Main Image – The image
is a medium close up of
the character from the
TV series Vampire
Diaries. The location of
where the...
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Tv article double page spread


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Tv article double page spread

  1. 1. Main Image – The image is a medium close up of the character from the TV series Vampire Diaries. The location of where the picture is taken is based on where the TV series is set. The character is positioned to the left hand side of the frame so that the text can be positioned alongside of it. The character is also looking directly at the camera, which involves the audience. The way in which he is dressed is in a casual way with his sleeves rolled up which suggests he may be a hard worker. His buttons on his top are undone. This connotes that he provides some sex appeal to the series, which is targeting a female audience. The image takes up the left had side of the double page spread, whichmakes it the main focus. It will also relate to the article on the right hand side of the page, which follows the typical codes and conventions of a double spread page. Masthead- Big and bold, draws the readers attention to the title. It’s a catchy title, short and sweet. It’s white so it’s a contrast to the dark and dull background, which makes it more appealing. Sub heading– summarises what the article is about and ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is in bold which emphasises the fact that the article is about the series. Columns– separates the text up so creates a clear page layout. Easy for reader to follow. Article- starts off with a small introduction about the interview. The interview questions are then split up into paragraphs with the question being in a different colour, which distinguishes the question from the answer so it’s clear to read. Quotes – the director gives away a little bit of what is going to happen in the upcoming series, which will provide the audience will a little extra and entice them into watching the new series to find out what happens. Other Images – these images are from various episodes from the TV series so gives the audience an insight into what they will expect from the new series. Alongside the article there is a little extra information about the actor Paul Wesley and other programmes he has featured in. This provides the audience and his fan base an insight into what else he features in so it promotes him as an actor.