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  1. 1. DeasilStreet3.4
  2. 2. It’s a new day on DeasilStreet, and a new homehas been built on theempty lot between theBaileys and Vickers.Number 5 is very small,very plain and not veryaesthetically pleasing.No residents hadarrived with the newbuilding. So it was anempty, oddly shapedshell with a bare, flatroof.
  3. 3. Ariette and Harry were the first out to inspectthe new property. It was a little troubling. Thestairs in the side of the house went nowhere. Itdid not even allow access to the roof, such as itwas. There were two columns that did notappear to support anything.
  4. 4. In addition to an non-existent second storey, the house itself was worrying. Itwas just so small, looking inside, she could see it was a one room property,with only the bathroom sectioned off in one corner. She couldn’t imagine whatkind of person would choose, or be forced, to live in such conditions. Certainly,she doubted they would be right for ‘her’ street. This would be something tokeep her beady eye on.
  5. 5. Malika had been sent round again whileher parents had one of their ‘discussions’.Megan was happy to chat, but Jameswandered off, clearly uncomfortable.
  6. 6. In fact, whenever Meganhad friend round he wouldmake himself scarce. Whichwas a shame, as Annette inparticular was oftenpopping round.
  7. 7. For Annette, the Bailey householdwas becoming a second home. Shehung out there after school to dohomework, and often stayed well intothe evening.
  8. 8. Her presence didn’t upset Jamesexactly; it just seemed he wanted tohave friends, but wasn’t sure how todo it. He would go as far as gettinghis sleeping bag out if Megan had asleepover, but not as far as talking toanyone.
  9. 9. It annoyed Megan. There shewould be, having a laugh, chillingout… and her brother wouldappear from nowhere and just bethere. Not talking, just lookingdopey. What was wrong with himanyway?
  10. 10. As she tried toexplain to Annette, itwasn’t just that hewas shy. It was morelike there wassomething he wasmissing that made ittoo hard for him toget on with people.He was just weird.
  11. 11. Jen and Pablo were trying toget back to where they hadbeen before all the awkwardbusiness with the affairs, andwere throwing another party.Teresa wasn’t sure it was forthe best, but agreed to supporther friend and attend.
  12. 12. Bernice had agreed to come with her as a plus-one in Warren’s stead, as hewas busy in the city until late buying seeds. The two chatted about howwell Megan was doing. She was bright, well-adjusted, and Bernice insistedshe would be a beauty with Teresa’s good looks with Warrens darker hair.
  13. 13. Teresa wasn’t worriedabout Megan, she washappy chatting away topeople three times herage. Teresa was moreworried by her son, whotalked to no one.
  14. 14. Remembering James had enjoyed the music in France,Teresa quietly suggested Bernice replace the musicianPablo had hired. She was far superior pianist.
  15. 15. Teresa leaped in to keepthe musician busy, andbegan chatting. Hername was AmbroseMerrihall and sheusually performed formore exclusive clientele.But… she owed Pablo afavour so here she was.
  16. 16. It seemed to work. With thebetter music playing, James cameout of the corner and stood withthe rest of them to listen. Warrenarrived just in time to see his sonsface light up.
  17. 17. He was soon distracted by Pablo asking his forgiveness forhow he had acted before. Pablo understood Warren was justtrying to be a good friend and neighbour, and hoped it couldbe put behind them. Warren agreed, though cautiously.
  18. 18. James’ behaviour got Bernicethinking. Megan was getting alot of attention,understandably so, she was ahoot – but she saw somepotential in James. Somethingmusical. And all it needed wasa little bit of nurturing.
  19. 19. Bernice sleeping over at the Baileys, chatting to Teresa and Warren about James’musical interest. She told Teresa what she thought, and Teresa was moved. She was much closer to Megan, and though James had no memory of it, she had been there for most of his life too. She wanted what was best for him, but how? None of them were musical.
  20. 20. Warren couldn’t helpbut picture hisawkward sonsuddenly finding hisfeet and becoming afamous conductor orsomething. But thatwas jumping the gun.Bernice could makesome enquiries, shewas friends with hiswife after all, soshouldn’t mind usingher contacts anddoing them a favour.Who knew whatmight happen.
  21. 21. Over the street, Pablo wasstarting to slide back intohis old ways. It began withmeeting up with thosefriends who had led himastray in the first place…
  22. 22. …And resulted in him scoutingout new clubs, and newwomen. It seemed hecouldn’t, or wouldn’t, take hismarriage vows seriously.
  23. 23. The tragedy of it was that Jen wassuffering. That night, she had dressed upto surprise him and rekindle their love inthe bed she hoped to have a child in.when he didn’t come home, she naivelybelieved his story of working late. Hewouldn’t do that to her again, they weretrying again.
  24. 24. Pablo, drunk and indiscreet,allowed the girl he hadpicked up to follow himhome. They said goodbyerather loudly at thebackdoor.
  25. 25. Jen was woken by the giggles and soft conversationjust outside, and got up to investigate.
  26. 26. She was incandescentwith rage when shefound Pablo outsidecanoodling with somedrunk girl half their age.She let rip.
  27. 27. This was the final straw. She had forgivenhim everything, how dare he go further thanhe ever had before, to the point of bringing aconquest home! It was humiliating. But wasPablo truly sorry, or just sorry he’d beencaught?
  28. 28. Deasil StreetNo. 1 No. 3Trinity and Belladonna Darkstone The Williams Family Marley, Aimee and MalikaNo. 2 No. 4The Bailey Family. For SaleWarren , Teresa, James and Megan No. 6 No. 5 Pablo and Jennifer Martinez For Sale No. 7 Ariette Vickers, her father Harry and daughter Annette Next How will Jen deal with the cheating Pablo this Time… time? How will Teresa and Warren decide to help James and his musical talent? Find out next time on Deasil Street!