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Our MBA presentation on Parle Products
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  • Hello and welcome today we are presenting a marketing presentation on parle products.Here are my team membersTrilokUpadhyayKhusboo ShahAkashDharHarishyam SharmaPrasad Kadam
  • Lets get little information about the company.Parle was launched in 1929 under the British regime, it was owned by the chauhan family of vile parle, it started with selling glucose biscuits and then sweets and tofees.The Original company was split up into 3 companies parle products, parle agro and parlebisleri, which is now being handled by the successors of the chauhan family.Parle Product’s Parle G is the market leader in glucose biscuits since it was launched, and still holds a very strong base in the glucose biscuit market.Parle has 40% share in biscuit market , 15% in confectionariesParle has 10manufacturing units for biscuits and 75 for confectionaries in india out of which Bahadurgarh and Neemrana are the largest manufacturing unitsIts been ranked 7th amongst the most trusted brands for 2010 by the Economic Times
  • Parle deals with 32 products including biscuits , toffee and candies .Around10000workersare employed in parle.In all over the world parle has 10 mother units and 65 manufacturing units on contract. Aamir Khan and HritikRoshan are the brand ambassador of parle.It has world’s largest machines at their manufacturing plant.
  • Here are the products that parle products market. Parle produces a variety of Biscuits, sweets and snacks as displayed
  • Here we see the brand ambassadors of Parle products and.Apart from these brand ambassdors for Parle… there used to be one very famous person as a brand ambassador for Parle G.. Lets have a look at it.
  • So here we see Parle G as a product and how it is produced…Flour with other ingredients is mixed in a mixer.Then the mixed batter is put to the molder which gives its shape.Then the moulded mixture is set for baking into ovenAnd then it is cooled and then finally biscuits go for packing.
  • We are here gonna discuss about the marketing mix of parle like Product, Price Strategy, place positioning, and promotion strategy
  • The brand is associated with the positive values of life like honesty, sharingand caring.Parle Products Offer a wide range of products like Parle –G , Monaco, krack jack, magix, Kisme bar and mango biteParle ensures consistency of the products across its nation and abroad tooParle G has has earned a global recognition and is easily recognised by anyone but its white and yellow stripped plastic paper with a baby face on it
  • Parle G has adopted the Market Penetration strategy i.e. low price along with capturing of a large marketThe value-for-money positioning helps generate large sales volumes for the products.Value for money allows all age group to enjoy parle products at fullestattribution As the products appeals basically for kids. Parle offers its products for all income groups like Parle G can be bought for a mere Rs.4 while Chocolate chip cookies like hide & seek for a price Rs.18
  • Parle by far has reached to remote rural areas unlike any other biscuit company inindiaThe value-for-money positioning helps to generate large sales volumes for the parle-gParle has nearly 1,500 wholesalers, catering to 4,25,000 retail outletsdirectly or indirectly. A two hundred strong dedicated field force services itshuge wholesalers & retailers network.The extensive distribution network, built over the years, is a majorStrengthFactories at strategic locations & Establishment of manufacturing units inrural areas for Parle Products.
  • Parle Mainly used to Advertise through press media, which speaks about its health benefits.But over the years with the advent of Television media parle has targeted the consumers and adopted different promotion strategies like:In 1989 Parle-G released its “Dadaji” commercial which was very successful was aired over a period of 6 years which also spoke about the health benefits of Parle GParle launched its ‘hindustankitaakat’ commercial for parle G where its showed positive values of life like honesty, sharing and caring.Parle adopted the strategy of fantasizing where it showed famous celebrities like hritikroshan, to allure the consumers in buying its hide and seek biscuits.Lets have at the short snap of the Hritikroshan’s Hide and Seek Ad.
  • Here we see how Parle G has now reached at its maturity level over the years
  • For its new product hide and seek which is still at Growth phase and growing really well.
  • Lets have a look at the SWOT Analysis of the company as a Whole… next slide
  • Parle’s biggest strength is its low price biscuits and sweets .varying from parle G which comes in a round for Rs.4 to kisme toffee for 50pSizeable market share across the countryParle Offers numerous varieties of products under its nameParle has a deep coverage in the remote rural areas also Parle has one of the most largest distribution network for its productsparle understands the consumers needs, wants, likes and dislikes. which helps in bringing new or improvising existing products.
  • Parle depends too much on its flagship brand Parle-GThere are lack of schemes for the retailers and distributors to benefit from parle productsThere is no proper initiative taken by parle for the replacement of broken biscuits to retailersOften its seen that there is irregular supply in distribution of productsPacking of the parle G glucose biscuits are not proper, especially in case of family packs of Parle G
  • Currently there is a rising demand for better packing of packaged productsMust improve supply system for established brandsWith the Television revolution information can be better communicated about its productsMust retain loyal retailers and wholesalers
  • Hike in cost of production due to hike in Raw material costThere is also a ever increasing competition from the multinationals and local bodiesEmerging substitutes like wafers, snacks and toast pose a threat to parleThere is a constant threat to parle with emerging brands like ITC’s sunfeast.
  • Where Parle G covers most of the market share upto 78%, Parle G’s close competitor Tiger biscuit covers only 9% of the market share and follows ITC’s sunfeast 8.6% with and other brands too.
