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Parle G, operations management by Manpreet singh digital


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the complete operations of parle
this presentation also gives a brief introduction of the company by manpreet singh digital

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Parle G, operations management by Manpreet singh digital

  1. 1. Manpreet singh Kedar Risbud Hitesh Jain Mary Divya Mustahid ali
  2. 2. Overview – Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd. Food, Beverages Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)  Started in India in 1929. A Rs.10,000 cr. family owned business house.  Enjoys 40% market share of the total biscuit market in India.  Owns Parle-G, which is largest selling biscuit in the world with 80% market share in the glucose biscuit category in India.  Has 12 manufacturing units for biscuits and 75 manufacturing units for confectioneries.  Parle group has a manpower strength of over 2500 employees, including over 400 professionals. 
  3. 3. Powerful Brands & Products…..
  4. 4. Consumer Psyche towards Parle - G Parle-G is consumed by people of all ages, from the rich to the poor, living in cities & in villages.  While some have it for breakfast, for others it is a complete wholesome meal.  For some it's the best accompaniment for chai, while for some it's a way of getting charged whenever they are low on energy. 
  5. 5. Market Share….. Market Share Frooti Biscuits Bailley Confectionary 14% 22% 85% 38%
  6. 6. Penetration  Rural-urban penetration of Biscuit :  Urban Market : 75% to 85%  Rural Market : 50% to 65%  Per capita consumption of Biscuits :  INDIA 1.8 kg,  South East Asian Countries 2.5 kg to 5.5 kg  USA 7.5 kg
  7. 7. Powerful Facts…..  India is the world's leading market for biscuits, ahead of the US, Mexico, China, Argentina, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Spain.  Parle Agro's Frooti is India's first national mango drink & has 85% market share in the tetra pack segment.  Parle believes in selling brand and not the price.  Nearly 1500 wholesalers, catering to 5,00,000 retail outlets directly or indirectly.  Parle’s brand value compels suppliers to sell Parle-G at low commission.  Conducts EDS censuses among its retailers in India to get a clear view of the product availability and visibility and, as a
  8. 8. Parle Agro – Product Life Cycle 10 9 8 7 Life 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Introductory (Bread Cake) Growth (Frooti) Maturity (Parle-G) Product Decline (Appy, Hide&Seek)
  9. 9. Imports & Exports The immense popularity of Parle products in India was always a challenge to their production capacity. Parle bisuits and confectionaries are fast gaining acceptance in international markets, such as, Abu Dhabi, Africa, Dubai, South America and Sri Lanka. Even the more sophisticated markets like USA & Australia, now relish Parle products.
  10. 10. 1. Raw materials 2. Inventory management The inventory of the company that is the raw material is of a week. They store such inventory in store room and then is sent for testing in laboratory and after testing it is sent for production. 3. Reorder cycle 4. Material handling • Out sourced to k.m.Industries nation wide • Also tied up with the Priya Group to manufacture, supply and package wafers and snacks for its newly-launched brand Full Toss. Under the agreement, Priya will manufacture 3,000 tonne potato chips and snacks annually.
  11. 11. Land There are 5 mother units and 51 contract manufacturing units in India. Mother units are in: Mumbai (Maharashtra) Bhadurdgarh (Haryana) Neemrana (Rajasthan) Banglore and Kolkata
  12. 12.     The factories at Bahadurgarh and Neemrana are the largest such manufacturing facilites in India. The average area of manufacturing units is 13 acres Parle Products also has 14 manufacturing units for biscuits & 5 manufacturing units for confectioneries, on contract. All these factories are located at strategic locations, so as to ensure a constant output
  14. 14. Stephan Mixer The Stephan TK Mixer is a component to automatically feed the down-stream make-up equipment for biscuits, bread, rolls, buns, cake, sweet goods, cookies and crackers.
  15. 15. Key Advantages     Short kneading time and fast ingredient charging: 1000 kg/h to 6000 kg/h depending on the model Totally unassisted automatic discharge In a few seconds, all ingredients are homogeneously mixed. From batch to batch, the doughs will be consistently uniform
