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Winfreight FMS brochure 2014
Winfreight FMS brochure 2014
Winfreight FMS brochure 2014
Winfreight FMS brochure 2014
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Winfreight FMS brochure 2014


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WinFreight is a suite of software products developed over 20 years specializing in the three main areas of the supply chain: Courier and Road Freight, Warehousing and Freight Broking.

WinFreight is a suite of software products developed over 20 years specializing in the three main areas of the supply chain: Courier and Road Freight, Warehousing and Freight Broking.

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  • 1. WINFREIGHT p o w e r e d b y i c o n n i x WinFreight is a suite of software products developed over 20 years specialising in the three main areas of Logistics: Courier and Roadfreight, Warehousing and Freight broking. We pride ourselves on superb customer service and keeping our systems up to date with the latest trends in technology and industry. Our development team are constantly listening and engaging with our customers to find out what further enhancements we can add to our software enabling them to better service their customers and streamline their business operations. Many of our loyal customers have been using our software for years and we currently service customers in South Africa, Australia, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Put our team and software to the test today and contact us for a no-obligation demo of our systems, it takes 30 minutes and can be done remotely. a b o u t u s WinFreight FMS The WinFreight Freight Management system is specifically designed for courier and road freight companies, It provides a total turnkey solution controlling the flow of information and process from your customers site to Invoicing and cash collection. View the different functional areas on our website to see how WinFreight FMS will change your business. 0800 864 474 page 1
  • 2. 0800 864 474 page 2 p r o c e s s f l o w : Collections (Optional) Waybill Capture POD Capture POD Imaging Manifesting Customer inhouse system (optional) Invoicing Management Reporting Billing Accounts (Creditors & Debtors Ledger)
  • 3. f u n c t i o n a l i t y : • 100% Microsoft based • Microsoft SQL Server database engine • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 compatible • Low resource dependency - runs on an entry level pc • Database can be hosted on your premises or in our data center • Optional daily database backup service Technical Info • Mobile POD app for Drivers • Handheld Scanner integration for in-warehouse functions • SMS notifications Mobile • E- Waybill • POD Emailer • Instant POD • WInFreight In-House • Graphs/Graphic Reporting • POD Exchange • Web Services • Integrated SMS module Power Tools Accounts & Management • POD Management • Online customer portal • Quoting tool • POD Imaging Customer Service• Collections • Manifesting • Track and Trace • 3rd Party Integration • Waybill and label printing Operations • Advanced billing module • Invoicing and financials • Full debtors module • Integration to financial packages • Customer and tariff management 0800 864 474 page 3
  • 4. 0800 864 474 page 4 • Collections - Capture collections onto the system and manage these until they have been completed. - Option to sms collections to your driver directly from the system , or email the collection to a 3rd party. - Ops dashboard showing all collections with latest status , and option to confirm collection as completed. - Various collection reportsmanifests • Inhouse Module - Basic capturing , manifesting , waybill printing , label printing - Handover manifest for the collecting driver to sign receipt of freight. - Integration to customers system if required - Multiple data transfer methods to head office server , eliminating the need to double capture the waybills when they arrive at your main warehouse. • Waybill Capture (Quick Capture) - Senders details , receivers details , weight , dimensions , pieces , references , agentscarriers , route , order numbers etc - If the waybill has already been captured at the inhouse , then there is no need to re-capture the above fields. - Most of the fields are drop-down selecting boxes , assisting the capturer to capture faster and more efficiently. • Manifesting - Once all the data has been imported from the inhouses or captured directly on the system , the user has a few different criteria options from which to print the manifest: • Route • AgentCarrier • Service Code • Destination • Manual assigning - The user has the option to preview the manifest before generating the final copy. - Manifest Number is a unique system generated number - The “View Manifest Files” screen lists all the manifests for the selected date range and gives the user various options to action from one central screen , below are a few key functions: • Integration – send manifest files to other freight systems • Mobile – send manifest data to mobile devices for onscreen signing & pod capture • Pre-Alert – send manifest files to the respective agents who are expecting the freight. • Re-Print manifest - 2 Manifest format options for 3rd party manifests or own driver manifests (tripsheets). b a s i c e x p l a n a t i o n s : • Track & Trace – Optional - Dispatch Scan parcels onto vehicles (Route Manifest) - Debrief Scan parcels into depots , and print audit report showing missing parcels - Scan parcels onto driver tripsheets (Delivery Manifest) - Debrief scan parcels and capture PODs - Exception scanning – scan parcel into Status groups (Damaged, wrong address etc) - View floor report showing parcels on the floor, on delivery, or expected inbound • POD Capture & Imaging - Quick capture option for fast processing - Record who signed for the waybill , on what date & time. - Add any incidentsendorsements to the waybill while the pod is being captured. - Scan the waybill into the system for easy viewing when queries arise. Easily email the POD image to customers directly from the system - Exchange POD’s with third party systems automatically - Receive PODs from driver mobiles - Manage performance using specified delivery days guidelines. - Instant POD – automatically email pods to customers as soon as they are scanned into the system. • Billing - Capture client & carrier rates into the system , including surcharges like fueldocsinsurance etc - Various different rating options – per kg , per item , per product , flat rates , quoted rates , % of invoice value - Bill waybills and immediately see profitloss values. - option to bulk bill multiple waybills - Generate customer quotes - Billing calculation has been tried and tested • Invoicing - Generate tax Invoices to be sent out to customers - Various invoice options – account, cost center, destination, waybill - Invoice layout meets industry standards - Bulk email invoices to customers at monthend • Accounts Financial Module - Process Payments, Journals, credit Notes, debit notes - View Statements, Age Analysis, transaction detail - Export to accounting packages – Pastel, SAP, Accpac, Quickbooks