  • Parle also take up a lot of social work like these:ParleSaraswativandana started in 2002 in kolkatais an inter-school contest based on the SaraswatiPuja celebrations. It gives the children an opportunity to exhibit their creative skills and makes the celebrations even more special in the process.Parle introduced this novel promotion called Parle GoluGalata contest. Where parle retains the tradition where women decorate various dolls made of clay during Navaratri celebrations by setting up 7-9 steps. This display is well decorated and friends and relatives are invited to witness the same. My Green Planet is an initiative that takes definitive steps towards conserving our eco-system. Parle Products is contributing in its own way by taking up various initiatives like planting more trees around India, conserving water, power and recycling waste.Other initatives by parle are:Installation of handpumps and celing fans to preevent accidents and ditribution of items to students.Distributing gifts to students from Government Primary School.Empowering women by teaching them new skills.
  • Parle Products Pvt. Ltd ranks among the top biscuit brands in India.Parle has been winning awards at monde selection where  Monde Selection is an international institute for assessing the quality of foods. Currently, it is the oldest and most respected organization in the field of selecting quality foods worldwide. Parle has around 111 gold, 26 silver and 4 bronze Monde Selection medals since 1971 for almost all of its famous products.Parle G is the most selling product for Parle productsParle biscuits and confectionaries are fast gaining acceptance in international markets, such as the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. The more sophisticated economies like U.S.A., UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are also relishing Parle products.Parle G is tagged as the worlds largest selling biscuit.
  • so if we want to conclude parle products in short it is: The World’s Largest Selling Brand of Biscuits It Knows the trick of tapping the Customers Parle G and other products are consumed by all age groups They use all healthy Ingredients in their productsParle’s has a excellentdistribution channel which ranges from rural areas to metro cities to abroad nationsParle focuses high on its marketing and promotions strategy through effective Ads and product positioning.
  • Parle Products Presentation

    1. 1. PARLE PRODUCTS SMBA25 Khushboo Shah Akash Dhar Trilok Upadhyay Harishyam Sharma Prasad Kadam
    2. 2. FOCUSED CONTENTS • Brief Introduction • Interesting Facts • Products • Brand Ambassadors • Production Process • 4P’s of Marketing • Product Life Cycle • SWOT Analysis • Market share of Parle • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) • Achievements • Conclusion
    3. 3. BRIEF INTRO • A small company in 1929 to sell sweets and toffees. • Original company split up into Parle Products, Parle Agro & Parle Bisleri • Market Leader in Glucose Biscuits (Parle G) • 40% share in biscuit market , 15% in confectionaries • Parle has largest manufacturing units in India • Ranked 7th in the as one of the most trusted brands.
    4. 4. INTERESTING FACTS • 32 products including biscuits , toffee, candies . • 10000 workers are employed in parle. • 10 mother units and 65 manufacturing units • Brand Ambassadors • It has world’s largest machines at their manufacturing plant.
    5. 5. PRODUCTS
    9. 9. PRODUCT • Associated with the positive values. • Multitude of products • Consistency of Products • Earned as a renowned brand • Enjoyable by all age groups
    10. 10. PRICING STRATEGY • Market Penetration strategy with low price. • Value for money positioning • Appeals to all income groups • Profit margin for distributors is 4% and for retailers is 10-12%
    11. 11. PLACE • Extensive distribution network • Reach to remote rural areas • Value for money positioning • 1500 wholesalers and 4.25 lakh retailers • Setting up of factories at strategic locations • Parle Products availablility
    12. 12. PROMOTION STRATEGY • Advertised mainly through Press media • Sales Promotion • The Dadaji TV Commercial in 1989 • Using celebrities in AD to generate fantasy • Public relations
    13. 13. PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE: Parle-G Introduction Growth Maturity Decline Sale Profit
    14. 14. PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE: Hide n seek Introduction Growth Maturity Decline Sale Profit
    16. 16. STRENGHTS • Low Price • Sizable market share • Variety of products • Deep & Effective Coverage • Largest distribution system • Better Understanding of consumer psyche
    17. 17. WEAKNESS • Depends on Parle G • Lacking schemes • Replacement of Damaged stock • Improper & irregular supply • Packing of Biscuits
    18. 18. OPPORTUNITIES • Demand for innovative packing • Improving supply for brands • Information through television • Retaining loyal retailers
    19. 19. THREATS • Hike in cost of production • Competition from MNC’s • Emerging substitutes like toast, wafers. • Entry of various new entrant, ITC etc
    20. 20. MARKET SHARE 78 9 8.6 4.4 Market Share in Percentage for glucose biscuits in 2012 Parle G Britania Tiger ITC's Sunfeast Others
    21. 21. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY • Golu Galata • My Green Planet • Saraswati Vandana • Installation of handpumps and celing fans • Distributing gifts to students • Empowering women
    22. 22. ACHIEVEMENTS • Amongst the top best brands • Winning awards at Monde selection Since 1971 • 111 gold, 26 silver and 4 bronzes • Parle G as the proudest product • Gaining popularity in international market • World’s largest selling biscuit
    23. 23. CONCLUSION • Largest Selling biscuit brand • Knows the trick of tapping consumers • Healthy ingredients • Consumed by all age groups • Good distribution channel • Excellent marketing and promotions strategy
    24. 24. THANK YOU