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  • Our research has found that the next generation of homebuyers are knowledgeable, responsible and savvy.
    More than three-quarters (77 percent) of the Gen X and Y Americans surveyed believe that they have become increasingly knowledgeable about homeownership due to increased media coverage that has magnified real estate topics throughout the past six years.
  • The survey findings show that these two younger generations of potential homebuyers are not deterred from home buying and believe owning a home is a key indicator of success.
    Furthermore, they are willing to do their research and save in ways that may surprise those who believe the values of Gen X and Y have strayed from those of their parents, including taking a second job and moving in with mom and dad.
  • Gen X and Y are not blinded by flashy signs of success

  • Once it was clear that homeownership is still considered the American Dream by these younger generations, we needed to analyze what that dream looks like to understand a significant population of our current and future clients. Therefore, BHGRE commissioned a spin off study to take a deeper dive into what this next generation will and currently look for and consider when buying a home.
    We found that this generation is rewriting the rules to homeownership and reinterpreting traditional norms to fit their values.
    Results indicate that the next generation of homeowners seeks essential, purposeful homes equipped with the technological capabilities they have grown accustomed to, as opposed to stereotypical luxury homes preferred by many in their parents’ generation.
    The findings also demonstrate that Millennials embrace their independence with gusto and prefer to handle home improvements on their own; a stark contrast to the general misconception that paints young Americans as coddled or entitled.
  • While homeownership presents new responsibilities and surprises for first-time homeowners, Millennials are prepared for home maintenance tasks and aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves
  • This generation wants their living quarters to be as unique as they are
    Customer service is now the minimum standard. It is the ante to be in the game.
    They are iconic life style brands
    WE are in an EXPERIENCE economy.
    ???What do you think this means? Adopt an experience philosophy, it’s all about the people, listen AND hear, 24|7
    5 Step Action Plan for To Create a Customer Experience in RE
    1. Identify all of the touch points where you interact with the customer.  
    2. Rate how you are doing with each touch point.  1 = 1 star or poor; 5 = 5 star 
    3. Create standard response times and standard practices. 
    4. What can you do to raise this score for each touch point?  Be specific and create action items that can be executed one at a time.
    5. What technology, tool or system will be required to produce a 5-star experience
  • Who can answer these questions for me?
  • If you can’t get someone on the phone and your initial email attempts have failed to generate a response, it’s a good idea to put them on a short drip campaign, to let them know your there if they have any questions.
    This must come from a place of truly wanting to help someone, everyone is busy.
    This should never be implemented as an alternative to calling people or emailing them personally.
  • Want to know what the number one thing consumers wanted from their Realtor in 2013? According to NAR, consumers want a Realtor that will communicate well and walk them through the home buying process. Instead of trying to close people on seeing houses, focus on sitting down face to face to start a relationship. This will allow you to find out where they are in the process and you can take them buy the hand from that point on to the closing table.

    Consider holding home buying seminars or first time buyer seminars in your office. Great marketing opportunity.
  • Get out of the microwave! Not everything is done in one minute. It takes an average of 8 follow up attempts to connect with a client. Lots of touches are needed and they are not going to respond until they are ready to talk.
    Use Zappos as an example – they offer people $2000 to leave
    Use GoodLife Team – Ring the Rooster
  • Join.me for instant meetings
  • slideshare.net for a place to share all your presentations
  • PowerPoint presentations on tablets
    Use Zappos as an example – they offer people $2000 to leave
    Use GoodLife Team – Ring the Rooster
  • Florida Realtors Lead Conversion

