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Copywriting 101


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Adil Amarsi was the expert guest on ChrisandSusan.TV with his presentation on Copywriting 101: The Quick & Easy Way to Learn Persuasive marketing.

If you would like to enjoy the webshow and see Adil Live then go to

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Copywriting 101

  1. 1. Copywriting SecretsGuest Expert Adil Amarsi
  2. 2. Copywriting 101: The Quick & EasyWay To Learn Persuasive Marketing By Adil Amarsi
  3. 3. Who Am I?• 22 year old Copywriter• Been writing since 2008• Have been trained by John Carlton, Alex Goad, Dan Kennedy, Colin Theriot, Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern, etc.• Have wrote for Matt Garrett, Cindy Battye, Diana Santaguida, Nick Quick, Steven Essa, Reed Floren, and many more.
  4. 4. Testimonials"Adil thanks bro! People listen to this man he has a knowledge beyond his years!His advice and methods of teaching are his gifts so listen NOW!”- John Douglas, Personal Fitness Trainer and consultant."Adil has provided me with the most solid sales and email copy I have ever seen. Ivetried different guys, but Adils copy has sky rocketed my conversion rates which buildmy list and produce sale after sale for me.I come back to Adil for all of my sales and email copy on any of my projects because Iknow he delivers results and knows just the right buttons to push with my readers toget them to buy.If you want great copy. Work with Adil.”Sean
  5. 5. “Thank you for the really informative and helpful coaching.I have learnt new techniques and valuable strategies in just a small amount of time.Thanks again for your support!”Best wishes,Saira"What I like about Adil is that he just isnt your typical copywriter who "takesorders" and needs a lot of direction. Rather hes more of a marketing partner whoworks with you to brainstorm and develop marketing strategies and plans, thenworks on copy to implement it, he does it extremely effectively and with precision.I give him my highest recommendation.”Sincerely,Brian T.
  6. 6. Squeeze Pages• Very important to getting names and email addresses.• Use WordPress as This Is Important• Recommended: for SEO/Launches/Blogs
  7. 7. Formula To An Effective Squeeze Page• Prehead should state a problem. E.g. “Tired Of Your Feet Smelling…”• Headline introduces solution & Can use a Call To Action (CTA) if you want. E.g. “Discover How I Overcame This Odor Problem With Nothing More Than A Lemon & An Everyday Kitchen Tool” or you can add “Enter Your Email Address To Discover….”
  8. 8. • Post Head should cover a small note of a bonus/positive point, E.g. “You’ll Receive This Method On The Next Page”.• Body:• Who are you? Why Should They Care?• What Do You Have To Offer (Include The CTA Here If Not Already In The Headline)• Add bullets in Feature Advantage Benefit Sequence.• Optin Box under Text and to the side.• Use Video if possible – Higher conversions.
  9. 9. Email Copy• Very Important To Build Relationships.• Using Emails WILL Get You Sales For Life If You Treat Your Customers Right.• Don’t Promote Crap To Them• Split Content/Prizes/Surveys/Promotions.• Test Your List To Find Out Your Email Frequency. Average 2 content emails + 1 sales email.
  10. 10. Subject Lines• Use either one of these modalities for writing email copy.• Model 1: Fear/Power/Hope.• Model 2: Your Personality Alone. (use personality in both).
  11. 11. Model 1• Use real fear, E.g. The economic climate, state of the industry, etc.• Power: Make sure this is you in control and make your list know you know your stuff. Also show them you have the solution.• Hope: Powerful human emotion. Portray it’s not all Gloom and Doom (because it isn’t).• E.g. “Bad News & A Great Tip To Avoid This Dinosaur”.
  12. 12. Model 2• Personality Counts… period.• Using this makes you likeable and a better marketer.• In emails talk about what you like/love/dislike/hate.• Build your list around you, don’t fake it.
  13. 13. Continued…• Promoting products through your personality, make sure you have a copy of it and make a video review -> direct your customers to the video first then they can buy through your link.• I love pop culture so I will use it when I can…• E.g. “Avengers Assemble…”
  14. 14. Email Body Copy• Continue from your headline into the body.. E.g. “There’s a threat out there and you are the only hope. Join me, Nick Furey (Adil) as I host a live webinar with Captain America (Jason Moffatt), Thor (Brian G. Johnson), and Iron Man (Sean Roach)… etc”• Use the story throughout as it’s entertaining and give them links but mask the link so it says “Assemble here, Avenger”.• NEVER USE THEIR NAME – Most Autoresponders get a technical hickup and you lose confidence with your list.
  15. 15. Autoresponder VS Broadcast• Only 10 emails in Autoresponder (max).• Broadcasts work better.
  16. 16. Bonus• Go To Get Your Free Copy Of My Coveted EmailCopy Secrets 1.0 eBook.(Note: Just don’t use the firstname partanymore).
  17. 17. Please