  16. 16. The Stephan Mixer Process The operation can be divided into four phases: 1. Loading 2. Mixing 3. Kneading 4. Discharging Can be used to produce: Biscuits , Bread sticks, Soda crackers, Rotary cookies, Wire-cut cookies
  17. 17. ROTARY MOULDER   Approximately 10,000 biscuits come out in a minute. Has 260 cups fitted in it which gives shape to the biscuits and an impression embossed on it of Parle-G.
  18. 18. BISCUIT BAKING OVEN   From rotary moulder the dough is passed through a 260 feet long OVEN which is approximately 340* c. 260 feet long - Parle has the largest baking oven in Asia.
  19. 19. COOLING CONVEYOR The biscuit coming from stripping conveyor is directed on to the cooling conveyor to transfer the heat in the biscuit to atmospheric air as it is passing on it.  It is 2.5 Meters long  The supporting side channels are fabricated from 3mm thick galvanized iron sheets
  20. 20. Finances Revenue for 2012-2013: Rs. 10,000 crore It is a 28% rise over last year’s numbers.  9% operating profit: Rs. 900 crore  3.2% net profit: Rs. 320 crore  90 % of revenue from ParleG, Hide-n-Seek and Krackjack. 
  21. 21. Finances Raw material costs: 60%  Packaging costs: 20-25%  The Parle- G brand alone is worth 2000 crores. It contributes more than 50% of company’s turnover. 
  22. 22. Manufacturing Process
  23. 23. Process
  25. 25. What Parle does differently?? Raw Materials 260 feet long Cooling Conveyo r Stephen Mixer RAW MATERIAL TESTING Cooling Mixing Rotary Moulde 260 feet long oven Baking Moulding
  26. 26. Difference Countin g unit Stalking Table Auto Feeding Machine Multi Pack Wrapping PolyBa g Sealing Machine Corruga te Box Section Dispatc h Section
  27. 27. Flow Chart
  28. 28. Production Capacity 1960 • 160 Tones 2000 • 22000 Tones 2012 • 35000 Tones
  29. 29. Wastage 17% 20% OPERATOR AWAY MACHINE PROBLEM 3% DELAY IN MATERIAL POWER CUT 60% Another cause of wastage is machinery breakdown. So regular checks on the machines must be adopted.
  30. 30. Wastage 1% wastage comes from Production Capa Broken Pieces Are sold for rs.33/k The under baked or over baked biscuits g are reprocessed by sending them back to the chura store and thus minimizing the wastage. Used for Cattle Feeding
  31. 31. PARLE PRODUCTS – „AN EPITOME OF QUALITY‟ The wastage in the plant is least and the production team and the workers try their level best to reduce it even more. The wastage of the biscuits that fall on the floor is minimized by the use of trays under the machines Also a PQS test was taken of workers and their average score was 75.86%
  32. 32. Quality “QUALITY, HEALTH AND GREAT TASTE” “Best product with long lasting freshness” “Every batch of biscuits and confectionery are thoroughly checked by the expert staff, using the most modern equipments hence ensuring the same perfect quality across the nation and abroad “ “HACCP and quality management system which together form an organization's Total Quality Management” Hygiene is the precursor of every process at Parle.
  33. 33. THE CHANNEL MEMBER OF THE DISTRIBUTION NETWORK OF PARLE 1. 2. 3. 4. Parle Depots Wholesalers and Distributors Carry Forward Agents Retailers
  34. 34. INTENSIVE DISTRIBUTION It is a ideal strategy as it has the following advantages:  Increases coverage and sales  Increase Product Availability  Higher competition leads to narrow margins for the retail, hence increases the ultimate margin for the manufacturer.
  35. 35. Logistics     Parle has 1500 wholesalers catering to 4,25,000 retail outlets. 200 strong dedicated field force services. 31 depots 1000 carry forward agents supplying goods to various distribution network.
  36. 36. Levels Of Distribution Channel In Parle LEVEL 1  Availability of all Parle products in the various retail stores across the length and breadth of the country. LEVEL 2  Since it is an FMCG Product this channel exists for customers scattered throughout the country.
  37. 37. LEVEL 3 Mass consumption is suitable for National and International Coverage. Example: Parle’s international operations consists of serval markets in the Middle East, Africa, Sri Lanka, North America, Australia, South America for which the three level distribution channel exists.
  38. 38. Details of the Delivery Vehicle Light Commercial Vehicle  Matador  Three Wheeler Van  Tricycle Van  Push Cart The number and the model of each of the various vehicles have to be furnished to the company. 
  39. 39. THANK YOU