those?" Now, of course, some of the tiniest mom-and-pop shops in the farthest corners of the world do business on the Web. You probably had the same reaction when you first discovered blogs, text messaging, and even e-mail. Many of today's flavor-of-the-month social networking sites will go the way of the dinosaur, but the medium is here to stay.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media is for Spiders not Fishermen An Introduction to Social Media for Small Businesses
    • 2. What is social media?
      Media = distribution of content
      Social = two way communication.
    • 3. What is social media?
      Social media
      are classic examples of
      social media.
    • 7. Exceptions
      Blogs with comment boxes or shout boxes
      Call-in radio and television shows have a social media component to them.
    • 8. Home Goods interactive Blog
    • 9. Customer Finds
    • 10. Your digital footprint
    • 11. Web 1.0 website
    • 12. Your Website in web 2.0
    • 13. Your Unique website
    • 14. Interactive
    • 15. RSS
      • Take your syndicated stream and tie it to a feed service like Feedburner or Feedblitz.
    • Interactive
      Email Subscription
      Follow me
      Linkedin Profile
    • 16. Interactivity
      Call me with
      Call me with
    • 17. Facebook/twitter & other networks
      Other Platforms
    • 18. Social Bookmarks
    • 19. Bookmarks Frontend
    • 20. Some Other Tools
    • 21. Your Website
    • 22. Browser Friendly
    • Search engin friendly
    • 29. How does Google search?
      Wonder Wheel
    • 30. Description and title
      Description& Title
      • Must be search engine friendly
      • 31. Must be Facebook friendly
      • 32. Title must be Twitter & other apps. friendly
    • Search Engines
      Description& Title
      Search engine results are your unpaid ads
      Its free make good use of it
    • 33. Backend
      Description& Title
      Desktop client
    • 34. Use Ping.FM to post on multiple platforms in one click
    • 35. Use content management system (CMS)
    • 36. Your Blog
      Have Helpful Content that promotes your product or service.
      Do not sell!
    • 37. Business Blog Examples
      On the Go with Amy is a “traveling with kids” blog by Amy Graff.
      Great target audience for Best Western.
    • 38. Business Blog Examples
      Written by travel experts
    • 39. Business Blog Examples
      For book lovers
      Discover new books
      Connect with friends
      Promoted by Amazon
    • 40. Blogs
      Community mindset: create
      Primary demographic: 35 to 55
      Ideal fit for: technology
    • 41. Employee Blogging
      Formulate a media policy for your company.
      Have clear guidelines about employee interactions in the social media world, outside the company’s digital footprint.
      Provide training.
    • 42. Employee Blogging Danger Zones
      Disclosure of confidential information.
      Defamation claims.
      Harassment claims.
      Public relation costs.
    • 43. create a facebook business pageDo not use personal page As a business Page
    • 44. Your business page will look like this
      Add pictures and other information
    • 45.  get your vanity URL
      You need 25 Likes to get a vanity URL
    • 46. Make A Facebooklanding page
    • 47. let people know what the benefit to them is of joining your page, give them a reason to Like you
      Up to date information
      Industry news
      Facebookonly offers and discounts
      Exclusive content
    • 48.  Einstein Bros. Bagels
      On January 25, 2010 increased the number of user connections from 50,000 to 300,000 in 24 hours with a offer of a free bagel!
    • 49. Facebook
      Community mindset: connect
      Primary demographic: 25 to 45
      Ideal fit for: entertainment, lifestyle brands, and non-profits
    • 50. What is twitter?
      Twitter is a short-form messaging tool.
      For businesses it is a lot more than that. It is a listening tool, a PR tool and even a customer service tool.  
      Your Twitter page is a branding tool.
    • 51. The 80-20 rule
      Only 20% of your tweets should be promoting your business.
      The other 80%  should be about fun, news or personal things.
    • 52. HumphrySlocombe
      HumphrySlocombe is a 14-seat ice cream shop in San Francisco that has gathered over 300,000 Twitter followers
      They started using Twitter because they did not have any money for advertising or promotion of any kind.
    • 53. Twitter
      Community mindset: create (microblogging)
      Primary demographic: 35 to 45
      Ideal fit for: service industry
    • 54. Other Platforms
    • 55. MySpace
      Community mindset: connect
      Primary demographic: 15 to 25
      Ideal fit for: music and entertainment
    • 56. LinkedIn
      Community mindset: connect
      Primary demographic: 35 to 55
      Ideal fit for: service providers, industry associations
    • 57. YouTube
      Community mindset: vote
      Primary demographic: 25 to 45
      Ideal fit for: big brands and entertainment
    • 58. Flickr for product pictures
    • 59. Creative Commons
      Protect your content with creative commons
    • 60. Foursquare
    • 61. What is foursquare?
      For the user
      For a merchant
      Social utility/game
      for smart phones.
      8 million users.
      Free marketing tool for business of any size big or small.
    • 62. Foursquare promotions:
      Friends Special
      Swarm Special:
      Flash Special
      Newbie Special
      Check-in Special
    • 63. Table reserved for the mayor at Arbys
      Foursquare customer loyalty specials
    • 64. QR CODES
      Using a QR code in your campaigns is a unique and engaging way to interact with your customers.
    • 65. Listening and Monitoring
      What are your customers talking about online?
      • Are they talking about you?
      • 66. Your competition?
      • 67. Your industry?
    • Google reader
      Click on
    • 68. Monitor Ebay listings, blog posts, news, tweets in your reader.
    • 69. Google Alert
      Get email updates