Evaluation 2 Hira Raja


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Evaluation 2 Hira Raja

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?
  2. 2. The ancillary texts we created along side our documentary ,were designed to promote our documentary so people would be persuaded to watch our knife crime documentary . Both ancillary texts consisted of aspects of the original documentary , this was an effective promotion technique to encourage readers and listeners to watch our documentary. Our target audience of young people/young adults were considered when making these ancillary texts, as we aimed to target this age group when producing these ancillary texts.
  3. 3. Magazine Article Combined with the Documentary • We promoted the documentary by including the slogan of our documentary as the main title of the magazine article as we thought this was an effective way to catch the attention of the target audience. • We included clips from the documentary such as the police interview as we thought this clips would intrigue readers to watch the documentary, our target audience consist of visual readers therefore using images was beneficial.
  4. 4. Magazine Article Combined with the Documentary • We used quotes from the interviews that we had in our documentary, we put them in the form of pull quotes in the article, this was effective because we picked parts of the interviews which would intrigue the target audience to watch the documentary. • We used the Solihull Sixth form sign in our magazine article, as this place relates to the target audience of students, as well as promoting the place where most of the documentary has been filmed in.
  5. 5. Magazine Article Combined with the Radio Trailer • We included the date, time and channel on the magazine article, this refers to the radio trailer as we have mentioned it in the radio trailer. We did this as our target audience need a reminder of date time and channel the documentary is on. • We included visual pictures of the clips from the documentary on the magazine article, similarly we included the sound of those clips in the radio trailer. This was effective as this intrigued the target audience into watching the documentary by hearing what is going to be included in the documentary.
  6. 6. Radio Trailer Combined with the Documentary • We included voxpops and interviews from the documentary in the radio trailer, we thought this was effective as it gave an insight to our documentary. Also our target audience would prefer a mixture of a voice over and snippets.