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Puppet@Citygrid - Julien Rottenberg - PuppetCamp LA '12
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Puppet@Citygrid - Julien Rottenberg - PuppetCamp LA '12


Julien Rottenberg, CityGrid. Presentation of the tools and workflow for our puppet setup. How puppet helps us managing 500+ servers in a hybrid environment O&O Datacenter and EC2, hands free. Watch …

Julien Rottenberg, CityGrid. Presentation of the tools and workflow for our puppet setup. How puppet helps us managing 500+ servers in a hybrid environment O&O Datacenter and EC2, hands free. Watch the video at

PuppetCamp LA, May '12.

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  • 1. Puppet @ Citygrid PuppetCamp LA 2012
  • 2. Who am I ?My name is Julien RottenbergRecovering System AdministratorPuppet user since 2009 (at GN)I like to write code and answer questions
  • 3. Puppet promises No need to ssh to a server to understand how it worksLook at the puppet code
  • 4. "Those who cannot remember thepast are condemned to repeat it." George Santayanaliterally... go to a server, run `history` as root.
  • 5. Puppet promisesGuarantee that a server is setup exactly thesame way on all environments
  • 6. Puppet promises
  • 7. Puppet promisesAll the building stepsare auditable - SDLCDrift managementOpen knowledge, noblackbox
  • 8. Puppet promises and finally...
  • 9. Toolset Open source tools : ● No need to reinvent the wheel ● You are not alone with that problem, get help
  • 10. Toolset
  • 11. Toolset puppet doc ● validate code (puppet parser validate) ● produce html doc Running on commit through Jenkins ~ 10 sec
  • 12. Toolset
  • 13. Toolset puppet-lint == coding standard Takes ~ 2 min Part of the Ci-Game
  • 14. Toolsettrunk = work in progress - could break but fixASAPproduction = tested code - do not break
  • 15. Toolset Trunk --> Production (CherryPicking) We use Code in progress = technical debt It needs to be merged and deployed or reverted Fail the build if pending Cherry Picks > 30 Cant CherryPick yourself ~ code review
  • 16. Toolset Svn even with svnmerge has limitations Git ?
  • 17. Toolset VagrantSits on top of VirtualboxAllows to go crazyTest, experiment, share configured box$ vagrant provision == puppet apply
  • 18. ToolsetnVentoryAs an External Node ClassifierClasses: - default_install - gcd
  • 19. Toolset nVentoryHelper to build configuration files, replacement for Stored Config
  • 20. ToolsetForemanApi for puppet status, visibility of puppetrun (Failed attempt on ENC - probably pebkac)
  • 21. Toolset Man ! thats a lot of tools !1!!And its fine, design by contract.Each application does one thingand was designed to do thatthing only (so does it well)Pipe them Dennis Ritchie
  • 22. ToolsetBoto for ● ec2 ● route53 ● elb ● sqs ● sns River dolphin native to the amazon WP
  • 23. Culture cloudEC2 glitches, expect themIt used to `just work` : ● gmond (split view dns side effect, using gmetric) ● jmx (need to specify public name at runtime) ● ELB pseudo load balancer ● Bad neighbors
  • 24. Culture cloud
  • 25. Culture cloud# Build 10 nodes$ -e dev -s m1.medium -c thd -n 10# assign them to the hadoop::datanode class (specific install on top of our vanilla)$ nv --name aws1devthd --addtonodegroup hadoop::datanode# send traffic & enable monitoring (configs to be updated on the next puppet run)$ nv --name aws1devthd --set status=inservice One AMI to rule them all (map set per region)
  • 26. Culture Collaborate
  • 27. Culture Collaborate "If the companys doing well and people dont hate each other, youre probably doing ok." John Allspaw, speaking at Devopsdays 2011 MV.
  • 28. You guys !Make it better :- Integrated function for secrets (no get_var orhiera + gpg)Something like an encrypted data luggage - puppet agent stability, puppetd vs cron ?
  • 29. Guys !
  • 30. Yesterday...
  • 31. Two last things... On call rotation side effect Dont be a human keyboard
  • 32. Shameless plugWe aggregate advertising & content from localbusinesses and distribute across our network ofweb & mobile sites ● Ingest : Hadoop & Cassandra ● Serve : Solr & MongoDb + Tomcat ● Code : Java mostly
  • 33. Q/A This page : doc : : : strategy : : : : : : be an Ahole : on call - Mitchell Hashimoto : be a human keyboard : is hiring : Master LA User Group :