Fuel cell cars
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Fuel cell cars Fuel cell cars Presentation Transcript

  • The zero emission vehicles are here !!FUEL CELLCARS
  • • The topic of alternative fuel vehicles isespecially relevant as they protect our nature,they protect us !!• As gas prices continue to rise , we’ll likelysee this topic get more and moreattention !!• Oil pollutes and there are limited supplies !!
  • • Electric cars-currently out in the market but not veryefficient• Solar cars-R&D in process , not very reliable !!• Hybrid cars-utilizes battery as well fuel , however stilldependent on fuel
  • • Fuel Cell Vehicles– Zero Emission Vehicles;only water as exhaust– Burns hydrogen,produces pure waterexhaust– Amazing R&D byHONDA, BMW etc.• BMW has broken several speedrecords for hydrogen cars and isbanking on cars that can runsuccessfully on both gas andhydrogen, but Honda emphasizeson fuel cell only cars !!
  • “An old idea whose time has come”Utilises hydrogen as a fuel to generateelectricityNo pollutant emitted , water is the onlyexhaust !!Fuel cells are similar to batteries, butdesigned for continuous replenishment ofenergy via external fuelHydrogen FC’s 2 times as efficient asinternal combustionIn simple terms , Hydrogen and oxygen in,water vapor and liquid water out ; that’sthe basic working principle .
  • • In order to produce enoughvoltage, cells are groupedinto stacks• A hydrogen fuel cellautomobile would have atleast 45 cells in a stack• Hydrogen is stored andinjected in either liquid orgas form• Many cells, but only outputis still liquid and vaporwater
  • • Hydrogen is not readily available for consumer use yet.• A fuel like natural gas is reformed into hydrogen whichwill then go on to power a fuel cell.• Hydrogen can be produced by one of the followingmethods :• Thermochemical : A steam reforming process is currentlyused to produce hydrogen from such fuels as natural gas, coal,methanol, or even gasoline. To draw on renewable energysources, the gasification or pyrolysis of biomass—organicmaterial—can be used to generate a fuel gas.• Electrochemical : The electrolysis of water produceshydrogen by passing an electrical current through it.
  • • Photoelectrochemical : The photoelectrochemical (PEC)process produces hydrogen in one step, splitting water byilluminating a water-immersed semiconductor with sunlight.• Photobiological : Photobiological systems generally use thenatural photosynthetic activity of bacteria and green algae toproduce hydrogen.<< solar poweredwater electrolyzinghydrogen stationSolar powered >>hydrogengeneration plants
  • Renewable Hydrogen StationSolar cellsWaterelectrolyzerCompressorHigh pressuretanksConverterDispenserSystem diagramGridHonda R&D facility in Torrance, CASolar Array - Electrolysis of Water - H210,000 miles / year(from solar array H2 only)Usage
  • Home Energy StationHome Refueling with Co-generation of Heat and ElectricityHeatElectricityHydrogen~~ ~~~Natural gas ReformFuel cellInverterCompressStoragetank~PurifyHES II in Albany, New York(Honda & Plug Power Development)Natural Gas line
  • • Solar cells containing several p-n Junctions• Each junction is tuned to a different wavelengthof light• Reducing one of the largest inherent sources oflosses, thus increasing efficiency• In use in united kingdom
  • Hydrogen Fuel- Cell Cars• Quieter operation than normal cars because ofno moving parts in the fuel cell stack and electricmotors at the wheels.• Hydrogen cars run clean.• 500 cubic tons of carbon removed fromatmosphere by 2040• New design possibilitiesbecause of compacthydrogen fuel cellstack.
  • Detachable body~5 minute refueling time-20 to 95 deg. C Fuel Cell Operation100kW Motor PowerNavigation System – H2 stations
  • 57 miles/kg EPA combined rating (label)Up to 210 mile range, EPA rated~5 minute refueling time-20 to 95 deg. C Fuel Cell Operation80kW (109 hp) Motor PowerNavigation System – H2 stationsFuel-cell Cars
  • Fuel Cell StructurePanelsMEAStamped metalseparator(unitized seal)End plateBoltEnd plateMEASealsDisk springBackup plateCarbonseparatorsLatest Honda FC stackMetalseparatorUnitized sealStamped metal separator→Thickness (reduced by half)Springiness of the metal separator→Number of supporting parts(reduced by half)Fewer partsPrevious stackCarbonseparatorSeparate sealsSupporting parts・disk springs・Backup plate・Large size bolts
  • 4 Door Sedan, New FC Packaging (V-flow)•Low floor height•FC Stack hidden between seatsClarity
  • • Compact• Efficient• Enhanced sub-zero startup &operationH2WaterAirNew stack architecture: vertical gasand water flow
  •  Hydrogen injected intofuel stack Electricity generated Electric motoroperated by theelectricity generated Wheels get the powerthrough power trainHydrogentanksFuel CellStackElectric motorPower TrainWHEELsWHEELs
  •  Dependence on non-renewable fuel which are depletingday by day is removed Fuel cell vehicle is the most promising technology foruse of sustainable energy sources. Hydrogen is only type of energy that can provide awholesale substitute for foreign oil within a decade. Clean, twice as efficient as internal combustion, andplentiful No emission vehicles- water is the only exhaust
  •  The hydrogen is not so readily available Hydrogen is difficult to store and distribute, so it would be muchmore convenient if fuel cells could use fuels that are morereadily available. Large Fuel cell stacks need to placed for better performance ofthe vehicles If hydrogen is produced by a Reformer using fossil fuels etc. ,there is some extent of environmental pollution. Technology currently expensive ; Many design issues still inprogress
  • • We should aggressively pursue hydrogen fuel cellvehicles• There are definite issues, but nothing compared tothe environmental issues associated with beingwholly dependent on oil.• We need to look beyond the sticker price , we needto play our part in the sustainable development andin protecting our environment .• Newer Versions of fuel cell cars like the honda clarityare sporty, have speed and all other properties ,which means you don’t have to sacrifice to play yourpart for the environment.
  • Questions ??Thank you !!