Building a successful developer ecosystem - Gemma Paris, Developer Community Manager, ARM


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Slides from Gemma Paris' keynote at November 2013's London Games Conference.

How ARM are helping mobile game developers leverage the power of the ARM processor architecture - offering free tools and tutorials and working with middleware, top studios and the developer community.

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  • Many developers in the mobile space started out in the desktop or console space and are re-creating their work in those spaces for mobile. Some of them find that they have to drop the complexity of their content in order to achieve reasonable performance on mobile, but this needn't necessarily be the case. Desktop and mobile GPUs work in different ways and have different capabilities; understanding these differences can inform a more efficient usage of the resources available on mobile GPUs.
  • Video tutorials, whitepapers, etc.
  • Building a successful developer ecosystem - Gemma Paris, Developer Community Manager, ARM

    1. 1. Building a successful developer ecosystem Gemma Paris Developer Community Manager, ARM
    2. 2. ARM Technology  Advanced digital products are incorporating more and more ARM technology – from processor and multimedia IP to software Processor IP – Design of the brain of the chip Physical IP – Design of the building blocks of the chip Software development tools 2
    3. 3. ARM Mali Ecosystem Strength in key market segments:  #1 Android GPU IP supplier >20% Android Smartphones  #1 in Android tablets (>50%)  #1 in Digital Smart TVs (>70%) ARM Mali GPUs are leaders in balancing power, area and functionality 3
    4. 4. Mobile GPU BW Growth Year on Year Mobile Bandwidth growth is constraint by power  Desktop = 170 Watts to >300Watts for GPU only  Console = 80-100 Watts (CPU/GPU/WiFi/Network)  Mobile platform = 3-7 Watts (CPU/GPU/Modem/WiFi) 400.000 How long before Desktop GPU Bandwidth is seen in Mobile? 350.000 300.000 250.000 Giga bytes/sec  200.000 150.000 PS3 Xbox 360 2014 2016 100.000 50.000 Sate of the Art Mobile 0.000 2006 2008 2010 2012 2018 Source: GDC’2013 4
    5. 5. ARM Ecosystem Success Stories Cocos2d-X By using ARM Ecosystem tools and support:  52% faster FPS after avoiding wasteful memcpy (some code was overusing it) – ARM tools for profiling showed where the hotspot was.  29% faster FPS after adding Texture compression support  28% faster response when CPU thread synchronization enhanced Details on PLAYJAM - Gamestick Using the wider Ecosystem resources:  Interface directly with TV OEMs and be on their game store front end  Interface with operators and game studios  Access to all different breath of ARM silicon partners to get the best feature set for next generation products  Technical support  Gamestick pod on ARM booths at events 5
    6. 6. Mali Developer Center: Supporting Mali developers with a full range of resources through one, easyaccess portal 6
    7. 7. ARM Mali Developer Tools Software Development SDKs for OpenGL ES & OpenCL OpenGL ES Emulators Shader Development Studio Shader Library Asset Creation Texture Compression Tool Asset Conditioning Tool Binary Asset Exporter Performance Analysis & Debug DS-5 Toolchain & Streamline Performance Analyzer Mali Graphics Debugger Offline Shader Compiler 7
    8. 8. Developer Education for Mali GPUs 8
    9. 9. Developer Education for Mali GPUs Contact Us via the forum on our social media platform: Check for ARM Mali Graphics Place: 9
    10. 10. Visit Us at Developer Events 10