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    2.3 2.3 Presentation Transcript

    • DeasilStreet 2.3
    • Months went past without any more appearances fromWarren. He’d sent word from his lawyers though, requesteda copy of the birth certificate and set up a direct debit forchildcare costs. Megan aged up into a toddler without seeinghim a second time.
    • Teresa took this extra time and money as agift, and spent it on quality time with herdaughter. If Warren wanted to support themfinancially she would swallow her pride andaccept it gracefully. She still had feelings forWarren, but wouldn’t act on them. Shedidn’t want to scare him off and jeopardiseher daughters relationship with her father.
    • Warren hadn’t given up onTeresa or Megan. He justwanted to keep hisdistance while heintroduced James to theidea of having a half-sister.He didn’t want tooverwhelm his son.
    • And it was a lot totake in. Poor Jameswas a bit confused. Hewasn’t sure heremembered Teresaproperly, or how hefelt about Megan. Buthe was, generally, okwith it.
    • With James on side, Warrenarranged to meet up withTeresa again. They chose aneutral place to meet, andMegan came along as well.
    • They start off with a bit of small talk,but then Warren gets ahead ofhimself and blurts out that he wouldlike Teresa and Megan to come andlive with him.He babbles that there’s no pressure,no ulterior motives he’d just like themunder one roof. So they can get toknow each other better.
    • James watches out for the imminentarrival of his little sister and Teresa.
    • He’s been moved into hisdads room to make spacefor the two newcomers.Teresa is all he can thinkabout, straining hismemory to bring her faceto mind.
    • Teresa arrives late, after Jameshas gone to bed. She puts Megandown for the night and preparesto face everything in the morning.
    • That night, James even dreamed ofthe exciting morning he had aheadmeeting his little half-sister.
    • When it finallycame, he was a bitdisappointed.Megan’s first day inDeasil Street, andTeresa gives theboys some space tomeet her on theirhome turf. So… shewas shy and didn’treally do anything.She was boring.
    • Teresa, on the other hand, wasbubbling over with excitement.She could hardly believe James wasnow a child, he’d come so far sinceshe’d last seen him! It was a shameshe’d missed so much since he’d agedup. She wondered how much heremembered of her.
    • Warren gets stuck into raising Meganright away, helping out with teachingher to walk and use a potty.He loved being a father, and wasthrilled he had a chance to gothrough it again.
    • Teresa slipped back into her routine fairly quickly. In fact shehad more spare time, as she wasn’t having to travel to andfrom each day. It was strange thinking of it as her homethough. But if it got too weird, she could always move outagain. She was only renting to holidaymakers for the moment.
    • Warren seemed to be perfectly happy with howeverything had turned out, unlike Teresa. Seeinghim with her daughter reminded her of howmuch she cared for him. Not having her feelingsreciprocated, or even acknowledged, hurt.
    • But Megan was doingreally well in her newenvironment. There wasno question, theMarshalls would bestaying on Deasil Streetfor the foreseeablefuture.
    • A new face arrives inAppaloosa, havingtaken an overnightshuttle bus. Shechecks into hermotel, changes, andhead out again.
    • She’s here to visit Teresa, who isn’texpecting her oldest friend to turn up onher new doorstep.
    • Teresa hanging out with friend Kasitova.Her name is Bernice Kasitova, and shedrags Teresa out to a bar. She listensto her friends complaints and woespatiently. It’s why she’s come.
    • Though she can’t help butremember the nights out theyused to have. She and Teresaused to go wild… then Teresahad moved to Appaloosa foran internship.First it had been good news,then no news, then thestartling update that she waspregnant.
    • As the evening woreon, Teresa began tosmile again. Bernicewas gratified, it hadonly been a short tripbut she’d achievedwhat she’d meant to.For a few hours atleast, Teresa hadforgotten she washeartbroken overWarren Bailey.
    • As they parted, Bernicereminded her friend thatanything was possible. Shewould bet the next time theygot together, she’d beadmiring a new piece ofjewellery.
    • Teresa is heartened byher friends surety, andtries to act more flirtywith Warren. Perhapshe was clueless abouther romantic feelingstoward him.
    • She hoped he was slowlygetting the idea. One morning,in their garden, she thoughtshe saw her feelings echoed onhis face.
    • As it turns out, she was right. Warrenhad just had an epiphany. She wasthe mother of his daughter, sheseemed to care about him… whywas he hesitating?
    • It was as if they no longerneeded to talk over theirrelationship. Alluncertainty haddisappeared. TeresaMarshall and WarrenBailey were a couple.
    • Teresa could hardly believe how luckyshe was. It had all worked out sowell, it was getting harder toremember the difficult times that hadbrought her to Warren in the firstplace.
    • Keen to do things properly, Warren took her ona couple of dates, fancy restaurants, thecinema… but it wasn’t really necessary.
    • They slipped into a comfortable,companiable relationship very quickly. Thenext stage was to explain to James why thebedroom arrangements were gettingchanged again.
    • Deasil StreetNo. 1 No. 3Trinity and Belladonna Darkstone For SaleNo. 2 No. 5Warren and James Bailey For SaleTeresa and Megan Marshall No. 6 No. 5 Pablo and Jennifer Martinez Empty Lot No. 7 Harry Vickers and his daughter Ariette Next Time… Can Warren get to the bottom of James’ aversion to Teresa? What is Edward hinting about Ariette Vickers? Find out next time on Deasil Street!