Email Marketing That Generates Leads


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Instructed by Craig Klein.

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  • Email Marketing That Generates Leads

    1. 1. Email Marketing that Generates Leads: Using Content in a Sales Environment Craig Klein CEO
    2. 2. Today You Will Learn • What does work in Email Marketing in 2014. • Why content is king in email marketing. • How to create a content campaign that customers will look forward to. • How your content campaign can pre-qualify sales leads.
    3. 3. CEO and Founder – CRM and Email Marketing 20+ years, hiring, training, Managing sales people in Energy & Technology. Author of Grow Sales with Emails, The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing…. About Me
    4. 4. Agenda • Big brands and small businesses all struggle to create email marketing content that is compelling and engaging AND not spammy. • We'll discuss the fundamental principals of what works and what doesn't work in email marketing in 2014 • Describe a simple process to create campaigns that engage customers and pre-qualify them for sales contact or movement to a 2nd or 3rd tier of email campaigns.
    5. 5. What Are Most Brands Doing Now? Newsletters – links to blogs, staff & product updates, etc. Event Invitations – trade shows, luncheons, webinars, etc. Specific Calls to Action – sign up now, buy now, save now, etc.
    6. 6. Why Isn’t It Not Working? • Your Emails look the same as everyone else’s. • Mobile! – 50% + • Wrong people, wrong message, wrong time • It’s all about you.
    7. 7. Bad Timing
    8. 8. Sales Pitches Don’t Work  Opt Out Accelerates  Turn off most of your leads before they’re ready to buy
    9. 9.  Meaning of an Open  Meaning of a Click
    10. 10. Cold Leads – old leads, purchased lists, industry group memberships - Educational and Informative Content Referrals, Networking - Educational and Informative Content Web Leads - Competitive Comparisons, Case Studies, CTAs Qualified Prospects in the Pipeline - Case Studies, Testimonials, CTAs New Clients - How To, Best Practices, Upsell/Cross Sell Existing Clients - Upsell/Cross Sell, Surveys, Content Former Clients - Educational and Informative Content, Surveys
    11. 11. Educational & Informative Content
    12. 12. Case Studies & Testimonials
    13. 13. Finding Content
    14. 14. Finding Content Business Pain • Revenue • Costs • Customers Low revenue / market share / close rate High cost of goods sold / labor cost Poor delivery of services Personal Pain • Income • Career • Work Environment Low bonuses, commissions, compensation No recognition, no promotions / career path High workload, poor work–life balance Technical Pain • Processes • Systems • Employees Slow, broken, or manual processes Poor system or employee performance Lack of reliability
    15. 15. Move The Needle
    16. 16. 80% Not Closed X 20% close rate 16% Customers Later! 80% increase in Sales! Customers 20% Qualified 30% Contact 20% No Contact 30% Lead Results Customers Qualified Contact No Contact
    17. 17. Move The Needle • Write down 4 Pain Questions • Find your content • Write the emails Create Your Content Campaign
    18. 18. 1. No Content = No Long Term Relationship 2. Don’t Sell Until You’re Asked To 3. Everyone Has a Campaign – Increase Sales! 4. Try to identify Pains and Content Topics 5. Try to build your list. Key Takeaways
    19. 19. Thank You! Learn more at