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Evaluation q3


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Evaluation q3

  1. 1. During the research and planning stage of our documentary production, we used questionnaires to find out information about our target audience and what they wanted to see in our documentary. We asked 10 students at Solihull Sixth Form College and 10 parents to hear their responses. Following on from this, we gave out questionnaires to 10 students to get some feedback from our finished documentary. With the growth of social networking websites, we uploaded our documentary on to Facebook and asked our friends to comment their thoughts. Finally, we set up a focus group of our target audience, filming their responses to our documentary, radio trailer and double page spread.
  2. 2. TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY Question one. From this feedback, we thought our target audience should just people teenagers, rather than parents as well.
  3. 3. TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY Question two. From this feedback, Channel 4 was the most popular answer, followed by BBC1. These were the two channels we wanted to broadcast the documentary on, we narrowed it down to Channel 4 in the end as we thought it was more relevant. Therefore we are happy with this feedback.
  4. 4. TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY Question three. The people who said no were all girls and said they wouldn’t watch it because they’re not interested in video games. We expect this as they don’t fit our target audience, however all the answers who said yes are boys.
  5. 5. TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY Question 4. We are happy with this feedback as we ensured our statistics were found from trustful sources and were relevant to the documentary.
  6. 6. TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY Question five. From this feedback we understand that the audience see our documentary as biased, we expect this as our documentary is an argument. Although we show both sides, we are more biased on one side.
  7. 7. TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY Question six. We are happy with this feedback. We followed typical codes and conventions when filming the interviews to ensure they looked professional.
  8. 8. TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY Question seven. From this feedback, we see it’s a mixed opinion. We do agree at times the sound levels aren’t balanced and if we were to improve our documentary we would sort this out and make the sound levels equal. We asked the four people that said no to explain where the sound levels aren’t balanced and they said the music or background noise was too loud in some parts.
  9. 9. TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY Question eight. We are happy with this feedback as we spent a lot of time ensuring the camera was steady when filming and the lens in focus.
  10. 10. TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY Question nine. We are happy with this feedback, we know the sound levels aren’t equal at times but other than that happy with the documentary.
  11. 11. TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY Facebook feedback. Most of the comments are positive, whereas some comments say what needs to be improved. Overall we’re happy with the comments.
  13. 13. Documentary - Focus Group Feedback In the video they say the target audience is “teenage lads” – this shows the documentary clearly shows who the documentary is aimed to. Most said the documentary would broadcast on channel 4 whereas one boy said BBC3 – the majority got the channel we agreed on therefore we know we picked the right channel. They all thought the opening sequence was effective, especially with the police officer. They all thought the interviews looked professional. They all thought the vox pops were the best part of the documentary as it was interesting to hear people’s opinions. None of them could think of what could be improved and said it looked good enough to be on TV – we are really happy with this feedback, although we think personally the sound levels could have been improved.
  15. 15. Radio Trailer - Focus Group Feedback They didn’t think at the start the sound levels were equal but then realised that was the idea to create a busy atmospheric mood getting louder and louder. They thought the fast-pace worked as it kept it interesting. They all thought the voiceover was very clear. The improvements they mentioned was you couldn’t hear what people were saying at the start because they were overlapping and the voiceover at the end was a bit loud too. Overall we’re happy with this feedback.
  17. 17. Double Page Spread - Focus Group Feedback They thought the big red letters stand out and so does the character from GTA ‘Franklin’ on the side. – This is good as we wanted to make it really eye-catching. They all thought it was clearly linked to the documentary due to the masthead and the character from Grand Theft Auto on the side of the article. They thought the house style worked and looked like a video game. They liked the colour scheme of black and red as it stands out. They mentioned anger links with the colour red therefore it’s relevant. They all thought the images were effective. Overall we’re happy with these comments.