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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. DeasilStreet 9.1
  2. 2. Teresa had no idea where this one plant has comefrom, and how. The ground is barren, she hasn’t plantedanything… but she waters it anyway. If it turns out to beblight resistant she could make some money from it.
  3. 3. Malika was finally due to ageup, and decided not to invite herold friends Megan or Annette.She asked her new cadet friendalong instead. Carlie Riffin.
  4. 4. The aging process held nosurprises for her, and she becamea teenager with no problems.Malika hadn’t wanted to befriendless again after her ageup, so she had chosen Carlie withcare. Malika would age upfirst, so she Would look up to her.Carlie wasn’t far behindthough, so they wouldn’t beseparated for long at school.Everything was going accordingto the book.
  5. 5. Now a teen, Malika could join theteen cadets. She loved it, spendinghours at HQ learning strategy, readingcase studies and training for thefuture.Being a policewoman was all shewanted to do, and she would be thebest she could at it.
  6. 6. It wasn’t all hard graft though. As well asCarlie, she had her eye on a fellow cadet whoshowed as much promise as she did.Malika had watched her mum struggle tofind work, and her dad to find somethingmeaningful to do. She felt she was wellahead of the game.
  7. 7. Over dinner Trinity dropped abombshell, and Edward whisked herupstairs away from her sister todiscuss it.Trinity had decided she wanted out.She wanted to quit now while she wasahead and before she got arrested.Their work had gotten bigger recently,stealing from the government was astep too far from her.
  8. 8. What with her twins aversion to criminal activity, it was a no-brainer as far as she wasconcerned. She could quit and still be in love with him.He told her he didn’t want to fight, but he couldn’t risk her quitting. The way it workedwas that everyone involved with him underwent criminal activity so he knew theycouldn’t snitch on him without implicating themselves.
  9. 9. Trinity told him to listen.She’d been a criminal foryears, she was no grass.She just wanted to go straightfor her own peace of mind.She’d grown up a lot the lastfew years, and her sister hadopened her eyes to a lot ofproblems in her life.She loved him.
  10. 10. Edward wasn’t having any of it.He was a master criminal boss whonever made mistakes. Either you werein, or you were out.
  11. 11. That got Trinity riledup. How dare he. Shewas her ownwoman, this was herdecision to make. Hewas her partner nother boss.She told him in nouncertain terms hewas an arrogant arse.If she wanted out ofthe business, he hadto accept that abouther.
  12. 12. Edward shocked her tothe core by telling herit was over betweenthem.He was her boss firstand loversecond, when had sheforgotten that? Hecared for herdeeply, bus hisbusiness, his dream ofa dynastic criminalempire came beforeanything.
  13. 13. Trinity was crushed.She had completelymisunderstood herrelationship withEdward from the start.She couldn’t decide ifshe was heartbrokenor better off.Belladonna held herwhile she cried.