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Lesson 1 Day 2
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Lesson 1 Day 2


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kmccrmck slideshow with additions.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Arthur’s Reading Race Lesson 1 Day 2
  • 2. Question of the Day
    • Which do you like to read more – stories or poems? Tell why.
      • Tell about a poem you like.
      • What makes you like this poem? How is it different from a story?
      • If you could only read stories or poems, which would you choose? Why?
    • I like ____ because ____.
    • Daily Proofreading
    • james likes to read
    • James likes to read.
  • 3.
    • When you can read, then you can go
    • from Kalamazoo to Idaho –
    • Or read directions that explain
    • just how to build a model plane –
    • Or bake a cake or cook a stew –
    • The words will tell you what to do!
    • When you can read, then you can play
    • a brand new game the proper way –
    • Or get a letter from a friend
    • and read it . . . to the very end!
    Bobbi Katz
  • 4. Word Wall
  • 5.  
  • 6. f i n l l f l l b t i l l s a b g f a g t a i s a g
  • 7. Spelling Words
  • 8. Spelling Words in Context
    • Jose made a list of things he needs for school.
    • Bill ran around the track very fast.
    • The fastest runner will win a prize.
    • Jin sat in a soft chair to read.
    • I hope my lunch bag has a special treat in it.
  • 9. High – Frequency Words
    • already
    • eight
    • police
    • prove
    • sign
  • 10. Arthur’s Reading Race Arthur D.W.
  • 11. Build Robust Vocabulary
    • challenge – If you ask someone to be in a contest, you challenge him or her.
    • underestimate – When you think that something will be easier than it really is, you underestimate it.
    • proficient – When you are very good at doing something, you are proficient at it.
    • heed – If you listen to a warning and use it to help you do something, you heed the warning.
  • 12. Grammar - Sentences
    • To play soccer I like.
      • I like to play soccer.
    • Has white paws my cat.
      • My cat has white paws.
    • Apples are my fruit favorite.
      • Apples are my favorite fruit.
  • 13. Grammar - Sentences
    • I signs read town around.
      • I read signs around town.
    • my snack favorite popcorn is
      • My favorite snack is popcorn.
    • Every day walk to school I
      • I walk to school every day.