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Writing Killer Email Copy


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Instructed by Roberta Rosenberg.

Instructed by Roberta Rosenberg.

Published in: Marketing

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  • 1. 10 Best Practices: Writing Killer Email Copy Roberta Rosenberg The Copywriting Maven MGP Direct, Inc.
  • 2. Today’s Agenda You’ll learn: • How to get your email opened • How to get your email read • How to get your email acted on • How to distill your message to its core essence
  • 3. Today’s Agenda You’ll learn: • How to determine the right tone and voice for your emails • How to dig beyond the features to the core benefits of your products/services • When to use short copy vs. long
  • 4. Today’s Agenda You’ll also learn: • How to use graphics to support your message, not overwhelm it • How to incorporate social media sharing • And more!
  • 5. Move The Needle Even in the age of social media, traditional email marketing remains a key, if not THE core component of effective B2B lead generation and B2C sales promotion. 10 Best Practices to Writing Killer Email Copy
  • 6. Move The Needle But could you be doing it smarter for better results - higher open and click-through rates which ultimately lead to more quality leads and higher revenues? 10 Best Practices to Writing Killer Email Copy
  • 7. Move The Needle Yes, you can! 10 Best Practices to Writing Killer Email Copy
  • 8. Move The Needle Here are 10 best practice copywriting tips that will help you: • Get your email opened more • Get your email read more deeply • Get your email clicked! 10 Best Practices to Writing Killer Email Copy
  • 9. Get Your Email Opened #1 – Keep subject lines short; personalize the “From” line • You don’t know where your reader is retrieving their email – desktop, cell, tablet. • Shorter lines produce higher opens, CTRs • If writing to customers, use brand identity in “from” … to prospects, consider name/title
  • 10. Get Your Email Opened - Examples • Do THIS to unlock your man’s heart... • Famous Brands & Celebrity Designers... QVC Has It All • The dangers of Pinterest • Remarketing Is Now Simpler • The New SEO: Content Marketing Explained
  • 11. Get Your Email Opened #2 – Tease; Match content and voice to brand and reader expectation • Don’t “give it all away” – entice reader interest to the actual open • Don’t “bait and switch” – it only confuses, disappoints your reader when they open • Be what your reader expects you to be
  • 12. Get Your Email Opened - Examples • Quick tips to convert the toughest personality type • New Webinar: Landing Page Mastery - The Team, The Tech, The Tests & The Timing • Free Shipping on Jewish Art for the Most Beautiful Rosh Hashanah Ever
  • 13. Get Your Email Opened #3 – Ask a question or add a sense of urgency to pop interest • “How-to” questions are a fave technique • Don’t ask Yes or No questions unless you want readers to self-select before open • Use specific rather than general deadlines
  • 14. Get Your Email Opened – Examples • Email-aholic? This is how the pros cut down on their email time • Today Only! 30% Off + Free Shipping - Shop Now, Save More • Did Romney just give away the election? • $4,800 for a "long article"?
  • 15. Get Your Email Opened – Bonus Tips • Offer a quick, easy way to do something • Use a strong benefit to talk to the reader’s self-interest • Share newsworthy, good news • Arouse curiosity, ideally related to the previous bullets
  • 16. Get Your Email Read #4 – Write to the reader’s self-interest • Emphasize “you”, downplay “I” or “we” • Reader cares about you/your company in context of their needs/wants and desires • Be the “aspirin” to their “headache”
  • 17. Get Your Email Read
  • 18. Get Your Email Read #5 – Share a compelling, relevant story • Stories cut through reader apathy and mistrust, keep them engaged • Reader cares about you/your company in context of their needs/wants and desires
  • 19. Get Your Email Read
  • 20. Get Your Email Read
  • 21. Get Your Email Read #6 – Features tell; Benefits sell • Features are the “physical” detail of your product/service – they are the “what” is • Benefits reflect the “how and why” of the reader’s mindset – product use, emotions engaged, desires met, fears diminished • We “buy” from the heart, rationalize the want from the head
  • 22. Get Your Email Read #7 – Long vs. Short Copy • When writing to customers about familiar products/services, short is more effective. • When writing to customers about new products/services, test short and long • When writing to prospects, test long
  • 23. Get Your Email Read
  • 24. Get Your Email Read
  • 25. Get Your Email Read
  • 26. Get Your Email Read #8 – Design to enhance, not impede • Design and layout must enhance reader’s ability to engage with the message • Add social media icons/links at the bottom of the email – don’t give readers a reason to click away too early!
  • 27. Get Your Email Read
  • 28. Get Your Email Read
  • 29. Get Your Email Read – Bonus Tip “So what?“ turns features into benefits: • Product: standard #2 pencil • Features: yellow, is lightweight, made of wood and graphite, includes a pink rubber eraser, and is cheap and low-tech. • Benefits: Wood is easy to hold, no fatigue, sustainable. Works anywhere. Eraser makes it easy for me to get a do-over.
  • 30. Pencils are the key to POSSIBILITIES!
  • 31. Get Your Email Acted On #9 - “Frontload” CTA with finesse • Cue your reader to what’s coming, but don’t try to close too early • Be clear over clever - always • Rephrase the CTA a few different ways
  • 32. Get Your Email Acted On
  • 33. Get Your Email Acted On #10 - Replace “Click here” with a richer, benefit-centric call to action: • Download your ebook now! • Learn more now … • Get the whole story >>> • Click to save 10% instantly!
  • 34. More Bonus Tips • No “tricks” in the subject line • Test subject headlines, email headlines, and calls to action text and graphics • Think scannable, easy to read: shorter paragraphs, subheads, and bullets • Write with nouns and verbs, use adjectives and adverbs sparingly
  • 35. 1. Choose clear over clever 2. Write to motivate, not entertain 3. Respect your reader and get to the point 4. Write to your reader’s self-interest 5. Design to enhance, not impede the message 6. Show and tell the reader what to do next 7. Test all assumptions 7 Key Killer Email Copy Takeaways
  • 36. Roberta Rosenberg is Director of Marketing & E-Commerce for the American Council of Engineering Companies. She’s also Chief Strategist of MGP Direct, Inc., a direct marketing consultancy. She has 25+ years of B2B/B2C marketing expertise in publishing, IT, medical, association, professional services, and e-commerce. Roberta writes and speaks extensively about landing page copywriting and design. She developed the popular Landing Page Maven Makeover series at, and is a copywriting instructor for MarketingProfs, OMI, and AWAI. About Roberta
  • 37. To reach Roberta Rosenberg: • •@Copywritermaven • Thank You