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  1. 1. Belladonna had had enough of watchingTrinity moping about the house. Shewasn’t a criminal anymore, and she wasstruggling to find work in Appaloosa sowhy not just move?
  2. 2. Trinity saw the sense of it.Neither of them were happyhere, so why not just cut theirlosses and leave? Belladonnagot right onto findingsomewhere new to live.
  3. 3. Selling their house on Deasil Street was trickier. Not many people werelooking for such a large house with only two bedrooms. Out ofdesperation, Belladonna called Edward in. He could afford to buy, and wouldkill two birds with one stone. He could afford to redecorate and make a profiton the house AND get Trinity far way from him and his organisation.
  4. 4. He agreed. He didn’t regret breaking up withher, but did feel guilty about how it hadhappened. He would do her this favour and helpher be happy elsewhere.
  5. 5. Despite it being her idea, whenthe day of the move cameBelladonna had a heavy heart.She knew her twin and her catJerix would miss this little town.
  6. 6. All that remained wasfor Trinity to saygoodbye to Megan. Shefelt so guilty about her.She had tried to keepMegan on the straightand narrow when shewas a child and juststarting to act out, andblamed herself for notstopping Allain frombabysitting her soonenough.Now Megan wasembroiled in the shadyworld she was trying toescape.
  7. 7. She laid it all out on the line for Megan, why she wasquitting crime, what she had learnt from a lifetime ofwrongdoing… why Megan should get out now. Withher brains she could be a fantastic legalbusinesswoman. But Megan explained she liked therisk, she enjoyed playing with fire. She loved thethrill… especially with the wannabe cop Malika overthe road.
  8. 8. Trinity tried to talk Megan around. She spoke of the dangers of prison,of the damage she could do her family, the future she was denyingherself with a normal family and peace of mind and a clear consciencewhen she went to bed.
  9. 9. Megan stopped jokingaround and gave Trinitya full answer. She hadseen her parentsstruggling for years byplaying it safe andfollowing the law.Edward and Allain hadshowed her anotherway, and she wouldpursue it.She did promise to callTrinity if she everwanted out, or neededsomeone to talk tothough.
  10. 10. Trinity was happy Megan had heard whatshe needed to, and wished her luck. Megan wondered if she would ever see Trinity again. She had looked up to her for so long… she would miss her.
  11. 11. While Trinity said goodbye to MeganBelladonna let Edward and Allain into thehouse. All the furniture was included in thesale so they could make a fresh start intheir new home, but it still a wrench to seeEdward calmly assessing each items worthfor sale.
  12. 12. That night Edward slept well. He might havelost Trinity, but he had gained a nicer houseat a fraction of it’s true worth and with plentyof room to enact his latest plan…
  13. 13. Deasil StreetNo. 1 No. 3Edward and Allain Poeson The Williams FamilyNo. 2 Marley, Aimee and MalikaThe Bailey Family. No. 4Warren , Teresa , James, Megan and Bernice and Gracie Kasitova.Emma Marshall. Ambrose Merrihall and her son Julian. No. 5 Alfred Hennrick No. 6 Jen Potter and Angus McKirrick No. 7 Ariette and Annette Vickers Next A new neighbour moves in to Jen’s old flat and Time… an event in Bridgeport makes the news in Appaloosa Plains… Find out all about it next time on Deasil Street!