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Social Media for Business


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A presentation on using social media for business, originally given at the Lancaster University Management School in November 2010.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Social Media for Business

  1. 1. social time to get Andrew Armitage Armitage Online Limited joining the conversation
  2. 2. armitage online limited digital consultancy – website design – online retail – digital marketing about Andrew Armitage
  3. 3. forums blogs multi-media sharing feeds bookmarking comment platforms what are social networks?
  4. 4. any place where realpeople are engaging online
  5. 5. the social namegame
  6. 6. Fundamental shift in online communication All major sites now have a social influence Social networks and blogs now reach 88 per cent of the online population in the UK, accounting for 20 per cent of the total time spent online. 25% of search results for the worlds top 20 brands are links to user generated content. what do we know about social?
  7. 7. Facebook users – 300 million active users – more than 3.5 billion pieces of information shared every week – 50% of active users log on at least once a day – over 60 million status updates every day! – fastest growing segment is females aged 55-65 who? is using social networks?
  8. 8. Twitter users: – 55 million tweets each day – 37% of Twitter users use their phone to tweet – 300,000 new users each day – 3 million tweets from 3rd party sites (eg. BBC) – Over 100 million users who? is using social networks?
  9. 9. “we don’t have a choice whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it” Erik Qualman
  10. 10. “companies can now communicate with their markets directly. if they blow it, it could be their last chance”
  11. 11. “consumers can now influence the market directly. if companies blow it, it could be their last chance”
  12. 12. micro-blog 140 characters to share your message people follow each other use ‘#’ tags to categorise your posts or emotion re-tweet (RT) to share posts you like and support your peers informal conversation what’s twitter
  13. 13. join networks organised by city/workplace/school engage with interest groups set up a business page or pay per click advertising add ‘social connectors’ to your website most effective for B2C businesses can business audiences even get to Facebook? what’s facebook
  14. 14. business oriented join groups and engage in discussion your online cv link to your blog and twitter feed add presentations about your company what’s linkedin
  15. 15. upload presentations add to your linked in profile easy to upload and share content in word, powerpoint, pdf and more add pre-recorded audio – slide casting what’s slideshare
  16. 16. participate in conversation make new connections help people listen to your audience think before you post don’t block the competition! rules of engagement
  17. 17. reference interesting statistics share your followers posts link to your other online profiles occasional special offers personal thoughts don’t bore people – say something remarkable! what do I say?
  18. 18. what about mobile opportunities?
  19. 19. ‘apps’ location based services – facebook – gowalla – 4sq people ‘check-in’ using their phones gps the ability to quickly upload photos and links what about mobile opportunities?
  20. 20. what about mobile opportunities?
  21. 21. a sales pitch pr search engine optimisation what social media is not but it does support the above
  22. 22. messages should be consistent always be transparent the professional/personal divide dissatisfied customer now have a very public voice with social mediacomes responsibility
  23. 23. use corporate and personal accounts choose the channels your customers choose engage and support should there be a return? add value to your followers who will be ‘the voice’? what might my strategy look like?
  24. 24. driving targeted traffic alone won’t sell your stuff define a success metric -  visits -  followers -  number of conversations about you -  new leads make social media work for you
  25. 25. the big picture
  26. 26. make use of a social media ‘client’ –  tweetdeck –  hootsuite add all your profiles update from a single place check occasionally update frequently how to manage social media
  27. 27. google analytics number of ‘likes’, ‘views’ and ‘followers’ social media ‘sentiment’ tracking direct campaign analysis how to measure social media
  28. 28. westmorland gazette sldc english lakes hotels burnetts solicitors hawkshead relish beatrix potter the wineyard brewery arts kendal cumbria tourism who’s tweeting locally
  29. 29. The Sweet Jar Red Bull Dell Harley Davidson Cumbria Tourism Locks Express Locksmith Lancashire & Cumbria who’s on facebook
  30. 30. “social media is visible to everyone. A small mistake can soon go ‘viral’ causing huge damage to your brand” what not to do
  31. 31. what not to do
  32. 32. what not to do
  33. 33. what not to do
  34. 34. add some information about yourself link back to your website add a photo change your background add a link to your website twitter
  35. 35. create a personal page create a page for your business change your facebook username to get an appropriate ‘short url’ add your company information, logo etc. add social connectors to your website facebook
  36. 36. simply signup, choose a theme and start writing! wordpress
  37. 37. “don’t forget your website”
  38. 38. make sure the content is up to date use landing pages do the links work? does it support your digital strategy? your website will be the ultimate authority on your business is your website optimised for the search engines get the basics right first your website
  39. 39. “our results from social media”
  40. 40. new clients supported offline networking built a wider network of contacts enabled us to keep up to date with new developments even quicker collaboration opportunities with competitors our successes from twitter
  41. 41. and… where to find out more…
  42. 42. don’t miss out on the conversation… …even if you just mostly listen in. finally…
  43. 43. “Over 2000 hours of video content have been uploaded to You Tube since I started this presentation!” did you know?
  44. 44. @aarmitage on twitter awarmitage on facebook 015395 61956 thank you