Ams 2 fa april 2013


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Ams 2 fa april 2013

  1. 1. Copyright © 2013 Alliant-Cay, LLC . All Rights Reserved.Alliant Managed Services35 Airport RoadMorristown, New Jersey 07960P - 973.267.5236F - Two-Factor AuthenticationSecurity ServicesAlliant Technologies’ Managed Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Service allowsclients to outsource the management and administration of with RSA SecurID orSafeNet tokens. Whether you are new to two-factor authentication, or a seasoneduser of tokens, AMS has a service option that will increase your security posturewhile improving platform availability and end-user satisfaction levels whilecontaining cost.Managed Two-Factor Authentication Service Overview• Simple web interface with Active Directory integration• Fulfillment of end user token orders, domestically and internationally, withcustom electronic or physical welcome kit• Multiple form factors to suit every user need• 24/7 End User Service Desk for token-related user support• Token inventory reports for IT audits or internal bill-back• Fully managed and secure authentication servers, local or in the cloudWorking with leading Authentication providers, Alliant can now offer ahybrid-token architecture for all your users and token types. Smartphone tokens,RSA SecurID tokens, SafeNet tokens and even SMS message “tokens” areco-mingled onto a single authentication platform with Active Directory integrationfor state-of-the-art authentication options with minimal user impact. Users canadd software tokens, change between token form factors, or simply continue toenjoy the peace of mind provided by their existing token authentication, allsupported by Alliant’s 24 x 7 Service Desk and automated token deploymentprocedures.Key FeaturesUnique Cloud-Based ArchitectureAll these architecture options provide an enhanced security posture whileminimizing the impact on local IT staff. Alliant’s per-month per user billing alsoallows users to avoid the capital investment normally associated with 2FA solutions.Let Alliant show you how these options can meet your operational and securitygoals.(see reverse for deployment options)Alliant Managed Services (AMS)provides a comprehensive suite of ITsolutions that maintain clientoperations with maximum efficiencyand minimum downtime. Each of oursolutions is tailored to clientspecifications, powered bybest-in-breed technologies, and issupported by our 24x7 Service Desk ofcertified Level 1 – Level 3 engineers.AMS delivers IT as a finished product,allowing our clients to focus on theircore business with the peace of mindthat their critical business supportfunctions are installed, operated, andmaintained at the highest level usingstate-of-the-art tools and expertise.Essential Managed ServicesBusiness Continuity ServicesManaged Co-locationInfrastructure as a Service
  2. 2. Copyright © 2013 Alliant-Cay, LLC . All Rights Reserved.Alliant Managed Services35 Airport RoadMorristown, New Jersey 07960P - 973.267.5236F - Two-Factor AuthenticationSecurity ServicesFlexible 2FA Service deployment options:For customers with existing RSA Authentication architecture in place, Alliant cantake over administration of existing RSA Authentication Server infrastructure. Byestablishing a communication channel with client administrators, Alliant’s servicedesk will handle user access problems, execute new token orders as well as managereplacements, resets and even emergency token shut-off with SLA’s to guaranteeperformance. Alliant also has automation tools available to migrate from agingon-site hardware to a new, automated processing platform, either onsite within theClient network or into protected redundant data centers“in the cloud.”For Clients new to two-factor authentication, the Alliant cloud-based solution offersflexibility in both available token form factors and token authentication platforms.Both RSA SecurID or SafeNet solutions can be established to work within theAlliant’s token management procedures for token administration. Alliant’s SafeNetplatform also offers integration with Active Directory for automated One-step tokenprovisioning and ticket initiation and management within the Service Desk. OurService Delivery team will set up a custom web portal for token requests, reporting,and integration with our Service Desk ticketing system.(see reverse for deployment options)