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  1. 1. Viva!Oil Management software special- ize in heating oil distribution and petroleum products Deliveries Services Inventories Cardlocks Billing and accounts receivable Purchasing and accounts payable General Ledger and Financial Statements Viva!Soft A division of Pc Plus Software 9125, Pascal-Gagnon; Suite 201 Montreal, Qc Canada H1P 1Z4 Tél: (514) 333-1866 poste 21 Viva!Oil is an integrated software covering all functional aspects of a heating oil dis- tribution company. Friendly interface allowing quick learning and outstanding efficiency. ► Integrating all functions of your business in a unique and complete software. ► Improved control with powerful fully inte- grated accounting modules ► Quick and prompt access to all informa- tion (supplies, services, credit, billing, etc. ...). ► Automation and better management of deliveries and billing service calls. ► Better management of credit ► Better analysis with multiple manage- ment reports ► Better control of inventory, purchasing, etc. ... ► Meilleure gestion des plans de service et de leur renouvellement. ► Etc... Optimize your operations. Minimize errors. Refine your controls. Get quick access to information. Improve your customer service. Benefits We adapt our software to your Needs! A comprehensive and integrated Windows software for managing all your operations up to accounting. We offer the best software and a unmatched personalized service to help your business grow and prosper. 20 years! VivaSoft, your strategic partner for
  2. 2. Viva!Soft A division of Pc Plus Software 9125, Pascal-Gagnon; Suite 201 Montreal, Qc Canada H1P 1Z4 Tél: (514) 333-1866 poste 21 Powerful software, scalable and easy to use »» User-friendly interface providing users with quick access to different software’s functions. Viva!Oil incorporates several modules operating and accounting in one solution: Access management and change history. Quick searches (customers, locations, products, etc. ...) Highly customizable to suit your needs Customer and Site Management All customer data and locations are easily accessible from one central screen. Unlimited contacts, locations, etc. ... Access to information in real time - Tank (s) (capacity, ideal level, registration #, etc. ...) - Pipe location - Products - Delivery types (either under degree-days, etc ...) - K factors - Degree-day of the day - Credit information - History deliveries and deliveries planned or underway - History of services and services planned or underway - Notes - Etc... Integrated Credit Management Delivery management Degree Day Management - Maintain multiple products for the same account with each product record containing its own scheduling method and degree day table. - Automatic account ticket selection by delivery date, K factor, and interval scheduling. - Interface with the Environment Canada website Enter possible delivery hours for more accurate delivery. - Bi-energy. Ticket Delivery - Automatic tickets generation - Flexible types of delivery ▪ Fixed date ▪ Automatic according to degree-day factors K, etc. ... ▪ Repetitive day (s) set day (s) ▪ On demand ▪ Etc... - Entering manuals calls - Call distribution (zones, drivers, etc. ...) - Blanks tickets printing - Tickets return ▪ Batches control and validation ▪ Entry of receipts (cash, cards, etc. ...) - Management Reports ▪ Calls list ▪ Late delivery reports ▪ List of degree-days ▪ Etc... Billing - Rate management by product, customer, etc. ... - Accounts management. - Budget plans ▪ Budget plan management. ▪ Post-dated checks management. ▪ Renewal - Card locks - Management of pre-authorized payments (with electronic transfers) Commissions reports and management Electronic interfaces with the onboard computers of trucks. :::Features::: We adapt our application according to your needs Quick access to all information sites (supplies, services, credit, etc ...) Control access by user.
  3. 3. Viva!Soft A division of Pc Plus Software 9125, Pascal-Gagnon; Suite 201 Montreal, Qc Canada H1P 1Z4 Tél: (514) 333-1866 poste 21 Powerful software, scalable and easy to use »» Cycle management with full control of approvals: To be assigned, in progress, agree, ready to charge, charged (in history). Entry of service calls in real time (distribution). Help to automatic assignation of technicians according to the type of service. Printing work orders Approval and billing service calls Flexible management of service plans - Parts & Services included / excluded, under guaranty - Special Discounts management - Renewals Guaranties Management Time Management (billable or none). Mileage Management. Cardlock Importing cardlock data. PMS by station, by product Billing Inventory management (or other petroleum products) Description, category (items, equipment, service kits). Average cost, cost per supplier, purchasing history Costs of petroleum products per location PMS selling. Management of serial numbers on parts and equipment. Management quantities per store and locations (and trucks Individual units, inventory and procurement management Minimum quantities, quantities suggested per product. Inventory adjustments. Stock management individually or in batch Detailed history of activities Reports of inventory quantities. Reports of inventory values. Reports of inventory movements. Journal of inventories with updated General Ledger Requisitions entry Printing requisitions. Purchasing Management Suggested purchase orders by in-hand quantities, minimum, quantities in orders, quantities required in the projects, customer orders and the services rendered. Purchases for projects, services or sales orders or other. Print purchase orders (or fax or email). Integrated Accounting - Accounts receivable management Multi-currency, multi-bank accounts. Our software evolves with your needs Delivery dispatch screen Visual calendar dispatch services screen. Printing of service calls, billing, service plans, integrated purchasing, etc. ...
  4. 4. Viva!Soft A division of Pc Plus Software 9125, Pascal-Gagnon; Suite 201 Montreal, Qc Canada H1P 1Z4 Tél: (514) 333-1866 poste 21 Assessments and costs management per plan Multiple-criteria: search by code, name, address, etc. ... Receipts, direct deposit Age of accounts, receivable Individual statements or in batch (print, fax, email by customer). Auxiliary sales and receipts journal . Billing interests on late accounts Integrated Accounting - payable accounts management Multi-currency, multi-bank accounts. Disbursements in different modes Printing checks Checks balancing. Aging of accounts payable. Auxiliary journal of purchases and disbursements. Automatic calculation of provisions for contracts service Integrated Accounting - General Ledger and Financial Statements Open periods concept. Transaction history: All transactions are stored and reports and financial statements can be reprint for any year period and at any time. Manual transactions entry in general journal General journal, trial balance, list of transactions, etc. ... Financial Statements (in dollars and/or in litres) Bank reconciliation. Flexible and simple year-end to perform. Powerful software, scalable and easy to use. Reports and forms can print on paper, email (PDF attachment) or fax Working in partnership with our customers is at the heart of our approach. Our team of profes- sionals is at your service to develop with you the best solution for your specific needs.
  5. 5. This software is part of the VIVASoft family. Each one of them is specialized, but they all offer the same basic functionality, all of them provide efficient tools to put you ahead of the competition. Flexible architecture easily adapt Superior quality programming Using pre-programmed standard modules Optimal parameterization Integrated database at no charges Friendly and efficient interface Standard interface and consistent throughout the software Easy learning curve In English Many integrated features Complete management of integrated security with historical access Integrated faxing capacities throughout the software Integrated capacity to directly send reports and forms by email. We create a file attached in PDF (No external software is further required). Exports to Excel, Word, etc… Software that always evolve to provide you more tools Interfaces with Word, Excel, etc ... allowing easily integrate solutions Tools, Internet interfaces, enabling close integration to the websites +++ Viva!Soft A division of Pc Plus Software 9125, Pascal-Gagnon; Suite 201 Montreal, Qc Canada H1P 1Z4 Tél: (514) 333-1866 poste 21 The VIVASoft software family are de- signed to be quickly modified. If your business grows and you need new features, VIVASoft will adjust it easily Integrated Calendar Output options for reports and forms: print, email, fax, export, previewing on screen ... Multiple-criteria: search by code, name, address, etc. ... Many standard features included in ‘your software’ We adapt the software to your speci- fic needs!