    1. 1. Incubating and Converting Internet Leads Amy Chorew, VP Platform Development Karlton Utter, Director of Learning Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC
    2. 2. “Quit looking for the people you’re looking for and start looking for the people that are looking for you” - Doug Firebaugh
    3. 3. Lead generation is not the problem, it’s that we don’t understand where they are in the process. The Great Disconnect
    4. 4. Some Numbers ________ of leads feel that response time is “extremely important” when deciding on their real estate agent. ______of internet home buyers expect a real estate agent to contact them within ______hours of their online inquiry. 50% of e-buyers take ________ months actual incubation (NAR). The first real estate agent to respond to a lead increases conversion ______%. 86% 4 96% 12 238
    5. 5. Society is Changing
    6. 6. Business Cards Dependent Email and Static Websites Print: Direct mail, signs, business cards
    7. 7. Independent Blogs, Video, Photos, Local Content Agents Reviews, Facebook, Social Media, Google Searches
    8. 8. Next Generation Consumer
    9. 9. 1a. Know the Mindset of the New Consumer
    10. 10. Next Generation Mindset Not the “Me” Generation  71% understand that homeownership is not something they deserve; rather it’s earned  Nearly all are willing to adjust their lifestyle to save for a home • Eating out less (62%) • Working a second job (40%) • Moving back home with their parents (23%)
    11. 11. Next Generation Mindset Homeownership is the New Bling  75% believe owning a nice home is a fundamental indicator of success, versus: • Taking extravagant vacations (12%) • Owning an expensive car (9%) • Owning designer clothing (5%)
    12. 12. Next Generation Mindset First Things First  Gen X and Y want to make sure they are ready to own • 69% believe someone is ready when they can afford to buy while also maintaining their lifestyle • 61% percent of respondents say the “readiness indicator” is when they’ve landed a secure job
    13. 13. 1b: Know their Attributes
    14. 14. Next Generation Attributes The Fix-It Generation  Nearly 1 in 3 would actually prefer a “fixer-upper” to a house with minimal repairs needed  Nearly half would be more likely to tackle a home maintenance problem themselves, rather than calling a professional to handle the job  72% consider themselves just as handy—if not more so—than their parents
    15. 15. Next Generation Attributes BIGGER Isn’t Always Better:  Unlike their Baby Boomer parents, 77% prefer an “essential” home compared to a grand stereotypical luxury home  43% want a more customized and less “cookie cutter” home and seek for each room of their home to serve a purpose fit for their lifestyle • 1 in 5 agree that “home office” is a more appropriate name for their dining room based on what they typically use it for • 43% would like to transform their living room into a home theater
    16. 16. 2. Position Your Business for the Future
    17. 17. Next Generation Agent– Brand Matters
    18. 18. Inventory How many listings sold last month in your market area? What was the average selling price? Which neighborhood saw the most activity? What is the most recent listing in your neighborhood? Tell me about it!
    19. 19. Neighborhood Knowledge
    20. 20. What am I selling again?
    21. 21. The Bottom Line: Create: - Trust - Credibility Make a promise and keep it.
    22. 22. Moment of Truth Ring Ring, You’ve Got Mail, Dink, Bling, Flash, etc. Answer your phone/Respond to message ASAP “Your mailbox is full and not accepting new messages” Close the appt. quick – not too many questions Get all contact info Send an immediate email to confirm appt. and provide your contact info Send a calendar invite Immediate Video Response
    23. 23. POWER QUESTION What was it about this home that caught your attention? WANTS AND NEEDS!!!
    24. 24. 3. Connect with the Internet Consumer
    25. 25. Consumer’s journey to buying a home. Consideration 16 Months Online Research 7 Months Active Search 3 Months Transaction One Month Post Sales 2+ Months
    26. 26. 4. Setting up a System that works Phone Calls Emails Digital Drip Campaigns Presentation
    27. 27. Challenges in Internet Follow-Up Agents don’t follow up quickly enough – need a process Agents give away too much information in their replies Agents don’t know how to transition from ‘cold communication’ (email) to warm communication – phone ‘Conversion rates’ are much lower than the agent imagines Time frames much longer than the agent imagines
    28. 28. Speed of Response The first agent to make contact is . . . 238% more likely to convert a lead.
    29. 29. Motivated – Converts 1 to 3 weeks Goals  Meet Face to Face  Pick up the phone whenever possible  Respond in the same way a lead contacts you  Make sure leads know how to best in contact with you
    30. 30. 12 – 16 Months out 50% take between 12 to 24 months to move from “inquiry” to “transaction.” This is where Digital Marketing Campaigns fit in!  High Frequency until they remember you • Get remembered • Impact • Build relationships
    31. 31. So, when that lead arrives, make sure you respond... Automatically!
    32. 32. Phone Call Strategy They make phone calls too!
    33. 33. Find a reason to make a call! Call the first day to your lead to try and contact them.  On average it takes 8 to 10 follow up contacts  Power Message
    34. 34. Non Responsive Leads – Go Digital Set them up on a digital email drip, then follow up
    35. 35. Use Email
    36. 36. Close on a Buyer Consultation
    37. 37. Find a reason to check in! Make at least 10 Follow Up Attempts
    38. 38. • Digital Marketing Campaign • Mobile web site (36% of home shoppers use their mobile device while watching TV) • Use Presentations 5. Have the Tools
    39. 39. Next Generation Agent – Culture Virtual Meeting Rooms – Join.me
    40. 40. Next Generation Agent– Culture Easy Access to Marketing – Slideshare.com
    41. 41. Next Generation Agent – Agent Tools Presentations on iPad
    42. 42. Thank you! Access to Slides: www.slideshare.com/ amychorew