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Social media and Politics 101


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A presentation I made to Connecticut Association of REALTORS on how to use Social Media for grassroots political issues.

A presentation I made to Connecticut Association of REALTORS on how to use Social Media for grassroots political issues.

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  • Good afternoon. We are here today to discuss ethics, risk management and social media.
  • Four Levels of Community Engagement-two different levelsMembers & associations themselves
  • You need to use social media to increase interaction with your members.
  • You need to Start Conversations, Publicize Issues and work together to solve them. This is something that is really tough to do, but by Sharing Experiences and engaging your members, you help them become a vested, key part of your culture and community.
  • Use your social networks and your community to organize activism among your members. Help them take action.
  • Online social networks are one of the best ways to increase your offline interaction. By interacting and engaging your members in online spaces you have the ability to create opportunities to physically meet your members face to face. The true value in building your online community is when you are able to take it off-line.
  • One way to drive people to your Page is to buy advertising on Facebook, using its self-serve system. You can very specifically target ads to various demographics, including, country, state and city, gender, age, workplace, and much more. Clicking on the above ad for Greenberg and Rudman, LLP takes you directly to their primary web site, even though they don’t have any fans on their Facebook page. Make sure to experiment with different targeting campaigns, and different styles of ads, in order to see what advertising works the best
  • Everyone is talking about Twitter. So why is it a big win? Simple: it connects you with your consumers in real-time via the web, desktop applications, and even mobile. Finding a way to offer value while humanizing the business can lead to a stronger following and increased word of mouth marketing.A great example is CoffeeGroundz, a small coffee shop in Houston, Texas. The author of their Twitter account is charismatic and his commitment to customer service has drawn a lot of attention to his business. By being engaging and interacting with the community @CoffeeGroundz has been able to double their clientele.
  • Explain what geo-tagging is – like twitter but they know where you are. With a map or photo where you are.Can be a benefit:Gowalla and foursquare are games. Encourage your members and association staff to check in and be competitive at committee meetings, events, happy hours, in addition, it promotes the association to google, bing and search engines. If a map of your association instead of a snarky comment about the association- engages, makes it fun.Pegshot allows photos of directors working, people having fun, encourages other members. Can be used as a great way to put little “google calling cards” with the association name and location all over the internetCan also be used to encourage member attendance and participation through titles and badges “hotshot” of pegshot (show graphic example on pages dedicated to these?) or mayoralty races – encourages attendance at meetings and at events, “swarm badges” etc.
  • You need to have some sort of monitoring system whether it is with free programs like google alerts or social mention or more complicated systems
  • Tweet Beep
  • Transcript

    • 1. “Social Media Meets Politics”
      Presented by Amy Chorew
    • 2. One Day, Social Media Marketing will just be called
    • 3. Marketing
    • 4. What is Social Media?
      Social Mediaare primarily internet and mobile based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings
    • 5. 5
    • 6. 48% of the U.S. Population older than age 12 has a profile on a social network.
      ~Arbitron & Edison Research, April 2010
    • 7.
    • 8.
    • 9. Facebook search now outpaces AOL
    • 10. “Social networking has become a part of mainstream media behavior,” Tom Webster, Vice President of Strategy & Marketing, Edison Research
    • 11.
    • 12. Different Tools Different Uses
    • 13. Leading….
      Use Social Media to build community
    • 14.
    • 15.
    • 16. fishbowl
    • 17. Help with Grass Roots
    • 18. Goals
      Get people involved in local politics and remind them of real estate initiatives
      Create a Database for Registered Voters or Concerned REALTORS®
    • 19. Facebook
      People don't open their emails but they do open Facebook
      Pull in a different demographic
      Getting the under forties
    • 20. Profile = "friends"
      Page = "fans"
    • 21.
    • 22.
    • 23.
    • 24.
    • 25. Post Updates - Activities
    • 26. Video - Photos
    • 27. Using Links
    • 28. Your TextreplateHere
    • 29. Using Links
    • 30. Using Links
    • 31. Remind people to vote on issues
      Post reminder for events
      Cross promote through website and enewsletter
      Links to Facebook to see photos or videos
    • 32. Strategic partners - post on their walls - events open invitations
      Local economic development
      Industrial development agency
      Chamber of commerce
    • 33. Friend as many of the political officials and comment on their events.
      A real ice breaker offline –
      Let them know what they do impacts real estate in the area
    • 34. Consider Buying Facebook Advertising
    • 35.
    • 36. Twitter
      Do Something Remarkable
    • 37.
    • 38. What Are You Doing?
    • 39.
    • 40. Sign Up – Create Profile
    • 41.
    • 42.
    • 43. Tweetdeck or Hootsuite
    • 44. Using Hashtags
    • 45.
    • 46.
    • 47. Post Links
      Retweet what the politicians tweet
      Remind people to vote on issues
    • 48.
    • 49.
    • 50. Follow the Politicians
      Follow the News
      By their
    • 51. Tweetdeck or Hootsuite
    • 52. Geo-Tagging is the Latest Craze
    • 53. Following…
    • 54. Video
    • 55.
    • 56. Sharing Videos
    • 57.
    • 58.
    • 59. Take a Screen Shot
    • 60. Texting
    • 61. To: 88500
      Text Message: economic
      To receive link for handout
    • 62.
    • 63. Community Forum
    • 64.
    • 65.
    • 66. This is . . . Technology
    • 67. Monitor . . .
    • 68.
    • 69.
    • 70.
    • 71. gist
    • 72.
    • 73. Thank you!